February 25th, 2011

Custom Trainer and Miju

Super Awesome Kids GA Payment #2

Alrighty. I have Payment #2  for the Super Awesome Kids GA (last payment -- yay!) ready for everyone now. It includes Shipping from SMJ to me + Packaging Supplies + Shipping/Fees from me to you. For anyone who has claimed any leftover over kids from the lot or purchased anything from my sales, that has also been included in your Payment #2. If you are bidding on my stamp auction, I will be happy to wait until it's over and combine the GA shipping with the stamp shipping.

GA #4 

Spreadsheet here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Ahmy6CEdlYFjdGFTX1ZCNnBvRVN5bVNZZ0tvYklFRFE&hl=en&authkey=CPKF67YD#gid=0

Please send payment to manamihara(@)gmail.com . Please put [GA Payment #2] USERNAME in the subject of your payment. After paying, comment here on this post so I can mark you off as paid on the spreadsheet. Thanks!

I've highlighted the Payment #2 column in green to help you better identify what total you need to pay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Also, I am still missing Payment #1 from ombation and wayawolf711 . Please pay ASAP so I can get your Payment #2 set up. 

I really love the Shiny kids in the lot, especially the Shiny Mudkip. He's so cute -- I couldn't help myself in taking a few pictures of him and Shiny Torchic. XD

I posted some more photos of them on my deviantart account. Photos were taken with flowers in a vase, so I didn't take them outside or get them dirty -- they're still in wonderful condition. :)

proud glaceon

Interesting Find (found at home, lol)

Guys, i'm sure most of you don't even know what this is, as i've seen a couple of these figures in sales posts, named after what the sellers thought they were xD
I found this the other day in my own closet "mint in box", with a couple DX tomys and a RoseArt sticker set, (most of it missing)

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Jasmine & Steelix

Mystery figurines?

Evening late night lurkers and members from the other side of the world! ^_^
I've been browsing on eBay for the past little while in an attempt to find a good Tomy lot to purchase when I found a rather interesting figure lot, and I'm curious as to what they are...
Question answered, but there's still a meme! :D

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Questions on finding wants

 So I decided to go ahead and post my want list up here :3 Right now I am not so much buying as I am trying to get more info on the items I would like to know more about since I am having a hard time finding them (unless you have these items for sale and might like to offer, I may or may not be able/willing to buy them but feel free to ask me)

First thing, I came across these and I absolutely fell in love with them, they are cup holders. I would like to know more about them and how much the set usually goes for. I saw on ebay half the set was like $50 and up.

The next up are these Kanto Pokemon badge pins, this is my set but I am looking for the others I have yet to find. I already had two of these from when I was a kid and the others I bought on here so I honestly have noooo idea how to search for these or anything. Anyways, any help on getting more information on these items would be awesome! Thanks!!! :D

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(no subject)

I just found something interesting for Arceus fans. Also, man I'm sorry with my crappy payments - we are snowed in. Everything will be okay soon. So if you want the link to this auction, I'll post it but, uh, are these...real?
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yay! re-intro~

Oh god it's been a whiiiiiiiiiiiile since I made a post, I was kinda dead and busy dealing with life, you know the drill :P

I haven't been too active cause of that, and cause I don't have too much money at the moment to spend so not checking the community so much helps me keep myself in track XD (As much as I love pokemon merchandise, I don't -need- it so I better buy other important stuff instead)

This Re-intro/Update is brought to you by:
Butterfly The Ponyceus Rider (!?!?!?!??)

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Shiny Beast Gamestop Posters

I am STILL looking for the Shiny Raikou Gamestop poster. However, I happen to have come across 1 extra each of the Shiny Suicune and Shiny Entei Gamestop posters. If you are by chance interested in trading for Shiny Raikou, I would be willing to. I can also buy the poster. (At this point I am willing to pay quite a bit for Shiny Raikou, so let me know if you're willing to sell!) For anyone interested in buying the Shiny Suicune or Shiny Entei posters, I may end up auctioning them off if I don't get a trade offer. Stay tuned!

Giant Arceus plush

Looking for the Giant Arceus plush...

I found one on ebay its a 9" but I want the biggest one I can find!! Is anyone selling it? I missed one auction on here by a month =[

Is anyone looking to give it up? Its the Takara Tomy 18" one I believe.

Any help greatly appreciated!Collapse )

Bad morning...turned great! :)

Well, this morning stated early, achy, and overall gross! But then, I heard the clunk of our post box shutting.....and found a great surprise! :D

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I'll probably be doing a collection post next weekend, after one last package comes and I get them on shelves ^^ Thanks for looking, guys! <3
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Walking Kura Icon

Looking for two pokemon books

Hey guys I was wondering if anyone has these books and would be willing to sell them to me or has a distributor or something that they could get them from.

1)Pokemon cooking (the bento book you see advertised in pokemon fan magazines)

2)(Image from Asami-it is the pokedex book with the comics of all the pokemon.)

Beautiful silver wings

 I'm lurking around Y!J last night and found these two lugia-related items that I thought " WOW, THESE ARE GORGEOUS. Hey wait, some lugia collectors may want these grails." So I went  to bed but got excited the whole night. Now I bring you these two beauties and hopefully someone will find they're HOLY GRAIL'S.

Note: If my knowledge tell me right, these are DX Lugia figure and Paki Paki Lugia plush. And I believe they are on the rare side of Lugia collections.


Beautiful Pikachus: Card-value help.

First off, I'd just like to take this time to say: Hello!
I'm completely new here and just figured I should begin with a greeting.

Secondly, I have a question for you folks. Y'all seem rather knowledgable on the topic of collectibles so I figured you'd be the guys (and/or gals) to ask.

So, does anyone know what the red cheek mis-print pikachu card goes for? The one from the base set.

I'm trying to value my cards so it'd be helpful knowledge.

Also, on a more obscure note, how much does the pikachu from the that Kids WB contest go for?

Your answer would be greatly valued.

Thanks :D
[Pics below]


Ok, here it is: My current collection FINALLY being shown!

Alright, here it is, my current Pokemon collection, being made since Pokemon first started out! Everything is in boxes everywhere, so it took me a few days to prep this photoshoot! Until I move to a more permanent place, these will remain in boxes until I get room to properly display everything (along with the rest of my various collection^^). Can't wait till then!
It may not be NEARLY as impressive as most members, but as I said, I DO collect other things as well (anime, manga, games, artbooks, and more!) so I realize well that I'll never be able to focus in on only one. Still, my collection may be considered small by many, but they are well loved, I can assure you, and that's  the most important part to any collection!
Let's start! Get ready for lots of commentary and lots of pictures!

maractus 2, cute

Sales & Some pricing questions

First things first, updated sales! Added some items, tcgs, and customs.
As well as a giant talking Ash, Pikachu baseball cap, and Pokemon hat up for offers.
I'm trying to raise money for a fit, so all sales are appreciated n_n

(s00per awesome banner)
I've moved all sales to my journal temporarily, so click here or on my icon to go there~

Also, a friend is getting into zukans, so we're wondering about the prices of these:
Nidoking, Scyther/Scizor (I know those are elusive but I still want to know how much they go for)
Magmar, Abra, Sandshrew, Onix, and Voltorb lines (I'm not even sure if all/any of those actually have zukans...)

Thank you for any help and have a nice day ^^,


  Sorry for the last post! Hope it doesn't happen again. It wasn't my fault, my wifi box crashed right in the middle of the posting process. D: Thankfuly, its back up again, and finally, my post:

  I dont think that I should be posting this here, and forgive me if im not, but I need advice by march 6th.

  As you could of guessed, it has to do with B&W, and it does, alot. Well, I need help deciding my starter Pokemon. Their just all so cool!

  Based on my own research, I have heard that Snivy is one of the most strategicly powerful of all of the three, I did not prove this though. Plus, Snivy is tottaly beast!

  Now to Tepig. I have ALWAYS, chossen a fire type in ALL of my Pokemon games, so I think I can work with Tepig pretty smoothly. But then again, Tepig doesn't really seem to fit my personality.

  Finnaly, Oshawatt. Im not sure how to work a water type and get too far, so he might not be the right choice. But he really cute! And his evolved forms look kinda cool.

  I just realized that Nintendo made this game a new journey, starting over, with new Pokemon. So mabey a fire type is worked tottaly different in the Unova reigion!

  Based on these 'thingys', I need your help to choose my starter!  Thanks so much!
Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Reminder: Bell Plush Auctions and Art Commissions~

Just a reminder that my premade bell plush auctions will be ending tomorrow (Saturday) at 6:00 PM CST! Chansey has no bids and I've lowered its starting bid to $10 while Vulpix and Valentacool only have one bid each. Also, none of my $10 drawing commission slots have been filled yet so there's still plenty opportunity to grab a slot!

Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Another Kids Post :S: Character Kids

Hi guys! Sorry for another post, I will try to hold off. ;_; First of all, I'll have everyone's kids (who paid of course!) out in the mail by tomorrow the 26th! :D Second of all, I'm ordering a box of Character Kids for the Iris/Axew variant, and I will be accepting orders for the rest of the kids!  

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Thanks! :)


I hope you all can help...I'm wondering...what should this line of Zukans be priced at? I don't have selling permission yet, so I'm mostly looking at what I can price these at when I'm able to sell here. Thanks!

1. Unown V, W, X, Y, Z, !, ?  
2.Porygon / Porygon 2 / Porygon Z
3. Raikou
4. Cherubi, Cherrim (both versions), Carnivine
5. Suicune
6. Entei
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Super duper Pokemon Black and White launch celebration in New york city

Anyone else thought it was weird how the mall tour didn't stop in New York City? I guess they had something better planned! Nintendo of America announced that a Pokemon Black and White launch celebration will be held in Rockefeller Center on March 5th which is one day before the actual release date. You can however buy the games there apparently and even download the Victini event to your games. I know we have some members here from New York City. Lucky!

my original post: http://pokemonblackandwhite.net/?p=3770

Collection Update, GA, Sales, Plush Problems, just a lot to cover :/...

So many things happening at once D:!

First off our GA is going great :D! Keep getting those bids in people and we'll win this for sure ;3! I have the utmost confidence in our Community! AND btw it will take me a bit to get back to all the comments and such. If you have ever run a GA you know what I mean XD; but I will do my best to get to everybody by tomorrow :)!

Next thing, I gots new stuff!

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AND Website linkage because I can: been working on stuff slowly by surly...


Big collection update :D

Just when i thought today would suck (called out of work b/c of a nasty sinus cold :/) my post master rings the doorbell with a stack of boxes! I got some awesome items from Y!J, Animeraro, and Ewokie's B/W Tour pickups :) And to top it all off i finally have my pokemon team in kids figures! Come see!

Collapse )So how about a little meme? Show me your pokemon team in kids. If you dont have them all in kids, then figures or plush count too! :)

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New Eeveelution cards for sale

Hey y'all!
I have some new/mint cards for sale. I'd really like $6 for the whole lot. That's shipped.
But we will see how this goes!
If I can't sell them by bulk then they will be um..I dunno..make me an offer I can't refuse

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Cards go bye bye!!

Everyone's stuff has been shipped! Woot woot!

My other sales are here!

I would like to sell off my remaining sales items in bulk if anyone is interested. A GA can be run or someone can purchase it. I need it all out. I am looking for $200 (before shipping) Over $300 worth of stuff!!

Grail GET~!

HEY GAIZ. It's been awhile :D

In the time that I've been away-- a ton of really awesome things have come in (and one is still on its way so expect another post from me in the future) BUT FER NOW--


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Also if anyone happens to have a Mudkip Line Zukan that they're willing to sell-- I NEEDZ one for a very special lady-- with an anniversary soon approaching 9.9 -- Condition on it isn't that important (bagged or opened, whutev). I just need to find one before April OTL


Sales Here!

I'm not really looking to trade unless it's for a Mudkip Zukan-- or Professor Layton merch....FFFFF NEED.

Thanks guys XD
Lugia Default

Auction/Sales reminder!

Just a quick reminder that my auctions for a number of rare Latios and Latias items, as well as Lugia clothing, ends in just over 1 hour! Please make sure to get your bids in, things are still cheap or have no bids whatsoever!

Click here or on the picture below to go to the page!

DSCF0220 DSCF0420

Also, I am still currently looking for a Talking Tsutarja plush! I may be interested if you have one for sale, so please let me know! Thank you!
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Sales and Offers~!

Hey guys. I've done some final collection weeding, so that means sales and offer time!

I have a bunch of cool things like a 1/1 Marill, Giant Plusle and Minun UFO plush, many of my Suicune collection, and tons of cool items for straight sale and offer. Please have a look :)

Happy collecting!