February 26th, 2011

diorama contest entry

hi everyone!
i come to you with my first diorama!

its a desert like scenery. this is all i could do its my 1st,
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i have 1 question is the B/W tour still goin on at Kng of Prussia?
and last thing in this post:
im still looking for Shiny Suicune MC+ so please help me somebody!
thanks for lookin!

Pokemon Auction!

omgitslph and I will be hosting this auction for the following plushies:

(Wailmer is claimed by omgitslph for $20 and I've claimed the Groudon for $15)

So, the following are up for bidding: Kyogre, Pichu, Skitty, and Altaria.

  • No sniping: any bid placed in the last five minutes will be extended for another five.
  • Bids must be $1 increased or more.
  • No deleting bids! Serious bidders only please.
  • If someone bids before you, please respond to their comment to bid instead of the original.
Each pokemon will start at $10. Bidding ends at 7:30 am, February 26th (today). Please do not start bidding until I have all the threads up.   BID! :D

And feel free to correct any problems I made.
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custom phone charms

Commissions are now open!

I generally don't have a limit to slots, so there's no rush: please read through the entire post before ordering. Some things have changed (prices, materials I use) so do so especially if you've ordered from me before!

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Oh, and unless I have talked to you about it, all previous orders have been shipped! c: Please let me know if something doesn't show up, or comes damaged.

EDIT:Usually only one or two in every 100 charms breaks in the post, but this time, wow... ._. Please let me know if something broke, and I'll replace it right away! I've switched to using bubble mailers for every order to prevent this from coming up again...

SALE-A-MENCE! (Get it?)

My fiancé kagek13 recently finished a Litwick / Hitomoshi custom Pokédoll… and we’re putting it up for sale!


She made this for practice for a Litwick doll that she’s making for a friend of ours, and in addition to that we’re also selling some other Pokémon merchandise, as well! Most of these items are things that we’ve received in lots and have no need for ourselves, but which some of you might be interested in! There’s also a whole bunch of stuff that we’re just giving away for FREE to anyone who buys anything at all from us, so check it out!

un tsk un tsk

looking for all kinds of humans!

Hello collectors!

Some of you saw my collection update a little while ago and I was blown away by the response. I really just wanted to take a couple lines to say thank you to everyone on this community for being great, supportive and encouraging people!

Now I come to you with a few searches! I'm really looking to expand my humans/trainers collection, and I haven't been all that lucky finding everything I would like to! So who better to ask then this horde of PKMN Collectors, right?

I'm looking for any kind of FIGURE or PLUSH (no customs or flats as the moment) of ANY human character from Pokemon. Including, but not limited to; TFG, Tomys, Kids, Zukans, Keychains, dome figures, plush, etc! Although, please keep in mind that I DO have a pretty good start of a collection, so don't be offended if I turn down your offer! I'm ESPECIALLY looking for...


Other exemples of trainers I'm after...
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AND ANY OTHER HUMAN I DON'T OWN. There are plenty out there! So let me know what you have!
Also Zoruas, because, well, yea. :3

Wants and such

  Well, the last post I did was crazy and off topic. I'll never do off topc again. Today im here to tell you my wants and stuff. Ive been looking for a season one Ash hat or like a year and couldn't find one that I liked. Thats probly because I dont want the one that you see almost everywhere. I want one thats what some people would say 'flimsy'. How can I explain this?.... Well you the hats that baseball players wear? It has a 'cardboard' like front to it? Thats exactly the hat I dont want. Im looking for one that kind of fits you head. The best way for me to explain this is with a picture, so here ya go:

 Something like this, its not like a feild hat, but has a sort of 'fitting' front to it.

  Im not even sure that an Ash hat like this even exist. So, im asking you guys. Thanks!
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GA confusion + a couple new gets!

We've got two EXTRA payments regarding this GA:

xxiiijamesiiixx told me they received two nameless payments from addresses starting with:


So if you think one of these is your Paypal address, please comment here and let me know if you were a part of the GA or if you bought something else from xxiiijamesiiixx!

Alsooooo, I want to show you some of my newest gets~

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Thanks for looking, and have a nice day. C: <3
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(no subject)

 Hey all,

I'm pretty sure I'm doing this wrong, but here goes XD

I've only recently got into collecting and hence don't really have much in the way of interesting stuff to my name.

My favourite all-time Pokémon is Misdreavus and I'm looking to start a collection of Misdreavus related stuffs - I was having a look at some of the older posts on here and ran into this one: http://community.livejournal.com/pokemon/1048401.html

The entry mentions a Misdreavus plushie, but after running a load of searches across the internet that's the only thing I've seen which indicates that a Misdreavus plushie actually exists! Do any of the more experienced people here have any idea where I would go about looking for such a thing? 

Thanks for your help! 

~ Incarnate

Pokedoll Pick-up @ Pokemon Center Kiosk

As a reminder, new stock consists of Celebi, Groudon, Kyogre, Giratina (altered form), Darkrai, Arceus, and both Shaymin forms! Also, Lucario and Riolu are (back) in stock~!

As always, I am willing to take as many slots as possible. I'm very grateful my paypal debit card enables me to do this. Please be clear if you are asking for a price quote or requesting item(s). It is important to pay promptly once you see I've given you a total, so I can be sure I am not picking up extra pokedolls and to assure I will have enough funds to pay for all pokedolls requested. Thanks~!

Also, I give discounts on orders of multiple pokedolls! For instance, an order of four comes out to $60 (includes US shipping), and eight ends up costing a very discounted $118 (also includes US shipping). I include freebies of Pokemon candies from the local international supermarket.

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1. roxiired (Lugia, Ho-oh & Groudon) paid!
2. citrus_knight (Entei) paid!
3. liekosofmobius (Chikorita) paid!
4. sodapopninja (Darkrai) paid!
5. ayleria (Jolteon, Flareon, Totodile & Chikorita) paid!
6. minjei (Darkrai & Jolteon) paid!
7. marshallgregson (Ho-oh, Lugia, Flareon & Jolteon) paid!
8. peetwenty (Kyogre) paid!
9. frillypink_tron (Flareon & Jolteon) paid!
10. 06starr (Totodile & Piplup) paid!
11. raikou_chan (Dialga, Giratina & Jolteon) paid!

Second trip to kiosk:
1. rirutu (Ho-oh, Lugia, Latios & Latias) paid!
2. Sharmaine (Darkrai) paid!
3. elisha1288 (Jolteon) paid!
4. shinysuicune's friend (Lugia) paid!

One last chance for Zukans

Hi all,

Man it's been ages since I've posted here, and regrettably, it's time to acknowledge that I've moved to another collecting hobby - dinosaur figures. No one that knew me saw that coming, haha. Anyway, I'm packing things away for later (the grandkids someday?), and have everything put up but the zukans, so I'm offering them up one more time before they find a cozy place in storage.

All of my zukans are up for offers. I'll keep them up for two weeks and sell those to offers I like and pack away the others. I won't be offering these again, just because they need to either go to someone else, or into a place where I can't get to them easily. Also, to clarify, I am not looking to dump these at any price. I'll only sell if the offer's fair or better. I'm happy to pack them away rather than take huge losses on these, sorry. Figured I owed the comm one more shot at these before they go away for good. :)

Here are a couple teaser photos of some of the rarer critters:

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Collection Update and Trade Interest ^_^

 Hi everybody! It's godudette again. Last time I posted I was moving to a new house, but I'm all settled in and have some great new items to share with you. =)

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So, here's something I never showed to anyone on here before- my massive figure collection- DUN DUN DUN. I guess when I was taking pics today I thought it would be fun to set them all out, and (what do you know) I got an idea. Most of my figures are sitting in boxes doing all of nothing. I thought since I finally have enough community feedbacks that it would be cool to trade some with other members who might give them more loving homes. Anybody interested? =3

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(no subject)

So it seems that an awful lot of us are from Oregon, USA.

Pray tell, would there be any interest in a meetup? I'm in the Portland area but I'd be willing to travel. And WA people would be welcome too.

We could totes have a swap meet or something. It would be awesome.

Random posssst

Hey everyone! A few things really quickly...

Does anyone know if there's a Munna piggy bank floatin' around? I don't even know if such an item exists, but if there isn't one I believe that the Pokemon merchandise makers need to be create one IMMEDIATELY. :'D Am I the only one that thinks it'd make the perfect piggy bank? Oh my goodness. ;w;

Also, is anyone goin' to the Black and White Mall tour event in Lawrenceville, GA in about two weeks? If so, I vote for a meetuppp! :D

And finally, to make this post less boring...

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Welp, that's all the spam awesomeness from me for right now. xD ... *Insert clever ending to post here*
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UK Black & White Tour... Not even the Canadians can complain now.

Today me, soulsilver_iv and a mutual friend got up early and got lost on trains all for one goal... the London BW Tour! Money was brought, in anticipation for the possible merchandise! As we came through the shopping centre doors, our hearts were set finding the event ASAP for the wonders it would hold..!

Yep, that's it. They had the Smugleaf mascot costume that would occassionally come out, but no Pokabu or Mijumaru. Just the game demos, nothing more. The staff wouldn't even accept bribes for the Staff shirts despite the fact we were chummy with them and they loved us/soulsilver_iv's giant Smugleaf plush. If we had a penny for every time a kid/staff member came up to us all WHERE DID YOU GET THAT PLUSH FROM we'd have enough money to fly to an American Tour Date and buy PokéCen stuff ourselves! All in all, it's not worth going to the event. I think this was the only tour date before BW's official release anyway, so what's the point? If it's nearby it might be worth going just to hang out with friends and fellow fans I guess.

Still, we had a fun day, some silly photos of soulsilver_iv's giant Smugleaf under the cut (oh how I long for a huge PokéCen plush to call my own!) as well as some shots from the tour's booth.

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Also a brief reminder: the Angela_Samshi GA ends on Monday evening! Get those bids in!

Packing Advice + Note to people I've brought from

Hey there PKMNCollectors!

I'm moving to Bristol within the next week and I'm taking my little collections with me... I'm wondering what would be the best way to pack them to avoid damaging the items? Would tissue paper be too weak, etc? I'm really worried I'll break them. D:

And if I've brought merch. from anyone and haven't contacted (I feel as if I'm missing someone): Due to the unexpected move, if you haven't shipped out packages to me, can you contact me at Dragonites[at]live.com please? I would say PM, but apparently my messages don't like working sometimes. I can email you my new address from there on out! Thanks!

Another note to anyone I've brought from, if it wouldn't be any trouble, could you leave me feedback in my new thread please? I'm aiming for sales permission still, so every little helps. <3

Kinokuniya fun!

I went on a bit of a trip to Kinokuniya today to check out the selection! I remember seeing $2.99 figures a few weeks ago, which I decided not to buy since I was soon going to the Pokemon Tour. Oh how I regret not grabbing some! I come today to find only ONE box of a Combusken, which I didn`t want :( After joining the community, I now know those were Clippings figures and I was planning on grabbing a bunch! BUUT I did take my chances at a few mystery boxes!

Not sure what the series are but I`m REALLY happy with the Lugia (a chance of getting him, Ho-Oh or Entei?? I couldn't lose! Buy 2 and I'd be risky :p) and the other is a hollow rubber Pikachu which is pretty neat! Also a chocolate Pokemon treat which was a gift <3

As for the PokePark game... I forgot to add it to my post showing off my collection :p I know I said I only collect Pokemon RPGs, but... I'll make an exception for minigames!!^^

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Auction, Sales and Offers

It's been a while again, hope everyone is doing fine. I've come bearing another sales and auction post featuring trading figures (again) and some miscellaneous stuff. Some noteworthy stuff include the Lt. Surge, Sean, Raikou and Mew trading figures! These seem to get rarer and rarer as months go by. This post also includes some battle dices, misc plush, and the leftover zukans from the last sales post.

This is for the cellphone I'm saving up for since mine was stolen a few days back. Hope you guys can help me out. :)

Sales post granted by denkimouse on June 13, 2010.

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