February 27th, 2011

That one big post

  Hi everyone! Im here to show you my collection! I know its not much, but its a start! :D
Heres my yellow version, its a little worn, but it still works perfectly.

Heres my one and only pokemon manga, witch just happens to be yellow x3

Have no idea why this turned out sideways...But here is the Zorua plush i prommised! You can (kinda) see how one ear is slightly smaller that the other one. This is my favorite Pokemon item. :D

I bought this off of my friend xD Its a bulbisaur sharpener. Have no idea if its offical. Yep, it offical!

Why are all of these sideways? Anyways, this is a wristband that i got from an old friend like 4 years ago.

 I made this custom Pokeball last night. its about 1:1 mabey. :P When i originaly bought it, it had a wraper with an Ultraball on it and inside, was a cydaquil eraser! I took the ball, and some plastic and finished it off with glue to make the Pokeball :D I sometimes pretend
im a trainer and throw this around my room...I'd call that weird, but don't we all do that? xD
 A DP sticker book here. Not much more that that about it xD

 Got this when the jarachi Dist. was going on. It still looks like its in perfect condition.

 Finnaly, my Celibi poster. I am able to pick up many of these if anyone wants one. I can probly only do a trade tho, because im so new and all. :3

  I wonder what happened to all of figures...I have like 30 somewhere...

RANDOM FACT: Holy cow! I was cleaning my room and found 30 bucks!

 And now for the wants:

  1. A fitting ash Ash hat.(First season) faderboy might provide this
  2. A foam Pokeball. Just the clasic red and white foam pokeball.
  3. Victini plush. From a japanese promotion of some kind:

  That about wraps it up for today! Thanks everyone!
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Mew Mistagged plush?

Now, i've had this plush for a good year now, I picked it up from a bootsale, from this woman who had a WHOLE stall full of Pokemon plushies and toys (totally bought them ALL LOL)
And I wondered whats with the tag, is this common or? D:

Weather its worth anything or not I'm going to sell it along with a ton of other double Hasbro beanies I have so~

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NOTE: I just got back from traveling on an Expo week, i am slowly making my way through my inbox, and also shipping items ;_; <3
Pachirisu - Music notes
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february custom charms post - part 2

Hi! I'm back to offer you all my services again, now that my hands have gotten a little bit better, and all my college applications are in ^^

Let me start off by saying that all previous orders have been shipped as of Saturday. Many of you have already received your charms, and I'm so glad you all like them! Because I have so many leftover mini-charms (the ones I used for testing) I will include one random freebie charm with every order~


Basically simple Pokemon are $8, complex are $10. I charge +$3 for a shiny recolour of a Pokemon you've ordered, and $5 for Pokemon I've already drawn click for images of already drawn Pokemon.

If you want a Pokemon I've already drawn, but in a different pose, the price will go back up to its original amount.

Humans are $12, animals are $9, and ask about other things :D *** I am only accepting Pokemon at this time, sorry! ***

Shipping is $1.50 to the US/CAN, $2.50 to UK/EU, and $4.00 to anywhere else!

I'm not looking to trade right now, but I take Paypal and money orders for payment~

I require payment within 24 hours of claiming a slot just to be fair.
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Thank you! Have a nice week~ Also, if anyone is still going to the BW Tour in Paramus NJ, I'll be there on Saturday starting at 11:00am. Here is a picture of me in case you want to say hi! [click!] my name is Tay, btw <3 Hope to see you there!
houndoom and slowpoke

Offers/Sales reminder

Hey there, comm! ^_^

First off, I'd like to mention that I still have offers going for some Jakks Eeveelutions, Shinx/Luxio, and Raichu figs, as well as a Growlithe/Arcanine Tomy set! I'll probably keep offers going for another week, and then I'll contact the high bidders to organize shipping fees and such. ^^

Also, I forgot to add some BK Pokemon Standees to my last Sales, so those have now been added- If you have recently purchased from my Sales, you can still add to your orders if you'd like, as I haven't yet sealed and shipped the mailers yet. (All items purchased by Tuesday, March 1st, will be mailed off on Wednesday afternoon!)

Feel free to check everything out! :3

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All right guys, see you all later! ^^b

NYC Black/White Meet-up?

So as we all seem to know, on the 5th there's gonna be a mega-big-huge party in Rockefeller Center for the Black/White release.
I was just wondering, since there seem to be a few members from the comm nearby, if there would be interest in a meet-up? If we could get an idea of how many people there might be, maybe we can set up a time and meeting place? Maybe get some yummy snacks? Show off our favorite things, maybe do some good ol' fashion pokemon trading?
Post here and let me know!

Also, if you're interested feel free to post suggestions on a time and place! Remember the event is only 3 hours long, from 3:00 to 6:00 pm!

Right now the meet-up time seems to be 4:00, but if you have any reservations about that let me know! Also, if you feel so inclined - describe how you'll look that day! It'll be easier to find you :)
And we're still looking for landmarks to meet at. I don't the NWS is a good idea, it'll be packed like srs bsns.

Small Update/Collection Weeding Sales/Shipping Question

I did get a few things in the mail last week, and I wanted to show them off while the lighting in my room was decent. :D They may be few in quantity, but I was so excited to get this stuff! Also, it seems I need to start weeding out some of my Pokemon things. Why, you ask? I'm desperately trying to raise enough money to buy a button maker! I actually don't need a lot of cash to get one, but it's buying the actual buttons to go with it that hurts my wallet. ; A; So, Pokemon Collectors, help me get one so I can make custom buttons for you guys~ :D
Warning: Very Image heavy!
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Hey guys! Grail!

Hey u all! I want to let u know i have been on vacation the past week(called so?). Im sorry i didnt tell you before i went away!

So, just wanted to tell u guys my grail, im Sooooooooooo hoping to find it/em sometime D:. Theyre so buggin me with ther ultracutieness!

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papa deer!
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Shikijika/deerling collection update

Collection update consists of heart stamper, keychain, and plush.

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I was lucky enough to get this little stamper from Gin. It is very, very tiny! My fiance bought me the ink pad after I started crying at a restaurant when absolutely none of the foods were condiment free. Sometimes I draw ACEO/ATC cards and I think I'll stamp the back with this.

Next I have the winter Shikijika keychain (the version without the name on the strap). I wanted to get all four versions and an extra to actually take out and put on my keychain, but money is a little tight so I have to be a little picky about what I do and don't get.

This little herd was a christmas present to myself. I ordered them the day they showed up on Sunyshore. I even got up earlier than normal to do so! When I saw the package at my doorstep I immediately wrapped them and put the package under the tree and waited until christmas to open them. This whole set of plush have specifically flower names... 'cause I thought it was cool.

It is amazing what different personalities these plush can have. I mean honestly they are all the same pattern but some ears are floppier than others or the nose is skinnier, etc. Spring plush is named Hollyhock and I like her pink color much better than what some of the images looked like. It's such a soft pink.

This little guy is Snapdragon. He seems on the petite side but something about his eyes made me think of a boy. I think the summer form is my least favorite of the colors, but as a plus I think he's adorable.

This is my other little boy deer and his name is Blackthorn. I think the fall and winter seasons are actually tied in my mind as the prettiest colors. I think he is very alert looking, maybe it's the ears?

Last but not least is Jasmine, which is apparently a winter plant! I think she is the calmest of the bunch.

Current Grail Goal help?

I'm currently on a quest to collect all the 2008 Eeveelution Pokedolls Japanese Minky Release

Due to a complete legend helping me assure this current goal i'm 3 dolls away from completion, My birthday is coming up and as always Parents/family are rather clueless so i thought i'd post to see if anyone has seen one of these.

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Thanks ^___^
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Pikadoll Wants

First off, the Angela_samshi GA is finishes in 24 hours and we're a third away from our target so get those bids in!

My iPhone cable decides to no longer work so once again, updates is delayed *sighs* but hey, its a great time for wants!

As a few may know, I collect pikachu pokedolls or, as I like to call them, pikadolls :D They are my favourite ever pokedolls and I do love them :D I'm after anything related to them whether it'd be plushies or pokedoll merchandise! I do have a want list including the pikadolls I'm missing here but I doubt anyone has those for sale but anything pikadoll related!

Here's Baby to brighten up this post a bit :D

Most importantly, I'm after a velboa pikadoll from a seller inside the UK to take to an event and I'd rather not take Baby in case he gets spoiled or lost. I prefer velboa to minky hence the specific request XD

A want post. :x

Hello, Pokemon Collectors. I've lurked this community foooor....probably over a year now and bought some things here or there. XD So I figured now is as good a time as ever to make a "wants" post.

I'm basically looking for any merchandise of these Pokemon. (But I'm especially interested in plus/figures/key chains.)


Soooo, yeah. Just post if you have something I may be interested in. Thanks!
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Franklin Mills BW Photo Story!

Hello community!

I am back from possibly one of the most exciting Poke-Weekends of my life. My collection has expanded massively and what better way to share than a photostory!

I hope its not horribly off topic, but the collection gets BLOW MY MIND :D

Warning: very photo heavy!

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Couple o things~!

Time for a multipurpose post! I have new updates, a wants, and a sales/offer reminder! :D

First off collection update with wants at the end!


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Okay finally My sales and offers are still going on!

I have tons of cool things including many Suicune items, eeveelution items, Lucario things, and some GIANT plush So give it a look :)


Sales/Offers here: http://fernchu.livejournal.com/120519.html#cutid1
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Raikou card for sale mint/holo

I just pulled a Holographic Raikou card out of my Call of Legends pack. I have no need for it.
It is mint. Labeled SL9 in the corner. Thought I'd check here before throwing it on Ebay. Make me some offers. I'll give you some extra cards!

Oh and the new Pokeball pop n battle figures are at Wal Mart. They have Pachurisu and Buizel!! So cute!