February 28th, 2011



I'm only going to be home for a week (it's my spring break!) so I'll only be able to sell for exactly ONE DAY!!! I have lots of stuff for sale... and sales...on my sales...? SO BE SURE TO CHECK IT OUT! :) And I'll be having a collection update sometime soon; I'm just to busy at the moment!

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New Pokemon Zukan Collector

 Hi everyone!
Recently started collecting pokemon zukan figures.

Right now I'm interested in buying these:
- snorunt line
- lileep line
- grimer line
- swalot line

Only condition is that they must be sealed or at least in mint condition.

Nice to meet everyone, as soon as my collection grows bigger (right now I only have rotom, snover, giratina, cranidos, slowpoke, hippopotas lines) I'll post some photos.

You can also pm me If you have any items that I'm interested in. thx
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Quick question!

Hey, i've been wondering about this for awhile now because I love the minky pokedolls material so much more than velboa. Was there ever a minky cyndaquil pokedoll produced, and if so which one was it? Thank you for your time!
yossie! :D
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B/W pre-order info, GA Tour, Pickups!

Hey guys! It's the last day of February and less than a week until Pokemon Black and White are released in the States! I'm trying my best to gather as much information as possible about the new games and related events and pre-order goodies, so bear with me as I get everything organized.

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This can also function as an official Meet Up post for the Lawrenceville, GA location at Discover Mills Mall!
March 12 and 13!!

I wager we meet around Entrance 4 (iirc), in front of the AMC theater. It's a big open area and I'm willing to bet that's where the core of the tour will be held. How does 2:00-2:30 PM on Saturday sound for everyone? Or should it be earlier/later? I don't know when they're screening the movie so if our meetup time falls around then, we can change it or meet right before/after. Let me know what you guys think!

Lastly, I'll be doing pick-ups and will try to get there as early as possible both Saturday and Sunday.

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Anyway, whew! I've been getting a lot of neat stuff trickling in. Thanks to everyone who's helped my collection grow!
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I belive someone was looking for this mewtwo

I know i saw someone asking for this mewtwo in the last day or so but I cant find the dang post >_< ; I found this lot up on Y!J and i contemplated bidding on it myself but then i had nightmares about shipping lol. It looks  like it would be a really nice GA, its got a few days left.
If you want the link let me know and I'll take this down.

Ok having found the person i was looking for initially i'm going to pass the options on to her. :D thank you all, hopefully it will be up as a GA for you all soon.


This lovely lot of plush will be up for bidding! Each individual will have it's own thread. The auction will be hosted by kitbug and I:

(I will be claiming Blastoise for $20 while kitbug will be claiming Chatot for $15+.)

  • No retracting or deleting bids.
  • No sniping; any bid placed in the last five minutes of the auction will be extended until no bid is placed for five minutes. 
  • Payment will be needed ASAP. 
  • Please be kind to other bidders.
  • Place your bid after the previous bid. DO NOT comment directly on the thread if someone else has bid. They won't be aware you bid and your bid will be deleted. 
  • Bid only what you're willing to pay. 

The auction ends at 12:00 am EST on Thursday night, March 3rd. Please refrain from bidding until I have posted all the threads. 

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Jakks Eeveelution figures and a Luxio!

I am taking offers on these guys! Just found 'em today :D

Ends at 11:59 this Friday!
Offers start at $8!
BIN-$20 on each one
BIN will cancel all offers and go to the person who chose this option!
Shipping will be $3.00 in the USA. International inquire within :p
Go, Baby, GO!

Current Offers:
Umbreon-Sold to Mitgas BIN
Espeon-$8 Jadekitty777
Leafeon-$8 Jadekitty777
Vaporeon-$17 Broken_chan
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*Pokemon Sales* -updated-

I added some new items to my sales post, please take a look ^^

♥ Received sales permission from lineaalba in Sept 2010
♥ Paypal only, please put in the memo what you bought
♥ Shipping is from Canada, we have terrible postage rates :(
          Flat items start at:
          Canada - $0.75
          USA - $1.50
          International - $2
          Non-flat items depends on size/weight, please let me know your location & I can give you a quote. Most of the time it'll be $6+
♥ I reuse bubble envelopes that are in good condition, I feel that's more environmentally friendly
♥ I can't be held responsible once an item has been shipped. Please let me know if you'd like tracking or insurance
♥ Items come from a dog-friendly but smoke-free home
♥ My feedback is here
♥ Feel free to make offers ^^

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Jessie Grace

February 2011 Collection Update - Eeveelutions, Destruction and More!

First off thankyou to all the lovely people who participated in my Zukan Auction earlier this year! you helped me raise the funds needed for my eeveelution pokedoll collection!
half of which are factory rejects :P buttt most you cant tell to be blatantly honest! and half of them are legit :D
but i love them all haha
also i still have not heard from about three people concerning whether they received their Zukans so let me know if you are one of those :)
also photos of my purchase from 
and the lovely present i received from 
photos are under the cut!
and the very nasty end to a big bad bootleg plush!

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help needed from Germany & wants & gets

 Hello~ So first, are there any German collectors in the community? Because I just found a few interesting auctions on German Ebay that end in a few days, but they don't ship internationally... Would anyone be so kind and work as a middleman? ^^' 
(I was told that some sellers do international shipping upon request, so I might be able to manage on my own... Hope so.)

And second, I just came across these adorable Mew dioramas:

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And while waiting for a big collection update post, here's one of my favourite gets and I will probably sell the duplicates!

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Texas Black & White tour meet-up post?

Sorry if this is spam, I'll delete this asap once I know or etc.

But I was wondering if there was a Texas Black & White Tour Meet-Up post? I'm not sure if one was never made or if I just happened to miss it. ^^; If there isn't one, is anyone planning on making it? :0

Sorry about the short spammy post. ^^;
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(no subject)

Hey guys :D Quick question - does anyone know what the current Pokedoll stock at Nintendo World Store is? Thank you!

I won a nice-looking lot on eBay about a week ago, and it arrived today, excitement!! .. Except 90% of everything is pretty played-with/scratched up. Augh. There were some nice things in the lot, though - including a pretty nice condition Suicune v-trainer, and a sadly scarred Espeon v-trainer.

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New Acquisitions!

Hey guys!! Time for post #2.
As I may or may not have said, I love Black and White. The pokemon have clever, funny and edgy designs, and many of them I really like. Also as I have said before, I love Pokemon "art" merch, such as hang-tags from Pokedolls or UFO catchers, and stickers! (In that vein, I really dig Pokedoll art/merch) So a lot of my gets are flat printed pieces, although I also love to collect Kids figures.

So, when I got home from work today my imported packages came in!! That's what I like about buying online-- while you have to wait for the package to arrive, when it DOES arrive you get the sensation of "present-in-the-mail". :)

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Diorama Contest RESULTS!

We had a great turn-out with 14 entries! This contest lasted quiet a while, but I'm glad it did! Gave some people a chance to enter. :) Check below the cut for the winners!

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Congratulations to the winners, and a huge thanks to everyone who entered!! It was great to see all these creative and amazing entries. I hope some of you can keep your dioramas up for a long time; my entry from last year's contest is still up today! <3
(Pokemon) Pachi costume
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February Customs Post!

Still February! Time flies so fast. ;A;

I have 2 more pictures to finish, but I need to open this because I need as much help as I can to save up for a ~*super important learning trip!*~ in June. :') Thanks so much to everyone who made my first month of watercolor commissions really fun! For those interested, I posted progress pictures along with the completed ones under the Pokemon tag of my artblog. (I'm not sure if linking to an outer community is ok...I'll take it down if needed!)

Click the banners to go my watercolor/keychain commissions pages~

And to anyone with concerns with their packages (especially commissioners), please do not hesitate to PM me! I am horrible with keeping up with comm post comments sometimes, and Philpost seems to hate me a lot still. ;A;

Thanks again everyone!♥