March 1st, 2011

I'm new here...200x

Hey there. I'm a first-time poster long-time lurker and longer-time toy collector. After enjoying many of your collection show-offs and sales, I decided to join in on the fun myself. I'm a big Pokemon fan of course, though my interests in toy collecting also branch out to Transformers, Lego, Figma, Revoltech, Marvel, various video game/anime action figures etc., but my love of collecting started with Pokemon figures. Their cheap price and collectibility is what started my obsession, with my first figures being the...uh..."Three moods of Pikachu" set and a Raichu by Tomy.
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March customs post!

Back again for this Months round-up!

I currently have no longer than a weeks worth of work left, so I'm putting up slots for March - April.  Please be aware that depending on your position in line, this could mean a 2 month wait.

*For some examples, slots and the like, click the link below!


-Ps; I've almost gathered enough for a nice collection update, so watch for  Magmar love sometime soon!

B/W Savings Sales Post!

hi guys! as you know, the B/W games are gonna be released this week and i'm on an all-out savings assault to secure both games for me and my significant other. =D so here we go again with many new items on offer!

i have a mew and weavile magnet figure, various new amada and kakumen retsuden kai featuring perennial favourites like eeveelutions and legendaries, a lucario figure as well as korean pop-ups of milotic, glaceon and luxray. [offers end 4 MAR, FRIDAY, 10PM PDT.] in addition, there are tons of other stuff available, many of which are new: kids, many new amadas and kakumen retsuden kai, charms, standees, magnets, flats, TFGs, B/W clear files as well as a special $2 deal on all chous! some of the pokemon merch include zorua, zoroark, raikou, lugia, weavile, dragonite, gloom, pikachu, pichu, squirtle, skitty, kyogre, mew and gengar. come on in and take a look, and perhaps help me out with my mission? =)

(have a fresh bowl of mountain in larvitar's mount silver enclave here!)

this sales post actually marks a special occasion - it is officially the half-year anniversary of when i first set up larvitarscar's shop on 1 Sep last year. while responding to some of my positive feedbacks earlier today, it struck me how far i've come with this shop, and the memories of including the freebies and writing the has truly been a great experience hencefar! thank you everybody who has at some point bought stuff from my shop - i truly appreciate your patronage. =D to commemorate this occasion, i have a small surprise in store for selected customers from this sales post. details to follow after this post is closed! =)

anyway, thanks for reading, and have a great week ahead!

GA apologies..LOST

Sorry for posting while my reminder post is still on the first page, I'll probably delete it .


We LOST it.  fizzycat  and I greatly apologize!  Both of us thought there was more time remaining in the GA then there was and the momment to bid passed us both by.   Sorry for letting everyone down!  This has never happened to fizzycat before and I only wish my first time co-hosting went better for everyone.  Again I can not apologize enough!!  We feel absolutely horrible!  ;^;
I wish everyone the best of luck in their mightybean search.  We will let you know if we run across anything like this again!

Top 3 Pokemon You Own the Most Of?

I figured since I've made collecting topics before, such as the "are you embarassed of your collection?" before,
that once and a while I'll make a subject for all fellow collectors to discuss with each other!
This time, I was thinking of just HOW much I love seeing diversity in people's collections! Some Pokemon that I thought
were obscure, or not as popular as others, people own alot of and absolutely adore them! So, my curiosity is to see
what everyone's top 3 Pokemon you own the most of currently! Well, if you have one coming in the mail, add that :p
Here's a couple rules I added to make it easier:

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pink, luka, rock, punk

Bad GA News

Hey guys! I've got some unfortunate news about the GA that nagaineko and I hosted.

All the details will be below the cut since it may be drama induced but if you don't really feel like reading it all; We lost.

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Some good news though; We'll be posting another GA shortly! (With no eBay drama included!)

Some quick wants!

 Hello everyone. It's been ages since I've posted, I'm far overdue for a collection update. Hopefully I can get to that soon. But first. I'd like to post some wants!

For once, I have a little bit of spare cash, and so I'm looking to expand my collection! Specifically, my figure collection, which is terribly lacking.

What I'm Looking for:
TOMY Lugia figure
ANY Mew figures/zukan (I already have the new TOMY and the movie zukan)
ANY Lugia figures (I only have the movie zukan, and SS preorder figure)
ANY Raikou figures (I have a penciltopper, zukan, and the TOMY)
SHINY Raikou zukan
MC+ Raikou Figure (SHINY and Regular)

So if you have any of these things for sale, please direct me to your sales thread/post pics! Thanks! :)
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Itty bitty sales (pokemon pillows) and update.

Slowly emerging from my shell here.. XD

So I won this lot with some pillows in it, and while I'm pretty fond of them, I really don't need them around..
here they are:
Snubble is roughly 2 feet tall, from the top of its head to the tip of its toes. Manaphy is more like 22-23" or so. (sold)
Both are made of a fleece-like material, and are pretty loved/pilly, but clean.
I'm looking for offers around $15 each, but I'm not sure how much they usually go for. Please keep in mind that since they are HUGE shipping might be a little hefty. They don't weigh much at all, so that won't add to it, but I would estimate them being close to $10 to ship each, unless I can find a flat rate box to mail them in for less.
I ship from the US to anywhere, and have a pet friendly but smoke-free apartment. I will ship somewhere around 3-4 days after receiving payment, to allow time to transfer the shipping money from paypal to my account, and you will be notified when it is shipped.
Paypal only please.
Thanks for looking!
Side note:
COMMISSIONERS: I have sent you each pictures of your items so far. Please take a look and let me know what you think :]

(no subject)

So, I got a Zorua pokedoll from buttribbons's BW mall tour pick-ups, and he arrived today! And..he seems to have a couple issues. XD I'm wondering if he's just a derp, or if it's a normal thing for the tour-release Zoruas/Zorua pokedolls in general. I took some pictures to show you what I mean:

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And an unrelated question.. Is there a release date for the new Jakks plush? There was a post about them a few weeks ago, but I haven't heard anything since and haven't seen any in my local Targets. ;w;
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shipping update + a want!

For everyone who bought from my card sales last week, they've all been shipped out today! A little later than I hoped, but my post office is notorious for it's out-the-door queues :/ Sorry for the delay! They should be with you very soon :D

And I have a single want- the Shining Lugia card from Call of Legends! If anyone has one they don't need/want, please reply with it's condition and tell me what you'd like for it! Thanks in advance &hearts
Alola Vulpix

Shipping Clear Kids Totals

It's been some time, but I finally have shipping totals for the Rush Clear Kids GA from a few weeks back :)  Please check the spreadsheet and send a payment over to [email removed]. The original post has been updated with payment info as well.


If you happen to see this post but won't be able to pay for a few days or whatnot, please just let me know so I don't think you're MIA~

I should have everyone's special notes marked down on that spreadsheet if you wanted combined shipping with past GAs - if I've missed you please drop a note here ♥
Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle


I got in my massive lot of... errr... 347? I think? Kids I ordered from Japan over a month ago. <3
Probably the best... errrr... nvm, I spent WAY too much money on this. XD
I'd post pic, but my camera is (yet again ARGH) not working. ;___;
I filled up... a medium-sized and a large-size plastic box though--and they both are all squished when I close them. XD
I was kind of surprised when I saw the human kids--they're a LOT smaller than I expected, but I loves them anyways. ^^
I've decided once I become a teacher, I'm going to put some of the less rare ones in boxes and make my students make up stories for them. >:D
I must say, though, the unexpected fuzzy blastoise kid is my favorite. <3 I didn't know there were fuzzy kids until now. :\

EDIT: Okay, so the only things I've noticed about my lot that wasn't so accurate is that there are... 2 digimon kids & one tomy. XD
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Looking for a Persian (and any mightyena and poochyena) Amada Stickers.

Hello, I am looking for a Amada/Retsuden sticker in Persian. I don't care which one, I just want the art to be the newer style (R/S era and sooner).

I am also looking for any mightyena and poochyena amada stickers as well, I was supposed to get all of these from a user here but they never gave them to me. :c

I also am considering starting a collection of the pokemon bento erasers, so if you have any of those feel free to offer as well. (Or just share ones from your collections so I have an idea as to how many are out there. <3).


I work at Target.
And. ( forgive me if this is old news)


What? you already knew? Oh, right. Yeah.


Target has exclusive freebies that they TOTALLY DIDN'T TELL ANYBODY ABOUT AT ALL.

When you buy Black or White, you get a free "Pokemon Art Portfolio" (7.99 value)

I'm not entirely sure WHAT it is, i can probably snag one to take a picture of this week and post it, but from the teensy adpicture in next weeks ad ( we get them a week early <3) It looks like you get 3-4 prints of things? One is Reshiram/Zekrom, one is Unova, and the others... aren't pictured/are covered. BUTT

I'm pretty excited.


so it's a really bad blurry picture i took withmy cell. but.. eh?
Jessie Grace

Applause, Hasbro and Collection update OH MY <3

Okayyyy so i may have posted yesterday as well (sorry mods) but i wont have time to post this update for a while since im so busy with school :O so ill do it now! hope thats hunky dory :)
32 Of these wonderful Applause/Hasbro plushes arrived this morning

a massive update to my collection in mass numbers!
click the cut to see them :D
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March customs post

Some of you will probably be quite happy to see today's post. :)

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The usual community rules apply! Also, please wait for me to put up the threads before bidding. Bid away! I do take payments, so feel free to bid yourself into debt. XD Paypal preferred, check and money order also accepted. And do remember that shipping will be an additional cost on top of your winning bid, so keep that in mind. Shipping on the epic plush in particular will be fairly expensive. Also, these plushes will not be completed right away, I'll be working on them over the next two or three months, so you may have to wait a while. I do need at least a partial down payment up front so that I can buy fabric, before I can begin work. If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to ask them.

The auction ends in 4 days, on March 5th, at midnight pacific time. :)

P.S. I've mailed out all the sprites and various sale items from the last couple of weeks. Most people should have theirs by now, unless they're outside the USA.

P.P.S. Since obviously there's a lot of demand for Loonakits (Yay!) I plan to open up another slot for one when this one has been made. I also probably will have another round of slots sometime this summer, to pay for a convention I'd like to attend. Just FYI. :)

*For those who don't know, Loonakits are creatures of my own invention. They are super-chibi plushes I've been making for years. :) Pokemon make good Loonakits, but I've also done animals, people's original characters, monsters, all kinds of things!
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interesting lots!

So I found a couple cool lots on ebay for your viewing pleasure. But there is one in particular I'd like to run a GA on if there is interest. But I'd need an American co-host because it's off and they don't ship to Canada (and Canadian shipping is AWFUL anyway).

This is the lot I'm interested in running if anyone was interested, or if anyone wasn't already eying it for themselves/GAing it themselves:

See any items you'd be interested in if this was a GA? :D

There are some other links I'm including just because they have some interesting Pokemon items! If you want me to take any links down, just let me know:

random pokemon lot

HUUUUUGE lot of Pokemon! this lot is really epic!! you should look at it

So yeah, anyway if you're interested in the picture above, let me know! And especially let me know if you're interested in running it as a GA with me. If you can do the bidding/shipping, I'd do everything else! <3

Sorry for the somewhat boring post. I am expecting TONS of stuff in the mail, so I'll post a massive collection update one of these days!

pokemon tour colorado

so the tour came and went through colorado already. I went with two of my best friends on Saturday and met my boyfriend, his two lil sisters, and his mom's ex. I must apologize for not have many pictures, there were segway mall cops all over the place and stated many times that pictures were not aloud in the mall... so although I said I would post pictures of my pachirisu costume I really don'thave any good ones because of this =/. the picture with the green screen has my face covered in each one... (go figure...) and with the mascots my cosplay can't really be seen very well.
but here is a collection of what I got over the weekend at the mall.

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