March 2nd, 2011

Re-Introduction and collection update! (also Yorterrie plush want!)

Hi there, Pkmncollectors! I haven't updated in a really long time so I decided to reintroduce myself in case no one remembers me, haha. My name is Loryn and I've been a Pokemon fan for... like my entire life. I'm 20 and live in Orlando, FL! :D I first joined this community November of 2009! It's been a while.

My main collection is Totodile (and his evos) I want to collect Raichu more hardcore, but it's so expensive! ;__;

I haven't been purchasing too many Poke-plush lately but there are a lot of stuff that I have gotten from conventions this past year that I haven't shared with you guys so here's an update!

Here's what my first pile of plushies I had gathered before I decided I wanted to try and collect my favorites:

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Thanks for looking, you guys!

ALSO, I'm in major want/need of buying a Yorterrie/Lilipup plush! I want to take one with me to MegaCon this year since I'm cosplaying as Touko/White! Anyone selling or know a good place to get one? I'd appreciate it. And I'm always on the lookout for some Totodile/Croconaw/Feraligatr merch so if you have any feel free to share your stuff with me! Thanks. <3

Sales Update! Jakks & Plushes~ + Small Want

I recently went to my Wal-Mart not thinking I would find much
since mine has a very small and tiny section of Pokemon and everytime I go there nothing.But this time!They actually had stocked up,they even had the newest jakks figures,SO I only grabbed a few,sadly there was only Leafeon no other evo's,I also grabbed luxio and gible.I will be trying to go every so often to see what they have in stock ^^ with that said

I updated my sales with the newest jakks figures I picked up,
along with some older jakks plushes,There lots of 1$ Plushes needing homes ^^
So feel free to check it out thank you! Click pic below to go!

Also does anyone know of a medium sized Pokemon shoulder bag,that be good for a acer mini notebook? I been looking for a good bag for it but with no luck ^^; Any info be great thanks!

Introducing... my collection! (Plus bonus question!)

Home of the Tiny Leaf, my Turtwig (and others!) collection gallery.

And now for the bonus question! It's come to my attention that a lot, and I mean a lot, of collectors here are girls. As a male collector, I'm curious as to how many of us there are here.

If any guys want to reply to this question, please just leave a message with any other info you want to add, such as what you collect, your age, country, etc.

Looking for a grail!

I've been looking for this plush since summer 2010 and have only found chinese knockoffs on ebay.  Does anyone have it for sale or trade or have a link to an auction where it is being sold? I have a Raikou and he's so lonely for his partner..

Gengar sees you there.

Post of multipurposeness

Hey guys! Long time no post - since I'm saving money for the Lawrenceville GA Black & White Tour trip, I've added a few things to my shop, including a certain blue water mouse plush I've never seen before.
Click the picture to be teleported!

An update on commissions: my tins are taking me longer then expected, and I apologize - these past few months have been particularly busy and rough, but I am working diligently on them. They are coming along nicely and I plan to have almost all of them finished by some time this month (if life doesn't bite me).
Secondly, with the tins slowly being finished, I plan to open a few more slots for them along with some other customs. So keep an eye out. ;)
Also updated my collection site, a few more glorious goodies have been added:

One last thing: remember that entry I posted about Settei frames? Well, I found a perfect one at Michaels - thanks everyone for your suggestions! <3
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Various updates, inquiry, huuuuge sales revamp, GA!

Hello everyone!  I have a lot of ground to cover today, so the smaller stuff will be put under a cut. XD;

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My next order of business is a sales update!  I finally got around to revamping the sales post with new pictures, new pricing, and PLENTY of new items, including a few gen. 5 plush!  My kids have dwindled down to the point where they are now combined with my regular sales post. :)

Click the banner or here to go to my sales!

And finally.... Kiiyame revealed that a new GA will be underway after our unfortunate battle with eBay.  HERE IT IS, THE MOMENT YOU'VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR......

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Assorted Kids Group Buy Cancelled! Messenger Bag Dragonite Kid Wanted!

Edit: Group Buy Cancelled! :( someone just bought the lot. Sorry Guys. and since the lot was sold i guess I'll turn this post into a wants post. Does anyone have the messenger bag Dragonite for sale?

Sales Permission granted by denkimouse

Feedback here:

This is a group buy for this lot of kids. There will be 2 Payments, one to cover the cost of your claim +shipping (which is include in the claim cost) from the seller to me and then one for shipping from me to you.

The first payment will be due right away so I can place the BIN.
I will post an update when the Kids arrive and send PMs to all GB participants for your second payment invoice. Second payment shouldn't be over $2 for up to 3 Kids.

-I will be claiming the Messenger Bag Dragonite Anime Kid for $4
-Paypal only please!
-I ship from the US.

Dratini Kid [$3]
Dragonair Kid [$3]
Regular Dragonite Kid (Used) [$2]
Wailmer Kid [$2]
Surskit Kid [$2]
Castform Kid [$2]
Piloswine Kid [$2]
Miltank Kid [$2]
Cherrim Kid [$2]

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Want: Pokemon Pan // Sales Update

Hey, guys. So-- its my birthday on Easter, so why not buy a sticker to celebrate.. months.. before? :D
ANYWAY! I am looking for Pokemon Pan Stickers... I'm mainly looking for..: Shaymin, Oshawott, Eevee, Skitty, Chillarmy, Flaaffy. If you have ANY Pokemon Pan Stickers, please post here! I may or may not buy them, but if you have any of the Pokes above, you can probably consider it a done deal!  Also, expect a collection post around my birthday~

Also, sales plug!
I've updated my sales quite a bit, including with some super rare Battle Museum figures like Slowpoke, Slowking, etc.
Remember haggling is always welcome so feel free to offer!

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Small wants (can I even call them that?)

Hiya guys!~ After seeing some pictures of some of the Pokemon Centers I figured out there is something strange I want: Pokemon candy! :D Or just Pokemon food/snacks/cookies/drinks from the Pokemon Center.. Lol. I plan on eating them, so I would prefer them be fresh from the PokeCenter if at all possible.. Thanks guys!~ 
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A wild NEWBIE approaches!

 Ack, sorry, I'm actually reeeally nervous about doing this right now! See, this is my first-ever LiveJournal post... in fact, I only made my account because I've been browsing through your community for the past few days and made an administrative decision that it is the COOLEST THING EVER! 
Anyway though, I'm Kneat, and I've been a fan of Pokemon... well, basically ever since I was born! And collecting figures and toys and is something I really love to do. As such, I've had a horde of Poke-stuff lying around, and figured I could show it off here, and hopefully even meet some nice kindred spirits. ^3^ 

I guess it's time for pictures now, right?
Sorry if I'm being jittery, and if I do anything wrong or noob-ish... I apologize a million times. But this is some intimidating stuff here! :S

I have mainly figures, so... let's have a look at them, eh?

Here's all the figures I could scrounge up... I apologize for it being blurry, which is why I took smaller-group closer-ups...

Flying Pokemon! Personally, I love that Gligar, although yeah, he's laying on his side... oh, and I think the Noctowl's pretty cool, as well.

Sort of a Normal/miscellaneous types category... I haven't played a new Pokemon game for a while since I've been waiting for Black and White, forgive me if I'm out of touch with all the types!
The Meowth (which used to talk), Snorlax beanie (my personal favorite item in my whole collection), Sandlash, and Fighting type who I sadly can not remember the name of are pretty old... I'd love to say around seven or so years, though I'm not sure if that's right.

Water, Electric, and Grass... eep, a Buizel! And a pair of Bulbasaurs! And... two identical Bellossoms that I don't remember having duplicates of. Eh well... the bigger Pikachu (with light-up cheeks!) and Psyduck (used to walk and say "Psy-ai-ai"!), I've owned practically all my life, but that KO'd Raikou has only been here a week, go figure. =o

Oh, and here are just some other random ones. Sorry Wartortle eraser, you look so abused. Ah, I remember when I used to have a red Jigglypuff and mint-green Mewtwo to go with you...

And the few un-figures. The two Pokedolls are new just like the Raikou-- I love going to the NYC store on my birthday!
Honestly not sure what those disc-y things are, though I remember buying them at a dollar store because they were Pokemon.
And there's a Pokeball that came with some little keychain figure, too.

So... that's some of the collection stuff I've retained. I know there's a bunch more I could find if I stopped being so lazy!
Like my big Pokemon blanket (it has full-colored Pikachu, Jiggylpuff, and Seel on it, as well as a looot more outlines of Pokemon), two huge round Pikachu dolls (in terrible condition D=), some Pokemon board games, a kind of Pokemon Stadium battle arena toy (where my Bulbasaur and Charmander figures fit into and "fight" by pressing certain buttons), and video games if they count as collection items... eh, I should probably stop rambling now, right? Gosh, I feel like I've been talking a lot!
But anyway, I'm ecstatic to be here and I hope some people see this post and comment! 'Til then, bye! ^.^
[Pokemon] Derpsire
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Opening FIVE commission slots!

Hello hello! As some of you may know, I offer tiny pokemon paintings up for commission every once in a while! And while I'm so incredibly flattered with all the returning customers I get (<3 you guyssss) I know there are some of you who have had your eye on these slots! So I have come up with a solution!

This time around I will be opening 5 slots at once, and two of the slots are for *NEW CUSTOMERS ONLY*! :D This way everyone will have slightly better odds. (And even if you're a new customer and you like the current bid on slots 1, 2 or 3, you can bid on those ones too! The last two slots are just *special* and only for new comers, while the first three slots are open to all!)

The slot auctions end March 7th at 9:00PM EST, and I'll probably be posting my ONLY reminder on Sunday night. I know everyone will be busy playing Black and White anyway so I thought I'd just let you know ahead of time ;D

Click the banner below for the commission page! Thanks again everyone <3

lapras lol

Help with a grail anyone?

So I hate to annoy you all with another post about this, but I'm hoping this time around I can get someone else who can help me out. Anyways, due to a long story fluke with Noppin, I missed my last chance at my grail for what has been what feels like a couple months now. I was hoping someone can help me find or know someone that would sell me a Butterfree Pokedoll.

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Wants post (Boring yes)

Hey guys,

Just another short wants post from me. I promise to do a collection update when all my figure packages arrive! I'm currently looking for some small items:
1) Spheal Plush (Tomy or Hasbro)
2) Clear Minun/Plusle Tomy Kid
3) Minun/Plusle Chess figures
4) Things Oshawott that in your opinion are awesome :)

Well, that's all from me, hope you have a good day and perhaps you can help me with my collection :D
PS: for SG people, if you know where to get any of these in Singapore esp the kids, please tell me I'd love to know.
Vidya ☆ Sonic

15 POUNDS OF POKEMON - payment post 2

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG FFF. ;A; Life took a huge crap on me and yeah.
Anyway it's all done now and I'm pretty sure I've done it right! I'm going to take a ~test package~ to the post office on Thursday. If i'm right, I will send the rest on Saturday and Monday!

15 Pounds of Pokemon Spreadsheet
Send payment to {@}!

Those highlighted in green have already been paid for and shipped. If your first payment is in red, I do not have a payment from you. Let me know if you think you have paid and I will double-check. I admit I was doing these a bit fast because I was in a hurry.

Sorry again for the wait everyone! If I have forgotten something (extras, etc), let me know.

I sure do know how to type a lot: Collection Update, Sales, Wants, Plush Mods, the usual blabber.

Phew, as always I have a bunch to cover ^_^!

First I wanted to thank all the participants in the Friends Plush GA. You all were fanfreakingtastic :D!

Secondly, I’m trying to get some info/interest in these figures:

Collapse )

Third, I have a collection update I’m happy to share :D!

Collapse )

Fourth is my Canvas Pix Xira. The last time I posted, I was asking about cutting or fixing the thread in her tails…

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 Hi gaiz! 

I'm currently on the hunt for a few things that I thought I'd just ask openly about. I'll put a list of the goodies I'm hunting for below but one thing that you should know is that I'm currently paying by echeck until my new debit card decides to magically appear in my mailbox. -.-; Who knows how long that's really going to take but the point is, echeckies. I don't mind waiting for it to clear before you ship out, no big deal with that, just as long as you're willing to wait we're kosher. Second I'm searching for mint items preferably with tags, and not scratched or too badly damaged. :3 

Currently hunting for: 

-Kyogre Merch (as if that'll ever change)
-Minky Jolteon Pokedoll 
-Jolteon itemz (finally caved and decided to collect an eeveelu. FFFFFF. POINTY SCRUFF)
-Mudkip Zukan
-Mudkip Plush 
-Clear Tentacool Kid

I also prefer to purchase through the com, not be directed elsewhere like ebay, amazon or Y!J. :3 Totally appreciate any help you can throw my way. Also my bubble mailers finally got here (WHOOHU), and I plan to get everything packaged up tomorrow and sent out on Friday and Saturday :3 


Pokemon Preorder artbook

I remembered someone here mentioned that a retailer will be handing out a Pokemon B/W artbook with preorders...was it Target or Kmart? Anyway, I found this online...I'm not sure what's inside but I WANT ONE NOW! Hopefully it'll be filled with tons of concept artworks. Can someone do pick ups?? ;___;

Seems like it's not a preorder bonus, but a "buy on the first day bonus"!

I didn't want to make another post....Here's a video review of some of the Pokemon B/W game accessories!

Pokemon - Buds

(no subject)

March 12&13

I'll be toting a Tomy Zoroark... or something, and my two Nephews! I will only be there Saturday if anyone wants to do their own meetup for the Sunday goers.

My plan is to show up when the mall opens and stick around as long as we can.
(hopefully through dinner, as I'd like to go to Rainforest Cafe, haven't been there in years~
Anyone else is free to join my little troupe.)

(also, the weekend after that is State Championships! Anyone going to be at either one of those? Card or Video Game?)

EDIT: Forgot to mention I'll probably be wearing a black shirt that says "Weapon" on it since I'm uncreative and my pokemon shirts are getting worn out. I may be wearing a pokemon fleece hat (I need to make one).

Giant Lugia on Ebay - Discussion

Hey guys, just thought I'd ask.. what do you think of the price for this Giant Lugia?

Reason I ask is because I actually believe that someone will snatch it up - maybe not for $4000 but certainly there will be bids on it.. right? On another note, is anyone here thinking of bidding? If so, what are your own thoughts? Crazy or reasonable?

Don't mind me, I find the subject of Giant Lugia plushies rather interesting, also I thought I'd let everyone know that there's one up for grabs (incase anyone misses it).



Hiya all. Just letting you know i've got brand new sales happenin'.
For all of these, i am open for trades too, as im in a real Pokemon card mood for my collections :)

Wishlists can be found here;

Posts are here;

P.s Decided to delete my last post of my Sealed games, I wasn't really getting any offers I was much keen on and it didnt help im just too attached to them ;_; Thanks for your time though I apprecaite the offers and comments, you're all lovely! <3
shiny mew

Big Sales Update!

Ive been waiting for the rest of my bubble mailers to come in, but Im getting impatient XD The tracking says theyre in PA, so thats close enough to NY right? Right. International packages can only go out on Saturdays, and I will begin mailing out US packages next week after the mailers arrive. Offers will end next Thursday!

Click the banner to be teleported!

Offers/Sales include zukan pieces, kids, random figures, rare Pillow plush, and an elusive MWT Espeon Mascot Plush! Heres a preview of most of the stuff up for offers.

Please note that since the majority of these toys came from Y!J lots, they are USED! Expect small marks, some missing paint, wear, or dirt! Some have "Yuki" written on the bottom. I did go through and clean them, but there are a lot of toys here, so I didn't spend too much time on each. I tried to go through and list conditions for each figure, but it was way too time consuming. If figures do not have a condition listing under the picture, this does not guarantee that there are no marks or anything on the figures.

That being said, overall they look pretty good to me! Mostly the above is a warning that these toys are not sparkly mint condition. Please keep this in mind! If you have any questions or want more details, feel free to ask!

Desperately seeking Vulpix and Cubone? :

First of all: HI THERE.

Secondly, I was directed here by a rabid fan of Bulbasaur (someone who is part of this community but I have no idea what her lj name is), who is a friend of mine. She told me most of her Bulba collection came from this community and had nothing but good things to say about it; so, I'm here now. I'm desperately seeking Vulpix or Cubone items for sale.

My boyfriend is a Cubone addict and the only item we have of the endearing little tyke is the Tomy figurine - the same could be said for my favorite, Vulpix. We are looking to expand our collection, and as such, come to you, O Pokemon Fanatics.

If you happen to have a Vulpix or Cubone ANYTHING that you're looking to get rid of (or if you're currently taking commissions for custom items?) please, PM me with the item and asking price! 

Please please please? :D