March 3rd, 2011


please please please I need help with japanese sites!

Firstly I know I posted not far back and im sorry for the double post, but I will delete this when I find what I need.
Basically, is there anyone on the com willing to purchase something for me from Rakuten? Im so CONFUSED with this site and nothing is making sense.
So if someone is willing to act as my 'middle man' I would more than appreciate it and hopefully we can make an arrangement on something?
(Im wanting to purchase a set of plushies, help me, you you can keep one!)
So please get in contact!

Eeveelution Jakks offers reminder!

This will be ending shortly, so get your bids in! :)
Leafeon has both ears colored :D I made sure to check that!

Current Offers:
Umbreon- SOLD by BIN
Espeon-$12 electric_luxray
Leafeon-$12 electric_luxray
Vaporeon-$17 Broken_chan
Luxio-none :(

I also have this for offers:
Current offer is $7. Looking for a little more than that

To make this less boring, look at this new item released the day of the game <3

Small Wants

Looking to expand my collection just a little bit.So i was wondering what you guys have towards tepig,Charizard,Dragonite,Magikarp and lugia.
I'm not looking for anything super expensive but would like to get something started :)

I'm also looking to get the complete megablox figure set so if you have any at all your willing to sell, i'll probably want them.

First sales and a question! :)

I was granted sales permission by dakajojo on 03/02/11.

Hello all!

Firstly I wanted to say that I will make a bid on this little guy:

This Mewtwo Burger King figure is in new shape and when you turn his tail, his eyes turn red. I was thinking of keeping him myself, but I thought a larger collector of Mewtwo would appreciate him more. Bid will start @ 10$
The bidding will end on Sunday, March 6, at 10 PM EST. :)

Art by my dear friend saniikart <3

Click here to go to my sales:

Now to not make this kind of like a boring sale post, tell me the ONE ITEM you cherish most in your Pokemon collection! I am very curious to know :)

Here's mine (which some people might know already):
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Auction, Offers and Sales Reminder

Here's just a small reminder about my ongoing auction and offers featuring some rare TFGs like Raikou, Mew and Lt. Surge! There are also other interesting items like bottlecap figures, chess figures and zukans! It's just a few days left before the deadline so put in your bids now. :D

Click the banner or click here to be transported.  

Also, just a small wants, I'm looking for some clipping figures especially the ones from earlier sets. I'd prefer to have them with cards but otherwise it's okay. 

That's all. Thanks!

Pokabu wants

Hey all! So with the American release of Black and White just days away, I decided now would be a good time to resume the search for my talking Pokabu/Tepig plushie. I have looked all over ebay and amazon to only find auctions/purchases that with shipping would total over $130+ :/ I really want this awesome plush but thats a tad high. Does anyone know of a site that sells them for less or does anyone here have one they'd be willing to sell? Hook me up!

I am also hoping my Zekrom and Emboar pokedolls arrive before sunday so I can take them with me to Gamestop when i get my game :)
Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

B/W Sticker sheets!

I have a bunch of B/W stick sheets for auction! :D


☆ T E R M S ☆
♥ Will Ship world wide!
♥ Shipping is only $1.00 for anywhere in the US $1.50 for anywhere else! (no matter how many sticker sheets you get!)
♥ I accept Paypal and Money Orders~!
♥ Bidding ends tomorrow in about 24 hours from when this post was made. That's at 12pm NYC time (Eastern Standard)
♥ All sheet's starting bids are $3.00
♥ If in the event there are bids in the last 10 mins of the auctions end, it will auto extend that specific thread for an extra 15 mins of the last bid placed. (To prevent sniping!)
♥ All are brand new, unused and in mint condition!
♥ Please reply to the last bid made in the appropriate threads ^^
♥ Please wait to bid until the thread for the item(s) you are interested in is made :D Done! ♪

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Thanks for looking~! ♥
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My very first auction post - pearly shine TOMYs

Hello, everyone. Finally I get my sales permission from Gin. It was actually granted back to February,  but there was a long story about how I missed it, so... Anyway, I will have a long spring break starting from this Saturday and I want every extra and unwanted to go in my collection. There are a lot of awesome goodies in my Ebay sale, you can follow the link to take a look: My tiny Ebay store

Second, this is my first personal auction post here. I will try my best to do it well. But if there is any comment or suggestion, do not hesitate to tell me.

EDIT: Nobody should miss this! lol. A fast self-made banner!
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Putting up bid threads. Let's start! XD    Bidding has ended.

(no subject)

Hello everyone this will be my first post, I hope I do this right I'm still learning how to work LiveJournal. :P

I've been a huge fan of pokemon ever since I got Blue version on Christmas...of '99 c:
I don't have that much swag on me, mostly what I got as a kid and a few more over the years since I've just resently gotten back into collecting. I love all the water starters, more so with Squirtle and Totodile. There's also too many others to name that I like but I've grown a newfound love for Zubat after HeartGold and SoulSilver.
Not to mention my new favorite Broccoli Monkey, Pansage!

I guess I'll begin with my most recent get and current favorite plush...

More of my Broccoli monkey after the cut!

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My first post please be gentle. <3
GAAAAAH I hope it's not too long...did I do it right?

A quick update post, super find, and my grail!

 Hey guys, this is just a quick update on my collection. I've gotten quite a few since my last update that I'll be sharing with you all soon! And can I just say this community is so amazing. Hosting GAs here is so cool! You're all such amazing people and I'm glad to be part of this community. Now onto a little news.

I recently purchased this amazing fellow:

For a steal! I was quite proud too. I only recently became aware of the three HGSS starter evolution UFOs and knew I was never going to buy them because 1. I'm cheap and poor and 2. They're rare. And Typhlosion is the rarest one and I found him! :D 

Also, everyone has been bringing up their grail lately so I figured I would show mine:

Mudkip was the first Pokemon I've ever had and Swampert was the first Pokemon I grew attached to. I got him up to level 100 by having him as my one and only all through Ruby, and even used him in Colosseum. I have a real sweet spot for the guy. That's why I would really love having my own plush of him ;_;. Hear my pleas! Does anyone have one they're willing to part with? I would pay $20 for him or maybe more if you could tell me your price. I know he's rare. Actually I once found one on eBay when I didn't have access to a paypal and lost my chance. Please help me find him. :)

Who's That Pokemon...In The Easter Egg? Raffle/Reminder

Can you guess what Pokemon are in these Easter eggs?

So since Spring and Easter are coming up I thought of a fun idea. Why not hold a raffle? But I wanted to change it up. Instead of just doing a raffle where I take all your names, put them all in a hat and pick some out, I thought it'd be fun to pick three random Pokemon, make little sculptures of each and put them in Easter eggs! :D

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Custom Auction Reminder!

This is just a reminder that my Emotional Pokemon Charms Auction is ending tomorrow at 6:00 pm PST. I'm auctioning off 3 custom slots, so get in those last bids if your interested. :D

Auction Post:

a blue bird entry + new sales items

hi everybody!

i realised i have never done a collection post dedicated to my piplup so here we go!

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in other news, i just added a few items to my sales post since the last post a few days ago, and i figured i should post about those now before my offer auction ends on Friday night, so that I have time to pack them in time to be sent this weekend. main additions are MIB kids, a few Eeveelutions, and even more amadas, with other small items as well. i am now giving discounts on selected items since this is my anniversary sales post, so look out for the blue font, which indicate discounted prices. ;) i also have a blastoise lot i'm keen to find a good home for, so water tortoise fans do check it out.

(have another bowl of mountain, right here)

lastly, considering this is a piplup-themed entry, for anybody who has piplup non-plush items that are not found in my collection, be it on sale or as part of your own collection, do post about them! i'd love to take a look at what else is out there - i know the world is unlimited when it comes to penguin merch.

once again, thanks for reading! have a great week ahead. =D

EDIT: Oh, trivia of the day - 'amada' of the muchly referred to 'amada stickers' refers to the name of the technology (and company) employed to make the stickers, i just found this out recently. i used to be one of those who wasn't sure who this 'amanda' was in Japan that led to the name. XD

EDIT 2: do you guys know how much this Lugia normally sells for?

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Small wants post

I thought I'd ordered something already, but apparently I forgot to send the payment and lost the sales post, so oh well ;u;

But ANYWAY,  My limit is around $20 shipped, looking for merch of one/some following Pokemon for a friend:
Darumakka Bell Keychain (no other darumakka merch)

Also, I'm hoping for something I can get shipped as fast as possible, like hopefully that would arrive some time next week? So please don't offer if you know you can't ship out soon. Thank you~ ;u;

Help me identify these plush? D:

I recently won this plushie auction and have been trying to find out more about them. I'm too darn excited to wait for them to actually ship lol. xP

I've asked elsewhere but we couldn't identify where/what the Luxray is from. I was told:
Slowking=???? 'UFO' movie event?
The red tags= NY pokecenter
The baby pichu and igglybuff=Japan "baby pokemon" event
Starly= "canvas" japan pokecenter event. Thought to be from when artists visited?

Anyways I'd really appreciate some knowledge and help.
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(no subject)

It has been a while.

I COME WITH JUST ONE LONE PICTURE! I have finally moved house, and my collection has a proper space!

HUZZAH! Poor Zorua and Kibago are squished in the corner, but :<

Also, if I have missed ANY payments on GA's (I know I'm in a few), please let me know! I normally wouldn't post like this, but with moving house and college being hectic as it usually is, I've been neglecting the comm. :C
Thanks all!

Sticker ID Help

Hullo, Today I found out some of the cards I have are stickers....but I cant find anything on the internet about them. The seller said nothing about them being stickers, simply referred to them as bandai prism cards. 
I have not found anything online about them, and I've only actually found one card that looks similar, but it's not a sticker.....So I'm worried that I've been 'scammed'....I appreciate any help.

The pics are below the cut.

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Dis Vulpix

Dis one

How much is a MIP KFC Vulpix Plush worth? I have one and I want to know if I should sell it (if I get sales permission) or rip it open and cuddle it to death >:D There is one flaw in it though, in the sealed area of the plastic packagaing, the is a hole about hale an inch in legth so a pinky can fit inside. Other than that, its all minty fresh :3

This little guy has a funny story. I was at a consignment store and found it under a bunch of stuff in a plush bin. I looked for more but alas, he was alone :( So, I bought him for a steal :D $2!

So what's it worth?

Image courtesy of pokeplushproject.

{edit} Mods, if this image is too big let me know. I'm not sure but I'm deleting this after anyway.
Volbeat Pokemon Bug Happy Flying Beetle


Hey, guys. :)
So remember that one auction? With the rotomlutions?
Well, we just recently got the invoice for the shipping from Japan to here! :D
PLEASE FORGIVE ME but me and ryunwoofie have decided it would be better to shove it into 3 payments for the sake of those dishonest people out there and her wallet. ^^; Not like any of you would DO THAT THOUGH. O_O It's only 57 cents anyways. Even for international peeps. XD

Here's the GA:

And the spreadsheet (if you really wanna see it, though it's really kinda pointless. XD)

Send payments to:
& put your ljname (and what you got) in the comments section~ :)
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