March 4th, 2011


Welcome to the World of Pokedoll Charms!

Hey everybody, I decided to make this post to centralize my search for these awesome, elusive items called Pokedoll Charms~! I personally don't know most of their origins but know they were sold in Pokemon Centers, probably New York mostly, and maybe Japan. Pokedoll Charms are probably my most favorite type of keychain/charms:

These are the Pokedoll charms I own, Lucario and Charizard. I especially like them because they're small enough to not be a burden on my keychain and they are super sturdy, since these are about two years old and look brand new. I especially like the Charizard. It's gotta be the only Charizard Pokedoll charm I've ever seen. :o

I really want that Groudon Pokedoll charm since it's my favorite legendary, and is honestly the reason I made this post in the first place haha. I was wondering if anybody here would have one they'd sell. I might also want Rayquaza but I am not *too* crazy about it.

Photo by Armania

I'd also be up for Mewtwo Pokedoll charm, too, but again I'm more interested in Groudon charm. If you have any of them and are up for selling/trading them please let me know. You can check out my shop if you're interested in trading:

And finally, I've taken a bunch of Pokedoll Charm photos and am posting them in the LJ-cut. You've gotta check them out :D

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Edit: Thanks so much for the photos you guys have sent in! I think this post now showcases most, if not all, of the existing Pokedoll charms(excluding the rumored ones). I'd still love to see photos of existing Pokedoll charms! Feel free to post photos if you have any
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New Luxio gets :3

If you've been waiting for an item's release for 3+ years, does it count as a grail? (Probably not, but I've been waiting for this figure to come out for a really freaking long time, and it ACTUALLY came out.)

Please meet the largest official Luxio figure from the latest Jakks release :D

I also received these GORGEOUS Luxio plush from whittykitty on deviantart :D She does open for commissions pretty often, and she really understands animal anatomy! Go see her fine work :3

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Also, I'm parting with 2 of my largest plush - Airgurumi Drifloon, and a custom Luxio by YutakaYumi.

Also! PokePlushProject's flickr account has been re-pro-accounted for 2 years, apologies for the short outage~
S Greninja Pokedoll


Hey guys, I was recently granted sales permission from dakajojo on 03/02/11 so I'm here to link to my sales journal! :) I have a few plush, some figures and cards and other things in my journal right now. All come from my collection, I've had to do some weeding due to space/needing money and so I'm selling some extras from lots I've bought and a few things that either don't fit in with my collections or aren't getting enough love. All the guidelines and feedback are inside, click the banner below to check it out! ^_^

Moshi Moshi Sales

I'm new to this, but I'm very friendly and flexible so don't hesitate to ask questions if I've missed something! Also don't worry about the tagline, not all the stuff in there is loved, and it doesn't mean they're necessarily in bad condition. |D

This will be my permanent sales journal too so feel free to watch and check back for updates! :)

Thanks! <3

auction reminder!

hey kiddos, auction reminder here for ya!

my custom pokedoll slots are ending at 4pm MST tomorrow! take a gander if you are interested.

ALSO, since there was a lot of competition, i decided that i would open up a last minute slot that the starting price was around what all the other slots are at currently,  just so there was more chance for more people to get one. ;)
auctions are here>>

aandd to make things less boring, i am curious, what pokemon do you want to be made into a pokedoll that hasn't been yet?
i know it's been asked before, i just figure it would be fun to bring it up again ;)
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Links of interest?

Hello, folks!

I may have found some linkies of interest.. Collapse )

Also I have a small question for the community.. I got my Gen 5 zukan in and noticed that, instead of the clear pegs, the figures now have small white pegs attached to them. They fit snugly in but I am afraid to force them lest they break. Is this something new with zukan or are the clear pegs for special types? Do the other Gen 5 zukans have the white pegs? Thanks in advance!
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Hiya guys! Its almost tme for the release of Black and White for America!!! Im so exited!

  Anyways, I wanted to ask a quick quesion. How many of you guys are getting the collectors edition( like me xD ) ? Is it possible to return the game and not the DS? ( Im thinking you can probly only return the game for store credit, and not just return the game only for cash.)

  Too make this post less boring, look at this funny picture i found online :D
 Isn't it cute? (It's kinda creepy...:P)

  And for the finalith (I like messing up words like that :P) time! This Pokedex, Fake or Not?

  Heres the link of where i found it:

Zukan sale reminder

Hi all,

About half way through my last zukan sale. I have my whole collection up for offers before retiring them into a nice cozy box for the next generation or so, haha. Zukans up for offers include the first Eeveelution, Swimming Milotic (MIB), the Lottery Legends Lugia and Ho-oh (in original box, with papers!), Salamence, and a custom Steelix/Onix zukan made by Porcupine_paws.

Sale ends next weekend. If interested, you can check it out here:

Haruhi &quot;Huh?&quot;

It's almost time...

and I still haven't decided where to get my copy of Black from. :/ 
Hi everyone, I hope you all are doing well today. :D Over the past week there have been many posts about bonuses coming with Pokemon Black and White but what exactly is coming from where? Who has the best deal? Could you guys please help? At first my friend and I were going to go to K-mart for the half-price special so we each could pay around $27 or so for our copies, but I'm a person who likes to get extras with my games even if it costs me a few bucks more. When HG and SS came out Toys R' Us gave away lots of free stuff but they also gave $5 off each game. I think I read here that Target and Toys R' Us were giving $5 off and giving extras away. I always pre-order and pay in full before release date at Gamestop, but this year they have disappointed me. (unless they are planning something super special awesome for faithful people who come and buy the game from them on Sunday as revenge for HG and SS XD) I really just want
to find the best deal out there. I really hope this also helps those who have waited to pre-order like me. :3   

Edit:  It seems that Toys R' Us is the best option. You can buy one game and get the other half off, you get the legends kit and if you pre-ordered you also get the wall clings. Target's art folio also seems great too. :D Thanks for your help everyone. If anyone had anything to add please feel free to do so. :3

Also does anyone have one of these for sale? 

 Boxshot: DSi Pokemon Silicone Sleeve by PDP
Its a silicon skin for the Dsi. I really want the Lugia one. said that the one near my house had some in stock but when we asked one of the workers they flat out said no and didn't even bother to check the computer or in the back. :/  Please let me know if you have one and how much it would cost me shipped. Thanks. :D
   Thanks Pogaf for helping me get Lugia. :D <3

Thank you for your time everyone. :3 Please enjoy the rest of your day.
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Some questions

 Hi, all. I am planning a trip to the New York City for the spectacular event there before the official release date. Does anybody have an idea what will be held there? I know there is the Victini download event but I failed to bring my NDS with me it will pretty lowered my spirit. Also if anyone know the most recent pokemon merch in the Nintendo World, especially the newest stock of pokedolls, it will be greatly appreciated. I will delete the post if it is not allowed, but I think it's Ok to ask question about Pokemon-merch here, right?

EDIT: Is there anybody going to NW tomorrow for the event? Maybe I can *grab* your DS and download the event onto my cartridge. lol.
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Multipurpose post! Collection update + Sugimori in NYC + Canadian BW launch celebration

To celebrate the launch of Pokemon Black and White this Sunday, here's my first official Gen 5 merch...the starter's Pokedolls! I recommend everyone to get a set! They're so soft and derpy. I also have a pair of the TOMY vinyl figures of Zekrom and Reshiram. Still debating if I should get the starter's final evolution figures from that set as well.

Anyway, I got a phone call from Toysrus today to remind me to pick up my copy this Sunday. I asked the guy if they will be giving away anything for preordering and he said,"Yes, we are!" as I got off my chair and was super excited. He then continued, "You can download the legendary Victini for a limited time after picking up your game!" and I went  T____T;; Yup, don't they're giving away anything sadly.

By the way, for all you New Yorkers, Ken Sugimori tweeted that he landed in New York City earlier today...probably to attend the launch party tomorrow! Another reason to go! I wish I could attend. :/  More info: Link

 I posted this on the other Pokemon community, but for any Canadians that didn't see, Toronto, Vancouver, Drumheller, and Montreal will be hosting a Pokemon Black and White launch party. Here are the details: LINK

Lastly, the contest  on ends midnight on Sunday so if you haven't registered to enter yet, it's not too late.


Lugia Default

Black and White Gets! London's Very Special Guests

Black and White was officially launched in the UK today, and who better to introduce us Brits to the new generation of Pokemon than these familiar fellows?

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Today was an amazing day, please post your Black and White gets here for all to see too!

On a side note, does anyone have a spare Tepig or Oshawott egg going? I really want a team of the starters, lol. If you do, hit me up with your friend code so we can trade! :D
pon de lion

moving sales!

I've accumulated some leftovers from Y!JA lots that I won, and I'm moving in a few weeks with no spaaaace, so leftovers must go or suffer a journey to the trash bin. Cheap sales time!

Bowling/other plush, first gen. amada stickers insanity, and MIB kids! Sales permission granted by denkimouse in January 2011.

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Ridiculously huge multipurpose post

Hey everyone! Hope everyone is enjoying their new copies of Black and White! If you're like me and it hasn't come out yet, then I understand your jealousy, heh! ^^

There are a lot of new members, and I'm pretty quiet on here so I figured I'd reintroduce myself. My name is Alexandra, I'm almost 23 and I live in Ohio! I've been in love with Pokemon since a classmate drew Pikachu on the blackboard in elementary school, when Red and Blue first came out. My first game was Red and I started with Bulbasaur. :3

I don't have a lot of money to put into collecting, so my collection is much smaller than most people here, but I love it just the same. I mainly collect Pikachu, followed by Mijumaru/Oshawott. I am completely in love with Gen 5, especially the starters, so I'm trying to collect a couple things of each of my Gen 5 faves.

Anyway, as some of you know, I had to move out of my apartment and back into my parents' house a couple months ago. It's been hard, but it's also been fun setting up my Pokemon collection all over again! My mother and I have also been trying to spend more time together, so we picked up a new hobby: Perler Beads! So I've been making lots of Pokemon bead sprites!

Check the cut for pictures of my collection, my perler bead sprites, some mini sales, and possibly my first commissions post!

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And finally, some small sales!

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hi there everyone!
my post today will not be as big as always.
i have only one question:
can anybody help me contact Gin/denkimouse, give her e-mail to me?

thats it.....
but as always i put my want list.
so heres the current one:
-Shiny Suicune MC+
-Shiny Lucario MC+
-Clear Entei TOMY
-Shiny Raikou battrio
-Shiny Raikou charm
-Hitmontop TOMY

Thats all!

B&W Kids GA Payment 2 & 3 and UK B&W

 Those who participated in the FIRST B&W kids GA run by me the kiddies have arrived!

So I've combined 2nd and 3rd Payments together! 
IMPORTANT It will be a lot cheaper to ship these if I can take them out of the packets and flatten them. I will obviously include the box, sticker and candy. If you DON'T want me to flatten it please be aware it will cost a bit more.

Totals 2 & 3 (includes SMJ shipping & me to you shipping + fees)
darkangellilith (Swanna) - $6.10 (flattened) PAID
monta (Darmanitan) - $6.10 (flattened) or $7.60 (not flattened)
nightmare_chan2 (Sewaddle) - $6.10 (flattened) PAID
pannsie (Alomomola) - $6.10 (flattened) PAID
pheonixxfoxx (Purrloin) - $6.10 (flattened) WAITING FOR ECHEQUE TO CLEAR
roxiexcore (Reuniclus & Cofagrigus) - $6.50 (flattened) PAID
schenzi (Patrat & Watchog) - $6.50 (flattened) PAID
technicolorcage (Deerling) - $6.10 (flattened) PAID 
usagimakeup (Chaoboo & Musharna ) - $6.50 (flattened) PAID

Please send all payments to with your username! Thanks!

As I'm sure some of you are aware by now, Black and White came out in the UK today (: I preordered my copy from Gamestation and here's what I got..

Cute cute cute set of stylus! <3 Plus a poster I didn't take a pic of.. 
Anyway that's all, I'm off to playyy~