March 6th, 2011

lovely arbok<3 (by GeneralStar @ dA)

a snake and bell filled collection update!

You ever tell yourself "I'm going to do a collection update, but I'm going to wait until I get a few more packages first"? That's how I've been for the past few weeks, however, I just couldn't resist after some recent gets! :D

Oh by the way, for the new faces, my name is Mar and I collect the snakes (Arbok, Ekans, Seviper) and Drifloon/Drifblim. I also collect Weepinbell and have small side collections of Altaria and Roserade, but my main focuses are Arbok and Drifblim. I'm also extremely interested in collecting Serperior, but I only have one item so far. xD

I've been a part of pkmncollectors for almost a year now, and collecting items of my favorite Pokemon has brought so much unexpected joy into my life. :]

Here's a small preview of what's inside:

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lugiaapproves!--by me

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So I'm looking to buy some manga. Anyone have the English editions of Golden Boys or Phantom Thief Pokemon 7? Trades are good too, if you see anything in blackjacksales you'd be interested in.

Also, I know we're not usually supposed to do this, but with notifs messing up left and right, I've gotten probably about 20% of the notifications I'm supposed to have gotten, so if anyone here needs to get my attention for anything (do I owe anyone anything? Did anyone try to buy from me?), let me know here.
Mew Close-Up

Montreal Last-Minute Black/White Meetup!

Once again, Psychic amazes everyone by proving that she's not dead!

Black and White coming out tomorrow (you may have heard) and some Canadian cities are acutally celebrating! As the Tour Across America showed, we don't have it quite as good as our neighbours to the south last time, but who knows about the launch!

Unlike with the tour, as another member pointed out there will be launch parties at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Vancouver Zoo, Reptillia in Toronto, and the Montreal Science Centre from 1-4pm. Info here.

So for those pkmncollectors in Montreal, who wants to meet up? :D

My friends and I intend to show up for around 2, and I've love to meet up with some fellow Montrealers (I know you're there)! I'm going to be dressed as a very last-minute Snivy (I have short blond hair), with my friend cosplaying White, so if you see us give us a shout!

I will also likely be walking around with a big whiteboard with free Pokemon magnets for all! Yeah, you know you want em!

If you get this message, wait up at the giant red mollecules outside the Science Centre for 2pm! I'd love to get my nerd on with some fellow collectors! Otherwise, I hope to see you guys there!

I just hope there's even a tiny bit of merch there! Otherwise I'll have to someday travel to New York where the stock's wonderfully new. :D

Collection update coming soon, too!

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Art Folio from Target

So I just picked up my art folio from target along with my game.  It's about the size of a DVD case and comes with a bunch of cards printed on stock so it's nice and fancy. :) There are only 30 per store so I made sure to get mine early. xD Sorry for the horrible shots but there isn't much light at 8 am so I had to abuse the flash.

I'm also taking tentative offers on mine since I'm kind of attached. So leave an offer in the thread below if interested.


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love's missile -- 3-2-1-0

Black & White portfolios

Hello, Everyone! Cass here, and I just picked on White and a portfolio from Target. I have a bit of info regarding them.

First off, they are free with purchase BUT you don't have to buy the game to get them. They are actually selling them as well for $7.99, not including tax.

Sadly I can't post pictures from my phone, but I'll do that tonight if I can.

Now, many of you are wondering: is the art portfolio worth the money?
YES. It very much is. For the price, you get 15 pictures on nice thick cardstock, almost like a picture mat material. They are not glossy, so you aren't likely to get fingerprints on them. They include an overview of the region, the Player Characters, the second stages of the starters, a few version exclusives, and more! Overall, I think it's a good purchase, and if you have a chance, I think you should grab one or two even if you preordered elsewhere.

Later I'll post pics of them if you guys would like, along with a collection post!

That's all for now! Ciao!

New Pokedolls!

The new kiosk stock is here! 8D

As usual, the total for one pokedoll shipped to the US is $17.82 (but I do ship internationally! ♥) and there are combined shipping discounts as well as my New Years offer: Every 5th Pokedoll you buy from me is commission free!

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Emergency Clean Up Sales

Hello everyone. I know I recently posted a reminder about my auctions a few hours ago but I deleted it and I really just need to get the leftover stuff out. I'll be buying shipping materials later and I was hoping to get more stuff sold so I won't have to go back and forth. This sales of course is for something important in real life so I hope you guys can help me out.

I am giving 50% discount on leftover TFGs and 30% on miscellaneous stuff because I really need money at the moment and I just need to clear stuff out. Also I have some plushes and a tin for offers so I hope you can check them out too.

For the winners of my auctions, I have replied in your last bids with your totals. I will try to ship them on Tuesday at the soonest if not I will get them out within this week.

So without further ado:

Sales permission granted by denkimouse  on June 13, 2010.

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shimama animated!


sooooooo i had a bunch of other updates i am working on, but let's do this one today instead :D

yes, i landed back in japan very late friday night, very exhausted and just wanting to collapse into bed for the full weekend, when suddenly a little bird twittered in my ear about some new pokedolls... one call to the pokemon center later and i zoomed out the door. there was roughly 20 minutes between revelation and boarding of a train XD

and yes i do have them here. :D other pokecen stuff and various other new stuff i won't have back in stock until later on, so this week will be just these dolls... :D

i'll save the other two for people to post when they get them ;) but this is my baby.... :D

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thanks for reading guys!
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Quick question

Okay, sorry for the shortness and lack of pictures, but I just want to get this in before I leave, in about five minutes!
I'm wondering about some Pokemon things-- three items in particular-- that I LOVED when I was younger. I'm not interested in buying anything, but I think it'd be so cool to see pictures again or simply know that they're a happy part of someone else's collection. :D
The first is an Arbok figure. It came in a cereal box (Apple Jacks, for me :p), and was in a pose where the back half of its tail rested in a coil on the ground, as a base, while the hooded part stood rigidly, flaring out.
The second is a Slowpoke. I think it was from Burger King, or another "happy meal" of some kind. It was resting on a wave, with little wheels on the bottom, and I think it came with a piece that you could launch it from.
The third, I don't remember much about, but it was a playset with a tiny, dime-sized Pikachu. The set was island-themed, I think... I'd know it when I saw it, but I can't remember anything else.
Gosh, it'd be so amazing if anyone could help me with these, so please respond if you think you can~
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canadian shipping question? + bonus pics

Sorry for posting again so soon. Let me know if I'm posting too much, but I have a question for Canadians who ship items outside of Canada!

As you know, Canadian shipping is RIDICULOUS. I have a box I'd like to ship internationally, and when I physically went for a quote at Canada Post they told me it's cost $89 to ship it. What the... I almost freaked. That was surface mail and they told me they could do no better. I checked purolator's site and tried to get a quote and that said it' be $100+ to ship. Holy crap!? It's a medium sized box, but it's only 2 kg and it's not fragile so I can't believe it's costing so much.

My question is, do you guy have any suggestions what I could do? X_X Do you think shipping the items individually would help at all? It's 3 large plush. I'm thinking maybe if I ship them individually I could try to get them in smaller individual packaging and it might cut down the cost since the box is what is making it cost so much. Any suggestions would be awesome. I even considered shipping the box to the US first then having someone ship it internationally from there, but it'd still be at least $30 to go to the US, and then prolly $20 from the US to international. I never realized how bad Canadian shipping rates were until this year! But yeah, any suggestions would be awesome if that's even possible

On a much more exciting note, Black & White came out today (as you all NA people know)!!!

Which version did you choose? I went with both, because my son insisted :)


To the participants of this GA:

We unfortunately lost.

my_chapstick put in a bid and was outbid at the last second. We tried out best though, and thanks for all the interest though! I might be putting on a different GA in the future!

Updated wants and questions

Hi again guys, am going through updating things, have just updated my wants if you wanna have a look
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I have a question regarding customs. Do I need to have sales permission to offer custom artwork (not digital stuff) in this group? I found out about trading the other day so thats covered, but not found much on being able to offer custom commissions. I do that already but on other sites like DA and FA, but not done any Pokemon ones yet and I've been drawing lots recently, and wondered if anyone would like some here, but I just need to know what the rules are about customs.


Final auction reminder + taking offers

Hello, all. I was just back from the Black & White event in the NY - yesterday actually, 'cause I missed my bus, HOLY **. The line there made me exhausted and I felt like just coming back from the hell. Anyway, this is a final reminder post for both my Ebay auction, and the other "pearly" TOMY figures auction. Some of them still don't have a bid. Get your bid in before I dump them later into other's hands.


Click the picture to go to the auction...
EDIT: Ebay auction ended.

Pearly TOMY figures auction ended.

Offers at the bottom of the post

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Clean Out Sales

So I thought it was about time I cleaned out all the Pokemon stuff that I've had since I was a kid and some stuff I got when I first started collecting. I am also putting a couple of my old Play by Play plushes up for offers. Follow the cut if your interested. C:
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forever my default okay?

An epic story

I have an epic tale for all of you that resulted in a great reward!

So, my friend Katryna and I had made the plans yesterday to go to GameStop today so she could pick up Black (I preordered but won't get mine until Friday when I go home for Spring Break. D:). And then I logged on this morning and saw everyone posting about the art folios at Target so we quickly changed our plans.

Thankfully, our school's shuttle goes to GameStop AND Target, however it was an hour ride. And it was pouring rain outside. When we finally got to the stop with Target, there was a short walk across the Target parking lot but we were so glad we made it. We got to the game section of Target and OF COURSE, they were all out of art folios. The guy said they had only gotten sixteen! Katryna wasn't too sure about buying Black there so I suggested we go to the Toys R Us two stores over (this place also has a Best Buy, it's insane)

We go in and it's a pretty poorly set up store but we find the game section and are quickly confused because we didn't see any Black and White games set out like in Target so I suggested we look down the DS aisle. This is when Katryna spotted a pack that contained a DSi/lite case with the three starters on it and included THE STARTER STYLUSES FROM THE BW TOUR! ALL THREE OF THEM! I freaked. I have been lusting over the Oshawott stylus since people started posting pictures from the tour. I had to price check the box because the tag was messed up but the pack was only 17.99! A deal, in my opinion, because a similar pack at Target that had Reshiram and Zekrom on the front and NO styluses was 14.99! SUCCESS NUMBER ONE!

So then we go up to the cashier of the game section and I ask if they have Black and White, which of course they do. Katryna got Black and when he pulled out the game he also pulled out a pack with RESHIRAM AND ZEKROM STYLUSES just like the ones in my pack! I was shocked! And instantly wanted them, of course XD. So I asked if they were selling those separately from the game (I really didn't want to impulsively buy White just for those lol) and he said no but it didn't matter because the set Katryna bought was their LAST ONE. I WAS SHOCKED AGAIN. SUCCESS NUMBER TWO!!

After that we excitedly ran back to Target to soak in our awesomeness and dry out from the rain, as well as kill time until the shuttle came back. Picture time!

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SO YEAH. It was an epic journey. We braved the elements for our love of Pokemon and I have to say, it was absolutely worth it. How have everyone else's release days gone? Were they as dramatic as mine? XD

Also, I saw the wall clings at Toys R us and they were tiny and disappointing. Glad I preordered from Amazon.

Bonus Pic:

I just have to share that she did in fact name her Snivy "Trolleaf". So perfect.


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cool finds. stupid entry.

pika cap2

Sticker sales

Evening all well I hope everyone's enjoying their Pokemon Black or White versions but anyway I'm getting swamped with alot of stickers so they're up for for sale so check them out oh and stay tuned for another post
about what I got the past two weeks man I'm so excited.

all the stickers are all evolution  lines so please be  specific in what line you want
I would like the Pikachu line

1.Paypal please
2.I can hold up 24-48 hours
3.I can ship outside of the US

each line is $2.00 each

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GA my sales!

For those of you who participated in the shiny kids GA, I should have them any day now and the second payment will be coming soon. :D And to those of you who haven't gotten their items from my previous sales yet, I'm shipping out what's left tomorrow. So sorry it has taken this long!

That said, I'm looking for someone who would want to GA my sales. Being in Canada, shipping is horrible and I notice this seems to work out quite well for other users, so I'm going to give it a shot. All this and more behind the cut! Also, cat friendly home here.

I'm looking for at least $250 + shipping. I may settle for less, as I really need to get rid of this stuff, but if it's more that would be nice too. ;D I'll even throw in a little tip to the host doing the shipping for the trouble/favour if it does go that high.

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