March 7th, 2011

Spin! Spin!

Guys, please help me ID this God!

Okay, so today i went to a con and got this:

WHAT ON EARTH IS IT? D: (besides an Arceus, we all know that) it has the banpresto tush tag and is all shimmery like other banprestos i've seen, but it's not on PPP :/ the non-shimmery version is, though.

pleeeeease, any info you can provide would be appreciated :D

Anyone have info about Jakks' Series 18 single figures?

Well, it looks like my local Walmarts are finally getting in more of the Series 17 figures, which is a good thing! But, according to ToyWiz's listing, Series 18 should be out... I guess, SOME day this month, with Black and White figures (can't wait for those!) coming in next month.

Jakks' website never tells you anything, so does anyone have info or another website that might list some sort of release date for them? I REALLY want to pick up that Delibird and 3 dogs when I find them (and I want to come prepared...)
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Black and White Artbook?

This is part hoping to buy, part inquiry. The inquiry is, does anyone know if I'd be able to get the Black and White artbook from Target even though I've already bought the game? My GameStop told me they were supposed to get them, and never did.

If I'm unable to get it from Target, does anyone have one here I could buy? Shipping would be to 34677.

Edit: Checking Target tomorrow! I'll update if I still need to buy one here. You guys rock! <3
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Eevee &amp; Vulpix

TCG sales

 Hi everyone!

Sorry that I've been posting a lot within the last days and I will keep annoying you right now >3

So I decided to have sales / trades for TCG only, please come take a look~

Rules & guidelines in a nutshell

Sales permission granted 03/02/11 by dakajojo 

*I ship from Finland and haha, apparently do ship worldwide
*Paypal only, no e-checks, no cash. All payments go to
*Prices do not include shipping or fees
*I do accept holds and not really having any specific time limit for them but be reasonable when asking a hold!

*TRADES = <3    

I collect  TCG of  Vulpix line, Eeveelutions, Growlithe line, Poochyena line

if you have anything from my TCG wants list (or it doesn't even have to be listed there),
Don't be afraid of asking a trade or if I have some card
we can surely arrange a trade just if you're having something I'm after   =D

* The items come from a doggie friendly house but I keep them far away from my pets' reach
* Anything can be combined with the items at my regular sales here

*Any questions? Do ask them, please    =)
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I promise I won't be posting for the next 24 h after this one!

BW Art Portfolio pages auction!

Just like everyone else, I fell completely in love with the BW Art Portfolio being sold/given away at Target today. I raced up there this morning and was glad to see they had a couple left! I snagged one for me and an extra one, and I'm auctioning off each individual page!

Also being auctioned off is the Zekrom Wall Cling given away at Toys R Us, as well as a Zekrom/Reshiram stylus pack!

Check below the cut for BW goodies!

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I still have bead sprite commissions open as well as some more BW things for sale here

Please wait til all threads are up before bidding!
Good to go!

Now go enjoy your new Pokemon games! :D

Auction Reminder

 Hello, all! I just wanted to remind everyone about the auction of these three lovely items going on right now. Bidding will end TODAY at 3 PM (Eastern Time Zone). Also, the Feraligatr and Totodile starting prices are gone, and instead I'm just taking offers on them. They still have no offers! Click the link below to the auction. This is the first and only reminder post, so get those bids in! 


In Search of Articuno Items

Hello everyone, hope you are all enjoying the new game! ^.^ 

I was just looking to expand my Articuno collection a bit, so I was wondering if anyone had anything for sale? =)

I have quite a few things already, but you can never have too much Articuno. ^.^ I

( Please do not take offense if I'm not interested in your item, because I may already have it. =) )

Thank you!

S Greninja Pokedoll

putting a few plush up for offers

Hey everyone~ I've decided to put a few plush from my collection up for offers. Why offers? Because I'm kind of attached to them and I'm not sure what I should price them at. :/ However, I could do with the money, and need to clear out some of my stuff ready for university later this year.

Up for offers are a Banpresto Contest Treecko (Red Ribbon), Takara Tomy Land Shaymin, Banpresto Sky Shaymin DX UFO, Hasbro Pidgeotto and Banpresto Oshawott.

(Note: Lucario pillow, Cloud the Reshiram Pokedoll and PokeCen Reshiram you may see looming in the background are not for sale XD;)

I understand Oshawott is quite common lately, so just offer a reasonable amount and I'd be happy. :3 Sky Shaymin is also in my sales journal for $20 but I really would like to move him on so feel free to haggle. The others are more sentimental to me so see what you can do? ^^;

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That's all! I've shipped most of my previous sales stuff out, there are just a few more recent purchases that I should have shipped by the end of this week. :3 And hopefully sometime soon I should have another collection update. I've rearranged my room quite a lot and have some more stuff coming if the post ever wakes up. X3
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BW Tour UK - Glasgow Photos, Newcastle Meetup?

On Saturday, djgigabyte , gamecubegirl  and I headed to the BW Tour in Silverburn shopping centre, Glasgow, where we also somewhat randomly met electriked . As previous reports stated, the tour had no merch or anything really other than demos of the games, which seemed rather redundant since we all had the game already, and the Victini giveaway.

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djgigabyte  and I are also planning on attending the Newcastle leg of the tour on Saturday 19th, and we know there are a few other comm members attending so were wondering if anyone would be interested in having a meetup and maybe going for a meal in Pizza Hut. Let us know in the comments if you'd be interested!

offers/sales reminder

You're all making me jealous with your B/W get posts! Just three more hours before I get my copy! *u* Anyway, I wanted to post a quick sales/offers update/reminder - I have several v-trainer figures (including Suicune and battlescarred Espeon!) and a Pikachu .. car .. plush for sale HERE, while my permanent sales post can be found HERE.

I also have Giratina, Lugia, and Ho-Oh preorder figures available! Collapse )

Wanted: Voltorb/Electrode Pan Sticker?

Tiny wants post with some pictures to make it hopefully less boring!

My DS is of the crimson and black variety:

...and it could really use a spiffy Pokemon adorning it. Thing is, though, I rather dislike most apparel and accessories with "character art" on them. I really prefer designs that are simple, geometric, and stylish. Luckily there are at least two Pokemon that would be perfectly suited to the task! Does anyone have a Voltorb or Electrode pan sticker they would be willing to sell me?

"We are awesome and you all know it."

Mini update, some small pins for sale, and wants

First off, some new gets!

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It's also been a very long time since I've done a "wants" post, but I am looking to collect Hariyama on the side. We had an anime convention here a week ago, and after using him on my team at our very first PokeLeague, I grew attached. <3

Speaking of which, I also ended up giving out badges for those who defeated me! I have a few left over, so if anyone wants one, they're $1.50 each + shipping. They're the standard small buttons that are just under an inch in diameter.

Also, does anyone have a Heatran pokedoll they're looking to part with?
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so. i didn't think i was gonna be getting anything at all today. i checked my email this morning, bam. order shipping confirmation from gamestop. i thought awesome, should be here tomorrow or wednesday. i decided to click on the tracking link to see just how close my games really were. the delivery was originally scheduled for tuesday. they changed it to today. i was bouncing around like a crazy lunatic after drinking 3 java monsters. apparently, they started shipping the games on the 4th. THE FOURTH! not today like i was expecting. that was so awesome. :O

2pm. MY GAMES ARRIVE! i was once again bouncing around like a crazy lunatic, but this time probably more like if i was to have had 6 java monsters. (i really wish i had some java monsters though... would have been the perfect finisher).

so here are pics of my lame and unexciting unboxing! (linked to, since they might be a bit too wide to be as just pics.)

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I&#39;m the doctor (montage)

Jakks, and pokemon tour figure/plush pick ups :)

 Hi guys! I've been wondering if anyone is still interested in stuff from the pokemon black and white tour since i'm going to the Georgia one this weekend. And also, is anyone still looking for the new jakks (eevelutions and others)? My walmart has them along with the new throw pokeball plush, foam pokeballs, and normal plush so if anyone is interested let me know! ^^ And lastly yesterday when i was picking up my copies of the new games i noticed that my target has a ton of the new art portfolios so if anyone is interested in those let me know and i'll adjust this into a pick ups post!

For the tour stuff:
Small tour plush (oshawott, snivy, tepig, zorua, zoroark, and pikachu) Would be $15 plus shipping.
Large plush (zekrom and reshiram) Would be $27 plus shipping.
Large posable tomy figures (zekrom and reshiram) would be $15 plus shipping.
Normal sized tomy figures (snivy, tepig, oshawott, zorua, zoroark, reshiram, zekrom, and pikachu) would be $8 plus shipping.
Shirts (child sized: zekrom, reshiram, pikachu, tepig, snivy, oshawott. adult sized: zekrom, reshiram) Would be $27 plus shipping.

For the jakks figures, they would be  $15 shipped
And for the other jakks items just ask me and i'll give you a quote :)

Lastly for the art portfolios they would be $15.

I was granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo.

Edit: Here are some pics i found on the comm :)

Fronts and backs of the shirts.

Some of the plush.
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Slot Auction Reminder!

oops, i forgot to post this yesterday! too busy playing white version...

Click on the banner to get to my Tiny Pokepainting Slot Auctions! There are five of them up this time, and the last two can only be bid on by people who don't already have a painting from me! :) These slots end tonight at 9:00 PM EST (or 6pm PST), which is in about 4 hours! Thanks guys :D
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Hope you're not tired of seeing B/W merch yet.

I'm on such a Black/White high, you guys. This is turning out to be the best week EVER. :3 Let me tell you all about it!

So yesterday, my boyfriend, thalnos8888 , and I went and got our games bright and early, as soon as EB Games opened (I got mine there; he actually went and got his spiffy Pokemon White DSi bundle from kmart- and he got pokemon black for free with the bundle D: What an awesome deal, I didn't have that much money or I would have gotten it, too!) Then we headed over to Target and each got one of the Game Art Folios (THEY'RE BEAUTIFUL. We're thinking of taking some of the pictures out and framing them. ^^).

(Another bonus- They were selling Girl Scout cookies outside kmart. Pokemon and Trefoils? Yes, please! XD)

So we spent the rest of the day playing our games.
And then TODAY- My copy of the Pokemon B/W Collector's Guides came in from amazon.


Come see some poorly photographed pictures under the cut!
(Also- interested in the Target Game Art Folios? There's some information on how you can get your hands on one, also under the cut!)

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Annnd.... Here are all my new (and some old) goodies that are B/W related. Yay! :D

(Not pictured- Talkie Mijumaru, Darumakka phonecharm, and probably more that I've overlooked. Dx)

I'll be adding to this little collection on Saturday, at the GA Mall Tour. ^^ I'll be making another post before then with a little more information about that- so be looking forward to it! ^_^

Bye bye, guys! Time to play some more Pokemon. :3
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Reminder and Offer Post 2.0

The angela_samshi  GA is now over! Im PMing her the final total so look out for an update soon

I'm also redoing my offers post as there were a few people who just stopped responding despite their offers being accepted so they are back up (with teh exception of those that actually did sell) and a few extra items (including exclusive Vicitini sticker sheets). I am open to trades although would prefer money XD

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mystery dungeon diorama figures sales

Please tell me if I'm starting to annoy you, but...

I managed grab some of these little fellows! Mystery Dungeon figures! I haven't seen them around here at all, so I have no idea about what they are worth... Would anyone be interested?

So what I have is a complete blue set (Turtwig, Piplup and Munchlax), an extra Piplup and a couple of Bidoofs. All mint in package! And the blue set connects to make one big diorama :3

Would anyone like these for, say, $12 each and the whole blue set for $30?

Sold: Turtwig, Munchlax, Piplup x2
On hold: Bidoof
Still available: Bidoof

They can also be combined with my sales and auctions!
I just added new zukans, candy container figures and Call of Legends cards :3 And the marble/fan/ponjyan tab offers are still very low~