March 8th, 2011



FIRST ORDER OF BUSINESS.... slowly working on sending all these out, hopefully by tomorrow! including sunyshore and off-sunyshore ordered ones. BUT BEWARE. i don't know what happened, but a really high percentage of these dolls have curved tags. not bent with creases, but curved. to the point where hand-picking them on the first day was really hard since they all had curved tags! for my second batch i asked a staff to bring them out from back instead, and...curved tags! i don't know, i know tags often get curved in transit, but just be ready with a nice heavy book to sit your tag under for a few hours, just in case.

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SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! major update 2/3!!! whew, finally catching up. pokecenter makes it hard! today let's focus on..............CUSTOM PLUSHIES!!

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Final payments for the Gen 5 plushies GA!

So, allinia got all our plushies to her home! It is time to pay for your shipping home! C:

Before I tell you the totals, does somebody know dannydisco in real life, through AIM, MSN Messenger or that sorts? Please let us know, or better, please let her/him know that he/she hasn't paid for the Pansage plush that he/she has won. His/her total for JUST the plush comes with total to $14.63 US or $14.79 Non-US (with PP fees) + the shipping to him/her. Again, please let us know! Thank you!  <3

hebilea (me) - Darumaka
allinia - Mincchino
dannydisco - Pansage
moguryuu - Tranquill
anthonyjg10 - Sandile
miss_citrius - Axew

Shipping would be $2.50 in the US and $4.00 Internationally to :)

Just give a comment here, if you have sent it out. Thank you all for your participation! <3

Jeansama's GA!

So, as people probably have seen, jeansama is having a GA and I decided to host it. There are lots of kids, Jakks, plushies and other things. Please have a look! We need to raise at least 250$ + shipping on this one! :)
(I have copied all the pictures and the comments/conditions of the items from jeansama's journal!)

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EDIT: Added three new items! :)


Hi there!

I'm pretty new to LJ and Pokemon in general and thought I'd introduce myself. I've been lurking around for quite a while on the community and thought I'd officially start and account and join :)

My 2 kids got introduced to Pokemon last August through their cousins and since then we've started playing and collecting. Fortunately for them (unfortunately for my wallet), I travel quite a bit to Asia and have had the chance to visit Japan and pick up some loot for them. Originally I just bought some sleeves and deck boxes but then started to pick up some charms and folders and the like. Once I figure out how to post pictures here I'll do so :)

I'll leave this first post with a question: what other stores should I visit for Pokemon items in Japan other than the Pokemon Centers? My primary interest is in the game related items (sleeves, deck boxes, dice boxes, etc...) but am open to others as well. Any help would be much appreciated!


hey everyone long time no post.I was wondering if any one knew where i could order the new kid figure singles. The main figures i'm wanting are Audino, Desukaan, Darmanitan, Sewaddle, Reuniclus, and Galvantula. Any help would be great. Thank you.

first sales post!

I come bearing sales for the very first time. :D These can be combined with the MIP Burger King plush I have up for offers, ending tonight at 11pm GMT. The post features UFO plush, Burger King plush, lots of kids, collection weeding and more!


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I am leaving for work shortly, but I wanted to get this sorted before I left. I will respond to all requests when I return after 9:15PM GMT.

Massive collection weeding sales & rare stuff up for offers!

I gathered everything up, took pictures, and finally got off my butt and put together a sales post x3 I have a TON of stuff that needs new homes.

I also have some pretty rare stuff I'm going to take offers on.  Things including a Shaymin Figure Stamper, Poochyena Pokeball keychain, a Groudon TOMY  plush, and a bunch of rare movie merchandise! Some of this stuff I've never seen in any collections before, so be sure to check'em out.

My sales post has zukan, chou gets, retsuden stamps, kid figures, tomys, keychains, customs and more. For straight sales, click the link or picture below! I am open to haggling.  

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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene


 Hey, everyone! The Character Kids came in today! Please pay ASAP if your name is listed! :D: PAYPAL ADDRESS IS

arceus : Ash Set-$16 in USA or $16.75 if not-----PAID
charmystar : Ash (KID ONLY) and James (KID ONLY)-$17 if in USA, $17.5 if not-----PAID
heychado : Iris Set-$16 if in USA or $16.75 if not------PAID
noxxbunny : Cilan Set-$16 if in USA or $16.75 if not------PAID
fishnow : Clian Set--$16 if in USA or $16.75 if not-----PAID
heatrotomftw97 : Iris Set, Mamepato (KID ONLY) and Meowth (KID ONLY)------PAID
yurusumaji : Jessie and James Sets-$32 if in USA, or $33.50 if not-----PAID

If anyone wants an Ash Set, it is available for $15.99 anywhere in the world! (Sorry to [info]captainangel , it looks like that Ash replaced the extra Jessie set. ;_;) Please please let me know! :D
Reshiram chibi

Sales + auctions with many plush powers

A couple large bills came up (unrelated to collection fun, boo!), so I've had to make the decision to continue collection weeding for funds as well as space. D: Any help is greatly appreciated!

Beneath the cut includes what you see in the banner for direct sale and auction, as well as the rare 2008 Umbreon Pokedoll up for auction!

Edit @ 8pm PST on 3/10/11:
Added four direct sales items and four more auctions!
Auction end dates have been extended as well.

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Please wait until all threads are created before commenting, thank you!
All threads are complete now~! Have fun, and thank you! <3
All auctions are now closed! Thank you to all who entered!

Massive sales update! HELP ME GET TO THE B&W TOUR!


I've added a ton of stuff to my sales post because I desperately need funds in order to make the Black and White mall tour this weekend. My ride's transmission went out and we have to make a $350 deposit in order to rent a car. It's a giant mess that has really got me down.
Anyway, this sales update includes a MIP Charmander line zukan for straight sale, collection weeding, and TONS of TCG that are mostly .25 or less! All other prices have been further slashed in desperation.

Help a stressed collector get to the tour! </3 I loff you all. ; u;

Sales post

Hey, all. This is my first sales post here, though I've already started an auction and an offer post. I've tried those first in order to become familiar with the operation of shipping and cost estimate process. Now I think it is the time to start a sales post. Hope everything will work smooth during the transaction.

Sales post permission granted by denkimouse on 01/28/2010 EDIT: 01/28/2011 actually, a typo :/
 Sale Update: 03/14/2011 Preview
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UK Help

Hey, does somebody in the UK think they could help me out by ordering something and shipping it to USA? it is off the page and totals to 14.50 pounds. I'll offer a middle man fee of course. Let me know... thank you!
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New Jakks Plush Series for April!!!

I didn't see anyone post about this, so here it is!


I am TOTALLY digging Sandile and Munna! My Munna has got me through some of the hardest battles, I swear!

And these of course, are courtesy of Jakks Pacific! I'm kinda excited, but more so I wanna see the new figure pictures 
with the legendary beast. However, can't find any of those yet.

But say hello to the Pokemon Black & White Series 1!


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ACEO slots open~

Back from America~

Have to say, you guys' country is really cool. Picked up a few bits of Slowbro merch but I won't go into that until my next collection update sometime near my bday (April Fools Day x3).

Discovered the world of ACEOs today. My colourless blender (copic markers) ran out like 1/3 of the way through this one (so excuse the unblended-ness of the picture); I'm rushing off first thing tomorrow to buy another. xD Apart from the usual Slowking and Kecleon I'm unsure what to draw so I'll open up a few commission slots if you guys are interested.

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And no, I haven't got Black/White yet. ._. It's so paaaainful, Decided to be sensible and buy it after I've finished my current University project, which is probably forever away. Hope all of you guys are having fun playing the game though. :3 Hope I can get myself a copy in time to make a team for the UK championships~
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Prepare to BATTLE! plus a want

Gym Leader LOBITA wants to battle!

Will you be at the Discover Mills Mall Tour? If so, I'd love to battle you in HG/SS! Defeat my gym of canine Pokémon and you'll get a gym badge in honor of your victory! Look for the short girl in fire Pokemon gear!

Just HG/SS please, I'm in no position to do anything competitively in B&W yet. ^_^;

ALSO I can't resist it any more- I GOTTA have me a Dreamworld Tepig plushie! Can anyone do less than $25? Maybe you bought one on impulse and have decided you want to get rid of it or something. Let me know!

Hope to see ya'll this weekend! ^^
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Happy Madi-Gras/Fat Tuesday

I don't really do anything for the holiday so I don't eat a bunch of stuff and party but I like to wear madi-gras beads and someone gave me two today so I thought I would make a picture with them:

<- Since it is kind of a food holiday here is a picture of Umbreon with my lunch/dinner. XD This umbreon pokedoll came from the pokemon center website back in 2005, so she has been part of my collection for a long time.
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B/W Sales Update & Plushes Offer Reminder

Hey guys just a short reminder that these plush are still up for offers. Click the picture to be taken to the offer page -- make your own threads, please!

We also picked up some B/W Cards and those are now for sale on our TCG page, click the picture below!

Finally, we have some more Pokemon patches that are up for offer (but also have BIN prices!), so click that picture to go there!  


edit: pkmncollectors meetup @ birmingham bullring *cancelled*

I would just PM everybody, but I'd hate the PM system to mess up and people spend time/money traveling unnecessarily, so have decided to just edit this post. Plus having the information on the front page would be misleading.
To clarify, due to lack of interest 'cos of the pretty uninteresting fail of a tour, I've decided to cancel the meet up.
Hopefully we can meet up some other time at a better event!

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HI EVERYBODY!!! INFO and Small Wants

I hope everyone is having a BLAST with their B&W games (I know I am) I Just wanted everyone to know that I was granted sales permission and I will be opening up my shop "The Stinky Flower SHop" Really soon!! I will have all sorts of things for sale and customs!! I really want to thank everyone in this community I have made some great friends!!! SO be looking for my shop soon!
A few wants I am looking for these Items ON THE GLOOM AND ODDISH will pay $$$ so let me  know if you have them and want them to go to a good home!! Also always looking for Gloom and VIleplume! I also have a MIB Vileplume bell plush if you want to trade for the one of the other 2!  


just the usual Wants post.

As always i am after my grail the earth badge from this set

I've also expanded my wants list to include similar Gym Badges and a Golden Magikarp Plush
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Angela_Samshi GA Lot Won!!

For participants of the angela_samshi GA

Hey guys, we won this lot!!

Payment Spreadsheet Is Here

The first payment is your bid + shipping to me + fees.
The sooner everyone pays, the sooner this can get shipped, the sooner you can recieve your items!
Also, put down your location on that spreadsheet (I don't need zip codes btw) so that way, i can calculate your shipping as soon as it gets here!

Send your payment to dreamingofhope@yahoo[DOT]co[DOT]uk