March 9th, 2011

Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

[auction] Custom Gloom, Kamitsure/Elesa and 1 slot!

Hey future Pokemon Masterz~ ♪ Got some customs for auction as well as one spot! :D
( And yes I accept Payment plans~! ♥ )

As always thank you for your support! (≧w≦)

EDIT! I figured I would add a little commentary on 'em~! 8D;;

Gloom was made because I had JUST enough to do two of him left over in some scraps. I have been promising my bestie for a LOOOOONG while now that I would make her a Gloom Pokedoll b/c he got the stinky end of the stick. (THAT HE PROLLY STUNK UP HIMSELF) He never got any plush aside from the bell plush. ;A; Since she just got back into P!mon I wanted to try to suck her into the fandom more with a cute nerd to keep her company. >:D

Kamitsure/Elesa/Gaga is just a fierce b♥♥ch and I heart her. I wanted to have a little fun and do her as a side project~ She's actually been in the works for a couple of weeks now. I just brought her to the final stretch today while I had a break from watching my nephew. ♥ (Also silly info buuuut, Every time I worked on her I would be singing Love Game to myself, lul. xD; )

Just a few more sales, and a recentish get ^___^

 Quite a few plush that didn't sell last time, plus a few new additions to the sales (: PLEASE please please read my rules, a few of them are very important (: thanks! btw I may be a little slow in replying to comments, I will be going to bed soon (UK time :3, it's fairly late) and I have a few lectures in the morning, but I won't be too long ^__^

Just so this isn't a boring ol' sales post, meet a recent friend:

MWT Espeon Pokédoll <3 so adorable. also canvas Vulpix sneaking on in there (:
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Fukuoka Pokemon Center Opening!!! +Commissions and Website

Hello again Pokemon Collectors! I have a lot to show, so let's get started!

First off, I'm opening up commissions for my shrinkies!! If you're interested, please visit my commission page here! Have some examples:

Second, I have a new website housing my otter collection!! It's not fully done, but I have uploaded all of my photos to the site (save the massive Fukuoka update I need to get going on). Please take a look and enjoy!


Now let's end this with a bang!! I present to you, the FUKUOKA POKEMON CENTER GRAND RE-OPENING!!!

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Thanks a bunch for looking!! I hope you guys enjoyed it! ^u^ <3
Pokemon-Gold-Good Lord

A Scraggy hunt

 I have to admit, at first I was not 100% feeling Scraggy. But as soon as I started playing Black and White and got one on my team. I fell in love with the little guy.

Now I really want to get a plush of him. I would die for the 1:1 plush, but on ebay the shipping is out of hand, also I cant dump that much at one time for it because of the shipping price. But I am really here to ask if anyone is thinking of selling their 1:1 Scraggy plush and is willing to do Layaway for it. Like every week I pay off a x price to you and after I have it all payed off you ship the plush to me? I have done layway in the past so I know how it works. (I am also willing to hear prices if you cant do layway, but I am leaning to do layway at this time, )

Thank you for your time, I am also willing to look at other Scraggy things if you have any. But I am over all after the 1:1 one.

en ingles!

and with this, we have added english pokemon tags for B/W. i kept putting this off!!

comment if you see any mistakes, or whatnot. or just comment about who your faaaaaaaav gen5 pokemon is so far! :D

bored? GO BACK through the Gen5 tag and edit the tags to include the actual pokemon in the entries! especially do this for your own posts!

also, nobody guessed the three pokedoll combination in the little contest we held!! whoda thunk it! that means we can safely say NOBODY saw a blitzle, whimsicott and cubchoo pokedoll set coming! should we hold another for the next set of three? did you think it was fun? opinions!

cilan humbly requests that you speak your mind so he can give your spicy opinions a taste.

Japanese and Amerian Pokedoll differences

I have both a Japanese 12" Pokecenter Reshiram and the American version and there seem to be some quality differences. I was wondering if anyone had noticed this with the larger plush and the Pokedolls? If so, what are the differences you have noticed?

My Japanese Reshiram has a different kind of foam inside the wings, darker material for his silver rings, and just seems a little more symmetrical.  Are Japanese plush usually better?
waya wolf

A Pack of Dark Wolves! (and a fox)

 Hello fellow pkmn collectors!!  I felt like sharing a pic of my current poochyena/mightyena collection:

Its small, but growing!^^ I looooove the ufo plushie, it was my super grail.....And it is finally MINE! XD
I also repainted some wolf  figures to look like poochy/mighty. I enjoy repainting figures.:)
I am always on the hunt for more items to add to my pack, especially the poochyena hasbro plush.

I mentioned a fox in my heeeeere she is!!!!!! The Zorua jakks plush! I found it in Target yesterday, and I spazzed.

And another shot


Pokedoll Pick-up; New B/W Stock!

NEW KIOSK STOCK! Zorua and Zoroark pokedolls, along with Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Emolga, Minccino, Axew, Sandile, Pidove, Munna and Musharna Pokemon Center plush are available!

In honor of B/W stock, I am willing to take as many slots as requested; my paypal debit card enables me to do so. Please be clear if you are asking for a price quote or requesting item(s). It is important to pay promptly once you see I've given you a total, so I can be sure I am not picking up extra pokedolls and to assure I will have enough funds to pay for all pokedolls requested. Thanks~!

Also, I give discounts on orders of multiple pokedolls! An order of four pokedolls comes out to $60 (includes US shipping), and eight pokedolls to a very discounted $118 (also includes US shipping). I am currently unable to include freebie candies; the international supermarket seems to have run out. D:

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2nd Payment Time for Lots of Toys n' Stuff GA

2nd payment time snowball21 has recived out package and is preparing to ship out items from this GA

(clicking picture will take you to original posting)

Quoted from Snowball21:
"Shipping within the US in a bubble envelope - $2.65
Shipping within the US in a small box(suggested for TCG figures) - $3.65
Shipping outside the US in a bubble envelope - $2.70
Shipping outside the US in a small box(suggested for TCG figures) - $3.80"

Remember to include addresses, user names and what was in your orders when you send your monies to snowballingsnickers[at]

and update this spread sheet when your done: Spreadsheet

Also, It appears as though we have still not received first payments from Captainangel

Any unclaimed items can be claimed by GA participants only for $1, please post a response to this if you would like to do so and wait for me to verify that it is in fact unclaimed before sending money for it.

team rocket, arbok

Massive Multipurpose Post! Sales, GAs, B&W Meetup!

First up; GA News!

Bottlecap GA is in! Shipping from me to you is needed from participants!
Aleyina GA; We lost. >: We raised only slightly more than half of what she was wanting. Better luck next time!

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Next; Collection Weeding!

The B&W tour that I'll be going to is this weekend and I could really use the extra money to go. So below the cut you'll find a bunch of stuff that needs new homes!

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Third; Commissioners:

I've made a progress list for you guys so you can track how far I am with your stuff! Almost all of the commissions should be done next week since it's spring break! Veiw it here!

Finally; B&W Grapevine Mills Tour Meetup!

I know that dunsparce did a Grapevine Mills post about a week back, but I don't remember actually having a set time/place for a meetup?

So with that being said, anyone up for one? :D

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Sorry for such a long post! I hope everyone is enjoying B&W!
Spin! Spin!

To all Lucario fans out there...

I just made this 8D
(as i don't have sales permission yet, this is just to gauge interest in my custom work)

ignore my mess room in the background xDDD
He was made so that he sits on the edge of a shelf and his legs hang down, i wonder how the effect will look like when he's painted :3
He's still in need of some minor tweaking, so he still looks a little sketchy.

Follow the cut for more pictures! :D

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Happiest person ever! First ever grail!

So, as you all know, I am a complete newb when it comes to pokemon collectors. Just last week I found out the description for a grail, and now I'm getting one. You see, one ofmy favorite lines of evolutions is the torchic line. I really wanted Blaziken, but sadly he is hard to find in pokedoll form:( BUT its okay! I just one a bid on ebay, and guess what it is? Yup, it's a 13 inch Banpresto COMBUSKEN pokemon plush! I <3 generation 3 pokemon, and I'm so excited that I won!

Here's the pic of my soon to be new baby! Isn't she the sweetest!
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I&#39;m the doctor (montage)

Black and White ar folio pickups!

 HI guys, I just found out that my other target has 19 art folios left, so i thought that i would do some pickups! :) They are $15 each shipped inside the us and if you live out of the us, i'll calculate shipping if you give me your country. I'll be taking 15 slots for them. ^^ On a side note, I hope that everyone is enjoying black and white!

Art folio slots
2.chamo chan

I was granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo.
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Why me?

raikou sales

Hey guys, today I'm selling bits from my raikou collection, which probably won't see the time to expand since I've caught emboar fever.

A note for anyone expecting things from me, i have about 3-4 packages left that will go out this week. i've had an awful time with homework since it is end of term, so i've fallen a bit behind. but now it's done so i'm all good!!!

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Breloom. ^-^

B/W Tour Meetup this weekend - Discover Mills GA

Hi again everyone! Hope y'all are well~

This is just a quick update on the run I'm doing this weekend. If you're interested in the new Tour merch, or would like to remove yourself from the list, please let me know as early as possible. Thanks! Here's the link~

More importantly for this entry, however, is meetup times and information.

March 12 and 13!
Looks like we came up with two potential meeting spots and times. The first one is outside the entrance to the theater (Entry 4) sometime before the mall opens. Maybe 9:00 AM? Here's a site that has information on available stores, plus the floor plan. The AMC entrance is way to the right on the map.

The second meeting can function as the official one, maybe right after the movie plays? Or sometime before? So far we seem to have the day established - Saturday - but the time is still not set in stone. I'm okay with any time of the day, personally. Let me know what you guys think. :D

Edit: Thank you sleepypikachu  for ticket information!
Showtimes are 10AM, 12PM, 2PM, 4PM and 6PM. Tickets are limited. Tickets available only at the Pokémon Information Booth.

Is anyone attending Momocon as well? I just received an invite from a friend for Saturday afternoon/evening, so I don't know if I'll be able to make dinner that day after all. We could try for a meeting in the afternoon both days? Seems like there will be a few people attending both Saturday and Sunday, others only attending one of the two days. I'll be there both days.

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Note! first_mate_kate  said she'll be wearing a team rocket t-shirt, knee-high boots, this bag:

and will be handing out little treat bags to the first eight people from PKMNcollectors who meet with her. ^^ Keep an eye out!

Long time no post! :) Commission and custom get!

Hey guys!! It has been a looong time since I posted on this community, and even though I've been away for a while, I have missed this place SOOOOO much. XD

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Allie, and I'm a heavy duty Raichu collector. :D (Obviously not as heavy duty as denkimouse, but I'm hoping to one day be up to her standards). XD I won't bother showing my entire collection because I'm sure most of the people here have already seen it, but if you'd like to see "MOST" of my collection, you can visit my (INCREDIBLY UN-updated) site HERE.

I was actually going to wait to post this for about a week, but I recently finished one of my plushies AND I got an INCREDIBLE custom in the mail today, so I decided to post early. :D

Say hello to Sealeo. :D

.....and I bet ya can't guess who this is...... :O

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Seif 2011 Onward

Input needed for a certain idea that relates to pkmn collecting (Grapevine BW Tour related too)

I was thinking of posting this in the last meet up thread, but I figured my message would be lost in there, especially when I need more of an opinion on this than with those who are attending the event. This is related to a web show for Pokemon that I'm aiming to make; And I could use everyone's opinion and/or help on this.

Details under the cut.

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Now... after all of that... how does this relate to the Grapevine BW people?

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I hope this wasn't too much off topic from the community's main purpose, but like I said, I'd really appreciate the input since I'd like to have this community involved with the project if at all possible.

Let me know, and thanks for your time with this ^ ^
Lugia Default

TCG Offers

Hey everyone!

I have several TCG decks for sale here, only this time I've decided to put them up for straight offers as opposed to asking for a specific price. Click the cut to view the decks!

DSCF0236 DSCF0402

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P.S. All packages from my last sales will go out next week, uni exam revision has taken over a little bit this week. X(

Boring Questions time

Is anyone interested in a talking Pokabu/Tepig plush anymore? I am CONSIDERING selling mine. I reallllly don't want to, but money is nice considering gas prices and the like.

Also, is this rare or a wanted item? I found one today and need to know if I should go back and get it...

How is everyone liking Black and White? I let my Pokabu evolve ^^;
I am falling in love with Victini. I kinda want a plush of him now, too. This community makes me need a 2nd job! XD
Rena: yes?

Sales update

Hello everyone!
I've updated my sales with new items including a Buizel Pokedoll, Panpour plush and some Snivy items. Some of the prices are lowered too, so do take a look :)

Which is your favourite Gen 5 pokedoll/plush released so far?
Minccino's my favourite :D I love its big brown eyes and the pink paw pads!