March 10th, 2011

an SMJ box arrived today.

as we all know, Black & White fever has taken over the world by storm. today, when a box of Japanese origin arrived at my house, a few Pokemon rushed to it, praying their darnest that it is not their master succumbing to the charms of Gen V and forgetting about their golden/diamond existence. (the pig, however, was secretly wishing for the exact opposite!) did their worst fears come true? all I can say is, one of them certainly took centre-stage as far as merchandise went!

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Falling Oshawott

Hi! Just wanted to share this - I thought it was pretty cute/funny :)

These are two card dividers that come in the deck box. The first picture is on the deck box and sleeves but the second is the first time I saw it. Oshawott needs to work on his balance!

Hoppip friends
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B/W Release Celebration Sale + New stock! |+| PokePlushProject staff needed

I emailed my 180 customers yesterday with this info, but it seems that some messages are going to spam boxes - please make sure to mark 'not spam' :3

In celebration of the new Black and White release in the US, Floaroma Pokemart is beginning to stock its' shelves with all-new-generation goodness! New Clipping figures and 2010 Movie Phone straps are in stock~~

In addition, select items are 10-50% off :D

Also, giant Airgurumi Drifloon + Yutakayumi Luxio plush are re-listed. Click the names to go see~


With the new B&W plush coming out rapidly, the PokePlushProject needs help! I apologize that it is out of date. I worked on it for a few hours yesterday at work, but it seems that I'll be needing to take applications for more staff members.

I am looking for 1-2 active members to join the PokePlushStaff as Gallery Maintainers.
Please email me a detailed e-mail about yourself, and why you would be the perfect choice, at juumou(at)gmail if you are the following:

* Have been a member for 6+ months
* Have positive feedback as a seller
* Willing to donate a few hours each week to finding and uploading pictures, sorting through the galleries, correcting typos, and is moderately OCD
* Has a positive, mature, can-do attitude, and a good reputation in the community

Anyone can help out without being staff by sending information/plush to pokeplushproject(at) :D

collection update~!

Good morning, community! :3 (Yes, it's morning here in Finland.)

Ever since I joined PKMN Collectors and discovered the joy of buying awesome stuff and then getting mysterious packages every other day... I've really been getting them quite often. And now that I have calmed down at least a bit, it's time to look at the things I have gathered. Until now I have been keeping them in couple of boxes, as shown below. x3

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And once again, a shameless sales/auctions plug here: CLICK!
(I just added a few TCG league items.)
I have now decided that the offers for marbles, fans and ponjyan tabs end in a little more than a week, on Saturday 19th March at 11:59PM CST. (Lol, I'm bad with American time zones but I hope that works x3) It might be a little long time for them, but it's easier for me not having to think about them now since I have my final exams at school and all that...

Thanks for reading! :3

Collection Update+A little want! ;u;

Sooo, most of the stuff I've ordered over the last forever is in, so it's time for a collection update~ Not a HUGE one, mind you, but an update nonetheless! ;u; Pretty much a bunch of cute little kids, a cute edition to my snorlax/munchie collection, some ~*jewelry*~, annnd some custom pins I made for myself&others~♥

Let's hope I didn't forget how to do cuts correctly... *crosses fingers*

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custom bell plush and charm auction + a small give away

granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo
this is my first sale / auction! some of you may have seen me post tid-bits here of there of customs that I have made, maybe some of you commissioned me before I joined live journal (if so, stop by and let me know!) but I make a large verity of things, and that list grows through experiments. this brings me to my sales, some of my experimental/ practice pieces. these are for sale for pretty cheap because they were practice and not really meeting my expectations from myself anymore.
here they are!

3.00 for one of the sculpted charms on the top  (shaymin, wartortle, dunsparce, poliwag (has a very fragile tail!))  5.00 for one pair of pikachu earrings or raichu earring
3.00 for dewott felt test charm ( has some accidental hot glue on the face) and 4.00 for the set of electric rodent pins.

and the main event! I have some ready made bell plush for auction as well as some charm and bell plush commission slots.

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all threads are up!
maractus 2, cute

WTB: Tangrowth Call of Legends box

Just a tiiiny want, I'm looking for the box from the Call of Legends deck (and what's the poster of?)
Just the box, I'm not that into cards atm,  so maybe if you just bought it or something and haven't thrown it out yet? ^^;

I'll pay shipping and/or whatever you'd like, as long as its reasonable


Card/Plush/Pin/Rare Figures Sales!

Added a few things to my shop,cleaned up some of the stock information, and lowered prices even further in my shop. If there's something you wanted before and wasn't sure about it, now's the time to get it before it's gone :D

If a card isn't listed under the photo then it has been sold. I did that to clean up the sales thread and make it easier for you to see leftover stock.

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SALE-amence Reminder! (Oh the horrible pun...)

Just wanted to make a reminder post that our sales auctions will be ending soon, so feel free to check them out! We’ve got the custom Litwick Pokedoll pictured below up for auction, along with Groudon, Latias, Weavile, Lucario and Munchlax Pokedolls all with no bids yet—plus a whole bunch of other items, and a messload of freebies! We also just lowered the prices of some of our items, and we now take haggling as well. Why not see if there’s anything that you might like here?

Click here!

Looking for BK Pokeball!

I'm wondering if anyone has a BurgerKing Pokeball they are willing to part with? (Pictured below) I'm not interested in the Gold card, just the ball!

If anyone has one they wouldn't mind parting with, I'd happily send some green your way!

Give me a shout!


Epcot Stock?

Has anyone been to Epcot recently? I'm going somewhat spontaneously tomorrow. I heard they have the legendary dogs and Arceus now? I wonder if any new Black and White stuff will be there. I somewhat doubt it. xD
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BW Art Portfolio Pages Auction Reminder

Bidding on the Art Portfolio pages ends tomorrow at 10PM EST! Most pages are still at their starting bid, and DEWOTT, SERVINE, MUSHARNA, and UNOVA MAP pages still have no bids! Also auctioning off the Toys R Us Zekrom Wall Sticker and Legendary Stylus pack!

Click on the pictures to be taken to the auction or click here!

I also have a couple of pre-made bead sprites without homes!

Picture takes you to bead sprite commissions~

Joltik - $5
Litwick - $4
Spring Deerling - $5
Autumn Deerling - $5

And just to add a little fun - Do you have a BW Pokemon on your team that you love so much you bought merch of it? Post a pic! :D

Triad Area/Greensboro/North Carolina Meet up?

I've been meaning to do this for awhile now. Hottiehulio and I have been conspiring about a greensboro meetup. There are a lot of collectors living in the G'boro area it seems! I know she ran into one at Hot Topic and I randomly met Fernchu at TRU and then there's several others as well! So, why don't all of us have a little get together? I know Fernchu's leaving soon, so perhaps next weekend? Or...?

So here's what we should discuss:
Who would attend?
When should it be?
Where? I suggest the greensboro mall since everyone can get there by bus and it has that awesome little meeting area in the center where everyone could gather. (though the mall itself kinda sucks)
Anything else?

Once we iron out the details, I'll make the official meet-up post.

Of course you should bring a pokemon item that represents you. I'll be that crazy pichu/togekiss/bug girl. Hottiehulio is a crazy cat lady. So yes! Come prepared to chat or play Pokemon BW (feeling checks for all!) and we can eat together and take pics for comm and just enjoy a day of not worrying about exams or bills.

Also, we should have a meet-up tag!

Also, I lowered some prices in my sales:
shiny mew

Offers Ending tonight at 11pm EST

Offers for the stuff in my sales post end tonight at 11pm EST, about 2.5 hrs from now.

Ive cleaned up my sales post too with what was sold already, and I added two BW Portfolios.

Also, I have some news about shipping. Earlier this week I sent out half of the packages (randomly grabbed). Saturday is supposed to be my second trip, but I may not be able to get there now. Ive been having a lot of problems with my eye/contacts lately, and the past few days it RAPIDLY got worse. Thus, I may have to go home this weekend to visit the doctor and try to figure out whats wrong, if the new stuff I bought today to try to fix this fails. If this happens, then international members and some of the US members may need to wait until next Saturday, the 19th. That starts my spring break, so from then on I will definitely be able to send stuff out. Im sorry about the possible delay!

Click the banner to be teleported!

Offers/sales include zukan pieces, kids, random figures, rare Pillow plush, and an elusive MWT Espeon Mascot Plush! Heres a preview of most of the stuff up for offers.

Please note that since the majority of these toys came from Y!J lots, they are USED! Expect small marks, some missing paint, wear, or dirt! Some have "Yuki" written on the bottom. I did go through and clean them, but there are a lot of toys here, so I didn't spend too much time on each. I tried to go through and list conditions for each figure, but it was way too time consuming. If figures do not have a condition listing under the picture, this does not guarantee that there are no marks or anything on the figures.

That being said, overall they look pretty good to me! Mostly the above is a warning that these toys are not sparkly mint condition. Please keep this in mind! If you have any questions or want more details, feel free to ask!

Hi everyone!

Hi there i just created a live journal account cause i saw this cool group while looking at pokemon plushies on google so i thought id make one to join in on the fun :)

Im a huge gundam and pokemon fan my pokemon collection is very small compared to everyones photos ive seen on here and im looking to expand with pokemon plush's mostly. Like alot of people pokemon was a very big part of my childhood one that even today i still enjoy. I still rember my very 1st pokemon toy a hasbro talking pikachu which i still have today. I would love to share images of my pokemon collection with you all but my camera is currently broken. I have an old photo of my anime related plush collection from early last year.


The pokemon i had was a jakks torchic and pikachu, hasbro squritle and bulbasaur and banpresto pichu (the checks are pink and the black bits are brown not sure what set it was from i have the pachirisu from the same set)

Im currently after a pachirisu pokedoll, and a charmander plush if anyone has one for sale id be happy to buy it from them :)


Thank you for ready and nice to meet you all

tira v
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one year collection update. re-intro kinda

Hi everyone! So it's been a YEAR since I joined the community. A YEAR. TO THE DAY. My collection has asploded of course since joining. To begin with my collection started with.... a Shaymin plush, and the game boy games.

Yeah that's it.  xD

For new members/those who don't know:
My name is Holly, I'm 23 and live in Northern New York (think half hour from Canada north) I've never been to NYC xD
My main collections are the Shinx line (pretty much equally) and the Gastly line (focusing on Gengar)
Once more Litwick merch comes out, I'll be making that a main collection as well.
My side collection Pokemon are Cyndaquil. Team Rocket/Meowth, Mew, Lucario (plus movie merch) Cleffa/Clefairy
My category collections are: pokedolls, stationery, and zukan.

Feel free to ask me any questions about items in my collection, etc.  I'll be glad to answer them =D

Preview of what my collection looks like now:

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Pokemon Black NIP - $38 shipped to any USA address. Will ship international just ask for a quote. ^_^ Picture available upon request.

Also Target art folios from my post here are still available.

man this took a while, hope i didn't forget anything waka waka waka

Also shipping status, I ran out of shipping materials and am waiting on them to get to me... supposedly Saturday so crossing my fingers. Nevertheless, I won't be able to ship til next week~
Reshiram chibi

Have you hugged your Reshiram today + Auction reminder and update!

New fun gets, so it's time to share~!

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As an extra notice, I've updated my recent sales + auctions entry with 8 new items (4 direct sales + 4 for auction), so feel free to check it out!
All auctions have been extended as well, due to work stuff.

Click for the sales!
Click to be teleported to sales fun!

Small super gets + It's a big shipping time!

 Good night, all! I got these two two beauties in different GA's host by genius dezchu  and my_chapstick . Definitely would like you all to share my happiness! Oh my...


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Second, I've recently started selling and to my surprise .... EVERYTHING WENT AMAZING UP TO NOW! Yay!!!!! Thank you who participated in either my sale, auction or offer. You're the best! What is that mysterious gift?


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EDIT: All items have been shipped. Read the message and let's exchange feedback! Lastly, enjoy yours when it arrives! 

Thanks for reading. Have a nice dream!

Pick-up Keychains

I was browsing my local Uncle Pete's Toys today, and came across this:

These figures are a decent 1.5", and the best part, they come with a "secret" Pokemon.

These are:
(These are all I found, but there may be others ^^)

Individual Pokemon are $8 shipped, and the entire box would be $30 shipped, or $25 without box.

(For individual pokemon to be available, an entire set must be claimed, then purchased)

Payment not required upfront, but asap once they're in hand.

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Handmade VIleplume Line Trivet!

So I have been working really hard on this for the past 3 or so weeks and its finally done! What do you all think???
Its a trivet that I painted,Glazed and Fired to this smooth shiny piece of art I love!

Im thinking about adding this type of customs to my shop! I could do these, cups, mugs, bowls, Plates almost anything and ANY POKEMON! Would anyone in the community be interested if I did include this is The Stinky Flower Shop?? Take care all!! CLICK ON FOR BEST PIC

Quick Draw!

Weeding Lot

Hello Community

I have decided to bunch almost everything I am wanting to get rid of and/or need to get rid of.
I hate to part from some of these items, but it must be done.
Actually I should be getting rid of a lot more, but alas I just couldn't part from certain things just yet.
Maybe someday I'll eventually sell them, but for now this is it.

The items you will see are mainly figures, charms, TFGs, Plush, etc. and some small flats(ish) things.

I do plan to do another Lot, for my huge waste of space cards I want to get rid of, with a few other flatish items.
But for now
there is this:

At the moment I am only going to be taking offers on the Lot.
Please do note your offer will not have shipping + fees included. If someone wishes to host this as a GA, I will ask that you give me the zip it is to be shipped to, so I may be able to go to the post office and get an estimate on the shipping asap.

Also note I will not ship out of country for this.

Not all items are in perfect shape, seeing as how some of these items are older. Some have normal age wear/marks, others have some odd marks I can not explain. I have tried cleaning some of them, but to no win.
Maybe one of you will have better luck, since I do know some out there have been able to clean off similar marks.

If anyone has any questions or wishes to see closer pictures or wants specifics of an item let me know and I will get some asap.