March 12th, 2011

houndoom and slowpoke

Mall Tour Atlanta and B/W Goodness

Hey there, comm-goers! This is just gonna be a quick post, because I've got to get to bed so I can get up early for the Georgia mall tour tomorrow! <3 Remember, zeldana put up a post about possible meetups for this tour stop, if you're interested in finding and meeting up with more people.

As for me, I may or may not actually attend a meetup because I'll most likely be running around with my boyfriend, thalnos8888 . HOWEVER- I would be more than happy to meet some of you guys from the comm at the tour if you are attending!

The first eight people to come up to me and say that they're from PKMN Collectors will get a little treat bag! Its not too much, just a kind gesture to show my appreciation for the community. ^^ To find me, please look for a brunette in a Team Rocket shirt, knee-high boots, and this lovely bag of awesome goodness:

(This is also an excellent opportunity to show off this gem of a bag- I actually got it a few months back, after someone posted a link to it on ebay. I haven't really used it much since then, so I'm kinda excited to finally break it in so to speak lol!. ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS? LOOK AT THEM FIRE TYPES- LOOOOOOVELY. Plus it has not one but TWO of my collection-pokes on there, Charizard and Flareon. <3 SO MUCH LOVE.)

Also- my boyfriend and I have recently received mad hookups with an assistant manager from a local Gamestop. This guy is seriously my new best friend. xD We went in today, and he let us have the big display boxes for the new games. ANNNND there's a b/w standee shelf that houses the new DSi game cases and bundles, and he said once its empty or once they stop using it, we can totally have it. WHAT? A POKEMON SHELF TO HOLD POKEMON COLLECTIONS?? Why, yes, sir! So much awesomeness. <3 

All right then, time for bed. :) Hope to see some of you at the mall tour tomorrow!!

**PS- Best prayers and wishes to all those affected (and continued to be affected by) the tragic events in Japan. You're all in my thoughts, and I hope everyone and their loved ones remain safe and strong through all of this. Remember that everyone on the comm is willing to help you and give you support; we all got your backs! <3
Eevee &amp; Vulpix

HUGE collection update with Grails~

 Hi folks~
It's been forever since I had my last collection update and believe me,
I've got TONS of new adorable stuff  even a couple of grails included!! 8D

Come and take a look at my more and less new friends  ^_^ 
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Have a nice weekend, all of you and don't be too sad about the tsunami, please :3 

Mug shots

The thought that came to mind when I saw this was, 'if these guys ever joined the UFC then these would be their mug shots'. My favorite one may be the Mewtwo. I just picked up a Mewtwo EX card - he is always so serious looking...yet cute when angry...kind of like my 5 year old lol!

Offers still going on + sales

Hi guys, I still have my offers for some rare stuff going on. Many things are still low, including a rare chibi Mime Jr. figure, sleepy pikachu figures, Shaymin Stamper, Groudon TOMY  Plush, and more. Click either picture below to go to them. I  am going to stop taking offers on them in the next few days!

I also lowered some of my prices on my regular sales. Please don't be afraid to haggle, I really want to clean house of all my stuff because it is taking up space I don't have D: Thanks guys~

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a pillow story

because of this community's close ties to japan and with many of our members, fans and supporters living here, i understand a lot of folks here are pretty upset about the earthquake and tsunami that struck japan. first off, almost all of our japan-based members (japanese and folks here abroad) have checked in and are okay.

a lot of japan is NOT okay, though. some of our members, along with a few million others, were stranded in tokyo and elsewhere with no way to go home last night, in chilling cold. and many people are missing, injured, or dead. you can find information on relief efforts in japan by clicking here.

now here is a little story to try to lighten the dark mood i know many are in, from someone who was in the middle of it. please do not think i mean to make light of the situation here, i only hope to alleviate some of the horrible feelings everyone has right now, as this story has been giving a lot of folks some smiles.

VERY thankfully, my collection took the worst beating out of anything in my house. i have around 500 things, and i was picking up about 499 of them after it was over, most of which had been flung against the OPPOSITE wall of the room. it was a rather huge mess, but i am extremely grateful a mess was about all it was, and in a way, i am very thankful to my electrics for taking the brunt of that earthquake for me and my ferret.

about an hour after the initial big quake, my neighborhood was bracing itself through endless aftershocks (they still aren't over!) and picking up the pieces, when my doorbell rang. i thought it would be police doing door to door checks. but...

it was my mailman with a huge box. he'd been on his rounds as the quake went down, and just shrugged, and KEPT GOING. my mouth gaped open and didn't close until five minutes after he left. as he handed me my box he said "man, that sure was scary!".

and went on to continue delivering things!!!

it was pillows. only one was actually for me, so, i guess, meet my earthquake pillow.

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i tip my hat to you, mailman, and everyone else here who just keeps doing their thing despite it all. and thanks very much to everyone who is worried and giving support. again, here are some links to relief efforts for anyone interested.

and finally, i'm leaving comments open, but please no comments worrying about me, and especially no comments worrying about my collection (PLEASE, i know it's what this comm is about, but it is so unimportant to me at the moment @_@). what you can comment with, however, is a photo of some of your pokemon holding up a hand written sign or message of support for folks here in japan! so hop to it!

苦しんでいる日本にいる子供たちとみんな様、世界のポケモンファンからのメッセージーは以下です。少しでもスマイルできればすごくうれしく思います。 一緒に頑張りましょう。

GA shipping

for the people in this GA

just update everybody so you know i'm still here.
last week was TERRIBLE, i had BUTT LOADS of work due plus 3 exams and an essay ugh
so i couldn't send anything out throughout the week...

but i got up super early (9am lol) and went to the post office near my house (i usually use the one by my school) fir the first time. turns out...THEY ARE CLOSED ON SATURDAYS WTF! so by the time i got to go to my school (its 30 minutes from my house) the post office there already closed...

i know you guys hate crappy excuses but please be patient with me. i already sent the 1st round out and i will send the 2nd out this monday. good news though, i will send out 18 packages instead of the normal 12 so that mean i only have a few more rounds to go!

some of you still owe me shipping and you can go ahead and check that here:

please send your total over to:

you can also check at anytime to see if i sent your stuff out (i will cross out your name when i do)

if you have any questions regarding payments or changed addresses please PM me =]
lapras lol


Just dropped in real quick to share 4 new buddies.

Special thanks to ewokie for making my dreams come true and selling me my grail, dat Butterfree! I feel like Butterfree is somewhat an unsung hero from the good ol' days.

Also thanks to kawaiikes for doing Kiosk runs and the wicked fast shipping on Kyogre. It was raining the day he appeared on my doorstep.

Oddly enough Kyogre, Reshiram, and Zekrom are my first non Gen 1 and 2 bed buddies.

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flea market trip sales!

 Some of you might still remember my epic flea market trip a few weeks ago. I'm really bad at letting stuff go, but I have finally decided to put most of the stuff I found on sale. (Lots of sales posts lately... It's not like I need money or anything... x3) Legendary birds and ANA handkerchief up for auction, lots of stamps and figures for sale! Please have a look! ^^

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Everything can be combined with my permanent sales/auctions post ^^

Both these auctions and the marble/fan/ponjyan tab auctions end in a week, on Saturday March 19th at 11:59PM CST.

GA Attempt #1

I have wanted to do one of these for a while now. This is my first GA.  So everyone please bear with me as I give it a go.

Granted sales permission on 03/10/11 by denkimouse

If I make any errors please feel free to let me know or offer advice on how to make things go more smoothly.


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Please wait while I put up threads.  Thanks =D
Okay, you can bid now.

UPDATE: Due to multiple requests, the stack of cards is up for bids.

UPDATE: 3/17/2011 WE WON!
Winning Bid: $31
Auction: 290543907970

I will be sending each participant a pm with your total and payment instructions.

doomycaffei $4.98
echizenakira $2.26
godudette $9.73
irethsune $4.30
my_chapstick $5.66
pantherotter $2.94
pokepalace $2.94
psychobreak $3.62
roxiired $2.26
spiralgenerator $4.98
couchpotatonet $5.66

I was hoping we would get it cheaper, but there was some real competition in the last 30 seconds when I placed our bid.  So, only small discounts.

GA is in and I have started a new post here:


Introduction and Houndour Plush?

Hi, Everyone!

I'm new to this community. I recently decided to start collecting Pokemon stuff again. I primarily collect cards, but also a few plushies, which is what brought me here. I don't have any photos of my collection yet, but I'll try to do that since it seems like something people do in this community.

Yesterday, I was at Epcot in Disney World. I LOVE their Pokemon selection. I remember a few years ago, they had a Houndour plush. However, they don't have it anymore. Does anyone know if the Houndour plush is still for sale anywhere? If so, where could I find one? I would really LOVE one for my collection. I'm sorry if asking something like that isn't allowed. I read through the rules and I'm pretty sure it's okay to ask.

I know I'm not allowed to trade yet, but, if someone can find me one, I could possibly get you a plush at Epcot in return. I'll have to reread the rules on trading and get the permissions for that first, though.

Thank you,
shiny mew

Price Check on 1/1 plush

Hey everyone! I found a Zorua Jakks Plush when I ran into Target today (looking for a DAMN LEAFEON AND UMBREON >:|), and since I already have one, he needs a new home! Umm $13 OBO?

As for my recent sales, everyone who lives internationally and has paid me, your items were sent out this morning. All remaining US purchases will be sent out during the week or once I get home for spring break this Friday/Saturday. Midterms and eye problems are still haunting me, but I will try my best! Everything is packed, just need to get to the PO. Feel free to ask about the status of your stuff~

We are still missing a lot of payments from the Zukan GA. Please get them in!


Also, how much are 1/1 Cyndaquil and 1/1 Chikorita worth??

It's been a lonnnng time

 This is pretty much a reintroduction for everyone that has joined recently. I am Zen; I love farfetch'd....that is probably all you need to know.

A lot has happened this last year; and collection wise nothing much has changed. I do consider my farfetch'd collection to be finished however. I only really need the chibi stamper to see it as 'complete' in my eyes.

For those that haven't seen I'll recap on my collection.
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Wants post

Hello, all. All my sale/ auction/ offer went well in my spring break, and therefore I hold a lot of money now. So it's time for a wants post. I can not buy all of course but I will pick up a couple if my wallet allows. Just show me your buddy and I will throw money at you. I know how much I will pay for some of them. Also, if you prefer a trade and have 10 positive feedbacks, we can do it. You can just comment in this post or PM me if you'd prefer. But show me your feedback here first, seriously.

Things left in my sale post:

 High Priority:
Dragonite Pokedoll, dunno, perhaps $30-35? please be in good condition

Latias in-bottle figure, around $10

Zapdos Zukan on the left, around $40 depends on condition

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New here...

 and I'm seeing other members post their lovable collections, so I thought there'd be no harm for me to show off my own.

(click for fullview)
most of them

Now, this was compiled early August, and there have been about five or so additions since then...and two MIA.  Last I counted there was about 110, collected over the course of ten years.  I joined the community as a buyer, given pokedolls and jakks pacific toys aren't sold within 50 miles of my home.  If anyone wishes to post links to their stores, preferably nintendo world store runs, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Oh, and Hello! :)

I found some kiddies that didn't feel like being included in the first picture, and a few more that felt like stealing the spotlight and being in both!  Here's the remainders (I hope ^^')

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looking for wingull merchandise! does that even exsist? and swellow/taillow, too!
as always i'm still on the lookout for flygon (yes yes, so hard to find...) and shaymin in either form.
i'm pretty picky about the merchandise i buy, and am not a big fan of the shaymin plushies i have seen. sorry...!

anyways thank you!
Teatime Kura Icon


After going to all three of the targets in my area, I finally found a jakks zorua. Here it is with the little fruit thing I got as an early birthday present. ^^  If anyone wants additional pics of it for any reason,let me know!
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Introductory post


I’ve browsed this community a few times in the past but finally decided to join a few weeks ago. I’ve loved Pokemon ever since I was 9 years old and I’m 21 now. However, when growing up my family was never too keen on my whole obsession so I didn’t really have a chance to collect Pokemon related items outside of cards (which I wasn’t serious about collecting to begin with, but I did buy a pack every now and then). I did manage to buy a few plushies here and there whenever I could find them over the years.

After the 3rd generation came out, there were a few toys but they soon disappeared from stores, at least in my area. For years I could barely find anything Pokemon related (besides the games), not even at conventions! I would only find cards, or the odd toy once in a blue moon. It wasn’t until D&P came out that I started to see plushies and figures again in toy stores, conventions, etc.

Now that I’m older and have a part-time job, I figured I should start collecting Pokemon stuff since Pokemon means everything to me. I haven’t decided where to start; I’m not a dedicated collector of any certain Pokemon (although I love Eevee and wish to get some of the eeveelutions) or particular series of items….yet. But for now, if I see something I like, I buy it…. usually smaller plushies since they are in stores.

My collection is small but I love it nonetheless! I’ve already bought a few things from some of the wonderful community members here and hope my collection will continue to grow. I also really enjoy seeing everyone else's collections and can't wait to see them all grow too!

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PKMN // Togepi Line~

Birmingham B/W Tour + Gets

Today myself and vande_bot attended the Black and White tour in Birmingham, here in the UK. Likewise with other posts here, there wasn't much but the demos and the Snivy mascot there, though there was a lot of people there playing the games and the staff were very friendly, getting involved, making sure you had downloaded the Victini event and asking questions about where you were in the game. It was still fun, despite it's small size, just to chill out and play the games surrounded by other Pokémon fans!
The only difference from the previous events is that they are now giving out a limited number of free T-Shirts.

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Talking of the event:
While at the event today, my friend and I were approached by a woman and a small boy asking about the plush we were carrying (A Dewott and a Shaymin Sky Forme plush) and mentioned to us that they had heard there was supposed to be merch there. Later on, I overheard one of the staff of the event, telling the boy, that if he wanted more events to go to and merch like they get "in the US and Japan", that he should try and contact "them" (Assuming Nintendo UK) to let them know.
This actually got me thinking, would it be worth actually e-mailing Nintendo UK and let them know just how much of a demand there is for merch over here? Maybe suggest to them ideas about kiosks as well? They must know by now, from the disappointment from the lack of merch from the recent event, that it actually would be quite popular over here. Any thoughts?

Nintendo UK's contact page is located here if any of you wish to try and send an e-mail. I'm unsure as to whether it would go to the Marketing or PR e-mail though. I guess it's always worth a try? Maybe at the next event, we'll be surprised!
Just keep in mind that Nintendo UK themselves never announced that there would be merch at these Black and White tours, so please don't put blame them for the rumour that merch was going to be available there :)