March 13th, 2011

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Stamps GB!

Hi guys, shiny_vulpix and I will be running a Group buy on these stamps:

The bigger two  (which are inkpads) will be $2.50 about each and the others are about $1.30 each. This includes shipping to shiny_vulpix  . Shipping to you would then be around $2.

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We are also purchasing this set from the same seller:

If you made a claim in the second set, you can check out your total for the first payment here.

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Morpheus with Lucario

Final Auction Reminder time~!

Firstly, remember to set your clocks forward an hour if you haven't done so already, for those of us with the whole Daylight Saving Time thing going on! D:

Secondly, quick reminder that my auctions are ending in less than 24 hours, specifically at 10pm PST! Most items haven't had any starting bids yet, either.

Click for the sales!
Click to be taken to the auctions!

Thirdly, to those who recently purchased items from my sales entry, my next opportunity to ship stuff out will be Monday, but I'll still keep each of you informed directly. Thank you for being so patient! :)
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small sales + auction post

hi everybody!

first up, all packages from my previous sales post have gone out! do let me know when you have received your items. ;)

anyway, the items on auction this week (ends 16 Mar, Wednesday, 8PM PDT) are the following amada stickers:

there are also new MIP chous (mew, moltres, rotoms, lucario, mesprit, arceus amongst others) and new amada stickers, as well as a few kids, totally mint and some being rarer than the usual DP kids we find on sale these days. all these have added to my regular sales post. =D I'm OK with haggling if you really want any item, i'd try to see what i can do. ;)

('tis the way to mount silver...)

thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!
Wooper // Comprehension Skills

What Deputy / Middle-Man Service do you use? + some Sales updates!

Hey guys!
I've been meaning to ask this for a while, and now that some auctions I've been eying on Yahoo!Japan are about to reach their closes, I could really use some of your help / expertise!
Which deputy do you use? And why?
Is there any differences between the different deputy sites and the services / options they offer? So far the deputy services I've heard of are: SMJ, Noppin, Goody-Japan.
Are any easier to use than the others? Do any specific deputies have lower commission fees / rates? Which one is the easiest to setup in a rush?
Why do you choose to use the deputy you use over the others available?

I appreciate any insight / help anyone can offer my way!
Haha, I rarely order internationally without preordering through a vendor in the US so these things always confuse me! My internet suavity is not the best!
Thank you! You guys are the best!

And now, not to only leave a post with only a question-- I've been working on a proper Sales post!
I've got lots of new stock available and have updated / lowered some prices too! :)
New MIB Jakks Figures!

Including some Eevolutions and much more!
( new stock available: Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Luxio, Azurill, Bibarel, Rotom, Mismagius ! )

All the Pokedolls I had on hand that are for sale have been listed!
Also added in a Brand New Togekiss Jakks Plush!
+ lowered some prices on the B/W PokeCen Plush!

I still have some Pokemon Candies / Gum left!
+ I've lowered prices on Gum & Stickers!

Don't forget to read the Shop Rules!
And that I'm very willing to haggle if the price isn't right! :)

( I hope if I can make some extra money through sales, I can scrounge up some funds to send over to the Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Relief fund! )

(p.s.! - I've been having some computer access issues this past week. As a result, I'm still in the middle of working through a backlog of messages. I hope to be caught up by tomorrow! Sorry for the delay if I haven't gotten back to you yet!
If I've missed getting back to anyone, please let me know! Especially with LJ hiccuping recently on notifications, I'm doubly wary I might have missed something unintentionally!
Please don't hesitate to give me a prod if you're waiting on me for something!)

2 hunts~

Sorry for this kinda post, but I haven't had luck w/email or messaging. I'm trying to reach fizzycat ... I bought a talking Mew back in December and I think it got lost in the mail... :(

Also, I can't find the Jakks Umbreon in my area. Would anyone reccomend a place to buy Umbreon and Vaporeon from?

For Japan

Hello everyone~

I am going to be doing special pickups for Pokemon Center plush.


All of the commissions I make are going to be donated to Japan aid.
I of course strongly recommend direct donations, however if you were going to order something anyway I would like to help as much as I can.

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Looking for...

Yet another wants post! This time I am looking for Chirashi (or promo leaflets/small posters/postcards-sized) of pokemon movies, preferably japanese, though US would be fine too (I'll most likely take both)
I already have an Entei movie postcard and Arceus and Zoroark movies Chirashi, but would be delighted in getting other stuff.

Thank you in advance!

Also, another TCG wants list. (doesn't matter if it's english or japanese)
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mantis speederbike

it's "that mewtwo museum guy" again!

after a lengthy seclusion to avoid B/W spoilers, i'm BACK BABY.

and i'm in love with archen. being out of the loop for so long, can anyone fill me in? what kind of cool archen stuff have i missed out on, if any?


thanks for the heads up, guys! good to know i didn't miss out on any major promos of it or anything. here, have an archen haiku in return.

first bird pokemon
you can't really fly, can you?
god damn you're so cute
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Mini Grails and Custom Plush Gets - Start of a New Collection

Over the course of the last two months I've somehow managed to get 3 whole mini-grails within quick succession. These are all plush that I have really wanted but were not so unobtainable to warrant Grail status.  So today I present to the community my:

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As always along with these things I am always on the look out for more things for my collection.  Mostly wanting things for my new Archen collection (whether it be official or custom merch) as well as stuff for Aerodactyl, Pidgey and Snivy collections.  :3


Offers reminder + GA is up + SORRY

Offers reminder - that I still have my Raikou postcard up for offersv, I may just end end the auctionn tonight like super late I DONT KNOW, but this is the last reminder post for this BEAUTIFUL POSTCARD THAT I LOVE.


GA is up


because ive been leaving a lot of drunken comments on the comm recently,d i tell myself not to go on anyting when ive had some to drink but i end up doing it anyway XD I'm still very merry rigt now


ABOUT COMMISSIONS AND POSTAGE - DON'T you worry your pretty little head s because im getting that all done this week, im so sorry for mty lateness, my final project college is EATING UP MY TIME BUT DONT WORRRY ill get EVERYTHING DONE. :(

For the Flygon peeps

 So I was surfing ebay and stumbled across this lot :

If anyone would like me to take down the link let me know. :3
Any who, I saw not too long ago that someone was looking for Flygon merch and I stumbled upon this and thought I would share.

Sorry for such a short post. ^ ^;
My collection has grown a little, I am just waiting for some stuff to come in the mail before I decide to start taking a bunch of pictures and show off my upgraded collection, I am so excited. :3
Chillarmy Doll

An introductory post along with a small want for a friend...

Hiya!~ This is my first collection post! :D I have been lurking on this community for a few months now, and buying a bunch of stuff in the process! Thanks to everyone on here for being so friendly!~ 

What could this be?!

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As for the want:

Anything Yanmega. I really something Yanmega ASAP. this weekend is the tour, and I finally get to see my friend who loves Yanmega SO much, and I just now have the money to pay for it. So if anyone has ANYTHING Yanmega, please let me know! I can pay right away! (I will need it shipped priority so I can get it by Saturday..) Thanks so much!~

what in the...

ok guys
i know this doesn't involve the most of you but i REALLY have no idea where else to turn.

see i go to paypal today to check for shipping payments, when i noticed THAT MAY PAYPAL HAS BEEN CLOSED and as if that wasn't enough...paypal had just taken $75 dollars because of someone's dispute. now i understand if somebody is upset with thier transaction, but it WOULD BE GREAT if i could see the WHY this person is upset/transaction/e-mail/country/ANYTHING.

so i'm asking you guys if you know anybody by the name of 'jurgen jurgen' or if you had similar problem. i know you guys use paypal very frequently so maybe somebody here can help me out.
pokemon caterpie


I am trying to get one pokemon card of each of these pokemon to complete my bfs quest of owning a pokemon card of the first 150 pokemon.I am not willing to spend a lot on it. I would prefer to buy them altogether I need the following pokemon:

if you are willing to sell any of these please let me know
articuno, pokemon

Helping out Japan in my own way

So I'm sure everybody knows about the huge earthquake/tsunami that hit Japan earlier this week, and the efforts of a lot of people to raise donation money. At the risk of seeming like I'm jumping on a bandwagon, I'm trying to help out in my own way!

I have a thread over at help_japan , a LJ comm dedicated to raising money for the Japan through fandom auctions. I'm offering the three highest bidders each a plushie, the size, intricacy and type depending on what the bids end up being. I'm far and away not the most talented plushie maker on this community, but I've done commissions for quite a few members here at pkmncollectors , and I'd like to think my work is at least worth a few donations to the relief funds for Japan. :) Here is the thread for those interested.

In addition to that, I'm also doing this:

Back in November I made a bunch of these little felt critters (though not the one-per-day thirty mark like I'd planned), and they seemed to be fairly popular, so I thought I'd do it again, only for Japan this time. 100% of my profits from this will be donated to the Red Cross's Japan relief fund. (A small amount will be used to purchase materials and pay for shipping, however).

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Wants post

Hello! Its me again! Posting yet ANOTHER wants post!
I need some help find 3 legendary dog items so just wondered if anyone can give me a shout if they have any of these things up for sale :D

The Pokemon Center 2009 Raikou charm, Id really appreciate if it was still sealed!

And Im also after the Raikou and Entei Chou Get figures

so please, get in touch! :D
Seif 2011 Onward

Grapevine Mills BW Tour Pics And Collection Update


(Notice: A lot of "Tsutarja" mentions here. Sorry for those who are already adapted to the Snivy name, but the japanese name has just stuck to me XD; )

First, to everyone I met there, it was a pleasure to see you all. I had a good time overall, despite some minor quirks that popped up. It was great to see a Pokemon movie in theaters again for the first time since I saw the 3rd movie in theaters 10 years ago. Seeing all the faces from this community was also a plus and, despite fears from all of us that the merchandise would sell out at the pokemon center kiosk, we ended up getting what we wanted in the end. Me and my friend furikuriking (Whom should be making an introduction post shortly after this post) hung with toukoxn and her fiance through the majority of our time there, and it was really nice to socialize with them. The only downside to all of this is mainly personal, as one of my friends decided he wanted to leave early since there was "nothing to do". Considering my group of friends opt'd to go in his vehicle, we had no choice but to comply, which was a pretty big downer for me and my friend Steven and his girlfriend since they waited about 30 minutes in the prize wheel line and were only a quarter of a way to the end. I also wanted more time to socialize with the rest of the members there. Still, though, I hope we can all get another opportunity to meet again someday.

Huh? Oh that's right, pics! Unfortunatly, my phone conked out, and it was only until the last moment that I realized I could use my DSi ^ ^; . Despite that, here's what I got:

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So after the mall tour was all said and done, there was something I realized about my main collection...

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So that's it on my end. Everyone whom I met at this event, once again, it was great to see you guys. If possible, post your pics you took here (I especially am curious about the group shot we did).

Cya around!

Ohai, new here

Hello everyone, i am furikuriking :D you may call me by shorter names if you wanna be closer to me. My main shorter name is Shiro, but you can make something up out of my screen name if you want :P
I went to the Grapevine Mills BW Tour this past weekend and met some of you and decided to join as you are all nice :D
I was first turned on to this site by seifer_a and have seen alot on interesting Pokemon merch that i'd love to own.
I hope to become good friends with everyone who want to be good friends with me :P

Here are some pics from the mall tour and the things i bought:

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