March 14th, 2011

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Cubchoo Merch? Stamps Reminder.

Hi guys! Thanks to lovedbyahero  convincing me to start a new collection, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me exactly what merch there is of this guy:
I've got the Pokedoll on order from Gin and am hopefully getting the stamp from the Pokemon Center Stamps set, but has there been anything else?


While I'm here, quick reminder of the Stamps GB.
We're still looking for claims on Panpour, Axew, Audino, Munna, Gothita and Foongus in the first set and Haxorus, Patrat and Timburr in the second set.
Click the link or the pictures to be taken to the original post!


Hi Again

So since my old post got delete I have decided to post another.

I am Mikaela, I am 18, I love Pokemon, and am very sarcastic. (But This wan't sarcastic).
I collect Pokemon Canvas, Pokedolls, and basically any kind of plush.
The first doll I ever got was a Charmander Pillow plush at age five.  Hopefully soon I will have my Pokemon Canvas Collection eeveelutions in addition to my only valuable plush Vaporeon Canvas doll (he wants his brothers) and feel more like a real collector. The rest of my dolls are from my childhood or random pieces I managed to obtain here and there. 

I would love to start collecting Pokemon cards if anybody would like to make me an offer, and I have grown quite fond of those "kids" everybody collects; those are pretty cool.

I'm a buyer so feel free to offer me deals on your plush, I like to buy in bulk and love to save :)
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(no subject)

Ok so I saw some interesting items at the store the other day but...well, the store is known for having a great deal of bootlegs. And so I come to you to check out my haul!

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I really wouldn't even ask if it wasn't for the store having gratutious bootlegs all over the place. But they do sell some legit stuff (I think all their Sanrio stuff is legit, for instance), so I'm just covering my bases.

Also on an unrelated note, I'm looking to buy or trade for an English copy of Phantom Thief Pokemon 7 or Golden Boys. Anybody have those?

About Jeansama's GA

A little reminder on Jeansama's GA:

So well, the bid time is over, but we still didn't raise enough for the whole lot. So the only thing I can do for now is extending the bidding time for these....
So the new end bidding time will be until Sunday, 20th of March, until 10PM EST time.
I think that if we do not raise enough money for this GA, it might be canceled, I am sorry about that guys :(
(will have to discuss it with jeansama though)

So people, help us raise at least 250$ on these! Please take a look:

Thank you for reading! <3
Alola Vulpix

Boring Post

Hey guys, long time no post, just wanted to give everyone some updates!

As I mentioned a while back, my email was hacked a couple of weeks ago and really, really disrupted my communication/sales/etc. here on the community.  Thankfully I was smart enough to back up most of my emails, but there were a few (particularly comment notifications on sales posts) that I wasn't able to restore.  

Sales:  Making sure I found all sales records and getting out (really old) packages was my first priority - my sales have been closed for some time now to make sure you guys were taken care of first.  As of last Thursday, I'm 99.9% sure I tracked down everything and mailed all packages out.  If you've been waiting on something for me and want confirmation it's been sent out, just ask!  I know I have at least one transaction that I never received notifications for, so if you've been waiting to pay me for something and haven't heard back, now's the time to speak up.
Clear Kids and Namco Plush GAs: Sorry guys, because I needed to make sure that all the really, really old sales were sent out first, I didn't get a chance to finish (or in the case of the plush, start) shipping before my spring break.  However, no worries, as I have everyone's package ready to go when I get back home next week.  There are many people who still owe payments for the Clear Kids - I highly doubt that at this point they'll see this post, but it's also a good idea to double check and make sure I didn't miss your payment by accident :)

Really Old GAs: I still have shipping payments owed from GAs I ran months ago. Taking care of current GA participants who paid timely has been my priority over tracking down people who owe me payments. Basically what I'm saying is if you're waiting for something for me from AGES ago, it's because you didn't pay ;) Once everything else is shipped I'll start tracking you guys down (hey, you all already paid for everything but shipping, I'm sure you want your stuff as much as I want the space back in my room!)

And just so this post isn't completely laden with boring administrative updates, a collection update preview:  back in January I decided I wanted a shelf of pink Pokemon - aside from the flats I need to hang up when I get home, the collection shelf is complete to my satisfaction. I'll have a full update when I get back home!

And one last note: I haven't been on LJ or the comm much lately due to RL nonsense, and there are a lot of comments I probably skipped over, but I am always reachable by PM if you need me. I do my best to respond ASAP, so please do not hesitate to send me a message if you're waiting on me for something.

Happy collecting! :D

In Search Of Pokedolls <3

I don't normally do this sort of thing, but I'm in search of a few Pokedoll things and I was wondering if any one would be willing to help me out. :3

I'm in search of:

Snivy Pokedoll - Snivy Pokedoll Pen - Munna Pokedoll - Minccino Pokedoll

I would love it if any one could help could help me out. I have some money, but am trying my best to save it. So I am will to pay if any ones got these guys for sale. But I wanted to also offer, if anyone is interested, in doing a trade for some of my sculpture customs. I would also be happy to do a half trade if anyone is interested. C:

If anyone is willing to do a trade I would offer $10 to a sculpture, so if the worth of the Pokedoll is $40 I'll make you 4 sculptures. C:

So I would love any help with my search for any of these guys. Thank you! <3
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Shipping Concern

Heya, folks!
I have a question.. I am looking to purchase some Pokemon plush within the next couple of days. My concern is that these plush would be coming from Japan. Given the current disaster that Japan has been dealing with, does anyone know the state of their postal service? Is it on hold? Or delayed in any significant fashion?
Please note my lil' disclaimer about this question; I tried to phrase my question as gently as possible given everything going on. I am, in no intentional way, trying to downplay what the Japanese people are suffering through.

Also, I was recently at Epcot! I was not yet able to buy anything but I did skim their plush section. Do their Gen 5 plush run smaller then the original PokeCen plush? Snivy seemed itty bitty and so did Emonga. I didnt have any plush with me to compare, at the time, but even holding them they felt lighter and smaller. It's possible that they really are that small and I am dimmensionally challenged.. XD Any info on this is greatly appreciated!
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Jakks Pacific Pokemon minky plush List

I'd love to see a Jakks Pacific Pokemon  minky plush list, because I really love these guys <3 
if this post isn't allowed I'll delete it right away, just tell me please.  Thanks bunches!

EDIT: To make this pos more interesting, post a picture of your favorite jakks plush in some sort of Scenery, like post it in your room exploring ^^  if you don't have a Jakks, just put a picture of your favorite or most Wated Jakks plush!
Glowy Evil Merm

My first introduction!

Hey everyone!
My name is Merm, or Mermade, or Punkspacewafers-- Whatever you want to call me is a-okay.
I'm a complete newbie at Pokemon collecting, and although I've been absolutely obsessed with Pokemon ever since it came out, I never really had a theme to my collections.

I'm extremely nervous about breaking any rules or making a bad first impression, so if there's something that bothers you of it I'm doing something wrong, please let me know so that I can fix it!

I'm excited to do some serious Pokemon shopping, interacting, and obsessing here.

So here I am, starting up my brand new collections! I'll be mostly looking for Oshawott and Reuniclus, which is going to be difficult for me considering that there's TONS of Oshawotts and NO Reuniclus items. (Also, I'll be looking for Tepig and Snivy items, but not as obsessively. Maybe Cranidos too!)

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I&#39;m the doctor (montage)

Want list, 1:1 snivy, and plush commissions :)

EDIT: sorry guys! D: i have no clue why the cut shows up so much!

Hi guys! :) i just thought that i'd show everyone my 1:1 snivy that i made a few of days ago and also show the very small group pic that we got at the mall tour. XD The pics of snivy and the small group pic are under the cut, but the group pic is pretty small since we got it before the tour officially opened haha. My wants list is at th bottom of the post as well. ^^ And lastly If anyone is interested in a 1:1 snivy, or a plush commission let me know! I am also open for trades for custom plush ;) i'd even make a 1:1 snivy.
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Help me friends

So at the Grapevine Mills BW Mall Tour, I bought 2 Zorua Pokedolls. One for me, and one for a friend that couldn't go but he was gonna pay when I got back to San Antonio to give to him. But i've grown attached to the twin Zoruas... i've even considered giving them names to promote their "twin-dom"

Should I give up one of the twins like I said I would? or should I keep it for emotional value?

I decided to give it to him, thanks for the advice everyone. :D <3
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Introduction ^^


My LJ name is PrincessPatamon.
I'm also known as Patamon_Princess on some of my websites, Quantum_Princess on one site, and Chi-chan on forums and my other websites)

As my name suggests, Digimon is my all-time favorite anime, however Pokémon was one of the first anime's I ever saw and I've been watching and collecting since. (Thirteen years so far).

I have favorite Pokémon from each region:
Kanto: Vulpix, Pikachu, Dratini, Mew
Johto: Pichu (<-- also my brother's all-time favorite)
Hoenn: Plusle, Minun, Skitty, Jirachi
Sinnoh: Pachirisu, Piplup, Manaphy, Shaymin (Land Forme)
Unova: Chillarmy, Emonga, Victini, Deerling
There are others I like, but these are my favorites.

My Pokémon collection is huge (rivaling my Digimon & Sailor Moon collections) and I'm a bit lazy in taking pictures of everything. Also, a lot of it is stored in plastic bins because I have no room for it.
I do have a couple pictures below the cut and hope to take more as the month progresses. (I need to make a Poké icon too)

Anyway, I could go on, but that could take awhile. ^^;
I hope I posted correctly, and I look forward to communicating with all of you. ^^

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A quick want's post

Hey everyone! It's my birthday monday so i'm putting up a quick wants post to see if i can spare some birthday money on things XD

Right as some people know im a canvas collector! But im after some of the more hard to find ones... Now ive seen the recent post with the ebay lot but i have more than 1/2 of them already...

So im after
Piplup Canvas
Turtwig Canvas
Chimchar Canvas
Aipom Canvas
Plusle Canvas (Yeah right)
Minun Canvas (PFFFT!)

I also need some others that aren't as rare... So gimme a shout if possible if you have some for sale.

Cheers ^__^

What do you collect? Most popular? and pokemon dsi

Hello everyone!

As I was digging through the most recent collection posts, I was wondering - which Pokemon do you think are the most popular to collect? Most popular in the 5th gen? Do you think you might be the only person collecting a certain poke?

I personally collect Pikachus and Croagunks. :) Raichu is actually my favorite, but it's a lot easier (and often cheaper) to get my hands on Pikachu merch over Raichu merch.


EDIT: I am also highly considering custom painting and selling my black DSi. Right now I'm leaning towards the Eeveelution crew; but I'm open for suggestions. Would anyone be interested in something like this? So many options!

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Collection Updates with Videos!

Hey guys I made some new collection videos for my Black and White collections! Also did a video to showcase my Usakochan custom plushies!


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ALSO: I wanted to mention to all my customers waiting on packages I am ALMOST finished packing. This sales post had a lot of super large items that I had to find boxes for which required some extra time. I am tryiing my HARDEST to get everything out this week. I may have to split up the orders though, have some out this week the others out next. EVERYTHING is going out next week at the latest.

I just wanted to put that out there, thanks for being patient with me, and my driving issues :)
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My American Collection!

Hi guys! On Thursday I'll have been in the USA for a month :) (I'm in North Carolina until May 17th, I live in Wales UK).

I only brought two Pokemon toys with me - my Applause Slowpoke and my tiny Bidoof, who rode in my hand luggage with my favourite toy, Mr Bun :)

However, I've accumulated a rather nice collection, and am displaying it on my friend's bookcase in the room I'm staying in :)

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Blitzle and Purrloin arrived today! I'm excited as those are the 2 Pokemon I'm definitely interested in collecting from Gen 5!

SO I have an interesting story to tell you about one of my Pokemon shopping trips! Last Thursday we went to a Target I hadn't been to yet, with the usual hunt for Pokemon toys. This time I came across just what I wanted - the new Jakks Zorua plush! Also, Pachirisu, Buneary, Happiny and Celebi (all one of each). There was no price around so we went to one of the self check points and... Zorua was $1.48 O_O I was stunned. My friend was buying Pachirisu and she checked her tag, and it was also $1.48. So I rushed back to the rest of the plush, scooped them up and they all were that cheap too. So what could I do? I mean, I couldn't NOT buy them ;) haha. WELL obviously a major error on Target's behalf but we're gonna go check if they've restocked in the hope that the price is still wrong :3

I have finally got myself some Eeveelution Pokedolls! In a recent GA, I got Eevee and Jolteon for $27 total, which I'm happy about. I've been eying up the idea of getting them (and Flareon) from the kiosk runs, but of course BW merch has wiped them out xD anyway, when they arrive here I'll make a new update - maybe with more new gets!

Also, I'm going to FLORIDA next month to go to Universal Studios (just the park with Harry Potter in, cos me and my best friend are major HP nerds!). I was wondering if anyone could recommend places near the studios that sells Pokemon per chance? I know epcot would be the best place to go but unfortunately I can't afford to go to any of the Disney parks T_T

Sparkfox and Sales

So a couple of rather awesome packages arrived this week...

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I am currently on the hunt to purchase more sparkyfoxes o.o  (Thou I am currently paying by echeck if that's an issue...)

Specifically the tin that came out in '09 and the minicot figure (though other versions of the pokedoll would be great...) or figures, or cards or FFFFFFF SPARKYFOXES.

On another note, my sales have been updated!


I've ordered some bubblemailers (and have some that I'm reusing) and plan to ship out this weekend come Friday or Saturday at the latest. :D So come check it out! Feel free to offer on the items-- I could use the shelf space (...oh and I'd totally trade for sparkyfoxes FFFFFfffffff) 

Thanks guys!

Wants and a less boring topic!

First off, I will deal with the want part of this post.  My boyfriend has recently taken a strong liking to Zorua now that he has one in his White version game, and is interested in starting a collection! We already have a Pokedoll on the way, but that just isn't enough!  (I'm sure most of you understand that feeling)  So please, let me know if you have any Zorua merch you wouldn't mind selling!

In particular I am looking for a Zorua and Zoroark zukan.  The clear version if possible, but I have no idea how rare these are, so this may be a foolish request.

Can haz your Zorua?

Onto less boring stuff!
I have come across a problem ALL collectors have to face... How should I display my collection?
Well, I will show you how I currently display my Raichu collection, but I would also like to see the various ways other people display theirs!
Show me how you display your collection!

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Unknownrevenge GA Payment Post #2!

The Unknownrevenge GA is in!!

Payments for Shipping from Me to you are due!

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Now for leftover sales! These sales are open to both GA & Non-GA participants!

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Bottlecap GA Participants; If you've paid your stuff will be send out tomorrow! (I've sent a few of them out already) Here's the link for a reminder! Clicky!

Also I'll post pics and stuff of Grapevine B&W tour on a later date, but thanks everyone who I got to meet! You guys made it really fun!
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Japan Relief Effort - Offers!

Hi everyone!

I know I've put these up before, but this time I'm relisting these two items with a difference:

50% of the final offer price will be donated to the British Red Cross, who are aiding in the earthquake/tsunami relief effort

I will simply take open offers on these items, and I will stop the offering once offers die down (e.g. after 24 hours). Here are the items (click on the images for a larger image):

DSCF0309 DSCF0312 DSCF0433

Both items are in good, hardly worn condition. Offer now and help a good cause! :D

On a side note, I'll have to update with my Smugleaf collection at some point, but as I'm about to go off and do lambing for a month that seems unlikely. X'D

It's My Anniversary!

 My collecting anniversary, that is.  My first post was a year ago to the date!  I've come a long way since then, collection-wise.  Come and see my new gets!

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And lastly, I'm in need of some dough.  I'm selling and auctioning some cool stuff, including my 1:1 Dittochu.  I don't have a fancy banner, but please check out my sales!  Help me fund my Kip collecting!

I'll be answering all sales inquiries in the morning, because sleep is somewhat important.
Thank you for looking, lovelies!  And thank you for a wonderful year of collecting!
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The Key-chain.  the ZORUA

I really want it around $5 Shipped, but I may get more money in the future ^^  Pic stolen from xxxandra, thanks.
Creepy Shape


I figured I've faded into obscurity enough to merit a re-introduction post! Also I cut down and rearranged my collection so this isn't completely superfluous!

I'm catbrooks, I'm a senior at Savannah College of Art and Design majoring in Animation. My life is pretty hectic right now as I work on my senior film so I haven't been into collecting Pokemon too much this year. I did start a Reuniclus collection in 2010 not too long after he was revealed, and that's going as well as can be expected this early in the B/W merch season! Other than Reuniclus, I collect the Magnemite line, and some other guys I really like. Infernape, the Electabuzz family, and especially Ludicolo!

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Other than these guys, I'm looking forward to the My Pokemon Collection plush of Dweeble, Elgyem, Bisharp, and of course Duosion!

So that's pretty much it! Hi, everyone I don't know!