March 15th, 2011


Protecting PayPal Accounts and More

As there has been a recent upstart of PayPal accounts being hacked, I thought that maybe we could start a discussion on protecting our PayPal accounts and just... protecting the overall security of the community both financially and personally.

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On a social networking site like LiveJournal which has gotten compromised in the past and with all the communities around (like this one) where PayPal and personal information flows fairly readily (email addresses, zipcodes, sometimes addresses and names, etc), the risk of being hacked is increased as PayPal uses email addresses for its method of log-in.

So how to help prevent such a thing from happening?

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Of course, preventing the problem is partially dependant on how the hacking occurred in the first place. In this case, besides the obvious (like not posting your PayPal information and password together), a good measure of prevention involves simply closing off as many loopholes as possible.

But how many loopholes can you close without making things overly complicated?

Is it worth it to even attempt to close some of these loopholes?

In a community like this one, what can be done to increase security? Make sure that all posts that require disclosure of personal information (including PayPal-related information) be community-locked?

Back to the question on whether or not it is worth it to try and keep everything as secure as possible, below are some potential ramifications of having one's PayPal account (or even just a primary email address) hacked.

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If an account has already been compromised, there are a few actions I sincerely recommend taking:

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To those of you who have had their accounts hacked, I'm really really sorry to hear about it and I hope the situation gets resolved soon with as few problems as possible!
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Pokemon Mall Tour Grapevine Mills

My fiance and I attended the Pokemon Mall Tour at Grapevine Mills and we had an amazing time!

I have created 2 Live Journal posts detailing my entire experience! Took me all day considering the amount of words typed, pictures uploaded, and the fact that the internet is very slow here! So please check this out! ^.^

Day 1

Day 2


Hey y'all, it's been awhile. What I have here are a couple of new things straight from Japan. My brother recently came back from his study abroad, just to visit us. He got me White version (even though I can't read) he also got my girlfriend, Kim, the Black version. I got a Munna and Snivy, aren't they precious? Kim received Pidove and Oshawott. Then there's Black version I got a few days ago (Kim got White). I've just beaten the 4th gym. But that's all I have for now. We'll see what the future holds. Until then, keep hoping and praying for Japan. I'll be wondering about my brother since he left here yesterday to go back. All is well right now.
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Stamps GB - Final Reminder

 Hi guys,

This will be the last reminder about the Pokemon Center Stamps group buy - the next time I post about this, it'll be with totals.

We are currently waiting to hear back from the seller about the first set of stamps and if we can get claims on then last few stamps then we should hopefully be able to buy tomorrow. Still available are Axew, Gothita, Foongus and potentially Munna and Panpour.

We have won the second set of stamps and we just need someone to claim Patrat from that set.

If we can win both sets, there will most likely be discounts.

Click the pics to go to the original post!


Sales/Offer !

Hey, so I posted a few days ago about these figures:

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Secondly! I'd like to see if I can get an offer on this:

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- Jakks Mini Plush Leafeon - MWT - Starts @ $20 (shipped) Let me know if I have the wrong price range ;_;

I'll end the offers if/when I find a suitable one.


Kanga kangaskhan!

So I found this little guy yesterday and am stumped. Anyone here know what he is? It is made of rubber and has a small hole on its bottom. Looks like for a base or something. I think they were in some tiny package that had 3 or more of these in them. I remember getting them at Kroger if that helps at all. Prolly not. I also have a Ditto and Graveler. Just curious if it's a sought after item or how many were in the set.
Any info would be much appreciated :)

And got my plamo figures from chariflame <3 Thanks :D (points to Pika and Cynda)

I saw this on tv last night. I laughed for an hour. REJECTED POKEMON! Catch 'em all...if you dare!

For Japan

WOW you guys!!! We were able to already pass the original goal of $100 to donate for Japan aid for the Tsunami relief!

I just donated $126 today and I would love to keep going for $200 next.

I have everyone's Pokemon Center plush and figures picked up and they will be shipped out today and tomorrow. (I'll be sending confirmations via your paypal email address!)

If you were still planning on ordering anything from the Pokemon Center and still want my commission to be donated, you can click here to see the current Pokemon Center stock and to order! Although I *definitely* recommend donating directly if you are able.

Let's keep donating to help those in need. ♥

*collection update & sales*

hi everyone! 
i bring a small collection update! i think my collection focus is starting to shift to just plushies!
good thing is..they're sooo cute! bad thing is..they take up so much space and are pricey lol

for those of you who collect a certain type of did you get to your decision?

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On a different note, I was looking through some of my storage and found some Pokemon items I want to part with.

Click on the super colourful picture to my *updated sales*!!
(they are for sale too~)



Hai thar, community!
Yes, I recently attended the Grapevine Mills B&W tour, and although I didn't get to hang out with the collectors for too long (OR SEE THE MOVIE BAWWW), I still had a blast! Let's start this photostorydump off with the figures I bought illustrating the opinion of over 400 people who answered the wi-fi survey question of "What version do you have?"

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Anime Matsuri is hitting Houston this weekend, and I thought it'd be dandy to hold a meetup. I know that the panel registry has a special area for meetups, and if we could get enough people to show up, we could even nab a spot in the schedule!
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Sales Update - Adding pose figures and special TOMY figures

Good afternoon, everyone. My spring break went very well and I succeeded in my very first sales here. So I decide to sell more. At the moment I have added two TOMY pose figures mint in package - Raikou and Zoroark. They are very pretty, made of solid material, and pose-able with either arms or legs. Also, I am determined to put the left Pearl Shining TOMY MC figures for sale this time, including a rare crouching-posed Pikachu. The leftovers from my last sales are still available to grab. Enjoy your shopping and feel free to haggle! But I will counter-price lol

New items preview:


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collection update, yeaaaaaahhh~

Sooooo I've gotten a lot of items in the mail this year so far and have hardly posted any pictures. So I decided to share some of what I have received!

Oh, and with some new gets, I also have an "old" get! So check out the cut to see all my goodies~

(warning, there are a lot of terrible quality pics and they are kinda big!)

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Also, participants of this group buy:

I still haven't received them in the mail yet... but I assume they should be here soon. Just wanted to keep you all updated! :3
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Small book sales :>

Hey guys.
I bought this lot of fun pokemon books on ebay for one book really, and I thought I'd offer the rest to you guys :3

There's a little preview :D

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I am on spring break right now, diligently working on your commissions. I hope to have them done, pictures to you, and them sent off by this weekend or early next week :]
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Sort of a collection update

Only two of these items are actually new, the rest I've just "rediscovered" in my house... hence the "sort of a collection update". :P

(I apologize if the pictures are really blurry, I can stop posting pictures if it's somehow against the rules... I just don't happen to have a camera, only a laptop.)

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(no subject)

 Just picked up quite a few and would like to offer them up as trade.I'm mainly looking for magikarp,lugia,ho-oh, and charizard merch.I would really love to pick up some more pokemon megablocks too.

re-intro-ish thing! (with a videooo)

Well, just to jump on the mini bandwagon here, I'm going to do a re-introduction!
Sorry if the audio doesn't work, hopefully it will... I'll try to fix it if I can. (:
So... to the text part.
I am Dragonheir148, as you can tell, but feel free to call me Maddie(: I'm more of a beginning collector, as I have a LONG way to go before I have a "large" collection.  I still enjoy the thrill of going through the checkout with a new plush, or seeing a package containing the kid I ordered online come in the mail.  Collecting to me is a hobby, and something that I can do and feel like myself doing.  It comforts me when I'm upset, especially when I can go grab one of my Pokedolls and hug them until I feel better[: I mostly have items that were gifts or items that I have from when I was younger.  I only really have one item from Japan (I'm a sad collector) but I hope to order more.  My biggest collection is probably my miscellaneous collection, since I only have two specific Pokemon collections.
One of them is Shaymin (Both formes) and it started with the Pokedoll that I got in Epcot over the summer.  It then grew into a collection since I now have a keychain, tattoos that I will never use, a kid and its box, and of course the Pokedoll.  I hope to get more in the future. :'D
I also have random Manaphy items that I've had since I was younger, and I realized I should collect Manaphy because it was my favorite Pokemon for a long time and it reminds me of when I was in about third grade.  (if you wanted to know, third grade was a FANTASTIC year xD)
Well, that's my stupid little reintroduction.  I know not many people really know me, but I hope to talk to more of you in the future.  Thanks for watching and reading(:

Re-intro and Grail Get!!!!

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted to Pokemon Collectors. Over the last few months I've mainly been lurking in sales posts ready to snatch up any Moltres items I don't have XD Anyway I noticed there have been a fair number of new members who've joined lately so I thought I'd give myself a re-introduction. My name's Emma, better known as moltres93 on the internet. I live in Australia and I'm an avid collector of old-school merchandise, TCG cards and, of course, Moltres. I have my own website dedicated to the fire bird which lists all the items in my collection.

I'm mainly posting because I have recently obtained my most sought-after holy grail....

Holy Grail!

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Please also check out my Moltres wants list to see what I need to complete my ever-growing collection:

Thanks for reading! ^v^

Another little wanted sign

Am looking for the following:

5th movie half deck Kabutops and Xatu

VS Clair's gyarados, Morty's ninetales, falkner's skarmory, morty's murkrow.

McDonald's Vulpix

These are hard to find and I would be more than happy to either pay or do commission work for them. Just contact me :3

Hoppip friends
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Erufuun GET!

My Erufuun/Whimsicott doll from Sunyshore came in 3 days :O I was looking forward to its' release before I knew about it!

The body is so small! Fuun is really just mostly cotton poof. There is only 3" (tall) of brown body + head.

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Yoshi! :)

Quick sales & playing BW

Hello people,

Just having some quick sales today that includes random things like BW playing cards and such, so maybe come & check it out?

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Lately, I've just been playing the English Pokemon White Versions (I also have Black Version along side it, but I never opened it yet...). So yeah, that's just been it...

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collection update with mini grail :))))))))

 Hi everyone!

After school we picked the mystery package up from the post office. Seriously i had no idea what arrived....... But when i took a closer look i realized that omg.... It arrived so fast.

Jolt: i wonder who arrived??
Raikou: i have no idea....Collapse )

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i'd like to show you guys a little shaymin collection evolution :)))))))
so let's start in 2010 may
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and finally some random gets:)))
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and for last lines: please those sellers who have not left me feedback yet please do :)))))))))))
i'd really appreciate that :)))))))))))))

thanks for reading :)))))) 


First Sales Post and Customs

Alright :D This is my first sales post so please bear with me. I'll try my hardest. I have some figures, cards, and a MIP KFC vulpix plush inside so come check it out :D

Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 03/02/11
-I will only hold items for 24 hours. I may allow longer holds depending on the situation.
-I'm not shipping internationally at the moment.
-Paypal only please.
-I reserve the right to refuse to sell to anyone for any reason.
-I ship regular first class mail, any upgrades will cost you more.
-Tracking will cost more as well.
-All community rules apply.
-I will not be taking any trades at this time.
-Offers on the vulpix plush will end on Thursday 6 PM EST. If I am not satisfied with the high offer, I will be keeping her and snuggling the crap out of her.
-Ask questions below in the proper thread.

Things to keep in mind...

-I ship from a home with dogs and there is smoking in my house.
-I am not responsible for items lost in the mail or broken during shipping, if you want insurance, ask.
-Payment is expected within 24 hours of expressing interest, otherwise it goes back up for sale.
-Shipping is not included in the sales prices.

My feedback post is located here.
I will leave feedback for you if you give me a link to it.

Now that the boring stuff is out of the way, onto the SALES
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Wants, Waiting and ...Stuff.

Hey everyone I'm still waiting for more of my new gets to come in before I make a new collection update...

So I thought I'd do a mini want post, the list keep growing thanks to this site xD

Galvantula Clipping (Too school for cool =X)
Pokemon Tour Patches (Mostly Oshawott, but the others too)
Pansage Figures (including kids)
Scraggy Figures/Plushes/Keychains(I LOVE HIM <3)
Feraligatr UFO Plush (Miiiiiight be my grail cause that thing is adorable..)
Blastoise Plush (Pictures needed cause I'm iffy on which one I want)
Heracross Hasbro Plush

and of course also always looking at Squirtle/Totodile/Zubat line items, but I got stuff coming hehe

Also I found a few Poke-items around my house and I'm not too thrilled about and wanted to gauge interest in them to see if anyone might like them.
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ALSO OMG, as I was writing this I found a slug in my room!!! Disgusting...

Thanks for looking ;) <3

Thrift store gets and a request

I know my mall tour post is still on the front page, but this post is completely different so I hope that's okay. =/

Anyways, my fiance and I went out to a thrift store this afternoon and I found some Pokemon figures and a tin of cards!

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My request

When I went to the mall tour, by the time I got in line for merchandise, the small Tomy Zekrom figure was sold out. I really need that figure, so does anyone have one or can anyone pick one up for me this weekend? Thanks.
Kept getting confused on when to use Het

B/W Tour: Arizona Reminder

Where: Arizona Mills Mall, Food Court, In front of GameWorks. IN the mall NOT OUTSIDE the mall!

When: March 19th 10:00 AM and 20th 11:00 AM (Times are different because the mall opens later on Sunday.)

I will be going on both days. The main purpose of this is to verify if you are going and which days or for new people who want to join in the fun.

Comment with any questions, suggestions, or just because. :D

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