March 16th, 2011

Hai, Returning-Newbie Pokemon Collector here!!!!

 Hiya fellow Pokemon Collectors,

So I joined the community last year, but due to unexpected financial as well as school complications I became inactive. However, now that I have gotten my finances into a some-what manageable state, I am now back in lol. I've started collecting a little bit here and there, most cards because thats one of the easiest products that I have access to, but would REALLY like to get started on a good collection (as opposed to the random few things I happen to have lol)!!
Here is an updated list of all the Pokemon that I want to start collecting: (**bold names have higher priority**)

1.) Flareon************
2.) Dragonite ******
3.) Pidgeot ******
4.) Cubone ****
5.) Raikou *****
6.) Starmie ***
7.) Duskull
8.) Sandshrew
9.) Quilava 
10.) Gyarados
11.) Cyndaquil
12.) Dewgong
13.) Mareep
14.) Flaaffy 
15.) Totodile
16.) Vulpix

Please send me a message or comment if you have any information on these pokemon.

On another note, I'm in the process of organizing all my pokemon items that I will be selling, but that might take some time with working part-time and being a college student full-time. I will be posting the sales as soon as I figure out the pricing and set up a paypal account.
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some notices!

Our post with signs of support for Japan from our pokemon was retweeted hundreds of times all over Japanese twitter, starting with Midori Harada who is an artist for the TCG and has drawn all of the pokemon region maps since Hoenn. Our post was also viewed by multiple game freak staff members, including Ken Sugimori.

So basically, you guys rock. And thanks so much for contributing your thoughts and prayers. Japan still has a lot of recuperating to do and is still rather unstable right now, but will recover :)

HOWEVER on that note, the Pokemon Centers Tokyo and Yokohama are officially closed until March 18th, and after that it is unknown if they will open again on the 19th or not. If they do, I will be brave and venture forth to bring back Victini's first plushie and the cool new card sleeves exclusive to PokeCenters and Animate stores if I can!!

I have already sent notices to most people waiting for orders from my store, but this obviously also means I won't be able to ship or pick up anything until next week. I really am sorry for the delay :(

adding some color to my post, check out this amazing new mug i got (with an older but no less cool plastic cup). it's so....beautiful!! how can electric pokemon be this beautiful?!


Southern Islands Binder?

I've been looking for a while, now, for a Southern Islands Binder.

I JUST want the binder. Not the complete "set" or the complete card collection or any of the other bits. I've managed to find one binder-only auction, but the shipping charge is a little high so I figured I'd check here, too...

(image from Amazon)

Can anyone help me out? Thanks!

Leaving the post up since there's still a bit of discussion in the comments, but no longer really interested for myself.

Auction reminder

hello poke'folks! this is a reminder that my auction and give away will be ending it 30 hours give or take. All charms/earring are still at starting bids so here are some example pictures to maybe get them some more attention.

as well as the charms there is also some ready made goods and commission slots for some bell plushes.  and perhaps you recall the 3 black and white, DS playing starter charms I made to give away to community members at the colorado tour? well only oshawott was claimed, so snivy and tepig are now being given away to two members.

to the auction!

Vaporeon-07 GA reminder + Folders Wanted

Just a reminder that this GA has about 2 days and a half left, we've reached the half way marrrk! :D 

Also folldderrs wanted!

ALSO YEE, I was in a little search for some folders for my cards. FizzyCat gave me a great idea to have my card sets in matching folders. For example I recently got this folder, and I keep my Legend Maker set inside! :D

Ebay is far too expencive ;_; So if anyone has any set folders in my price range id be interested! Thankyou :>

Sme wants.

Hi guys. It's been ages since I posted anything here, but since I'm really busy that doesn't surprise me.

There's a couple of things I'm looking for, all from the B/W tour. By the time I got to my local tour all the tickets for the movie were sold out, so I'm looking for the card that they gave away. Also, if anyone has a spare Reshiram pin, or the phone charm that they were giving away, I'd appreciate it.

Updated Sales & Custom Sentret Auction!

Everything that didn't sell from my individual sales posts have been added to the most recent Pokemon sales in my journal! (If you want to check out my non-Pokemon sales, go right ahead. XD)
Click the link to go to my Pokemon-related sales!

I'm also putting my Custom 1:1 Sentret up for auction. The auction can be found at the end of my sales post and will end on Friday March 18 at 11:59pm PST! So go and get your bids in to give Sentret a good home. :D
I'm still waiting on quite a few things, so it'll be a while before I update again. I do plan on opening for plush commissions soon, so be on the lookout for that too! That's all for this post. Thanks for looking!

Pokemon Mall Tour - Edit + Request


Thanks for all the advice to those that commented. But, unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the event this weekend. I was wondering: the only thing I'm really interested in getting at the event is the card you get after seeing the movie, I think it has Zorua and Celebi on it (?). Would anyone be willing to pick one up for me? I'd offer to trade cards, but I don't have those privileges, yet. I might be willing to buy one depending on the asking price.

Besides that, I don't think there was anything I was looking for, I was hoping for Emolga, Minccino, Lillipup (and evos), Purrloin (and evos), and possibly Victini items, but I was told that most of the items are just the starters.


Hi, Everyone!

I would really like to go to the Pokemon Mall Tour in Florida this weekend. It is unlikely since I don't have a ride, but I have some questions in case I do make it there.

For those of you that have gone to the other mall tour events: do certain events only happen on one of the two days? If so, which is the better of the two days? Is there a specific time I should get there (ie - do certain events only happen at a certain time of the day?). Is there a website that lists all this stuff? I could only find a site that had the dates and location of the tour.

I originally thought the mall tour was just merchandise, but from the posts I've seen here, it seems like so much more. Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks! :D

~ Risha
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Eevee lovers!

I found some d/p figures at my local shop! Anyone want me to pick up for you?Collapse ) I've left the store now, but if anyone's interested I can stop by again of you want mento check of they still have it. :)

Quick Sales!

Hello Pkmncollectors!

I was cleaning my desk today and found a copy of Pokemon SoulSilver and Pokemon Platinum which I received for my Birthday last year. XD Thing is I already own Pokemon Platinum and Pokemon HeartGold. They are both brand new, sealed. SoulSilver comes with the Pokewalker as well..

I'm asking for $65 shipped for the pair to the USA. If you live outside of the USA,  just comment and I'll provide a quote. Thanks!


Pokedoll Merch Collection!~

Hey everyone!~

After some exciting items arriving today, I thought it was time for me to post photos of my Pokedoll merchandise collection! ^_^ I've posted photos of my plush before, but have never posted my merch! :D 

First the new items! I've picked up quite a few things from YJ lately, including my first pieces of Pokedoll pottery and clothing! 

I was lucky to stumble across this amazing fleece for a low buy it now price! It's utterly adorable, with Pika-doll on the pocket, ears on the hood, and stripes on the back - I love it! :D

My other unusual find lately was this porcelain pot, with Pokedoll art! Pika is on one side, and two very unusual choices lie on the other sides - it's the first time I've ever seen Pokedoll art for these two pokemon!

Who is on the other side? Find out under the cut, along with photos of the rest of my merch coellction! (Photo heavy post!)
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I hope you enjoyed looking at my collection! Over the next week, I'll be adding photos of everything new on my collection site, Amity Square (you can visit at - I'm also currently making a special Wiki dedicated to Pokedoll plush and merchandise, including information about releases, rarity and pricing - I hope that it will be useful! If anyone has any questions in the meantime, then I'm always happy to try and answer :D

I'm always on the lookout for new Pokedoll items to add to my collection! If you have any items you're considering parting with, or see any for sale - please PM me, I'm interested! <3

Later this week, I hope to be putting on offers post up with a couple of pokedolls and a very special item - look forward to it!

Happy Collecting everyone!~
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Stamps GB Payments & Info

We're taking payments on the second set of stamps now. If you claimed stamps in the second set you can see your total here.

You can send your payment to becky_1229[at] with your username in the title.

Unfortunately we lost the first set, but the seller is going to pick up another set for us when the PokeCen opens on Saturday so if you had claims in the first set then we should hopefully be getting in touch at the weekend with your totals.

Aaand if you had claims on stamps from both sets, it's fine if you want to wait to pay so you don't have to make two payments, just be sure to let us know!

For now shiny_vulpix will cover the initial shipping to avoid any complications when calculating the combined shipping on the two sets. We'll tack on the seller-to-us shipping when we do the us-to-you shipping to keep things less complicated for now.

Also there are still a few unclaimed stamps in the first set, so feel free to check out the original post if you think you might be interested.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments here or in the original post.

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Hello everyone. I have been collecting Pokemon Plush and Figures since I was 3 years old. I love Pokemon and always have. Glad to have finally found a community that supports pokemon collecting!
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GA reminder

Okay, so the crazy GA I was trying to run ended up closing because the seller took the listing down, and I turned the post into a different GA but it was almost to the bottom of the page at that point so I think it got overlooked by most members, and some of the figures like Pichu and Meowth have no bids!

So here is a reminder for my large figure GA. Please check it out! It ends in 11 hours! It's over now and we won, thanks guys ^^

Otherwise, not much to say since I just updated recently with a collection post. Well... I guess I can say that I'm eventually wanting to sell all my sales items as a whole. I'm hoping someone will want to GA it, since there will be a ton of items and we all looooove GAs! :D There's going to be quite a few items in it! I'm waiting for some packages from Y!J since there will be some stuff I'll want to put in with the lot. If you're interested in a preview of some of the items, check out the cut!

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Until next time, keep being awesome fellow pkmn collectors!!!

EDIT omg have you ever woken up to packages in your mailbox like this?

I laughed so hard. Both contained Pokemon goodies of course x3

Sales, store run

I went to the Black/White tour in Indianapolis, it was real good. Saw a couple of people on the site, too. I got the big Reshiram plush, since I like him more than Zekrom. I was asked why I didn't get the other one also, I said because Reshiram is my favorite and I didn't want to spend that much money. I went to play the demo, then I headed out. I went to check my backpack for my phone, and Zekrom was there! It was bought for me.
So I have both.

Anyway I went to Toys R Us today and saw they have a lot of Pokeballs, mostly the Johto ones. If anyone wants any of them, tell me and I can get them. They'll probably be $6 or so.

Remember even though I don't use Paypal, I do good with money orders.

There's also a couple of Cherubis. Normally I'd sell them for $10, but as you can see in picture, they're now $10, so it might have to be even more.

I'm still auctioning this Togekiss too, starts at $10 if anyone wants him.

Also, has anyone seen Slashaddict? Months ago I got a Murkrow, and Slashaddict kept saying that the money order would be sent, but it never was. I might have to sell it to someone else, but I sent a PM and never got a reply.
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Multipurpose/ Sales post!

Hey guys! Couple of things! ♫

First off~! I know I just did one of these recently, however with the recent series of events happening to our friends in Japan, I decided to run a 2nd Rush!Plush auction~ It just breaks my heart everytime I turn on the news or go on the internet so I wanted to help in some way. ;A;

♥ 50% of the proceeds will go to the Japanese Red Cross
♥ The other 50% will go to Japan Earthquake Animal Rescue and Support

Auction Ends Friday Night at 11pm
Take me to the auction!

Thank you to everyone who's participated and helped spread the word so far. ♥ ;A; ilu!

☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆*゚ ゜゚*☆

2ndly..... business! ♥ Laaaaaarge sales post ahoy! ♪

Photobucket T E R M S Photobucket
♥ Will Ship world wide!
♥ Buyer pays all shipping costs
♥ If you would like your package insured, peep up~ ♥ I am not responsible for the post office.
♥ I accept Paypal and Money Orders~!
♥ Holds will be a case to case basis. I don't like doing them for long periods of time.
♥ Payments in USD only
♥ Not looking for trades, sorry!

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