March 17th, 2011

Glasses Shift


 First, I've been making a few GSC bead-sprites before classes to pass time. I don't have any need for them at the current moment so they're up for sale if anyone's interested.

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Also, I'm searching for trading cards! Please, if you have any cards for sale of SlowpokeSlowbro or Slowking, post here or PM me. I've got most of the normal ones and am mainly looking for certain reverse holos and Japanese cards but there's still quite a few out there I haven't got yet.
 Edit: To see the cards I need, click here.
Finally, to everyone who's commissioned ACEOs from me. My teacher sprung a surprise deadline on us (and I was away this weekend) so I'm a little behind but I've sketched them all out and will scan them into the computer tomorrow for anyone who wanted to look at their sketch. :3

sales reminder and an important question

hi guys! this is a reminder that i stop accepting offers for these amada stickers today (16 Mar, Wed, 8PM PDT).

also, these are some of the new items this week, feel free to take a look in my shop!

(follow larvitar's heavy one-toenailed footsteps into the shop!)

also, i always wanted to ask the community a question that has been on my mind lately - what will you do when a package you ordered never arrives? it is almost a certainty in most cases that sales posts will have a 'zero liability' clause in their rules, but it is often the norm that people send replacements (if possible) or do full or partial refunds for 'missing' packages. personally, i only had one case of a missing parcel from my side, but despite my sales shop having a zero liability clause, i sent a replacement piece since i happened to have one extra. will you do that? if so, does it depend on the value of the item(s) that went missing? and if you wish to enforce the zero liability rule, how do you do that without coming off as mercenary and unhelpful (e.g. "you should have sought insurance if you wanted security")?

the problem is that the most costly a package, the higher the shipping and insurance, and most people don't pay for insurance unless it's truly expensive. so mid-priced packages are the most tricky since they aren't so pricey that they warrant the high insurance cost but are inexpensive enough to dismiss the risk of being lost.

also, as a buyer, how would you go about asking the sender of the 'lost' package about it? if tact and skill isn't employed, you run the risk of indirectly accusing the sender of impropriety, or worse still, sound as if you are demanding for a refund/replacement. what is your best way of asking 'nicely' what can be done about the package?

do comment and share! i'd appreciate all feedback. =D thanks for reading, guys.
Pokemon I


Two sets of straps up for GBs. Make your claims and if there is enough interest I'll buy the lot and only then will you have to pay. (w/ PayPal, plz)

They are $6 each shipped in the US~ ( $7.50 for intl. shipping )
Yes, you can get a lower shipping rate if you buy more than one! ( two straps are $10.50 shipped in the US )

Moody Chus~

I want grouchy/indifferent Pika, but the rest are up for grabs~
A: torarisu
C: torarisu
D: gabrielvalient

BW Straps!

Only clear Reshiram is taken. ◓ Be sure to specify if you want clear or regular.
The clear have light blue straps, regular are black.

Reshiram: jesslyra
Zekrom: darkangellilith
Tepig: gabrielvalient
Oshawott: punkspacewafers
Snivy: gabrielvalient
Zekrom Clear: darkangellilith
Tepig Clear:
Oshawott Clear: punkspacewafers
Snivy Clear: soultarja

First come first serve... Tell your friends!
lunch time

Pokemon B&W Tour - Jacksonville, Florida

So, I haven't really heard anyone talking about the Fl stop. Is there anyone else going? I'd like to have seen a meet up post but the closer it became the more I felt like I was the only one going. haha

So I was going to be there on Satuday as early as I could. I have a 3 hour drive from where I live.
I'll be there with my wife. I'll be carrying around a Raikou pokedoll and a giant Tsutaaja/Snivy and wearing this shirt. I'll also be carrying a small forest green bag with a medical cross and a little purple mameshiba key chain.
If that's not enough, I also have a septum piercing? xD;;

I had planned to make phone charms to hand out to members but it's a little late now. :'D
Anyone else gonna be there? I would LOVE to meet some comm members who live here in Florida!

First Sales Post ^__^

Hey Guys, here's my first time sales post, Yes i have sales permission before anybody asks.. i'm not that stupid..
I'm starting out small with a few plush/Figures for sale... and i'm taking offers on a Southern Islands Binder/Card set.

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Thanks for looking ^__^ If people do want to trade here's a quick list of wants

1. Cyndaquil Line Items
2. Hitmonlee/Chan Items (Not Tyogre or Top…)
3. Pokemon Canvas Plush
4. Tsutarja Line Items

Jakks Series 14 Plush available cheap! Also Wants!

Just thought I'd let people know that are looking for the Jakks series 14 plush (especially Zorua) that Toys R Us' website has them all available for order. They're 6.99 and with shipping come out to roughly 12-14$ shipped depending on where you live :) I bought my happiny today in store but of course that little wolf is elusive so I went ahead and ordered through them. Hope everyone gets what they want! :D

On another note, I have ALOT to update with, I need to borrow a digital camera from my family or a friend, but expect my first collection post to be about quadrupled! >o< It all happened soooo fast, and I'm dragging my friends down with me.

Also if anyone has a Cyndaquil plush with tags still attatched (one with the furry flames, or flames in general, don't particularly like the red spot versions) as well as a Dialga, Gyrados or Magikarp plush, I've got all the new evee jakks figures to barter with.



Okaaaaay, so I don't have sales permission (yet... need feedbacks like woah, girl), but I was curious on the price of some items I have that I might someday plan to send to a home where they will be much more appreciated. xD

So, does anyone know how much any of the following go for?

1. Umbreon Pokedoll (Velboa), all tags in tact
2. Riolu Pokedoll (Minky), tush tag only
3. Large (8") Toy Factory I'm not quite sure what kind of Turtwig this is, tush tag only (looks like this)
4. Mew Pokedoll (Velboa), all tags in tact

And, also, does anyone know how much Jigglypuff pokedolls go for/how rare they are/where to find one? ;_; I want one so bad.

ALSO-ALSO, I have hit a gray area regarding what is and isn't allowed to be posted here --- I'm doing a raffle-esque giveaway on my deviantArt for free pokemon&other pins, and I was thinking to post it here to give you guys the chance to win them. BUT, the thing is that I don't have sales permission and I didn't know if something 100% free would somehow count anyway. So I was wondering thoughts on that? Is that okay to post, or is that something better left unposted? XD

So, basically... Am I allowed to post a giveaway/raffle type dealio that I'm holding if it's 100% free, or is something like that only OKed for those with sales permission?

...I think thats all I had to ask about. xD I apologize for the ten million questions, but thank you to anyone who can answer any of them. ;u;b!

Anyone ever heard of 1tofree? * warning *

 So I was reviewing my paypal purchases and found that over the last year I had lost 45 dollars to a seller on ebay. I believe his name begins with 1 to free.

It is odd because I used to be kind of bid happy and bid on things that were going for 99 cents. I began to notice that all the packages I ordered weren't showing up, but shrugged it off assuming I had forgotten to pay or lost the bid and didn't remember. It hit me when I was looking at pokedolls on the site. I noticed that I had been expecting my Lucario pokedoll (knockoff most likely) in the mail. I had one him for 3.99. I figured it was a mistake and then investigated.

After reading my paypal purchase history over and over again, I found that all the packages I had been missing were from the same seller and were scattered throughout the year... The crazy thing is in between these missed packages, I had bought and received dolls from him. I now have the theory that when he loses his items to bids of under five dollars, he doesn't send it unless you follow up on him. In the end, he won't respond to me, I'm six dolls short, and out about 45-50 bucks. I also feel incredibly dumb for not noticing I missed the packages...

Among the dolls I lost to this...
and others.

I was wondering if anybody else has had this problem? Or has any advice.

Also I asked for sales permission (and hardly met any of the requirments- but maybe we'll get lucky and I won't have to post my stuff on ebay) Keep your fingers crossed!

questions!!.. for custom pokedoll makers!.. and others XD

so, i'm really interested in making my own pokedolls
i just have a few questions for the veterans here who have experience with making custom pokedolls

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on a more "collecting" note
i've seen the plush released at nintendo world of axew, sandile, munna, cinccino, etc..
since the u.s. barely gets ANY merchandise compared to the loads of stuff released in japan.. how good are the chances that we'll get the pokedoll versions of the ones released as pokecen plush?
i really would love axew and cinccino pokedolls >_<
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Planet Comicon

Hello all!  I was just wondering if anyone was going to planet comicon in KC, MO this year ^^  We could have a small meet-up type thing/   More of a say-hi sort of thing?  I hear they have a lot of Pokemon merchandise there, and  am going.  I have never been, but my family went.  Just of anyone is wondering, I will be dressed up as an Eevee!  (Hat, and custom plush, and tail.)  People that I know are coming:
1. Me
2. No one :(

(no subject)

You may have seen me post about this earlier this week under my "artsy" account, thestuffedpanda. :) This is an auction for a DSi I custom painted with acrylics and sealed with a clear glossy coating (photos were taken before the sealer so there wouldn't be a shiny glare). The DSi itself is black and is in great working condition. It comes with the basic stylus and charger.

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Wooper Gif
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St. Patties Meme!

Happy Green Day everyone! I was thinking. You know what'd be fun? More memes. Because everyone loves to see theme pictures.

SO! Lets get our Green on and show off our Green pokemon merch!

My Green items! Stacked as nicely as I could. XD Gulpin plush didn't want any part of the stack. Sadly my little Shamrock plant I got the other day needs a new pot :C It's root-locked and starting to die ;o;

And as a present! (still rollin' with the theme of green here ;D)

c: A 1280x800 Pikachu Wallpaper! I drew the pika for a collab over on dA, and thought it was pretty cute~

Plush group auction ahoy!

 The lovely lovedbyahero and I will be hosting a splendid GA for the following lot of plush:

(I will be claiming Torchic for $20 and lovedbyahero will claim Pikachu (Pokedoll) for $25)

  • NO SNIPING. Every bid placed five minutes before the ending period will expand the amount of time for another five minutes. 
  • Please be respectful to other bidders.
  • Reply to the previous bid, not the original thread if you want to increase. 
  • No deleting or extracting bids. 
  • The amount you bid will include other payments. 1. For international fees 2. Japan to US fees and 3. GA host to bidder. 
The auction ends on Saturday, March 19th at 10:00 PM EST. Please wait until all threads are up to bid. 

BID!! :D

Finished bead sprites~

This post mainly pertains to graptakular li_kichi  mizu_kanon  hibikitikibi  my_chapstick 

Your commissions are done! :3

I had a ton of fun making them, and was very happy to get some practice! I'm most happy with Chandelure. Although you can't tell by the picture, the middle of it is a clear/translucent purple, and when it is held up to the light it looks AWESOME. It was definitely the most challenging one to make and I was a little worried, but I think it turned out really well. :D

li_kichi  - For Drifloon and Chendelure, I used a couple clear beads to thicken the thinner lines to make sure it didn't snap. Chendelure looks rather dark if he's on a table or wall, so I think having him on a window would look best, to capture the clear center<3

hibikitikibi  - I know you asked for Mienfoo to be be outlined in darker shades of pink and yellow, so I made it that way. But it came out rather difficult to I made a second one, with the typical black outline. Let me know which of the two you prefer. =]

If anyone is interested in a commission or trade, please let me know! I love trades<3
More examples can be seen here.

All packages from my sales, commissions, and BW Art cards are in the process of being packed and shipped, so be on the lookout!
Eevee evolutions

Hello I'm new here

I have a nice collection of pokemon plushies thanks to ebay and I know that this community would make it grow faster. (Sometime soon I hope to have a collection post) My goal at the moment is to have at least one of each pokemon, and get customs of my favorites. I don't have much money at the moment, but would like to know who makes pokemon plushies. (please and thank you)

Newbie Post

Hi there, PKMNCollectors, I'm new here, introduced to the community to a very good friend of mine, so I'm hoping to have a peek into this community and share my interests in collecting Pokemon merchandising with like-minded people and hopefully make a lot of friends in the process as well, my name's Natalie, but most people call me Natsuki as a nickname-I also draw Pokemon a lot and play the games a lot, I'm a huge fan overall, and, uhh, gosh I hope I'm not screwing up my introductory post :'D It's nice to meet you all c: