March 18th, 2011

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Well my collection has exploded in size so it's time to start whittling it down again (too many impulse buys haha) and I'm moving next month (YAY!) so downsizing is necessary.

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((and to those who participated in the GA My_Chapstick and I ran, it has arrived and I will be sending out shipping totals today or tomorrow, so keep an eye on your in-boxes, thank you!))
PKMN - my trainer

Just askin around~

Hello everyone!! I've been a lurker for so long and I thought I'd just ask everyone to help me or inform me how I can get several Pokemon Japanese trading cards into my growing collection.

Small intro about my collecting - I collect only Japanese cards particularly the ones that feature my favorite pokemon (like a lot of you here). :)
My favorites are All the Eeveelutions, Houndoom, Manectric, Skuntank, Serperior, Mareep/Flaaffy, Murkrow, Zoroark, and Dratini/Dragonair. I'll share my collection another time XD

Right now, I am DESPERATELY searching for these following cards~ (only 4 cards for now)

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Anyone know where I can get these or anyone selling any of these cards?
Lovin this community...and it feels great to see others with this obsession!
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PokeCen Pickups

The Pokemon Center will open again on the 1st of April, and I will go and pick up these things then, along with everything listed on Sunyshore!

Right now I have a really large backlog of pickups from Sunyshore because I haven't been able to go at all for a week now, so the items I am offering to get are below! Later on once my load gets back to normal I can probably get some more 1/1 Emolga and Minccino + some other Victini goods as well.

Usually I leave card goods to my fellow Pokemon Center pickups competitors ;) But these are exclusive to the Center and I have a vested interest in them, plus an increase in requests to get them, so here they are!

I'm NOT taking payments until I am BACK with these goods because the center will NOT be open again until the 1st according to their answering machine. Please be patient with us and our rolling blackouts :(

-Post in the proper thread to reserve an item.
-Mention if you are getting multiple items, and leave a Sunyshore order # if you make one or already have one waiting.
-I will combine shipping on multiple items and Sunyshore orders, of course :) Your total will be adjusted when it is given to you for payment.


12$ Shipped each!


29$ Shipped!

last but not least, I have a general sale item.

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Okay, comment away. Please make sure you've read the ENTIRE post before you comment.

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Offers update and new items!


Hey guys, we've been pretty busy so haven't given much attention to updating the sales until now,

We'll be ending offers on the patches, and deciding which offers to take on the plush this upcoming Monday, March 21 at 12AM PST, so get your final offers in!

We've also added a new Houndoom patch for you guys.

We're gauging interest in these cards if you're interested in them click on the picture and it'll take you directly to the flats section.

We have many more plush still available, as well as many flats and figures. Click our shop to be teleported!


Last Vaporeon-07 GA reminder

Just letting you all know that this GA will be over in 10 hours! 

Also Fuzzy Rai + Music box + Metal fig GA's are on their way to me from Treasure Japan :> So YYAYAYYA, i recon 5 days and they'll be here.

Pokemon Pikachu Pokeball Phone!

 Heya! I've got some questions about a recent Pokemon item I've rediscovered. It's a Pikachu Pokeball Phone! It's malfunctioning and I need to find some replacement parts or send it to someone to fix it. I'm having a hard time locating this item on the web, so I have no clue if it is worth my time and effort to get it working again. It can make calls, and it rings (it's really cute). But the speaker in the phone must be broken because you cannot hear the dial tone, people talking, or the sound when you dial the numbers. Also, for whatever reason, you can't hang up the phone and end calls. It's frustrating. 

So Pokemon experts, can you tell me anything about it? How common it is, and where is a good place to get parts and etc?

Extra Info:
(c) Nintendo 1999, (c) Trendmasters INC 1999, Made in China
(I'll post more pictures if requested)

I got trade permission!!! / Wants

So I hit the 10 feedback mark and am finally allowed to trade with all you lovely people. As you know I mainly collect TFG's and other kaiyodos but i've been branching out a bit since I got here. 

(outdated picture of some of my doubles)



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new eeveelutions

Jakks Eeveelutions for Sale!

Hi guys!

I just wanted to make a quick post telling you that I found some Jakks Eeveelutions figures again and that I will be selling them for $12 each w/o the box, or $14 each in the box. If interested in them, please reply with which one you want, and if you want it shipped in the packaging or not. Below is what I have:

Quantity is the number in the ( )

(1) Vaporeon-[info]spideyroxas
(1) Leafeon-[info]spideyroxas
(1) Umbreon- [info]spideyroxas 



Hurry and get 'em before they are gone!!!


Sinnoh 'Mons Meiji Tin for sale!

So, through some unusual circumstances, I've ended up with this tin, that I don't particularly want :/ It's got lotsa legendary pokes on it and there's nothing wrong with it at all, I just don't want it!

(Chikorita for size reference only)

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I'm asking $35 shipped, and will throw in an ACEO of your choice and one of the zukan I have laying about, just please take it away ;-;

SOLD thank you!

Auction reminders!

Hi~ Just wanted to remind you that both my marble/fan/ponjyan tab auctions and figure auctions are ending in a little over a day, on Saturday March 19th at 11:59PM CST! Bid bid bid! :D

Click the pictures to go to the right pages! The upper pic also leads to my sales, so if you haven't checked them yet, now is your moment! :3

Also, my first Noppin box is now on its way to Finland! I'm so excited, there's lots of Raichu and Mew stuff included... But it was a lot heavier than I thought and the shipping cost was horrible >_____< Which means I really need money now... Stupid me. I guess it takes time getting used to this...
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(no subject)

Hey everyone! I hope I'm not being a bother, but I would love to know if there's a date for these guys' release:

Picture from AAPF. All information I've seen about them is that they're released this month. Just wondering if anyone knows a specific date or week? :) *excited for Woobat plushie*

in search of info on a makuhita! and wants

so I have been eying this plush purse for awhile now, but I can not seem to find any info anywhere other than pokemon plush project... >: I'm looking for more info or maybe even possibly someone who would sell it? here is the picture.

picture from pokemon plush project
so it says the brand is banpresto but the year is unknown.
anyone know how rare this is / how much it is worth? this is my most wanted item other than the future release of mainfoo's first official item. please help me out, all info is appreciated!

might as well throw in some makuhita wants as well~
makuhita retsuden
pokebell makuhita
and any card of makuhita
Pachirisu - w/ Drifloon
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Pachirisu is ready to help Japan!

trololo sequence titles ANYWAY

As promised, this is the second post donating all profits to the Red Cross in order to help Japan. However, I'd like to set a maximum limit of 3 per customer because I'm only opening 3 rounds (18 slots) and I want everyone to have a chance to help :>

Like last time, I'm only offering >>>> charms I've drawn before <<<< so if it's not pictured or on that list, you'll have to wait for my regular charm commissions, which I will be reopening in April.

Charms are $5 each, plus $1.50 to the US/CAN, $2.50 to UK/EU, and $4.00 elsewhere.
Payment must be received within 24 hours or your slot will be passed on to the next in line. Really sorry about that but stragglers make this much harder than it needs to be >n<

So without further ado...
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When sending payment, PLEASE put your LJ name and what you bought in the memo!

Thanks for helping, and have a great weekend!

Small Collection Update/ Jakks Zorua Question!

I wasn't going to do an update so soon, but I was super excited about a custom I got in the mail yesterday! I also got my Jakks Zorua in the mail today, and something seemed a little weird about him. I want to know if all Jakks Zorua are like that. XD;
Also, my 1:1 Sentret plush auction will be ending tonight. He still has no bids.
(The auction is at the bottom of the page.)
Here, I even made a fancy preview this time!

Edit:I actually now know what kind of plush my Minun is, so I am looking for its Plusle partner! I'm looking for the price range of a 2004 Yawarakai Banpresto Plusle!
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Chillarmy Doll

Just one question...

Hiya!~ I have one question to ask all of you today: Does anyone know the current stock of pokemon plush at Epcot? The senior trip at my school is this week, and one of my friends is going and said she could pick me one up. The only problem is that she's not into pokemon at all and I have to text her the one I want.. But I don't know the current stock as I have never been to Epcot. D: If anyone can help me, please tell me! :D 

Event Card Request and Plushie Question


Writing today for two reasons:

1) does anyone with sales permission have an extra Celebi and Zodiac promo card they would be willing to part with? I've found two ppl that have one, but they couldn't't sell it to me. I was hoping to get one for about $5 or so. I wanted to go to the FL mall event to pick one up, but it is 3 hours away and I can't get a ride.

2) does anyone know if the following pokedolls (or plushies in general) have been released in the US: lillipup, purrloin, and the deerlings? I'm hoping to buy them next weekend if Disney has them. I want to know if I should even hope to see them there. ^^;

This is my first time writing an lj post from my phone. I hope it turns out okay. Oo'



clipping figure group buy!

I've fallen in love with Galvantula and I need more of him in my life. So!

The auction has a BIN so these are claims, and therefore first come, first serve! Each figure will probably be around $5-6 each depending on middleman fees, plus shipping from them-to-me and me-to-you. I'll be claiming Galvantula, but everyone else is up for grabs :D I ship from the US! Here is a better view of some of these, borrowed from Sunyshore.

You can still claim leftovers if you're interested! The first payment for each figure will be $6.23 if you're in the US and $6.30 if you're international.

Drilbur -
Snivy - karoia
Oshawott - marshallgregson
Pidove -
Zekrom - tealbulbasaur
Reshiram - crasherwake paid!
Axew -
Ur Mom
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Collectiony Update Time!

&I haven't been around the community for a while, because I had to get my finances and other stuff in order.   But things are falling back into place and I've started to get a few things ^^

For those who've not seen me around, I am a female collector, almost 26 years old and Iive in Australia.  My first and favourite collection is Mew, and I have a lot of side collections XD

For now, I'm just going to show off my new gets, as I'm in the process of retaking all my collection photos.

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While I'm here, does anyone have any Zuruggu stuff for sale?  Got any double up charms? Merch that you got but weren't too thrilled with?  Any pants lizards needing a new home?  I have a little extra funds, so let me know what you got, and we might come to an arrangement  =D

Thanks for looking ^^

Taking offers on MIP KFC Vulpic Plush

Yep, so I got no interest last time so I thought  I should try once more. The only flaw... The top where its sealed has a hole the size of a pinky finger in it. Other than that, Its MIP. I am considering keeping her so if offers aren't tempting enough to me, I'll be keeping him. Offers start at $7. Offers end on Monday March 21st at 6 pm EST.

Please put questions and comments in the proper thread.

happy shi

Sales Clean out ~ and Update

I recently came across some Hasbro and Jakks figures I believe there,
Used and very loved they may be good for possibly re-paint shiny jobs.But thats my opinion :]! you can always keep them as is. They had fights with crayons and markers...Lol I did my best clean them with Magic Eraser but not all marks came off,anyone know of another cleaning product that may help?

But if you like to see them,there up for sale in my journal!
Im also still trying sell some extra eevee items and few plushes so feel free to browse.
(figs include mainly dialga and palkia)

And a tiny update!
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Cottonee merchandise?


Hi everyone, long time no see^_^

As I haven't been on as much lately I may have missed new merchandise updates, so I was just wondering, has any Cottonee merchandise been announced and if so when will it be released?
I know one plush of it has been announced from the My Pokemon Collection set but has anything else been announced?

Thanks again,
Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie


I have been threatening to do a collection update! As a friend can testify, it took me a couple of weeks to get around to taking pictures XD
but lo and behold, pictures <33

I'll do a mini-introduction. My name is Honey, I'm from the UK and I collect both Pikadolls and Pokabus. Intro over :D

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Onto my second and much bigger collection; Pokabu/Tepig. I still call them Pokabus lol just not used to Tepig!

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I'm gonna conclude this post with small sales. I'm studying abroad next year and I'm doing some serious collection weeding as everything will go into storage for a year and I can't hold everything so unforuately a few of these guys have to go ;o;

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Thanks for checking out my collection update! I hope you like my pikadolls and pokabus :D

ALSO: To all those involved in Angela_samshi's GA, all but one have paid up so I've sent payment and hopefully should get the box in next week or so :D
On that note, if anyone wants to take over a $12 bid for a Skymin Pokedoll, please ask here. I am not tolerating late-payers or people who aren't paying at all

Wants: Looking for a few specific cards

 To complete my collection. Must be from the original cards like from the 90s :


Non Holo:
Raticate* ( I know random)
Mew (unless there is a holo)

The ones with the stars I straight up don't have. The rest I have in Japenese, which bugs my OCD.

Offers please :)