March 19th, 2011

intro post (at last) and zukan help/)

hi everyone!
its been along time since i introduced myself (im here from October) so here it is:

My names Jason more known here as jazon4441. i live in Moscow its kinda of hard to find Pokemon stuff here so i buy it of from sites. i have come to [info]pkmncollectors to find friends, collect, ask and buy stuff. i mostly collect Tomy figures. i have some kids figures, Hasbros, a lot of TCGs, a couple of bootlegs, Pokemon games, 2 plushes and etc...

so heres my question about Zukans:
do Zukans sell only in Japan or in different countries?

and just to add somethings to this post:
Shiny Suicune MC+ (want)                                              Arceus Metallic MC+ (interest) 

the Shiny Suicune MC+ is my want.) the Arceus mettalic MC+ is a interest to somebody.

thanks for lookin
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A new member appears!

 Hey guys and gals! My name is ricky, but you can call me Truxor (as my username suggest). I used to just look around at all the cool stuff here (a friend from the pokemon league I run introduced me to this). But now I want to buy stuff like crazy! :D Hopefully, I'll get trading permission soon, but I'm in no hurry. I'm really interested more in TCG stuff, but I do love me some plushes. If you wanna know anything else about me, then post a comment or feel free to pm me! Hope to do business with some of you soon!
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Plush Collectors lend me your ears!

Just a quick FYI on shipping: I started to ship out packages week so expect your stuff in the next week or two :3 (of course it’d be longer if you’re international).

Next, I’ve been having a lot of fun recently with my collection. The funny part is, I’m having fun with packing up all my stuff for storage XD!

Since I’m going to college soon, my collection will be locked away for a bit. Once I move out of the dorms second year, I'll get an apartment to myself and have a new place to display my collection :3! Now figures and such are easy to display with a few bookshelves and tabletops, but plush are a whole different story.

I have at least 150 plush and I’m constantly adding to the pile. I want a nice way to display them, but where I can save space in a small living area. I’d like to see/read about your plush collections (large and small) and how they are displayed. I want to get some ideas about how different displays look, how much they can hold and how much room it takes up. I ask so soon because I really wanted to plan ahead on this since I may have to save up some money to buy some cases, hammocks, cubbies, etc.

So yeah, show me what ya got Porfa-please :3!

Oh and to get an idea of my collection dynamics, here’s a really old video of the majority of my plush before starting to be locked away:

Thank you guys very much! Oh and I plan to have a very special collection update soon, filled with grail gets and mall tour goodness X3!!

Big Eevee Plush?

Hey everyone!

I just encountered a huge play by play Eevee plush on a random dutch site. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this plush. If yes, I'll likely buy it and sell/auction it when I have sales permission.
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Image taken from google. I believe this one is from the Pokeplushproject.

So let me know if you're interested!

Random Major Want

I was just wondering if any of you all have this plush and are willing to sell it... I missed buying one in an auction a few months ago and yeah ;_; So let me know!

Thanks so much guys! I'll post a proper update soon, after my semester is over! (I've been veryyy busy lately Dx)

Sales Post

I haven't posted my sales post in quite some time (yes I do have permission) and something has come up that I'd love to get my hands on for my Raichu collection. :3 So please click the banner to visit my shop. For the most part, I've gone through everything and have marked what I no longer have for sale, so everything should be updated. :3

Also, I'm taking offers on this guy:

Raichu chupa surprise figure. :O Offers start at $15.
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Quick wanted post.

A buddy of mine is going through a rough time and I wanted to get him a little something to cheer him up and to thank him for being a good friend. I've been looking through sales posts here a bit this week, but there's so many I can't keep up!


I'm looking for either a Vulpix canvas plush or an Eevee Pokedoll (any release) with tags. I'd say I'm looking to spend not more than $25 on whichever (excluding shipping). Anyone have one of these they're selling?

Pokemon goods for sale!

I have finally had a chance to go through all my Pokemon stuff and sell the stuff I can't keep.
I am moving to Japan next week, so I'm on a bit of a time limit- all sales must wrap up by Wednesday, March 23rd.

PLEASE comment directly in the sale post on sarahs4sale with your zip code to make a purchase. If you comment with only a question, your item is still up for grabs for someone else.
All purchases over $20 will include tracking, paid by me. Purchases under $20 will split the tracking (50cents).

Sales permission granted on 03/17/11 by dakajojo 
I have selling feedback available on ebay and here, as well as in my selling journal  <--added to the master list in this community <3

PS- I am getting so involved in Pokemon white!! 
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Hi I'n new!

Hi guys, so I have been browsing this for a while now and I decided to make my own account so I can start becoming more serious in my collecting. Anyway so far in my collection I own a few TFG's a couple of older toys, manga and a pokemon nintendo 64 :D
I have been very interested in the pokemon zukan collection, and would love to own some myself, however since I am not yet a "serious" collector I would proabably be going for the newer sets, the ones that are easier to come by and cheaper. So can anyone recommend me to any sites that sell new pokemon zukan sets, the genuine legit sites that sell the proper Japan zukan merchandise.
Thanks guys, I hope I my collection can become as good as some of yours in the future :D
(Btw I live in Western Australia)

Weekly Wants

It's me again! With first off figure wants:

If anyone has a Venusaur FCS lying around, I'd love it. Also on the lookout for a Venusaur figure if it was EVER done as chess piece or TFG, because its size would be perfect in my current collection.

Also wanting any miniposters/leaflets/postcard with movie art on em.
TCG wants list. (doesn't matter if it's english or japanese)
Strikes means cards were found and awaiting outgoing payment :3

Neo Destiny: Dark Scizor
Skyridge: charizard, noctowl, heracross
Aquapolis: tentacruel, miltank, rapidash
Team Rocket Returns: Wooper
EX emerald: Electrode, feebas
EX Dragon: magikarp, Graveler (no.30), horsea (33) Grovyle
EX Hidden Legends: registeel
EX Deoxys: Silcoon, shiftry
Delta Species:  Slowking, Dragonair
EX Holon Phantoms: Camerupt, regirock
EX Unseen Forces: Wooper
Legends Awakened: Kyogre, poliwhirl
Diamond and Pearl:  ponyta, mantyke, vespiquen
Supreme Victors: garchomp
Rising Rivals : Heracross GL
Triumphant: Porygon-Z
Gym Challenge: Blaine
Gym Heroes: Erika's Weepinbell
11th movie comemoration set: Shaymin

Thank you in advance!

Store Pick Up Update and Pay Pal FAIL If you are currently doing business please read

If you are currently doing business please read

so, I've been having issues with my paypal account and they have limit my account for 180 days because they are unable to identify me...

well...this sucks. I'm sorry to all especially those who bought things form my store pick up. I have not made the run yet so I'm going to say now that if you bought anything from the store run you're getting refunded

Also, please don't send payments to me because I am unable to.

For the time being, I'm going to be using my parents paypal but this is just to keep you guys updated.

:( once again I apologize. I'm trying my best to sort things out with them.
Venu Pokedoll


I swear I'll delete this as soon as I find what I'm after REALLY I MEAN IT.
So it's my birthday soon OH GOODY YAY, and while I don't have a whole lot of money for much of anything right now, I have enough money to finally be able to splurge on one of these:

I'd enjoy having the 2007 American release, but I'm honestly not all that fussed. 8) A KYOGRE DOLL IS A KYOGRE DOLL YES?

Just to make thing's quicker, I'm located in Australia.

I'd tag this onto a collection update, BUT I'LL BE DAMNED IF I AM NOT BURIED IN HOMEWORK ATM.
This is why I love school so. B|

raising awareness

*don't know if this is allowed, but if it isn't i'll delete right away*

so i recently came to the community asking if anybody had opened a dispute with me and taken money from my account, since i had NO INFORMATION about the dispute or the person who opened it.

turns out it was a hacker that goes by the name of "jurgen jurgen" who hacked into my account and (i guess) conformed the dispute so that the money ($75 in total) can be taken from my bank account. it especially sucked for me because i had NO MONEY in my bank account, so now i have to pay $35 dollars or so to my bank...

i got contacted paypal and they manged to confirm him as a hacker and gave me my money back (yay!)
but i also noticed something really disturbing...
i am POSITIVE i have seen his name before, especially when i am taking GA payments or sales payments.

then i heard that some hackers like to take small amounts of money ($3-$4) when sellers are taking in payments (like in ebay or this community). sometimes these small amounts will go unnoticed and the hacker can make a decent fund from all the people they take from.

so what am i implying?
i think this hacker has actually taken money from me before when i'm busy with GA payments.

so i just want to warn everybody in this comm to familiarize yourself with "jurgen jurgen" and keep and eye out every time you are taking in a lot of payments. not saying you should go and change all your passwords or something unnecessary like that, i really just want people to be aware of this hacker because, take it from me, being hacked SUCKS.

well that is all at the moment, i'm hoping to ship put more packages this next week and update the shipping list then (since i forgot to last time >-<). thank you for your time, and be safe!
S Greninja Pokedoll

sales and plushie question!

Moshi Moshi Sales

I'm afraid I haven't updated yet but there are still some things left in my sales if anyone's interested. :) I do plan on adding a few plushies from my previous offers to my sales with a base price. Please feel free to haggle on anything, most of it just really needs to go. ^^; And everything has now been shipped! :D Just need to send one package for a trade I'm pretty excited about. ;) I know there was also some interest in a few items before but they were either declined at the time or I never heard back from people, so here's a reminder if you need one!

I am planning on doing a collection update as long as a few more items come in. My collection has grown a lot and I've had to do a ton of rearranging to accommodate! XD I seem to be gathering small pockets of Pokemon and have grouped them accordingly~ So yes that will likely be my next post! :D

As for the question about plushies. I know it's been brought up before but I can't find the post, so I was just wondering, is there any way of washing/cleaning minky fabric plush to restore them to their original softness? I have a loved minky Pokedoll and I'd love him to feel as soft as he did before if possible.

Sorry for the boring post! I won't post wants since I have no funds left now (need to save what little I have left for GA payments) but I'm perhaps more open to trades right now if anyone sees anything of interest~
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Large Tomy Vulpix

I really want one, and was wondering, how much is the average that they go for? They are super cute.  Also, for you owners of them, what fabric are they made of, what stuffing (Beans or polyfil?) and, arethey heavy/durable?  Thanks for any answers!

L-j Cut for an offtopic question!
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Multipurpose post

#1: Card identifications (all holo). How much are they worth? 
#2: Want to help out Japan, any cell charm you buy, money goes to donation.
#3: Jeansama's GA!

#1: Card identifications

So I have recently gotten these cards. All are holos of Jolteon, Arcanine, Granbull and Lugia, but I have no idea how much they are worth. If you would like to have them, you are free to give me offers :)
(though if you want Lugia, I am considering keeping this, but I will see, depends on the offer given)

#2 I want to help out Japan as well. I am considering getting at least 50$, but it would be great to raise 100$. 

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Auction and Sale Reminders, Collection Update, and look what I made ~

Alright so, I have a long overdue collection update. Its one big picture cause I'm lazy. Anyway I also have a sales and auction reminder. Also, sorry for posting so soon again but I HAD to share this custom I made and I figured it wouldn't hurt to throw this stuff in as well :)

The auction is here.

The sales are here. Don't bid on the plush there.

This is my collection. My new gets are the teddiursa line zukan from fizzycat, the zigzagoon kid from nagaineko, and the groudon kid and kabuto BK squirter from godudette. I accidentally a
bootleg grimer line collection.
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Flea Market Gets + Houndoom/dour Collection

Hi! ^^

Making my first "gets" post. So excited! lol. WARNING! Image heavy under cut!

So, I was disappointed about not getting to go to the Black and White Mall Tour event in Florida this weekend. So, instead, I went searching for Pokemon stuff at the Flea Market. And I was shocked that I was successful! ^^

Collapse ) does anyone know where I can get Pokemon TCG cards in other languages (besides English and Japanese)?

Thanks for looking! :D

~ Risha

Recent Gets-General Collection Update

Super duper, making a first GETS post here, got some nice things last week: A Magmortar Banpresto plush for $10, I named him Mr. Kisses *3* Among Mr. Kisses are 3 Pokemon Kids figures that I got 2 per pack for $3 each per pack(Not pictured is a Lapras that I got, traded it to my sister's boyfriend for the Tepig DS stylus Mr. Kisses is holding); the Kids are Meowth, Nidoking and Fearow-and pictured below is a Feraligatre Tomy figure-which I'm positive is just a really well done bootleg since the material it's made from feels weird compared to other Tomy figures, plus its paint smells kind of weird :s-and pay no attention to the shiny Swampert figure, my sister painted her for me last year and I really just wanted to put her in the photo-her name is Kipz ;3

happy rattatas

First ever pokemon commission post

Hello everyone!  I am opening a few slots for my very first commissions ever!  Due to a move and an exsessive amount of yarn, I am here offering my services!

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I am taking my first ever comissions for what I call My Chrochet Minions and Chrochet Pillows STYLED works

**Please allow some time to pass for crochet commissions, I am picky about my work and will not rush it.  It may take more than a week from start to finish before I ship it to you, thank you for your patience**

**Also I appologize that none of my examples are of pokemon based characters, the people I made these for would hang me out to dry if I made them pokemon, and I rarely make anything for myself or just to make it.  The examples are primarily to show you the STYLE since this is my first commission post on the community.**

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If you would like to see some PokeCrochet I've finished, you can see some of them here and here

I'm also open minded to a trade oustside of my slots if you are interested in the "normal style crochet" as seen in the two links above, minion or pillow, but it will come last to paid comissions and might be turned down just due to time available.

Thank you for looking and I greatly appriciate any ideas/suggestions/critiques that you are willing to give.

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