March 20th, 2011


Reintroduction... Sorta! (Collection Update!)

sup guys.

My username may be new, but I've been here for a while. C: I was swtlilangel666 and I've finally transitioned from my username from when I was like... 14 to my new username. :D I absolutely love Sandile, and I was amazed that this username wasn't taken when I signed up for it.

I haven't posted a collection update in a while, so since I JUST finished finals, what better way to start off my break than with a collection update!

Last time you saw my collection it looked like this:

Well, that has pretty much remained the same, except I now also have this:

Yeeeeeah. All my newer stuff has been living in that giant box. XD

I've received a ton of Piplup items from Y!J and from the comm; it's waaaaay too much to post here, but I'll post a few of my favorites. C:

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Recently, we had a post where we traded links. I didn't have time to reply to everyone but  I have posted everyone's links in my website now! <3 Thank you all who shared links ;o;

You can see the rest of my collection and links to other people's collections at my website:


I'm always open to trading links, so just let me know! :)

Victini, LJ errors, collection!

Hello Community!
I found a soon to be released item for Victini :D I love that little rascal. I don't have anymore room/money to start another collection. Curse you for making adorable things Pokemon people!

I am having an issue with LJ. I am no longer being notified of comments, replies, or messages! I checked my settings and they haven't changed. It was fine 3 days LJ?! So I am not ignoring you guys! I seriously don't know what is wrong :< I honestly used to think people were making it up that their messages weren't working to get out of trouble....but it really does mess up...*sad day* Any ideas on how to fix it??

Look what I got from dionashi the other day. Awesome seller on here btw :) Isn't it the cutest Pika ever?! My kung fu Mijumaru is for size ref. I was able to get the marks off with magic eraser. Good as new!!

Thanks everyone!! Have a great weekend!

Some new sales coming soon. Added a few things here


Dailyboothers anyone? Show off your collection to me piece by piece!

Good morning UK! :B And rest of the world, this is just a quick update, a bit off topic, but I just wondered if any of you have a Dailybooth account?
While I only like to do collection updates as a whole on here (hence why i havent done one in SO LONG) I have realised that as each addition arrives Im always Dailyboothing it!
So I just thought it might be fun to introduce this to you, the site is, and i share the same screen name there as I do on pretty much every site you can think of.

To show examples, look under the cut!

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Wants reminder

Posting these up as a reminder :3

Looking for Venusaur FCS, Battle pose Tomy. Semi-grail would be the unreleased TFG but I doubt I,ll ever come across it >D
Also wanting any miniposters/leaflets/postcard with movie art on em. (currently have the unown japanese postcard and loving it, and an offer for the shaymin movie poster. Also have the arceus and zoroark movie chirashi/leaflets)
Under cut to save space: TCG wants list. Doesn't matter if it's english or japanese!
Strikes means cards were found and awaiting outgoing payment :3
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Thank you in advance!


silly little wants post

 I'm looking for a few plush! Some of them aren't rare but I would like to know the cheapest price I can get them for:

The Samurott Pokedoll! I've seen him on Sunyshore for around $38 + shipping but I was just wondering if anyone knows where I can get him for less? Probably not, I was just wondering though! :)

The Plusle Pokedoll! I have the Minun coming in the mail that I purchased for $8.50 and I would love to have the two together <3

The Lapras Pokedoll! I was bidding on one on eBay but I lost it ;_;  Thank you allinia ~!

The Cherrim Pokedoll! I always liked Cherrim, especially in its sunshine form. I wish it stayed like that all through the game instead of just during Sunny Day :(

I'm also looking for rarer Pokedolls like the Kanto starters, Houndour, Espeon, and Butterfree but I know I can't get them very cheap right now. And I'm looking to buy Blitzle and Whimsicott also! So if you have any information on any of them please inform me. Thank you! :)

Grail, other items & a question

I never really had a grail before. There were items that I really wanted to get that I thought were rare, but never considered them my grail until last year when I saw a picture of the Pokemon Center Gameboy Light system.  Besides Pokemon, I like to collect Nintendo hand-held systems. I own a few Pokemon Center edition hand-helds all ready (if you guys remember some of my other posts), but I think that the Pokemon Center Gameboy Light is the nicest designed one that I own.

(If you care to see my Nintendo hand-held collection, go here: The Gameboy Family)

Follow the Groudon for more stuff ^_^
(Somewhat image heavy!)
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I've been getting a lot of Groudon stuff lately.  He's been turning into one of my major favorite Pokemon.  I have the USA with the red Pikachu hang tag and the Epcot red Pikachu hang tag Pokedolls.  I was  wondering how hard is it to find a Groudon Pokedoll with the Japanese hang tag and is the new USA Groudon Pokedoll still around?  I would love to get both versions.  (Also, please let me know how much would I expect to pay for the JP version.)

B/W Pokedoll Pick-ups

Zorua and Zoroark pokedolls, along with Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Emolga, Minccino, Axew, Sandile, Pidove, Munna and Musharna Pokecen plush and large Zekrom and Reshiram Pokecen plush are available!

All previous orders have been packaged and will be sent out tomorrow!

Also, I give discounts on orders of multiple pokedolls! An order of four pokedolls comes out to $60, and eight pokedolls to a very discounted $118 (both prices include US shipping). I am currently unable to include freebie candies; the international supermarket seems to have run out. D:

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i'm searching for a pokedoll :3

I'm looking to buy just one for now, since I am supposed to use my own money at the moment.
Anyway, the ones I'm looking for are:


I'm also considering to get pokemon cards to add to my collection, only of my favorite ones and all the starter pokemon + their evolutions. How much would one consider a good price for the cards?
aipom pokedoll tag

BW UK Tour Shirt

 Hi guys, yesterday djgigabyte  and I got to the BW Tour in Newcastle's Metrocentre before the shops had even opened so we could get the limited distribution t-shirts. However I'm not actually that keen on the shirt, so I'm considering selling mine.

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So for the next couple of days I'll be taking offers on the shirt. Comment below if you're interested.

I received sales permission from [info]denkimouse  in August of 2010.
Florence Welch

Cheap-rear end card sales

Rules are cool! Read them.

- I ship anywhere! But please, for this sale make sure your purchase is at least one dollar usd before shipping.
- Please allow me a week or two to ship!
- Feel free to haggle! Large orders get discounts.
- I will hold items for 24 hours
- All cards will be shipped in a protective toploader and sleeve. Shipping for a regular envelope will be $1 for any order, $2 for any order shipped in a bubble mailer for extra protection.

All cards are in mint/near mint condition. No bends, creases, tears, or scratches. Minor edgewear is the worst you'll see on any of these.

Leafeon - $1.00
Eeeveelution promos - 75c each or all 3 for $2 Flareon Sold

Suicune - $1.00
Charizard - 75c
Lugia/Ho-Oh promos 75c ea. or both for $1.25

Manectric - 25c
Sceptile - 50c
Gyarados - $2.00
Scyther EX - $2.00

Reverse Holo Dawn Stadium - $1.00
Vaporeon - 75c
Dusknoir - 50c
Chansey - 50c
Dialga - 50c
Zapdos - $1.00
Tyranitar $1.00

Electrode $2.00

Arcanine - 50c
Absol - 50c
Reverse Holo Palkia - 75c
Mightyena - 50c
Vulpix - 15c

(ps.- pretty sure this is ok outside of a cut, but if not, give me a holler.)
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Everyone who got stuff from me, I first want to apologize for the delay. I thought I'd be able to finish and ship everything before moving, and then it was upon me. I didn't anticipate all I had to do for it, and how fast it was gonna go by. And once I moved (back in with family in Washington State after living in LA) I was trying to adjust after having been on my own for a couple years, and then got Terribly sick (apparently this happens a lot when people adjust to new climates) So that put all the things off even more.

Just wanted to let you all know I'll be finishing up the rest that I haven't finished yet, and shipping everything out right away, so fret no more!

Also, so this isn't a boring post to everyone, here's a sketch I did that I haven't posted yet of me riding my Garbodor/Dasutodasu Totoro (because he's just a garbage totoro) And a little Trubbish!


Hope you're all doing well! :D (and can forgive me for the delay) :B

another new one =0

hello, people of pkmncollectors, im a fellow pokemon collectors who signed up to livejournal just for this.
i don't know how all of this works, so please help...?
anyway, i was a fan of pokemon since i was like 5 years old(now 15) and i decided to become more of a collector.
i live in holland, were there's not much pokemon craze, or collecting abilities.
my main goal will be pokemon zukan, the reason why i became intressed in colleting in the first place. second, i need like 20 pokemon cards to make a complete pokedex of al pokemon!
so far i have like: a lot of pokemon cards, some figures and some plushies(old ones).
hope my collection whill grow soon.
greets, sander

Reminder for offers!


Hey guys just a reminder, offers will be ending for the patches and pokedolls below tonight at 12:00AM PST

We'll be starting offers for the Bandai Cardass just click the picture to get to the flats.

Again, we have many more plush, flats and figures still available. Click the icon to get there!

indiffernt quagsire
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Collection Update and Wants

:D Little collection update! Considering I started at the beginning of the year w/no real collection to speak of I think I have amassed a respectable amount! I am really trying to limit myself to just things i REALLY want and not things i just think are super cute... because pretty much everything is super cute!!

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On another note I am looking for a decently priced Munna Pokedoll (MWT please) 

My good friend is in love w/this pokemon (not one of my favs XD ...) and I would love to get one for her ~ so if anyone has one for sale please let me know, and the price you are looking for.
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Selling old Pokemon items? and other questions

i've been watching this LJ for a while and finally decided to join. I have a huge collection of older Pokemon items (from the very beginning for a few years I was an avid collector). I need to thin out my collection and keep just a few of my favorite things, but I have no idea if people still like the old items. Do people still collect kanto pokemon stuff?

All the stuff is at my grandma's house right now, but I can take pictures this summer. I won't have a lot of time there though so I need to figure out if I want to sell the stuff here or on ebay or something. Here are a few things I remember having that I wont be keeping.

Lots of tcg cards from 1st ed base through some Rocket including some of the misprint cards
Lots of Japanese promos including original birthday Pikachu, vending cards, southern islands, gym decks, Corocoro Togepi/Marrill, ancient Mew, Neo binder, more
Lots of Tomy 2 inch figures
6 inch or so trainer figures
Gold card Burger King promo pokeballs
KFC beanie plushes
and lots of other stuff from that time period

Is it probably best just to make a few big auctions on ebay?

I also have a question regarding the Zukan 1/40 scale figures. Are they coming to america? I would like to collect the original 151 but can't pay $10-20 per figure.

EDIT: I forgot I had another question. The Tomy figures in the US used to come with gym badge pins. I remember having at least two or three different ones. Did they ever release all 8 kanto badges? Or did someone else make them? Not the TCG badges that look like this: but ones that look like actual badges. I can't find a picture. Sorry.
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 My camera has no batteries -cry-

I managed to drain enough of the juice to get pictures of my recent gets and finish updating my card shop XD
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My new shop where I moved my cards,its finally done...1 month later >.>

Deerling Custom Hats for Auction + Egg Pillows for Auction

So it's that time of a month again for my customs hats! I've been planning this batch of hats since January to be done on March 20th - the first day of Spring - so I'm proud to present 4 one of a kind Deerling Hats for auction! <333



I've also got some premade egg pillows up for auction as well! Up for grabs are Cofagrigus, Summer Deerling, Whimsicott, Woobat and Snivy!


There's two pokedolls I've been chasing after for sometime now so everything made here will be put to them! There is also a buy-it-now option this time around! Details under the cut~



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In other news, I finished my batch of egg Pokemon pillows sooner then I thought and I'm actually on my final pillow commission now, so my pillow slots are open in case anyone wants one!:

 I can also now apply Pokedoll art to my pillows if anyone is interested in that choice as well. Here are two recent commissions of them:


GA #2 - Tomy Figures

I found the following 3 auctions by the same seller. I have already contacted them and they agreed to a very good combined shipping price.  So let’s have a GA.


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Please wait while put up threads.  Thanks
Okay, Bidding is CLOSED.

UPDATE: We Won!!  Totals will be PM'd to the participants.

Auction Links:

UPDATE 3/30/11: GA arrived.  Everything needs cleaning, but most appear to be in good condition.  Started new post here:


Jakks series 18

I found these today and wanted to know if there was any interest before I dish out the money on them

I only found 1 of each.
Shaymin-sky form

Let me know and I'll scoop 'em up for everyone! They'd probably be $19 shipped for the 3 pack. $10 for the item+tax+all the fees(shipping, fee, package). I wouldn't charge any commission. Just don't want to lose any money, either.

Sales post!

Hi all! From everyone who bought from me before, I am shipping packages out tomorrow for sure since the car had to go to the shop during the weekend <3 I'll give you a message once I send it out. For people buying today before 2PM tomorrow, I can send it the same day. =) I have stuff like Vulpix, Butterfree zukans, Beast PLAMOs, megabloks and more, Clicky click for rules and sales!

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New pokedolls?

Ok, I've been a bit off community for a while so I'm back and confused.

What are the new released pokedolls from Gen V right now?
EDIT: Which are pokecen tag and which are pokedoll tags?

Pokedoll tags:

Normal size:

Larger Size (20-25cm):

Pokecen tag
NOT pokedolls, but pokecen plush:
Deerling(all seasons)

I'll update the list as we find out. :D
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Cofagrigus and Yamask Pokemon kids

Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if anyone had a Cofagrigus and Yamask Pokemon kid with box and sticker for sale and if so how much would it cost to ship them to Australia,  I may not be able to buy it depending on the price?
Also, has anyone brought from ebayer "dazzleraredigital" before and if so what was your experience with them?

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks again,
I Want!
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WANTED: B/W Tour Starter Patches

First, a confession: I was going to stay at my dad's for the entirety of spring break, but I told my mom I wanted to see her, so she flew me out to Arizona. But... in reality, I wanted to go to the B/W Mall Tour to get.... STARTER PATCHES. And what happens when I get there? They're giving out paper "visors" instead of them. WHAT. 

So pkmncollectors , I need your help! I NEED THESE  IN MY LIFE!

I am willing to sell you my soul for these patches. I also have a Tepig Pokecenter Plush that I won on the wheel that I could happily offer in a trade or what-not. I can also offer drawings, flat-plush keychains, and payment. I just need them...please. o3o
I feel bad for the members here who were with me- they had to experience my heartbroken theories about how the staff members were hiding the patches from me. Still, it was so wonderful to see everyone again and to meet some people for the first time! :D
And in case anyone is interested, here is my loot from the tour, minus the two shirts I bought: LOOT

Collection update + lowered prices on sale items + small wants

Hello, all. As said in the subject, there will be an awesome collection update of Latias and Dialga.


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Second, there are quite a few figures left in my sales post. So I decide to lower my price by 25%, before shipping and fees, on every single item you purchase . This offer will last for one week, so get your wants off quick! Click the picture to be transported.

Finally, I am looking for a Jakks Flareon and Jolteon figure if anyone is considering selling theirs. :)

Questions for Custom Plush Sellers/ Buyers

 I want to start making custom plush. I was thinking large, pillow like plush modeled after the Charmander and Dragonite pillow plush.  I would of course need to begin getting feedback to sell them or trade them but I would like to begin practicing now. They will be made out of ver soft material and mostly be lay down plush. They will all be very big unless otherwise specified. 

My first one will be a Quagsire, because it seems a little easier (cuz of the eyes and shapes). I have successfully made half of a large espeon and it looks great but I messed  up part and never went back to it. 

I was just wondering how you guys go about it and what you would charge because once I get sales permission (though for a while Id only be offering trades) I was wondering how long it would take to save up for a better sewing machine. 

I was thinking that it would make sense to ask for a deposit to buy the materials; 20 for the main color, than 5 for each additional (considering these will be huge plush. About 2 feet long.) Also I believe there would be a 10-15 deposit for the stuffing because I bought a bag last time for 9.99 and it wasn't enough. How much do you charge in the end for a very high quality doll. Because knowing me and my OCD, this would be something I would spend like a day straight on but have it look absolutely as I intended it to.  
I feel that 100 dollars  (or that worth in trade) is reasonable for a great quality really large custom plush and more for complex ones (like a vulpix for the on his head or a vaporeon for his marks, or much more for a pokemon like Reshitram. Then cheaper for ones like hoot hoot and Quagsire.
I was just wondering if this is something I just invest my time in. I know I can be very good at it, I already am getting there. But I do have to get a job to pay for some things. If I was able to make a doll for 100 dollars a week I would be fine, though. I just kind of want to make them but like taking requests and being challenged. But I wont begin to invest in a sewing machine and such if I don't have enough time or make a lot of money.  (Please don't think I am being greedy, I just don't want it to become a stress that isn't worth it at times.)
I  would hope to start, and get enough feedback to trade and take orders by this summer in June or July. I can practice on a doll of your requests but cant recieve deposits or guerantee that you will ever receive it. Lol. But if you would like to see me try and potentially buy it over the Summer, feel free to let me know what interests you. I have been thinking about it for a while now I just need to decide if it's really worth it and get some questions answered.
What do you think? How much do you think it is worth?


A Big Sales Update

Well then, I finally made a sales update (because of all the stickers...they take me so long that I didn't cut them all, so it will depend on which people want :))

Things will be sold like:

Oshawott and Tepig styluses

TCG Holo cards

Gym leaders, trainers, etc stickers

XLarge stickers (each is about 4inches or 10cm big)

And also added lots and lots of freebies :)

If I will make enough money, I will donate it to Japan, since so far that I have made is 8$ only, including two people interested as well, which would make 24$ probably. If I will reach enough, I will donate at least 50$, so please help out, thank you so much! <3333

Here is the sales post:

Than you so much for viewing! <3333
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Long Overdue Re-intro/ Collection Update

Hey guys,
As I've mentioned a few weeks back in my Wants post, here is my Collection Update. Let me introduce myself since i'm still pretty new to the community. I've joined Pkm Collectors for about half a year now and I absolutely love it here, lots of rare stuff and the most up to date merchandise being sold. Also I love it how GA's run knowing that we're helping each other get what we want. But anyways, I'm from Singapore and I've only really started collecting pkm merchandise when I joined this community.

If you don't already know from my display Pic my favourite pokemon and collection is Minun although I don't have much merchandise currently (More are arriving soon!)

(This is my current Plush collection, quite a variety although you can see I prefer the electric rodents. Still missing Emonga!)

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One more thing, just some Wants before I end this post!

1) Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy TCG Figure all 3! (I don't collect cards though) I've seen some on ebay, but this community always is safer and friendlier :)

2) Spheal Plush

3) Anything awesome that is Minun related
4) Anything Awesome that is Mijumaru related (Plush! But not the poke center one)



Southern Islands Collection Auction Ending soon! *Edit*

Hey guys just a reminder that my auction for the Southern Islands Folder & Card set ends tomorrow at Midnight (UK time) so if you'd like a full set, get those bids in soon!

Follow the link!!

There's also a few things left in the Sales too ^__^

I'll be going away this week for my birthday! i've finally found out my secret plans! It's not officially my birthday until tomorrow but My partner is taking me to London for a few days and also Got me a fully paid for flight to Singapore for November! What an epic present XD

Okay so i thought it wouldn't hurt to add this! I'm after the Starter Patches from the Mall tour! Since The UK one was so crap we had nothing... these are a massive want of mine..

So if anyone has ANY for sale let me know!

Quick Wants Post!

Hey there everyone! I am currently waiting on all my items to come in before I make my Gets post for March, so in the meantime I figured I would go ahead and do a quick wants post.

Time for me to focus on my main collection, so let's get started. =)
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Vaporeon-07 GA won / Payments + Sales


YEEE GUYS, we did indeed win Vaporeon-07's GA, and we raised more than we needed! So discounts all around :D

I know there was a lot of mix up on the GA, people were bidding way past the timer deadline. At the time i was in no sober state to even find my way to LiveJournal let alone post a big fat ''WE WON STOP BIDDING'' over the journal. So sorry about that, but please be rest assured that i have deleted all outstanding bids and everythings in order :)




FKING LIFE TIME TO DO, I CANNOT STRESS TO YOU HOW MUCH TIME THIS TOOK ME, IM DEAD FROM MAKING THIS, wheres my medal and cup of tea, i deserve one of each.

Spreadsheet is HERE

Please send all payments to

For the sake of not risking anyone messing up this spreadsheet i SLAVED OVER, I will personally mark payments off. So PLEASE comment here when you've paid, and write in the paypal MEMO your LJ name, and Vaporeon GA payment 1

And please know its SO IMPORTANT for you to pay me right away, this is a very expencive GA and I CANNOT afford to cover anyone :(


Recently updated my sales and card trades. I do only sell flats because its easier and cheaper to ship them :>

Pokemon Tops, How Do They Work?

I recently received a Burger King Marill top and a big Hasbro Hitmontop toy, and I'm puzzled by how they are capable of spinning at all. They're so weighty, and my attempts to spin them just made em fall to the side, scraping the table. Upon further research, I realized Hitmontop requires a ripcord, but what about the tops? Do they require something to hold them up as they spin? If you know something, please post before my head explodes. Thank you.