March 22nd, 2011

Niou: Magic! *smirks*

my 2nd introduction ^^

i bought a lot from ebay, and had them collected today. they are totally love!
i would appreciate if anyone could tell me the series they are in, cause mostly are the 1998/9's series which i'm not sure of.... the seller who sold to me, kept them in too perfect condition, that i could have went kya for ages...

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Tomy MC question.

I've just been looking through the boxes where I've packed away all my Tomy MC 2" pokemon. I used to collect these avidly before I got into Zukan and now TFG. They've been gathering dust with nowhere to display them. But, I think I'll start a Facebook Site for them, to go with my Facebook "Pokemon Zukan" site, and I'll photo them all and put them up on there, at least as a reference if nothing else. I've been so out of the picture though that I don't know which ones are currently desirable (if any). I've got all 1st and 2nd gen pokes, and most 3rd (not sure they released figures for ALL 3rd before they moved onto 4th). Got some 4th, some 5th too. Actually some of these things are really nice. The top of my computer monitor is currently adorned with Plusle, minun, Skitty, Buneary, Ampharos, Manaphy, Jirachi, Crawdaunt, Phanpy, Wobuffet, Politoed and Croconaw. Though the shiny vinyl is less appealing to me than the matt finish of most Zukans, they're still very well crafted on the whole. I'll try and get a Facebook site up and running in the next week with a library of images, if anyone is interested. :)
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Pokemon TCG Languages?

I've got a copy of the base Rattata card in English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, and German... so the base set, at least, was clearly printed in several languages. Are the later sets, as well? Other languages I can be on the lookout for?

EDIT: For others who might be curious, here's the list I've gleaned from the comments thus far:

Japanese, English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Korean.

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Giratina fig

ALL THE FIGURES ARE SHIPPED! Hope you guys like them.

I have a promo giratina figure, the one that came with the games.

Would anyone trade him for a reshi/lugia/zapdos(or any ledgendary bird item) or gyrados item?

It's a nice figure and mine is in perfect condition.

I also was eyeing a 3 legendary set but I only want dialga and it's got gira and palkia. They're like 4" Would anyone want them for say, $7 or both extras for $10? Let me know and we can work something out.
digimon「 takatomon 」

Introduction + collection post.

Hello everyone! I've lurked around here and bought a few things, but I've never made a proper introduction for myself and my collection so ... I'm doing that now!

My name is Wundy. I've been a pokemon fan since the games were first released in the US and I love collecting merchandise for my favorite things (Pokemon, comic books, video games, anime, etc). I've only started seriously collecting in the past few years, which made me thankful I kept a few of the Pokemon toys I had as a kid. :D

My favorite pokemon are Gengar, other ghost types, Croagunk, Scraggy, and Oshawott, so that's what my collection focuses on (needs more Croagunk and Scraggy though).

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Curious post

 I ask a lot of questions here because it is simply FANTASTIC to get the scoop on Pokemon merchandise from you wizards!  That being said, I have come to inquire about V-Trainers! 
Specifically... which Pokemon got them? Were there a whole bunch? Because I could be wrong, but I seem to recall owning the majority of them (or every single one I found at my Toys 'R Us, anyway). 
Currently I have Totodile, Sneasel, Noctowl, Dragonite, and Steelix, and I remember owning Raichu, Houndour, Misdreavus, Treecko, Ampharos, and Sentret.
...  Possibly a few more, as well. I know of the existence of Houndoom and a Metagross (possibly an Umbreon as well, though I could be wrong) V-Trainer Prototype... are there any more? 
(For the record, I was able to track down a Pryce V-Trainer card and two of the electronic games-- translucent purple and neon blue patterned-- and actually play the V-Trainer. WOW! ... It was pretty boring, actually. And dang confusing, with that tiny little screen~ xD;)
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March updates!

Update time! Alright, here's my latest gets from this month! *whew* It sure has grown since I started here a little over a month ago!

Here's a sneak peak of my FIRST package I received from Japan a few weeks ago! Just what could it be??

Lots more pics ahead!

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Auction Reminder + Zebstrika Merch + Question to Sellers

First off, just giving a new update on my auction. After thinking on it, minus the Whimsicott egg, I've decided to cancel the auctions and just put the customs straight to sales. I just don't have the time I thought I did to keep up with the auctions after something came  up.

This means that all the Deerling hats are for straight sale of $10.00 while the Cofagrigus, Snivy, Summer Deerling, and Woobat egg pillows are now $15.00 straight sale and I would love for them to go to good homes. They take up more room then you'll ever know and my candles keep getting bigger and pushing them out of the way. ;u;

The link can be found here for the custom sales:

I am also going to go ahead and say that I can make egg pillows for $15.00 no matter what the details or pokemon in my custom pillows post found here:



I know these questions can be old, annoying, etc. but I was curious what merch Zebstrika has? ;u; I've been so focused on the Litwick line and staying caught up with it, that I haven't been quite up to date about this thunder beauty. I know there's a hankie with her, but I wasn't sure what else there might be and couldn't find anymore in my searches. Any help is deeply appreciated! <3 


Also, a question to sellers:

Do you prefer when people ask for quotes on things and then never get back to you OR when the buyer comes back and politely declines?

After custom sales, past sales posts, and seeing what happens in other sales posts, I guess I wanted to know what the more frequent sellers think is more rude. I find it frustrating when I'm waiting for someone, and then they post elsewhere with more quotes/hold a wants post. :O I'm not sure if I should nudge the person and ask them if they're still interested or if I should just keep waiting? What do sellers do? :X


sales, commissions, questions, wants, all kinds of things!

i would put some preview pictures on here, but my computer is being SO SLOW and wont let me do anything to resize them. so you will have so go on over to my journal for all the goodies.
there you will find a walky eevee, a pile of miscellaneous small figures, a notbyme custom for sale, and 4 commission slots for straight sale. more info in my journal. 
also i have some wants. and some questions about specific merch under the cut.
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Fastie GA!

So well, we have decided to host this plush lot GA!

Do it quick please, the bidding on eBay ends in less than 26 hours! :)
The exact ending time is Mar 23, 201118:10:33 PDT.

I will do the bidding on eBay and do the shipping from me to you. My co-host is shortcakemiddy, who will do the threads .

I will be claiming the Charmander plush and Lugia plush with 10$+, willing to go higher.
shortcakemiddy will claim Plusle and Minun for 25$+, willing to go higher.

- You will be paying for your plushie, shipping from the seller to me and then the shipping from me to you.
- Please bid increments of at least 1$!!!
- Each plush will start at 5$.

Please wait until all threads are up!!! Thank you!! :)

:3 Hi Everyone.

Well I'm new here, I've started my collection this year. I only have two pokedolls and I was hoping to get more. :D
And if you haven't figured it out already, umbreon is my favorite pokemon <3
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[Pokemon] Quagsire
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Tiny PokePaintings: Waiting List Now Open!

You heard it right! After hosting several auctions for my commission slots, I've finally decided to offer my Tiny PokePaintings for a flat rate and open a waiting list! No more fighting for a slot! :) I'm hoping this goes over smoothly and everyone is happy~ Check out examples and my commission info by clicking the banner below! Thanks everyone <3

Click the banner to go!

Spring cleaning and help for Japan!

My boyfriend is getting ready to move in with me here in the next month or so, so we're trying to get rid of a little bit of our collections so we have space. I've been doing some spring cleaning, and found quite a bit of stuff to sell off. Also, I decided I wanted to help Japan out as well. From this sales post, I'm hoping to be able to donate 50.00 to relief efforts. I'm a huge anime fan, so why not help out the country that has given us so much? Not to mention, I finally got myself caught back up on money. Extremely image heavy under the cut. I have kids figures, plush, zukan, and some other random stuff in here. Take a look!
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GA Attempt #1 IS HERE

Okay.  The box arrived today.  I have taken pictures of everyone's items and posted them for you.  The extras are up for sale.

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UPDATE: All Additional claims are closed.  Bagging and shipping GA now.
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Final Shirt Reminder and a Question

Hey guys, I've decided to stop taking offers on the BW Tour shirt tomnorrow at 12 midnight GMT (which is just over 24 hours from now). The person with the highest offer at that point will be the new owner of the shirt. Better pic and more info in the original post.


Also I had a question which I couldn't find covered in the rules: Are there any comm rules regarding switching to a new LJ account? I'm thinking of switching, but would I have to reapply for sales permission, would my feedback still be valid etc?