March 23rd, 2011

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A Quick Question...

ok... so i bought this already but i was wondering if anyone knows if they're legit product or not... can anyone let me know? : /

EDIT: so yeah everyone confirmed it..... And I can't do anything but report them. : / I would sell them for cheap, but 1. I don't have permision and 2. that's really messed up if I sold it to anyone here...
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Ninetales & Vulpix

Rare zukan auction...

Today I open the auctions for some rare zukans I have owned. As I will be moving away...really big move so I start to decide to let some of my collection go and keep the ones I really like XD here it is.... just click the picture or the cut, will ya??


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Please wait til all threads are up...ALL THREADS ARE UP!! LET'S BID BID BID XD....

Thanks a lot for reading :3

So Here is a Bit of my collection :D

 So considering I have been on this site for a little while, I would like to present my first collection post!

The picture was taken quite a long time ago when I was thinking about selling them. Charmander and Mudkip are my favorite but I kind of collect any plush. I'm planning to sell a a lot of them and start collecting only nice ones with tags that I want. I will get a want page together soon so you guys can sell/ advertise to me. I absolutely love people waving Pokemon dolls in my face and saying WANNT THIS??? That seriously wasn't even a joke... lol

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About my Collection
I have collected since I was about 5, starting with my Charmander. I  realized after I uploaded that he wasn;t in the pictures, but a cleaner newer version of him is. I got really into collecting about a 2 yrs ago when my boyfriend broke up with me and I was really depressed. It was something that made me happy. Probably because I had to hide my love for Pokemon for a year because he didn't support it. Ever since I really don't care what my friends say because in the end I am so proud of the collection :)

The Dragonite Pillow Plush is something I bought for my friend a year ago for about 40-50... She doesn't collect and I am looking for a good fabrication to not give it to her. She already got make-up stains on it. :O SUCH DISRESPECT TO LORD DRAGONITE PILLOW PLUSH.
The GIANT Pikachu was one buy my boyfriend of a year, well he didn't win it... but he bribed the guy working at the game for 30 bucks :)
The Charizard Pillow Plush was a STEAL I think I got him for 9.99... there was a bunch up for a while but I don't know what happened...
The Charmander Pillow Plush (dirty one) was my very first doll and I have slept with him since I was five. I lub him!!!
The Large Shaymin a friend won for me at Knotts Scary Farm :) He threw a ball in one of those floating cups I was quite impressed
The Big Mew was a factory Defect and has a stain on his tummy. I got him for 1 dollar and 99 cents.
Umreon and Joteon Pokedolls are being sold on ebay right now, but I priced them pretty high. lol. I thought they were knock offs but apparently not.
Alot of my dolls are getting sold but most you would have to pry out of my hands.
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Poke Plamo

I've seen a lot of members with the PokePlamo kits, and since I've never put any sort of model together before I've never bought one. So I was just wondering how hard they are/how long they take. Do you use glue or do they just snap together? Are some better/easier than others?

Also, I know there aren't a lot of Pikachu collectors out there and it seems like there is a different Pikachu to build in each set. Does anyone have just the Pikachu they would be willing to get rid of? I usually don't like an entire evolutionary starter line, so buying each kit just for the Pikachus is a little crazy. ^^;

Thanks guys~

Want List

Heeeey guys. I posted about being new here last night and I've seen so many posts so far that are helpfull, so I'll post a want list :D

Vaporeon, Jolteon, Eevee, Espeon, Glaceon,

Latios and Latias

Anything else;
Anything umbreon or from the eevee 'lutions. :D

(its a list)

-Edit- I'm not really looking to buy many cards but I might if you get my attention (:

-Second Edit- The cards are TCG <3
Florges [pokémon]

(no subject)

 I recently got some shiny new shelves for my collection. It's not until you have lots of space that you realise how big it's gotten!

(Image heavy!)

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I have updated the trading card section of my sales journal; all items paid for by midnight GMT on Friday will be shipped out on Saturday!
Wish me luck for the next week, too - I finally get my first tattoo on Friday :D
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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A small WTB post

Sorry for the wanted spam, but my ghost-collector partner's Rotom phone strap broke last night!
Anyone have one they can sell us? We're looking for something cheaper than $13 shipped (the price an Amazon seller is offering).

Looks like this!

Thanks! We'll delete this post when we find a deal :D

First post!

Hi! I'm new to this community and this is my first post. I've recently gotten back into pokemon after a long absence. Most of the stuff I have is from the year 2000 or earlier, haha, but i'm inspired to start collecting again. I just made my first purchase from someone off this community the other day!
Also, I used to have a lot more, but I went through one of those phases in middle school where I decided to get rid of most of my stuff D:

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last want entry and some finds)))

hi everyone!
sorry for posting my wants a lot of times but this is the last time for the next 2 months...
i just done a WANTED post:

--- Shiny Entei Zukan
--- Shiny Raikou Zukan

so thats all about the wants heres the finds;
Shiny Butterfree kid

Clear Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott Kids

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crazy ga has been relisted!!!!!!

We lost guys I'm sorry ._.

Soooo a week or two ago I had started this CRAZY GA - we had raised tons of money, and we were probably going to win but the seller closed the listing due to problems with the earthquakes in Japan. BUT I just went on Y!J and see they have relisted it!!!! So I am GAing this baby again!

We're starting from scratch, so get in here and bid on the items you want (and can identify! :P)!!!

Please click under the cut to see bigger pictures and see the rules!!! Please read everything carefully! Thanks so much!

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Let's try to win this baby again! :D

And only a little off topic but would anyone be interested in any of these magnets?

I bought these magnets for the Marill, and need homes for the rest. They would be $3.88 for one to pay SMJ, and then there's shipping fees eventually from the warehouse to the shipper, but that should be cheap. But shipping from me to you... I ship from Canada, unless someone wanted to do the shipping for me? I can guarantee shipping would be almost $5 for one of these guys.

Send me a message if interested :D

Weeding out some things + batty hat


I decided to sell off things I wasnt really 'collecting' and focus on bigger parts of my collections.
Plus I got some of my friend from Steam/Team Fortress 2 visiting me next month, so i'd love to save up for that :D

I put these on Ebay, i was tempted to do a one of them ''THIS IS A BOX AND I WANT $XXX FOR IT SHIPPED'' but i just have no idea on price ;_;
I am in the UK, but can ship over seas. GA's or offers for the lots are welcome, but generally put this up incase anyone was in any way interested~

130 Kids

Toys / Candy figures and things


The golbat hat ;_; Ive had my eyes peeled for it for half a year now and nothing. Yet ive come acrost a lot of the other things from this time era of release.

Its my biggest grail along side the Shining Spinarak Hasbro, must find it one day ;^;

Cheers guys!


Searching an artist + Wants

So, long ago I had comissioned fanart, along with a Waruvial/Krookodile fleece plushie but forgot who it was from x.x;

Second: Venusaur!! If anyone has a FCS figure or the tomy battle pose, I,d love to see them join my Charizard and Blastoise duos :3

Again, looking for movie promo leaflets/miniposters preferably with their japanese art. Won't say no to US though~

And now, the usual TCG wants, now with added images~
English or japanese are fine, even willing to accept anything else at this time too.
Oh, before I forget again: shipping will be to Canada D:
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Thank you all <3

My first Ash Hat! + Some wants

  Hey guys! I finnaly got that Ash hat that iv'e been wanting! I got it off of eBay from some seller whos name i forgot. I'd like to thanks faderkid for offering his, and someone else who gave the link to this,(Please coment if this is you!). And finnaly...DUN DUN DUNNNN!:

  (Sorry for the bad lighting)
  Yep! Its real! It fits perfectly too.

  Ok, now on to the wants. My freind brought one of these to school and i would of never even would of laid my eye on it if i had't seen one in real life.
Does't Kyoger look so awesome here? Anyways, im wondering if anyone would offer up one of these babys.
                                                                                       Thanks for listening guys!
Dooflujah--not useless

Meetup time!

Guess what? Tomorrow is Thursday, and

comes afterwaaaards! I asked for some input last week and based on that here are some details if you wanna come hang out with other pokemon collectors~

What: Megaconvention Orlando Meetup
Where: Orange County Convention Center Hall D
Where to meet: In the hall lobby, in front of the main entrance to the dealers' room.
When: Saturday, March 26, at 3:00PM. Stay as long as you'd like!

If the time is inconvenient for you or you'd prefer a different location (or if I was dumb and missed a crucial bit of information), speak now or forever hold your peace!

I will be dressed as this guy that day. Look for the gal with the oil lamp and a munna in her purse :D If there's something we can recognize you by, feel free to say so in a comment (the venue can get crowded so any little thing helps XD ). Hope to see you guys there~
The Sacred Blacksmith: Lisa!! :D

Small Sales :3

Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing well today!! (and not suffering from all the pollen like I am. X3)
I just wanted to let you all know that I have some things up for sale that I posted in my journal. Here is the link

In it you will find a Black and White Art Folio, a HG and SS Ds kit, some plush, and a LOT of stickers.

Sales permission was granted by dakajojo on 12/09/10.

Also my next post should be a collection update featuring pictures from the Black and White Georgia tour.

Thanks. :D
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Payment #1 due!


Here the original post:

And very GREAT news! We even have some amazing discounts!!! <333

- Please send me your payments to shiroihebi.lea(@) as fast as possible, so I can pay the seller on eBay.
- Each of you, please edit the spreadsheet, add yes if you have paid payment #1 and include your locations please, so I can calculate the shipping for each of you when the plushies arrive to my home! :)

Here is the spreadsheet:

All of you, thank you so much for participating in this plush GA! <3333
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Epcot Pokedoll Run 7-- New Stock You Say?

So as some of you may or may not know, Epcot is hosting its International Flower and Garden Festival.. Naturally I had to take a gander at all the lovely shrubberies!

What I did not expect to find while passing through the Japan Pavilion was A LOT OF NEW STOCK!~!

Like seriously, it's the most I've ever seen. It has to be because of the Black/White release haha <3

Anyways I shall be completing a run in TWO DAYS TIME~ That's right Friday March 25th. (I have no idea how long this stock will last). And I MAY conduct a second one, if stock seems favorable.

Anyways more pics below the cut/pricing/ect

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Pokemon Badge Project: Johto Returns!


I'd like to apologize for my absence recently, my laptop screen broke and it pretty much brought me to a standstill as far as badges go. But now its back from Dell and running as well as it ever has, so I'm getting this back into gear. As you hopefully noticed in the nice big text above this, orders are indeed open again, and the deadline has been pushed back about 2 weeks. I'm trying to make up for the lost time that I couldn't avoid, and hope you guys  are okay with it. As far as actual updates for the designs, I actually don't have anything new. I'm just trying to make sure you guys don't think I've run off haha.

Feel free to comment here or email me at!

Old links:

Oh, and there are only TEN Kanto sets left! If you want to be a part of the old set, get in touch with me ASAP!