March 24th, 2011


I can has an update?! - wants - want this?

When was the last time I did an update? O_O
... Yeah, that was a long time ago.
Well, here's one now!!

I just recently got this amazing shelf for Black&White from the GameStop I work at. Mind you, this thing was a pain to build, but I thanked my boss for his efforts and carried it out of the store and took it home. XD It makes for a pretty sweet display for -some- of my plush.
Wanna see? I'm sure you do!
(dotted line below)

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Attention G'boro peeps and cell peeps

Who bought cells from me on com? I know Catbrooks did and...other girl. I completely forget because I did not write your name down :C my mistake! Anyways, your plush are both done:
I'd PM you two, but I can't remember the other person's name. Just send me your addresses, kay? :)

Also, I'm now down to 8 plushies owed! This is down from 38 last year. I took on more than I could chew >.>;; I've been trying to do these guys in order, for the most part. I'm currently working on Vulpix, Beldum, and Reshiram. Then I move to Arcanine, Joltik/darkangellillith, and Dragonite. Then I will finish the few orders I have. My free time has been zilch this semester, so I haven't been able to work like I used to and churn out a plush a week/2 weeks. Mostly my fiction writing and financial management classes, plus a huge car drama that cost me my entire savings ><; but things are slowly SLOWLY getting back to normal and my time is back on track and I've been managing to finish plush once more! Yay?

If you do need to contact me in regards to your commission, please email me at because LJ messages/comments seem to be on the fritz for everyone.

I have my entire collection (Togekiss) photoed. I am, however, missing this little guy
I need one. If anyone can sell me one or direct me to one (I don't have a deputy service, so no Y!J) I'd be ETERNALLY grateful. It is the only Togekiss thing I need aside from a pan or two and the ever coveted DP3 retsuden stamp.


Pokemon Center 2011 Tepig Pokabu Evolution Mystery Scratch Off Sticker Sheet

These stickers. They're for sale on BrianJapan. I only want Larvesta/Volcarona, so I'd be willing to split them (they'd be cut apart) if others are game. The sets would be evol lines, so Tepig, Litwick, Pansear, and Darumakka. If each set is claimed, they will only be 4.00 per person which includes shipping to me AND shipping to you (and fees). Ayup, that cheap :) just lemme know!


Greensboro meet-up details!
I would've gotten these out sooner, but I got severely dehydrated and have been sick.

When: March 26th at 1:00 PM (this Saturday)
Where: Four Seasons mall, 1st floor, meeting by those step thingies by the fountains
Who: you guys, just lemme know who all is going plz!
Bring: a pokemon plush/fig/etc and your DS and the gift of poke-gab!

If this is a success, I'll try to make more. Even like a joint thing with SC and NC at Carowinds :)

Pick ups pokedolls pokecen plush and shirts!

i will be taking limited pick ups from the nintendo world store. i will be going april 3rd. please give me a week to ship them.

please note that i have a cat ^^;

they had the following when i last visited, if anyone would like to give me an update i will appreciate it!
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Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Plush Group Auction Ahoy - Second Payment Due

To all those who took part in this GA, Noppin has the package all ready to ship out so its time for the second payment!
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I'm thinking of picking up some canvas plushies. I miss my two I used to have and they're quite small which might be easier to take with me when I leave. Does anyone have any for sale? I'm not too fussed on whether they have their hang tag or not.
I'd love an electric mouse but throw any at me :D The above pictures are just random cuties

Pokemon Kids?

I've seen a few posts about Pokemon kids and from the pictures I saw. I want some xD The only place I known where to get them is Y!J and I haven't check that out yet.

But is there any other place you could get them?

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Sales & a small collection update

 Hello~! ^^ My final exams here in Finland are over, that means I'm done with high school, and on top of that Photobucket is showing my pictures again. So to celebrate I did a little rearranging in my sales. Please have a look! :3

I also have shipped out all the packages paid so far, I hope they will arrive soon :3 (But since it's economy mail and the Finnish post system, please be patient ^^') Anyway, there are still a few people who haven't paid for the auctions they won, so I hope they'll do it soon.

Next, a picture of a few adorable things I have gotten lately...
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And the last thing, as I said, it's nothing but holiday for me at the moment, which means now might be a good time to show some of my custom sculptures. In case anyone wanted me to make some more...
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Interesting Zukan Error Find?

Feel free to delete this post if it's old news but as I was browsing through some capsule archives I happened upon a listing for the Pokemon Zukan BW 01 but the picture that was shown on the page was not the one that belongs to the information they actually give in Japanese.

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Sylveon Happy Contest Smile


Hey all, I'm here to be boring and remind you that I'll be ending my offers tonight! I have a rare pearly Absol tfg, a DX Pikachu pokedoll, a custom Breloom plush and a 1:1 Toy Factory Shinx! Along with a lot of Poke-roms/art cards that are at a buy it now price. C: Please come see, I really need to get me a new computer. XD

(Click on the Shroomish Totem Pole to be redirected to my offers page!)

And my_chapstick is running a Group Auction of eight lots I'm selling to help me save for a new computer! There is quite a bit of things still without bids and a whole lot of items still at their starting bid. Like a HGSS Jolteon charm, a Shinx Canvas plush, almost 20 pokedolls and more!!! This auction ends on March 25th! Any help would be appreciated. ;3;

(Click The Image Above to Go To Auction and See The Other Lots)

And to make this post less's a sneak to something I've been working on for my next collection update.

More soon!~

indiffernt quagsire
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Auction items

Ends Friday the 25th at 2:00PM PST (3/25/2011: 14:00PST)*

Get your bids in! A few things still have no bids. And please make sure you are replying to the person who bid before you <3 Thank you!!!
(and I will not be home until this is over, so if you have a question, check the thread to see if it has maybe already been answered :D )

Click the pic to be transported

Help please? + Info on all GAs

Hello there! Help please? I am on the lookout for all different Charmander and Mantyke TCG cards that exist. I have found some Charmander ones on one site, but I wanted to ask you first, if you probably have any :)

Here are the current Charmander cards I have:

And this is the only one Mantyke I have and it's a holo one:

If you probably have some to share, or probably know some seller, please let me know! I would really appreciate it!! <3333

And last but not least! The GAs! I know that there are some people who have claimed items from more than one GA, so if you would like to combine shipping, or remind me that you claimed things from these, just let me know. I do have some people written down, but...just to be sure, I am sure that people would love to safe some money on one shipping than paying for two :)

So the first one. Even though not all have paid for the plush GA, I have sent the payment to the seller yesterday and he/she shipped it out today. So it should arrive probably next week! Look forward to your gets, I am so happy so many of them will get a nice and loving home! <3

Also, Captainangel's GA should arrive within the next one to two weeks:

Now to those bidding on this last GA, thank you very much! We sadly did not raise enough money for these, but I am awaiting a response from jeansama if it would be ok. So please be patient, I will keep you updated on that one!

Thank you for viewing! <3

Multipurose post! Sales, Shipping Delay, And inquiry.

Click on the crazy Azelf to go to my sales.

Now for everyone who bought from my sales, I was unable to ship your items out as of yet. I apologize for the delay, I have just had a very busy school week. I'll try to ship them out ASAP.

Finally, does anyone know when the new BW02 Zukan set is coming out? I am super excited for them now that I've seen the set in color. They are so gorgeous looking.
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Urgent Wants Post

Hey guys, sorry for posting in such a short interval of time. My younger bro's birthday is coming and I thought I'd want to get him something. He loves shinx so I thought I'd get him a small shinx plush. So......

Yeaa I'm looking for a small shinx plush that's not too expensive.

Other Wants:
1) Oshawott, Tepig, Snivy TCG Figure
Just the figure, not the cards :)

2) Pichu, Minun, Plusle Pokemon Center Canvas Plush
(Used without permission of Riolulz. I'm Sorry! If you do mind i'll take it down asap)

3) Minun and Plusle Dragon EX Holo Card (English Version)
I'm not usually a card collector but I thought these look pretty cute so I'm looking for them

Well, that's all from me now, thanks for reading

Question about a group of TFG prices

Just wondering if anyone can give me a hand with the 'value' of each of these TFG...figures.
I bought this set just for the Suicune (which came broken) and I have no means to collect these ones, so when im eventually granted sales permission all of these will be going up for sale.

The image is under the cut but I have:
  • Erika
  • Yellow
  • Raikou
  • Rayquaza
  • Manaphy
  • Bayleaf
  • Tyranitar
  • Taillow
  • Pinsir
  • Heracross
  • Aron
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Quick Question!

I know I should be posting a collection update, but I'm waiting on something. So I'll ask you guys now, and delete this when I get an answer~

Which pokeballs were made into Foam Pokeballs, by Jakks?

I know of Pokeball, Fast ball, Friend ball, Heavy Ball, Moon Ball, and Love Ball.

Thank you very much for any input! (and sorry for the lame tiny post XD )

bad news...

to the participants of this GA

as most of you already know, i had a problem with a hacker in my paypal account so i was short on money for a few weeks. so few days ago i decided to go ahead and package everything for the GA so i can have it out by today...but

most of the history got deleted, at first i thought it was because of my account being temporarily closed, but now i find out that paypal deletes your history after a few months (i think) and now i can't send any of the packages out since i don't have anybody addresses

i know you guys are sick of my excuses but dang everything seems to be going against me lately.

anyway, i'll go ahead and PM everybody who was affected starting tomorrow, or if you want to be a real sweet heart! you can PM your address now to make job a bit easier. =D

you can tell if your affected if your name isn't crossed out but your shipping payment is here:

some slight good news though! i'm almost completely done with all the GA shipping! yay!
and this next trip will get me to the bottom of the list, but if you haven't paid yet then you better get those in if you want your stuff to be sent out on the 3th trip.

make sure to claim some freebies here: (go ahead and pick a few since some are claimed, if it's available you can have it)

again, sorry about this guys... i'm really thankful for the patience all of you have shown so far =]
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another GA!?

This is another GA! Madness you say? I say it's WONDERFUL!

check out this baby! there's lots of cute little goodies! so yeah check it out!!! :D

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Please don't bid until I got threads made!

We won! Thanks guys! :D I'll contact you all when I get the invoice!

GA ending tomorrow!

Just wanted to let everyone know that this GA ends tomorrow night! GET YOUR BIDS IN SO THAT WE CAN MAKE OUR NEEDED AMOUNT. <3<3<3 Most items are still at starting bids are have no bids at all! GOGOGO!

camerupt approves

Wanted: TCG Playmat and some cards

I decided to try my luck here before rushing to buy from eBay. :3
I would be willing to buy one Pokémon card game playmat. I would prefer official one from Pokémon organized play, but as far as I know those mats are only available as tournament prizes and such? :o
On the first place I would like to get one of those that have black background and Pokéball picture in them (Great ball, Ultra ball, maybe others too?). But of course I'm open for other options, like some legendary Pokémons and such. :) Entei playmat from Unleashed set would be  awesome too!
About the prize I'm not sure, so tell me how much you would like to get if you are willing to sell one. Shipping would be to Finland!
I reserve the right not to buy, specially if I can get a playmat cheaper from somewhere else. :) Also picture of the mat you are selling would be nice too!

Picture of Ultra ball mat so you will see what I'm looking for without reading all the mumble! 8D

Mat found, thank you
ravestars85! :33

Also my non-primary deck is missing some cards:
Pokémon Collector
Smeargle UD or CL

1x Pachirisu CL
4x Pikachu Promo HGSS 03
Entei & Raikou Legend (not so high want but would be cool)

I would be ready to buy those cards, depending on the price. I'm also open for trades!
Tell me if you have something you are looking for so I can see if I have any. I'm sorry that I don't have an updated list of my card collections, but basically I have all kinds of cards from the newest sets. Not all primes and legends thought but aaanyway.
Those that don't have any specified number I'm willing to get multiples since they are useful in almost every decks. :)
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kids question!

as a relatively new kids collector, i just wanted to ask which "humans" were made in this form? i am sure this question was asked before but i couldn't find it.

also, i am looking to buy the cilian, iris and ash that were released recently! (that is, if i'd be able to hold til saturday ^^;;)

(Pokemon) Jolteon
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collection for offers/sales

March 31st marks my one year of stay here on pkmncollectors. It's been really great, I met a lot of new friends and I picked up a collecting hobby that I dropped many, many years ago. When I joined, I actually didn't really know what to do, since I used to just collect anything Pokemon when I was a kid. XD I jumped from one Pokemon to another, all I equally love for many reasons, but I think the time has come for me to part with most of them. Just so you know, this was a really hard decision to make--I've been thinking about it for months, and a few days ago I got the reason to finally do it. I am the only one in my family who appreciates these guys. That's a 3-to-1 competition there, and I lost. I could pack these guys up instead, but I'd rather them go to nice new homes if they could. :) Lots of these came from the community, please don't be offended if they are put back for offers/sales here. I'm keeping all of the gifts and freebies I've received though, for obvious reasons. ;) I'll still be collecting, just downsizing the current amount of stuff I have. I'll still be around for snotbears and electric flying squirrels, and here's a picture of a few things staying with me as proof.♥

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Thanks everyone! :')