March 25th, 2011

Oooh -awe-

Kid-a-palooza ALL KIDS ARE 2$!

Some pokes may be pictured more than once, that just means I have doubles!
Please link the picture when you claim a poke`.
Shipping is 2.50$ in the USA and 3.50$ to international besides Australia. (AU will be 4.50$)
I AM A SLOW SHIPPER. SLOW SLOW SLOW SHIPPER. You WILL get your items, but may take a bit longer.
Payment is needed within 24 hours, and if not received, negative feedback WILL be given.
I can do holds for a few days, but no longer than half a week.
Sadly, not accepting trades ATM.

If you click a picture, it enlarges for easier viewing.

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Most all pokes are in good condition. A few pokes have marker marks on them (Charizard, togetic..) I tried taking them off with a magic eraser, but they only lightened them. If you want to put in some elbow grease, it MIGHT come off. Chances are it won't though. u nu

Any questions, please fee free to ask in the questions thread.

Quick Draw!

Multi Post

Hello Community :3

How is everyone enjoying BW?
I have yet to play it. :<
only because though I'm trying to hold off till I'm on vacation.  I need something brand new and exciting to keep me entertained for 8-12 hours xD
I'm just having a hard time trying to figure out what pokemon to make a full team with. Decisions Decisions

I was looking to you for some help on a couple of things.
I was wondering first off, if any of you have heard of and used Hobby Search before?
Are they trustworthy, safe, legit?
And I was looking for confirmation from you on which style of shipping from japan would you suggest.

The EMS or SAL. Which would be better?
Cause I really want to go SAL cause it's cheaper, but is it ok/safe to go that route?

I have recently been figuring out what I am getting rid of my collections. I really really hate getting rid of my items, but I need to make room for other things and/or my actual team pokemon.
I swear it's the hardest thing ever.

So my question to you is
Do you think you ever could or will get rid of majority of your collection?

Fire Beasts (and other) Sales!

Mister Groudon and I have had a good run, but I just can't deny my feelings for Pink Pokemon any longer :') So farewell Groudon! I shall miss you dearly..

In case you didn't get that, I'm selling my Groudon + Entei collection, plus tons of KIDS, ZUKAN, TOMY'S and STICKERS. Plus tons of other figures like Jakks and straps! It took about an hour to photograph everything so there's a lot of stuff here!

Please take a look and give my Groudon loving homes c: <3

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Also, these are my wants.. I'm willing to trade anything from my sales post for anything here of equal value. Thanks!

New Captainangel's GA!

Another new GA from captainangel  (although there are 3 of them here)! <3

Here is our GA #1! Pokemon Reversible-Pokeball-Plushies! 

Each of these will start at 3$!

GA #2! Random lot of Pokemon things:

Each will start at different prices!

And last but not least, GA #3! This whole lot of kids:

Each of these kids will start at 2$!

Hosting for this GA will be me and godudette.

The dots indicate that these will be claimed by us.
I will be claiming Lucario kid, Luxray kid, Arceus kid, Shinx kid, Mantyke figure and other two Charmander figures for 10$+.
godudette will be claiming both Cresselia kids, Marill kid, Spiky-eared Pichu kid, both Darkrais and the Azurill plush for 16$+.

- I will be doing the threads and spreadsheets and godudette will do the bidding and shipping from her to you.
- Please bid increments of at least 1$!!
- This GA will end at March 28, 11:00 AM (EST), so get your bids in! :)
- There will be two payments, one will be the payments for your item + shipping to godudette and second payment will be just the shipping from godudette to you.

Please wait until all threads are up! Thank you! :) DONE! HAPPY BIDDING!!! :D
new eeveelutions

Jakks Eeveelutions Figures For Sale AGAIN!

Hi Guys!

My boyfriend managed to find me another set of the 4 Jakks Eeveelutions Figures! Yay! I will be selling them again for direct sale of $12 without packaging and $14 if you still want it in the packaging. This price includes shipping for U.S., but is a little extra for international. I ship WORLDWIDE!


1) Espeon-
2) Umbreon-
3) Vaporeon-
4) Leafeon-

Get 'em before they're gone!!!

Also, these can be combined with anything from my sales which is HERE:

articuno, pokemon

(no subject)

So first of all, I've been pretty much absent from the community for a few weeks now, because I was busily preparing for a convention that I help run. The convention was last weekend, so things are just now getting back to normal. If anybody has unfinished business with me (I think it was mostly people inquiring about commissions), send me a PM to let me know!

The big plus to running the convention was that I got some new kids!

The auctions are now over! Congratulations to the winners! =D That means everything in the picture now has an owner. =D

I'll be contacting the winners soon about their totals, and hopefully getting these guys in the mail within the next couple of days. Once again, thanks to everybody who participated, and sorry for all the craziness about the extension.

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Candice &lt;3

Bad Lighting! Sales! Black and White Gliders! Mismagius doll for Auction!

Hey guys, all I do is sell stuff here, sorry~ Just everything I have to post has already been posted multiple times!


In case you can't see very well because of it being a GOD AWFUL PHOTO, the set has the STARTERS, the MASCOTS and PIDOVE/MAMEPATO

Collapse ) $7

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Photostory/Customs Post/I Made It Better!

So I thought it over, and I decided that I want to launch my plush customs this week! You can find my customs journal here:
Please please please be sure to read all of the terms and rules!
And my sales as usual:
Help me out there! I'm trying to save up to buy more Oshawotts and my FanimeCon ticket! :3

I also thought today, "Hey, I want to do a photostory." So I figured I would give you all a look into a pretty normal day from the perspective of my talking Zorua, Chase! :3
Then, I finally found some clothes to put my Oshawott and Snivy iron-on patches onto!
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Final GA reminder for this set of Zukans

Hey, all. This is the first and final reminder for this set of Zukans GA ending Saturday, March 25th, at 11:59 EST. The current bidding price has not increased in the past few days, and we are doing good raising the totals. But anything could happen before the last minute of the auction, so get your bid in fast.

Here is also a kind reminder that NO sniping is accepted according to community rules. So bid your item early. Do not try bidding in the very last second.

Click the picture below to go to the original GA post:

Also here is a shameless sales reminder. The 25% discount offer will end this Sunday, so go get your wanted items!

Eevee &amp; Vulpix

Updated sales

 I remade cards (tcg and other) and flats sales
Thought, updating is still on process, so most of the flats are still at my regular sales post

Go check TCG out  here

And my regular sales (can be combined with stuff from flat sales)  here

Thanks for looking   n_n

Very Small Update

Greetings, fellow collectors, Nats here to make a small collection update with some recent additions, opening up the post is my little buddy Icarus pretending to be a Team Rocket grunt-oooh isn't he scary-!

Moving on, I went to a convention in San Diego today, very small and I uhh, didn't have much in terms of funds, so I just picked up a nice custom can badge featuring my favorite Gym Leader, Sabrina in it, what's that behind the badge? Why it's a cute Jakks Pacific 2010 Togekiss that I picked up after the con at a Target, isn't it cute? I love how fluffy it feels -*D*-

More pickups for donations to Japan aid

Good evening everyone~!

I am doing another Pokemon Center pickup where all my commissions are going to be donated to Japan aid.

So far we are at $187.00!
Only $13.00 more until we reach the goal of $200 being donated. ♥

And if we go over $13 in this pickup, I will still be donating the rest of everything I make for this one. :D I will be sending the second donation after we pass the $200 mark. It is amazing we were able to reach the goals so quickly!


Click here for details and to order~

Thank you! n-n

Collection update with epic proportions and a want

Hello everyone, I've just been in lurk mode for the past buhmillion hours, and ever since February, I've been meaning to post a collection update. Been busy with classes and work, and other stuff as well, so here's the update!

Collection update at the manor and landfill!

and here's the collection update with imageheavyness!


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Does anybody have this guy?

I'm only looking for the Paras. he's been evading me >o I've found a set of these on ebay, and waited overnight but in the morning I saw that the seller ended bidding on the item cause they didn't have anymore in stock. So if anybody would like to part with their Paras, may I have him? I would pay highly for him!