March 26th, 2011

Lipps Inc. Massive Sales!!!

Hiya community! Long time, no post! For those of you who don't know me, I am a huuuuuuge Smoochum & Jynx collector. They're my favorites. :) I use to be quite active, but haven't been able to be as much as I use to be for different reasons. A link to my collection website can be found underneath the cut in my rules (which is waaaaaaay, waaaayyy wayyyy out of date - hope I can get around to updating that sometime). But for now, I am bringing you some amazing sales including:

Many Monthly Pikachu plush all MWT, MIP Jakks Pacific Figure packs and Hasbro packs (with the option of buying individual figures or the whole set), MWT R/S/E Starter Dice Bag TOMY plush, cute flats including postcards, stickers, so many POKEDOLL stickers, Trozei Magnets, most of my baby Pokemon collection (Plush & Zukan - including a super DX Mime Jr. & Bonsly Pokedoll), some other side collection items including Spinda, Lapras, Regice, & Lopunny Line, and many other various figures, stamps, & plush. TONS of pictures inside! :D Please take a look!

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SLEEPY TIME AGAIN Hey guys, I have to head to bed for now. Still about 1 and 1/2 pages to reply to you. I'll get back to you ASAP in the morning. I just have to head to bed. I worked all day, came home and worked some more on this post and I am ready to pass out!!!
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(no subject)

I come to you, with an offer of sorts.

I have a full (well, kind of) set of Full Colour Advance 11 figures here. The only one missing is Milotic, which is why I bought it. /loves it forever

Bigger image HERE

So, I live in Australia, so shipping will be at least 10 bucks or so.
If anyone would like to GA it, I'd be more than happy to do that. I just want them gone :>

Wants: Pokemon Walkers at a Good Price

Does anyone have ANY Walkie Starters for Sale?
I know they can't be worth as much as they are on Ebay. I am thinking they are worth about 5 dollars at the the Pokemon Center. But hey what do I know? I would be willing to buy them all or some if you cut me a deal. It could be a big order, so please let me know if you have seen anyone with them. Thanks

Also I have decided to collect Charmander as my main collection (Though I do collect all plush). If anyone has any Charmander stuff for a good price, please let me know :). I am also looking for a Charizard Pokedoll for under 30. Thanks guys!

I'd also love to see your Charmander collections for inspiration :)

Thanks to any of you who bid on the Flygon and plush lot on ebay, and bought any other of my items. You really helped me out a lot! I hope to make a large custom Flygon once I use this money to buy a better used sewing machine. Now I'm off to track down my sellers and pay them! :)

Supermassive GA: Team Halloween Umbreon!!

I am co-hosting this wonderful GA with hebilea . I will be posting the reminders and working the spreadsheet. hebilea  will be bidding and shipping. The lot will be shipped from poizenkat to hebilea. There will be two payments. The first payment will be your item(s) plus shipping to hebilea  and the second payment will be the shipping to you.
It is very important that you pay as soon as possible after we give you your totals. This will be an expensive GA and we can't afford to cover for you. On that note, no echecks because they take too long to process and we need to pay poizenkat  as soon as possible.

This GA will run for a week. It will end on Friday, April 1st at 10pm EST. You can see the countdown timer here.

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Please wait until the thread you are bidding on is up.

OMG done finally. Happy bidding!

a reminder!

Greensboro meet-up tomorrow! Just wanted to remind everyone :D hopefully peeps will show up for the fun!
I'll be taking the bus, so I might be late ^^; but I'll be there :)
also, mailed out everything I owed yesterday. Be looking forward to that!
Collection update to come soon, I just wanted to post this real quick! I'll come back and delete this after tomorrow so it's not cluttering the comm :)
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notice and sales

First of all, the Pokemon Centers in Kanto Region have been shut down until April 1st, meaning my wait list for Victinis and TCG sleeves is going to wait a bit longer. I apologize for the wait. I will be posting your payments and photos next week if all goes well. Remember, no payments until I have these items in hand. Cross fingers!!

Now, custom plushies and Arceus tomy figures for sale!

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custom plushies from my personal collection are here. please give them nice homes with more space than mine ;_;

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Thanks guys!

TCG wants, and question where to buy

First off, I was wondering if anyone knew of good sites to buy singles TCGs. The main concern I have is some websites' horrendous shipping. So far I found the amazing Gamer's Inn (thanks to this amazing comm) whose shipping was amazingly attractive.
I did look up Pokeorder, but sadly, I am unwilling to pay like from 20$ up to 35$ shipping to canada for above 30$ of goods.

So does anyone know where I can find such things? I think I have drained this community's list of available TCGs, which is why I will be reposting my list here one last time before trying to find them somewhere else.

Oh, as always... Thank you very much :D
(updated with what I found so far. Thank you for the website help!!)

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Small collection update (with customs) and wishlist

Hello everyone! This is just a small update to show some recent customs that made their way into my Raichu collection, and also a small wants list. I was gunna wait to post this cuz I'm expecting an epic custom in the mail as we speak, but my wants list is kind of important to me right now, so I posted anyway. :P

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As for my wants, I NEED this cutie in my life...

**EDIT** Got this cutie on its way to me!! :D

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And finally, if you recently purchased something from my shop, have received your package, and would like some feedback, please post here and let me know. My LJ messages have been kinda wonky lately. :P If you haven't received your package yet, also let me know and I'll give you your tracking/customs # so you can check on it.

Thanks guys! :)
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Pokemon Block Figure GB! -ALL CLAIMED, THANKS!

Hey guys! So I'll get around to doing a collection update one of these days, but for now, here's a quick little GB! I need that blockazard like there's no tomorrow, but not the others so much (although Meowth is tempting; NEVERMIND, I'm claiming him, too :X), so I thought I'd offer them to the rest of the comm.

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Huge Amada Sticker Sales!

Hey guys! I bought a lot of over 2000 Amada stickers on YJ, and after a lot of sorting, scanning, and editing, my sales post of them is finally ready to go!

A few things to note before we go to the post:

1) Because there are so many pictures, I am collecting comments HERE instead of on the journal page. Personally I would open the sales page in a new tab, then just go back to this one post and comment with your order.
2) When you make a request, please include the number shown in the photo for that sticker so it's clear which one(s) you want! ("One of each X" requests are also ok, but there may be more of them in the photo than you see at first glance!)
3) All thumbnails are clickable for much bigger versions. The idea is that you can scan the thumbnails (or just Control-F) to find stickers you might be interested in, then click the image to get a closer look.

There are a few more policies on the page itself, but these are the big ones.

Read those? Great! Now on to the stickers!

And as I mentioned, please place any orders (or ask any questions) here on this page.

Thanks for looking!

Wonder Twin Powers Activate! Form Of Pokedoll Tag Charms!

So nightmare_chan2 and I were talking about trading some sculptures for a Cofagrigus Pokedoll pillow, and she asked me to make a sketch of what I imagined him like as a Pokedoll - she took it and made a joke Pokedoll tag picture for me, and then said "Wouldn't it be funny if we made little charms with our wonder twin powers combined?" and then this happened:

We've now decided to make these customs open to the community! All the information to get these tiny Pokedoll tag charms for your collections and cellphones is under the cut~


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Pokemon B&W TCG

So me and my boyfriend were shopping around yesterday. I was sick and he bought me this!

I haven't seen any posts on these yet. They 14.99 at both Target and Meijer. I haven't collected tcg since about 4th grade so opening the packs made me feel like a kid again! There were a box for each of the b&w starters, a respective tcg figure, a preview pack of 5 b&w cards, two call of legends boosters, a supreme victors booster, and triumphant booster.

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Pokemon Zukan and Ebay?

Hi guys I jsut bought a pokemon zukan from ebay. This is the item I bought:

I bought it from this seller:

I just wanted to know if the zukan he is selling are genuine 1/40th scale zekan from Japan. By the looks of his feedback and the fact that he has positive feedback from the zukan he has sold, I figured it was the real stuff. But just to be sure I thought I'd ask here :D

Thanks for the help, its much appreciated :)
Pokemon - Buds

(no subject)

Do you have a bunch of FCS, Battle Museum, or even those randomly colored figures (like these) lying around that you don't want?

Doesn't matter the Pokemon (but I'd rather not get like... 20 geodudes or something), but I'm looking for a large quantity of them at once if possible. 20+ would be great.

Why you ask? Well, a couple years ago at a con someone had pokemon eggs with little slips of paper of a Pokemon info screen. I want to replcate this, but with mini figures!

Because I'm going to be giving these away, I'm looking for some kind of bulk deal, maybe $10+shipping for 20 or so figures?

So yeah... let me know if you have anything, we can work something out. I really don't want to spend more than $20 before shipping on this, though. The more mini figures at once the better!

Mini sales:
I also still have a Gengar Prime, mint, for sale if anyone would like. Asking $20+shipping~

Project Pokedex, Get, and Sales update and lowered prices

Alright, So here's my newest get :D I was super excited to find this guy in my mailbox. Long story short, I thought he was lost in the mail. He got shipped out on Feb 16th and just got here. So it was a nice surprise.

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Pokedoll GA is here! Extras for claiming and pictures for participants!

Hey guys! this GA...

is FINALLY in! And there are pics of everyones items here!

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I need to know whether you would like your items shipped MIP or out of the packaging! If I ship them out their boxes it will save you quite a lot on shipping, but I know some people like their figs MIP. Just comment below with how you would like them shipped so I can get it all calculated! Thanks <3
and now the EXTRAS!
The flats/bags/etc are open to GA PARTICIPANTS ONLY atm, but if you are still interested in something and didnt participate, please comment! If there is no interest in the item you want within 24 hours I will sell it on to you :D 
The Plusle pokedoll is open to EVERYONE and is up for auction!

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and here are the items that for the first 24 hours are ONLY AVAILABLE TO GA PARTICIPANTS. Adter that 24 hrs other people can be sold thsse items!
a sneeek peek here:
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okay! I believe thats everything. Take care guys and thanks for reading!
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Sales Update, Everything $5 or under!!!

Hey guys, I hope everyone is doing well.

So I'm trying to raise money for a grail so have added a few things to my sales and have lovered prices to $5 or under!!!

This includes a Blastoise Plush, Zukans and Gachapon items!!!!

So have a look and help me get this grail :) xXx
(Press the link to be redirected)

**Note** Now off to bed my sweeties, I'll reply in the morning :) Take Care xXx
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JUNE Kids Set!

news news news! the june pokemon kids set lineup is here!

・ビクティニ/ Victini
・フタチマル/ Dewott
・ギギアル/ Klang
・ギギギアル/ Klinklang
・ツンベアー/ Beartic
・ココロモリ/ Swoobat
・ムーランド/ Stoutland
・ダンゴロ/ Roggenrola
・ユニラン/ Solosis
・モンメン/ Cottonee
・ランプラー/ Lampent
・ワルビル/ Kokorok
・バチュル/ Joltik
・フシデ/ Venipede
・ダストダス/ Garbodor

Enjoy!!! :D So excited for JOLTIK!!