March 27th, 2011


Art blah customs blah help blah!

Ok, semi Pokemon related...Well, it is!
Basically, I want to know what sort of custom stuff people are interested in seeing? I LOVE making random stuff, but seriously, my mind has gone blank as to what I can make xD
I was thinking about buttons, but...buttons machines are pretty damn pricey! (Unless if I bought of the the Badge It machines which are for...children...)

Id really love to make some custom charms (like the hard plastic ones you often see on here) but could someone PLEASE tell me how they are made?

Also, what d'you guys think of Derptei? (under the cut) He was a random doodle i scribbled before work and found him HILARIOUS so I had to colour it, I think itd make something neat but...what I dont know xD

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So some help please!

Also also! A quick wants post, That dang Raikou HG SS Pokemon Center Charm!
Id pay good mullah for it guys!!

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Gigantic GA: Arceus style

hebilea  and I bring you another massive GA. This time the lot will be coming from korth. Please keep in mind that Korth has every right to refuse the offer for the final GA price, so the more money we earn, the better our chances of actually winning are. Korth has agreed to let us GA this in an attempt to win the lot.

This GA has a ton of items and is heavy on Arceus stuff, hence the title of the GA. :)

As long as the end time is okay with korth this GA will end on April 2nd, at 10PM EST. The time and date is subject to change if Korth would like it to be sooner. The countdown timer can be found here.

hebilea  will be handling the money and doing the shipping. I will be doing posts, threads and spreadsheets.

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Please wait until the thread for whatever you want to bid on is up. There is a LOT of stuff to list, so be patient please. :)

All threads are up! Happy bidding.

Also, a friendly reminder that we have the Supermassive GA: Team Halloween Umbreon going on and shipping can be combined if you win something from both. :)

A collection on a collectors community? GASP!

EDIT: I fixed the link. For future ref, only ONE person needs to tell me that the link doesn't work.

You think you know Togekiss? I know Togekiss. Togekiss won't appear where there's strife, so their sightings are rare. They tend to stay away from drama as well. This is why they're the mascot of pokepraise. If you do have one, it will loyally come to your aid. They're big and fluffy birds that evolve from a baby chick and from that an egg. It's name is the same in Japanese and English. There are three notable trainers with a Togekiss. Cynthia has/had one when she's in Sinnoh. Dahlia of the Battle Frontier has one as well. In fact, Dahlia's kiss is in my icon from the manga. Also, Dawn from the anime has a Togekiss, though only for a short time. Ever need a hug when you're sad? Togekiss. Ever need a fluffy pillow? Togekiss. Know what the best Pokemon is? Actually, that one's a tie between Togekiss and Larvesta line for me. And Weavile. And Pichu...etc.

I have a Togekiss myself. Her name's Misty <3 she's from Leafgreen where I hatched an egg an old lady gave me. I was obsessed with raising my Togetic and Dragonite at the time and so I ended up EV training it without knowing that that is what I was doing XD it helped me in Diamond, where I evolved it, and then in Soulsilver. Misty is now on my White version and is very happy. She's been through so much with me and been there over the years. I've had her for...gosh...almost 7 years now. I get nostalgic thinking of it. My Togekiss in game is mainly there to troll and annoy. Outside of battle, she's sweet despite being very spoiled.

I love the big white plane so much that I've amassed a collection of it. A collection in which I'm only missing two things (and some random pan. Maybe a sticker here or there). If you see these two things, NEED!

1) Battrio 2:

2) DPPt 3 retsuden:

If anyone has/sees either of those two items, I will be willing to trade/make/pay something for them! They are the only two things I need that aren't flats.

Anyways, enough rambling on about needs and information, lets get to the purpose of this post; the nitty gritty. That is, my collection! I own all figure, plush, and DVDs thus far.

( Fake cut to Togekiss Eden )

What is the most you've spent on a single item?

Hey guys, I hope this isn't off topic... I spent a large sum of money just now on a Swampert Pokedoll, to the tune of somewhere around $75. I don't regret it, but I just question sometimes if my hobby has turned into an addiction. So maybe, if you were willing, you could share the most you've ever spent on a single item that isn't a commission? I won't judge I promise! :)

I could just use a little comforting.

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GA update - we lost

Sorry guys. For the GA of this set of zukans, we lost. A Japanese bidder, I think he/she is, put a bid above what we raised and won the auction at a final bid nearly $400. Even though I increased my bid amount, it was still impossible to get even close to that amount. He/she also put unconquerable high bids on other zukans set. But I must say thank you to everyone who participated in my first GA. I really appreciate the experience from the auction although we did not make it. Good luck on everyone searching for their wants and wish I could host another one some time later. See ya!

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DVD 2009 Rental GA

My first GA!

What you will be bidding on are DVD rentals that were never released in stores. They contain episodes that were released in 2009 and were only available to rent at select video stores. Each box contains 3 episodes each. These are very hard to come by and are usually sold in expensive lots such as this one. Here is your chance to bid for them! :D

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Hey all! Long time no post, Rye here!  Long story short, I need a new tablet for work and school so YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS

Taking offers on some of the more sought after plush in my collection.  Namely the Red Gyarados posable plush, DX Venusaur plus, Mudkip Pokedoll, among others ALL with tags, all just been on display.


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Sales and Wants~

 So the day has finally arrived~! I've updated my sales having actually weeded down most of my Rayquaza collection. I've kept a few of my favorite items-- but I'm hoping to free up room so that I can start collecting my new love...

THIS GAI. As I'm playing through Pokemon Black all I can think is how awesome this guy is on my team >.>;  So what I'm currently hunting~ are customs! 

Plush customs would be great! 

I'd like to get some custom plush of this guy! Preferably made out of minky. If you could offer your skills I'd be more than willing to offer payment :3 Also charms, figures, anything else of this guy would be wicked!

So several of my Rayquaza plush, figures, flats, and much more are in this sales post here: 


Thanks guys! 

Biggest Dragons Got! (and some Pokemon Center items for offer)

Shipping Status
I am still about 2~3 weeks behind in shipping out items that are already paid for, and I apologize for the delay. >_<

If anyone need anything urgent, please let me know and I will process your items immediately.

Also, special/open orders that require more time to calculate shipping will be taken care of once I've shipped the items above.

Collection Update
The shipment that arrived last week completed my Zekrom and Reshiram 'large' plush collection (for now ^_^;;).

In each picture, starting from the left: Namco-Exclusive Banpresto Plush, 1Kuji Banpresto Plush, US Pokemon Center (Mall Tour) Plush.

I do have one extra of each Namco-Exclusive dragon, but I think they were already part of someone's open order (let me know who you are please!). ^_^;;

Also arrived are the Namco-exclusive "large" Zorua and Zoroark plushies (had to get Pikachu too because they were sold as a set).  Now I am only missing the two super rare Zorua raffle prizes. >_<

Pokemon Center Offers

Also arriving with the shipment are some Pokemon Center goodies.  Please click on the cut for more info.

Cubchoo, Whimsicott, Blitzle Pokedolls.  Each one is $24 shipped to US (+$1.50 to CAN, +$3 to EU/OZ).

I've got two of each for offer and please see below for pricing.

Pokemon Center "Shopping Bag"-design clear files.  Again, two of each and see below for pricing.

Theme Park clear file, the Final Evo clear file, and Zekrom (Reshiram on the back) clear file.    All clear file is $9 each shipped to US (+$1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).

Large Gen 5 tote bag, it's about 23" x 12" and retails for 4500JPY before shipping and everything. >_<
It's $95 shipped to US.

Shipping rules and paypal info can be found here.

Lastly, if I didn't reply to any PM or post, it's usually because I need time to research the answer.  But please do send me a reminder since I tend to forget when too much time has gone by. ^_^;;

- [info]pika_lex , your Pokemon tins are ready.
- Talkie Plush group buy is pending Tokyo to resume normal business operation...  also, bad news is shipping cost is going up due to fuel shortage.  I will provide new estimate pricing before confirming the GB list.

Any questions, please let me know. Thanks!  =)

Very First Want List/Grail List and General Questions

First time ever doing something like this, oh gosh I hope I am doing it right; I decided to put a list together of some BIG wants, and maybe list off some little wants, so here goes nothing: (Here it is in all of its massive glory, large image is likely quite large, beware), other than what's listed there, I'm usually on the look out for electric type Pokemon, particularly Electrode, Luxray, Raikou, Galvantula and Raichu, but I collect most all of them so any are welcome, really, also thinking of putting together stuff to trade, but I don't want to do that the wrong way, what should I know before putting up anything available to trade before I go and do it?

☂ Tiniest Wants Post

Hey guys, long time no post! For anyone who hasn't seen me around- Hello! I'm AutumnRain. You can call me Raine. I primarily collect Zapdos and zukans, but I also collect Dialga, Giratina, Lugia, Yanma and Unown F. I've loved Pokémon since I was 11, in 1998. The third and fourth gens are my favourites, but the fifth is pretty good too.

I don't have any pictures on me to show off, apologies. I've gotten a full-time job, so finding good day light hours isn't always easy to take pictures. That and I haven't really added to my collections much lately.

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Do you love starter pokemon plamo , Well I sure do

 Group buy time :'D

well you all know I have a serious case of pikachu love,and I absolutely love the pikachu's that come in the starter plamo sets. so I have a proposition for you :3

I'd like to claim all of the pikachus for 2.00 each
So your total would be about 7.00+ shipping :3
Two payment the initial cost and the shipping to you <3

Please don't claim what you can't pay I will leave negative feedback for backing out

These are the only ones I have found so no piplup :c he was there the other day.
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Chikorita - breethezebra 
Cyndaquil - puyro 
Totodile -ottershark 
Turtwig -3kame 
Chimchar -
Tepig - poprock_grey 
Oshawott - dezchu 
Snivy -buttribbons 

Wants again so soon?

Thanks to this amazing community, I now have my dream TCG pokedex almost complete. Almost all of what I need is now on its way to me.

The one card eluding me is this:

Icy Sky's Shaymin, from Movie 11 Promo :O
Isn't it the most gorgeous shaymin sky forme card ever? So rare too, sadly. has anyone seen it around?
(edit: Found one and awesome middleman! YOU GUYS RULE!! )

Another wants would be the awesome Team Magma coin from the TCG!
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Question & MINI Sales

First, when I say "mini".. I mean MINI. Its got candy (that you can eat, its still good !), cards from a gum pack, and magnets. Yup.  Thats it. So, anyway, how much is the 1:1 Zubat worth? I just bought one and some other crap off eBay for $30 shipped.. Was I ripped off?
Now, onto the sales ~

QUICK Rules:
-No refunds/holds
-Flats will be shipped in envelopes
-I ship from CA
-Items will be shipped within a week after I recieve the money in my bank
Paypal takes around 3 or 4 days to transfer it ;3
-I am not responsible for lost/damaged items.

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Looking for Japan's pokedoll

Here are the pokemon plush i was try to looking for if anyone who had it or who know where can i find it please tell me(i know there have it on ebay, but is soo expensive T_T)!!  Thank You
im looking for them with the paper tag and make from Japan's pokemon center
All of them are 6 inch tall
Eevee family (make in 2007)

Latios & Latias



Looking for Eeveelution cards, trade anyone? :3 Also, grail search.

 So yay I got sales permission today! 3-28-11 by denkimouse

-English cards only please
-I am not buying at the moment, just trades and selling thanks! <3

Hi there peeps! So right now I am looking to finish my Eeveelution card collection, I have a list of the cards that I am looking for but if you do not know what pack your card is from please just go ahead and show me some pics. On my list there might be a few cards listed that I may have on the way in the mail, so I would love to see pics of your cards and know what the conditions are. Here is a link to my card wants (as well as some other wants) on my personal LJ:

Please note that I am only interested in English cards, I know I have a few cards that are  only in Japan right now but I wanted to put them on so when the English ones come out they are already on my wants list. ;P
Yeah there are some older cards on my wants list that are only in Japanese those are of course exceptions, English only for cards that have infact been printed in English of course XD

I am not buying at the moment I am only trading so here is what I have to offer, you can also find my RULES here so please make sure to read them please, thanks!<3:
^^There are links for the cards that I have available for trades in the above link :3^^

And lastly, GRAIL search/trade!
I am looking for the Kanto badges that look like these:

I am looking for any Kanto badges that you do not see in this picture. I would be willing to trade my extra Volcano badge for a badge I do not have yet, but thats is all I will trade the Volcano badge for. :3
*EDIT* Volcano badge is on hold at the moment, if nothing happens I will put it back up for trades so you can still make offers for other badges just in case nothing happens you would be next on the list for the trade. :3

I will be posting my collection update soon! :D Thanks for looking!

I am doing commissions now, just doodelz . . . oodelz of doodelz. :3 To check out some of my example sketches and more info, go here:

happy pachirisu 2

small sales

edit: just a reminder, I am SUPER SLOW with responding to people. I'm sorry!! also, I added some items accidentally left out!

Hello collectors! Just here with a few items to sell and a spinarak stamp for offers~

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update with my collection, I recently received one of my last major packages with a few new exciting items, so soon I'll be showing you guys how things are looking so far. I've been working faithfully on my collection website (which I'll be revealing the linkage to in my next update, yay!!) and am very excited about fixing it up. that's it for tonight!

Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a great week!
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Another Sticker sales

Greetings well I more some more stickers so I decided  to put some up for sale so check em out

1.Paypal only
2.I hold up to 2 days
3.I can ship outside the US

NOTE: put the Pokemon you want with your zipcode and buy 2 get one free sale

All stickers are all $1

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