March 29th, 2011

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Were there ever official pokemon earrings/necklaces made? Mostly looking for 151 merch. I have found custom stuff, but I'm looking for legit pieces.
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Fantastic Four: Reed

Time for some more Weeding!

As seasons change, so do our love of Pokemon. I decided I don't wish to collect Arcanine any more and rather focus on Gen V dragons and any of the Musketdeer trio that come out.

Sad for me, but it does mean I have some rare Arcanine stuff for grabs including the Zukan and plush! I also have a Manectric Zukan for offers.

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Last call for Loonakit

Last chance to win my current pokemon Loonakit commission slot and get a round, chibi cutie like those above. The auction ends tomorrow night!

I will probably open up another slot in a month or so when this one is finished. Just fyi.

Also, I've lowered some prices on my sales page. I have plush, kids, and TFG figures.

Finally, I just wanted to say that I am still open for bead sprites, if anybody wants one. Info on that here: Bead sprites start at just $5.


I really want some pokemon kids right now. I mean I've seen them a lot over the past week and I can't take it anymore.

The ones I'm looking for are;

Eevee - Jolteon, Vaporeon, Flareon, Leafeon, Glaceon, Umbren, and Espeon.
Houndour - Houndoom
Shinx - Luxio - Luxray

Latias and Latios
Vulpix - Ninetails, Zorua

Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle
Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile

Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip
Turtwig, Chimchar, Piplup
Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott
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bulbasaur heart by kattotang

A New Member or "Just call me Kef. I'm a Bulbafreak."

Hello pkmncollectors Community!

My full name's Kevin, but I prefer "Kef" above anything else. Thank you in advance!
Can't accurately really tell where my username comes from - I just came up with it and it stuck with me ever since.

I'm a 26 year old male from The Netherlands, Europe. My love for PokéMon initially started by watching the anime a lot of years ago, shortly after I bought Pokémon Red for the GameBoy. I got hooked on Pokémon (still am!), especially Bulbasaur. I believe there's a reason he's #001, and that's because he's the best. :D

I'm in a long-distance relationship with kattotang, who is also a member of the community. She is also responsible for me joining the community!

See, she pointed this community to me out before, but I didn't pay too much attention to it. Then on my birthday this year (Jan. 18) she surprised me with a whole box full of Bulbasaur stuff she bought from you people!
(she also bought Ivysaur/Venusaur stuff and an assortment of merch of other Pokés I like, but Bulbasaur stays the best.)

So when I came home, I unpacked my 'Saurs and others and put them with the Pokémon stuff I already had. Not long after, kattotang convinced me to join the community to show off my collection.
(and to stop confusing people: Sometimes she's asked to buy things, which I would then pay for through my Paypal instead. Imagine the confusion! Sorry if this happened to you!)

As for collecting, I'm incredibly picky in my collection, even when it concerns my favourite Pokémon - but if I find something I deem "must have" I'm willing to go far!

Now without further dawdling, my collection!

#001 to #003 - the best Pokémon ever. My favourite piece is the Bulbasaur chess-piece!
Along with these are:
- Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow/Gold/Silver/Crystal
- Pokémon Stadium/Stadium 2/Snap (Snap had Dittosaur! <3)
- There would also be a delicious amount of flats, but I have no way to display them proper.

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Glad to be here!
As per rules - I've kept the pictures very small on purpose. For bigger versions, just click them! If there's any liberty in how big images can be, I'd love to know.
houndoom and slowpoke

Questions and some gets <3

Hey guys! I only have time for a quick post today (an in-depth mega ultra amazing collection post will be coming up... eventually. Hmm, how many times will I say that until I actually get around to it? Oh well. XD).

First off, I was wondering if anyone did Nintendo World Store runs? My friend was hoping to get his hands on a Giratina pokedoll, and I believe they were still selling them at the New York store (I know the Seattle kiosk stock is completely dominated by Black/White merch for now, so no more giras there. >_<) Or if anyone has a Giratina for sale at a good price, let me know! :)

Next up... my first purchases through a deputy service! (I am so proud of myself. xD But my bank account isn't quite as thrilled....)
Come see some of my new pretty gets under the cut! <3 (please excuse the sloppy pictures of bad lighting XD)
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I'll leave you guys with this:

Roy Mustang

A Couple [Newbie] Questions ^^;


I've read the rules twice, and can't seem to find an answer to my questions, so I hope it's okay to ask them here. (mainly for clarification)

-If you have an item that is on someone's want list and you're willing to sell it, do you have to have sales permission to let the person know?

-And, can you post a want list without yet having sales/trade permission?

Just my couple of newbie questions to which the answers are probably obvious to everybody but me. ^^;

Now to take more collection pictures like I promised...
Oooh -awe-

Awesome pokes for offer


Oh google, how I love you.
Shipping is 2.75$-5.00$ in the USA and 3.75$-6.50 to international besides Australia. (AU will be 5.00$-9.00$)
I AM A SLOW SHIPPER. SLOW SLOW SLOW SHIPPER. You WILL get your items, but may take a bit longer.
Payment is needed within 24 hours, and if not received, negative feedback WILL be given.
I can do holds for a few days, but no longer than half a week.
Sadly, not accepting trades ATM.

If you click a picture, it enlarges for easier viewing.

Please make your own threads for the pokes. If a thread is made, please reply in the corresponding thread!

Auctions end 4/4/11 at 11:59 pm EST

More pokes at 2$ can be found here: 2$ pokes and others sales!Collapse )

Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Angela_Samshi's GA Has Arrived - Me-To-You Payments

To participants of angela_samshi 's GA, I have recieved the parcel! Now its time to ship this stuff out :D

I have already worked out everyone's shipping totals which is here
Send your (final) payment to dreamingofhope(AT)yahoo(DOT)co(DOT)uk

buttribbons  - I can send your two cards in a 'letter' but I'm not sure how much this will be so I'll grab a quote tomorrow

I am going to the post office both tomorrow and Thursday but the sooner you pay, the sooner I'll post :D

To participants of this GA, the package has entered the UK (EMS tracking) and is currently on its way to my home address. However, as noted in the last post, I won't be home until Saturday but rest assured, I will notify you when it gets home and everything will be send out the following week. You have not been forgotten!!

To everyone else .... I hope you have a nice day :D


School is being rude and sucking all my time away BUT I DON'T CARE THIS UPDATE HAS BEEN PUT OFF FOR TOO LONG.

Well I was actually planning on waiting for a few more things before ~updating~, but I have too much stuff to update I CAN'T WAIT.

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Now! I just wanted to ask some of you sellers a question.
So, you make a big sales post, and people start responding. Someone, who now we will call Fork, asks for, say, a kid. Then someone else a little later, who we will call Earphone, asks for a Tomy and a Kid. BUT, Fork then replies to their first comment, asking for the Kid that Earphone asked for. This happened after Earphone made his request. (Note this isn't an ACTUAL situation that ACTUALLY happened. I'm just adlibbing.)

Who do you give the Kid to? Fork or Earphone? Idk, just something I've been wondering for awhile. 8D

Zukan Group Buy - Heatran

Okay, I know I put up a GA for this this morning but ive managed to find it cheaper, so Im going to delete the post for the auction and get people to claim instead. Trust me, it works out much cheaper this way and its a definate win situation here. ^__^

I will be claiming the Shinx line and spideyroxas will be claiming the Magmar line!

The two people who had bids on the auction will get first chance grabs at the lines they were bidding on, so unless I dont hear back from them in a couple days they will be up again for grabs!
These will cost $10.50, then you just have to pay shipping from me to you, which, only works out at around $3!
So lets get this on the road ^__^
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 Finished adding all of the leftovers from my last ga into my shop <3 should finish up my flats at a later date -coughlazycough-

and here are my recent gets from last week :3Collapse )
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Uh, Hello!

Hello, I'm new here, (Actually I'm new to Live Journal in general) I was searching for Snorlax Pins when I saw someone's collection here so I decided to look around. It looked like everyone here is pretty nice and welcoming, so I decided to join.

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Wanted: Piplup things that no one gets rid of

In a horrible turn of events I ended up not being home when an auction ended, so my search for knitted pokedoll Piplup continues. If you happen to be looking to sell any of these things, I will throw money at you accordingly:

I really hate that FAILFAILFAIL moment after losing an auction that I have been watching for a week nonstop and then go and take too long going to get coffee. ;_; But, two weeks until Fukouka center! Hopefully I will be able to get some pictures and won't get lost too terribly navigating the subway system.
Quick Draw!

Quick Tomy GA

Hello Everyone!

xxiiijamesiiixx and I will be co-hosting this GA!

- Bidding will end April 1 @ 8:30 am EST
- I will be taking care of all threads, reminders, and half the spreadsheet. I will be claiming Rayquaza and Floatzel for $6+
- xxiiijamesiiixx is doing bidding, shipping, and the other half of the spreadsheet, and will be claiming both pikachu's and chikorita for $10+
- Please bid in increments of $1, and reply to the bid before yours!
- DO NOT RETRACT BIDS. If you need to delete a bid for a reason such as bidding at the same time as someone, etc., you may delete it ONLY if you post in the questions thread and let us know about it! This does NOT count for regular bids! Retracting your bid will result in instant negative feedback.
- All community GA rules apply.
- That includes no sniping. If you do, it extends the time, and the bidding won't stop until ten minutes has passed without a bid.
- There will be two payments: GA+Shipping to xxiiijamesiiixx then shipping from xxiiijamesiiixx to you!

All Threads Are Up.
Happy Bidding~!

super multipurpose post!

I need more cactuses in my life, so if anyone have anything cacnea related that isn't flat let me know <3 (customs welcomed, tho im not sure I have enough cash for that, but i'd still like to know who would make one and at wich price).

And next in my multipurpose post: Funny bootleg TCG (image heavy) and some of my custom work progress~

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