March 30th, 2011

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custom charms (again)

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Oh, and as some of you noticed I improved my shipping method and now use bubble mailers for every order. Hopefully we won't see as many problems with the post through me anymore ^^;

Onto the charms! I'm not taking commissions (new designs) this month, but I've added a few new designs yesterday, and maybe even a lot more since the last time you looked c:

And there are still $1, pre-printed charms for this post! Come in the cut to see what's available cheap!

Also, my friend gave me some of her keychains to sell/get rid of. The only Pokemon ones left are of Falkner and Pidgey, and Flint and Flareon, but there are some other things available as well.

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On another note, I haven't been able to buy new merch for so long ;u; I feel sort of lame for posting here every month, but not ever really buying anything, but I just haven't had the spare money lately... Next month too, I'll need to save up a lot.
SO, so I feel less guilty, I might take trades this month. I'm looking just for small gen 5 merch, like kids, keychains/phonestraps (especially metal ones), or figures. If you want to trade, show me what you have. But, I really need to get some money in now and next month, so I'm sorry if I don't want anything you post...

EDIT: Ah, I lost track of time making this... I have to get off now, but I'll get back to everyone in the morning or after school (in about 13 hours) Thank you~ :'0

another mega huge kids sales

hi everyone!

i present to you this week's kids-centric sales! highlights this week include several new boxed kids. there are more eeveelutions that you can shake a marill's tail at (note that the attack glaceon is NOT the same as the one released last year, this one has a different smile and its hair falls on its hand), plus other favourites in the form of nidoking, houndoom, tyranitar, growlithe, absol, and ampharos. of course, there are also tons of kids (several of which are mint!) plus clearfiles, chous and charms (legendary dogs and pikachus ahoy!) from my regular sales.

(the pitter-patter of marill's tail left a watery trail)

just so this ain't purely a sales post, here's something exotic I found recently. ;)

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thanks for reading!
tatsuya 2 [p2]

intro post!

 hey pkmncollectors! ive been around for a while (formerly bakphoon ) and in all the time of being here ive never made an intro post! which is just rude of me so here is a proper one

my name is ripley! ill answer to ripley/rip or bakphoon or dave. ive been a fan of pokemon since r/g and cant see myself not being a fan anytime soon! (which is probably true for everyone here heh)

ho-oh is my main collection with my other collections being the cyndaquil line zoroark and skymin
now enough of my awkward banter its picture time!!

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most of these were gifts from tamago226 because shes a sweetheart!! ♥
she gave me at least 7 of those little shopro figures there, the kid, the frisbee and the drawstring bag!! *u*
the dppt card binder (skymin is on the back so i had to) and american mystery dungeon plush were bought by me though
also zoroark zukan (oh man my zoroark collection is so sad)
not pictured: the japanese zoroark pokedoll because he was in my bag at the time :( but i assure you he is the cutest and softest!
old photos are old

well umm i think thats it!! ill go back into lurking now haha ;u; <3
eye spy

Long time; no post!

I've been lurking, not so much posting since I'm tempted to always buy things. For those who remember me: sup? for those who don't know me: hey there!

Anyways, I figured this would be a good place to ask since you guys are the know-all of know-all in regards to Pokemon merch. Basically, I was browsing YJA! and I won a lot since there were a few things I was wanting and I ended up with a few things that I don't need/collect and I don't know a great deal about them and was trying to think up a good way to price them (since I don't like overpricing things).

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If anyone could help me identify more about them and what I should be pricing them at, please do let me know as it would be a great deal of help.

I'd hopefully like to avoid ebay as much as possible as they're starting to really upcharge everything. I'm pretty sure I should still have sales permission here (correct me if I'm wrong at all, mods - I know I haven't posted in a while since the lovely, massive SMJ project, haha) so if you're at all interested in anything as well, I'd be more than happy to work out something with you as I'd love to see the stuff stay within the Pokemon community.

Thank you!

LAST SET Auction Pokemon Ornaments



Up for bids is this lovely set. This is the LAST ONE! I got very lucky getting this and the price went up from the last set I bought. So this will be the last set offered on here from me. So get it while you can! They are BRAND NEW in the box! I will do a BIN on the box for $95 shipped. BIN overrides all bids and ends the auction. This set was very expensive so I hope these auctions go well ;_;

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Threads are below :)

My other sales are here if you want to combine something:

All community rules apply!!! NO SNIPING! I will find you and kick you!
Auction will end April 2nd at 11:59 PM central time
I ship from the US
Domestic shipping for the ornaments will be $3.50. International inquire please!
Offers will end when I accept an offer

Intro + A Few Wants

 Hi everyone! My name is Jen, age 18-I've been lurking pkmncollectors for a month or two now, and I'm so happy I did! What a wonderful community. You certainly give me tons to drool over! I am mainly interested in buying and collecting plush, although I have some figures and merchandise I have held onto since I was little. Maybe once I make an official *collection space* I'll take some pictures, as I love seeing other people's. Mine is fairly small though! >.>

Anyways, I thought I would post a quick mini-wants list and see if anyone in the comm. could help me out!

-Whimsicott/Erufuun Pokemon Center Plush-
This guy is so, so adorable! Although, if anyone knows of any other existing whimsicott plush, I would love to know about it too. The pokemon center plush is the only plush of him I've seen thus far!

-Gengar plush-
No particular maker or type in mind, I just want this guy desperately! Actually, my boyfriend wants him desperately, and I would love to be able to get one for him. I don't mind if it has tags, although I would like it to be in nice condition. I've seen some gengar plush online, but I'm not sure if they are booties. :C All and all, I haven't seen an overabundance of gengar plush! There isn't enough creepy ghost pokemon plush goodness out there, which sucks because I think it is some of the absolute cutest.  

Alright, and thus ends my first post! Hopefully this post is okay, and who knows, maybe someone will even know of/have some plush lying around they'd be willing to tip me off to! (By the way, I am a working college student who pays for most of her own cost of living, so if I turn down your offer I still appreciate it, it's just I'm on a budget!) Thanks guys. <3


Sales Update + Coins

 Hey guys,

We just got a few rare coins from Japan and wanted to offer it up for sale. They'll be $5 before shipping. We also have plush, figures, and many rare cards available. Click the preview below for our sales page ^^.

Thanks! ^^

~Customs and Straight Sales~

I am making custom painted containers, they aren't very large(they fit on a normal trading card[pictured below]), but they are adorable when painted(using acrylic paints and sealed with a glossy spray sealant).
The cost goes with the complexity of the pokemon being painted starting at $3 for simple ones, $3.50for medium, $4 for hard, and $4.50 for impossible(which includes most legendaries)
. I will also paint some decoration around the rest of it so it doesn't look so blah.
(Currently I am hoping for Generation 5 pokemon but I'm open to the rest)

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Butterfree & Tomys

Hey guys~

Firstly, there are a couple things I have been trying to hunt down for my mom for almost a year now, and I always miss them. D:

 I know it's probably a long shot, but does anyone have the PINK and regular Butterfree Kids or the Butterfree Johto dex charm?

Secondly, I've found someone near by that is selling "hundreds of  Pokemon figures". He says they are all out of package but in good condition, and that they are the "old" Pokemon. They way he makes it sound gives me the impression that he is talking about Tomy figures. I'm waiting on pictures from him, and am going to be going to his house later this week to buy some for myself.

I remember seeing a post around a year ago talking about rare Tomys. Does anyone know which Tomys are hard to find and that I should pick up to sell? Or are there any Tomys anyone has been looking for but unable to find that I can see if he has?

And finally, I have a little extra spending money. I'm interested in Pikachu Plamos, 5th Gen merch, and small customs. Show me whatcha got! :D

Eidolon's Humble Collection

So I have finally gotten around to taking pics of my whole collection! :D Feel free to come and take a look!

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And don't forget to check out my trades/sales here:
nd my wants here:
Also if you have something I want but I have nothing you want check out my commission page on my personal LJ (just sketches/pen&ink)

Thanks for taking a look! <3

GRAIL GET!!!!! and other things.

Who's this?!?

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A Message from Snowball21 about the GA:

To all group auction participants:

I am having to ship the GA off items in small waves. I spoke with Gin last week and told her what was going on with me and with this GA and others that were waiting on items to be shipped out. Needless to say that with my limited availability, I won't be selling or running group auctions after this anytime in the near future.

If you have any questions, feel free to respond here or PM me. I will respond at my earliest availability.

Stamp GA!

RIGHT First of all, if you owe shipping payments for this GA please to pay me asap, I have plushies laying all round my house xD
Also if you've sent me messages/PM's this week HULT! I'm just about to go through my inbox and reply <3

SECONDLY, I couldnt help myself.

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It's been so long!

Pff I haven't been able to post in such a long time! My brother is in Sweden at the moment for his internship and he took my camera with him. But now I have my camera back!!
And I have to much to share with everyone! I have had really nice gets the past 3 months. I'll post those the next time. I'll start with a big sales update <3
Just click the link =) I don't know how to make a banner, or how the make the banner link to my sales post, so this will have to do.
This among other things is what you can find in the shop

And I would like to give a warm welcome to all the new members! (Especially all the Dutch ones! Good going guys!)

Did anyone else had problems getting on LJ the past few hours?

Gen 5 Group Buy reminder

So well, 8 out of 9 plushies have been claimed, we need one more plushie to be claimed from this group buy:

The only ones that have not been claimed are the three monkeys Panpour, Pansear and Pansage. Anybody willing to take them?
ONLY PANPOUR LEFT! Would somebody give him a home probably? <3

I am thinking that if there might be one plushie not taken, would everybody who is claiming a plushie willing to pay 3.75$ each of us? Or probably a part? Tell me what you think :)

Those people who want to claim something from this lot still, please take a look at the original post:

Thank you for reading! <3
Glasses Shift

Many things...

 Everyone who commissioned ACEOs off of me; just letting you know that they're finished. Scanning and posting them when I go back home this weekend so I'll send a round of PMs then with your scans. Also I should be doing a collection update around Easter. Taking home a biiig box of all my Pokemon things Friday so I can set everything up on a shelf back at home.
It's my birthday on Friday so I'm going to be getting some more money, yay! If anyone has anything with Slowpoke, Slowbro, Slowking, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Politoed or Kecleon on PM me or comment! I may be interested in buying them after this weekend.

Anyways, trying to get rid of all the bits and bobs sitting around my Uni room so I've set up a small sales post under the cut. Many trading cards.

Also custom laminated charms if anyone is interested~

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Wants Charizard Pokedoll and shiny Gyarados plush to complete collection :D

 I am currently bidding on a Shiny Gyarados plush. I was wondering if anybody else has one for sale so I know if I need to bid a ridiculous amount for this one if it goes up anymore? Of course my current offer still stands on the current buyers auction (I say this to clarify that I am not breaking any rules) but I can't go up much more. ='-(
Also looking for Charizard Pokedoll :) Or better- a Charizard UFO plush
With three more plush my collection for the year is done! Yippeeee!!!

Also, I got a whole bunch of new pokedolls and Canvas plush I hope to post a pic soon (waiting for some packages).

SELLERS!!! Thank you so much to all the kind sellers on Pokemon Collectors; You have burnt a whole in my wallet but I cant help but love ya! Maybe we should blame the pokedolls for my soon to come brokeness- but I mean common, look at their little faces.
You all have had such reasonable prices and deals! Thanks so much for helping me to complete almost my entire my wants list! 3 more to go and a post soon!
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Some questions! And updates!

 First: Questions

1. If I haven't gotten feedback back from someone yet, what do I do about it?

2. If someone has stuff I want, and I have stuff they want, am I allowed to trade even though I dont have trade/sales permission?

3. Are trade and sales permission two separate "achievements"?

All questions answered thanks everyone who answered!


I got my plushes from a GA (I'll figure out which one later). I also got my Wobbuffet kid. And also, I got a portfolio card. yay! Here's to hoping that everything else I bought gets to me safe and sound!

I'll post pictures later of all my gets along w/ a collection post (which I barely realized today that I haven't done...)

Thanks guys (and girls)!
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Super WANT!

Okay, so I saw this guy once before, a long time ago, and I remember him being priced RIDICULOUSLY. I still can't afford whatever that ridiculous price is, but now I know a community of people who know a million about pokemon merch, and I might at least find a path to find a less expensive one. I dunno.

anywho, this guy.

He's obviously lucario movie merch, and I'm guessing he was pretty limited. But, does anyone know if he's being sold anywhere? Or if anyone has one...? I'd die to work out a deal for one ;m;