March 31st, 2011

Looking For..

I'm new to this so bear with me. I am actually searching for a Latios and Latias plush. They are 11 - 13 inches long. I've been looking for them for a long time and haven't found them yet. I am willing to pay a good price for them should they pop up.
Thanks you.

Pic of what I'm looking for.

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Plush GA payment 1 due! Plusle pokedoll fig auction reminder!

 Hey guys! This GA here...

was WON! And boy are you all in for a treat where discounts are concerned...

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and secondly, just a remider that THIS guy will be ending in a day or two...


and all these GA leftovers...

are now open to ALL member s of the comm! Come visit if you havent taken a look!

(Click me!)

For those waiting on a shipping charge for the pokedoll GA, many apologies1 I'm waiting on shipping supplies and will post the totals up as soon as possible <3 Thanks for your partience!

To members of that GA who havent already; PLEASE let me know if you want your items shipped in their boxes or not! Those who dont contact me in the next few days will be PM's, as I'm still missing a lot of responses! Thank you!

Thats all for now guys, and sorry for the boring post! I'll have a pretty big collection update planned soon...until then, adios! :D

applejack and raichu


okay, it looks like the kanto region's centers will really really be back open tomorrow... so GO AND CHECK YOUR VICTINI PLUSH/SLEEVES TOTALS!! MAKE SURE THEY ARE RIGHT! MAKE SURE YOU WILL BE READY TO PAY WHEN I POST FOR PAYMENTS TOMORROW!!. again i am not taking payments until i have these items IN HAND (probably tomorrow), just check your total and BE READY :) it will be a totally separate new post tomorrow.

aaaaanyway so this post isn't completely boring, i got some new additions to my MOST PRECIOUS of collections, my episode 14 production artwork archive .... :)

despite being not raichu (mostly) i finally gave in and got a new big stack of PIKACHU genga from this episode!!! they are incredibly iconic scenes from one of the best known pokemon episodes of all time :D recognize them? you can go visit them all and see them next to screenshots + the entire collection on my episode 14 sketches page!!

very VERY pleased to have a THUNDERSTONE genga! @_@

thanks for looking guys!
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Auction! Skymin Lotto figure.

eternal_rena gave me the fantastic idea of doing an auction for the Skymin lotto figure. So, here we go:

Item information:

- 2008 Skymin Lotto Figure
- Box is slightly faded/has minor wear (on the corners there) just due to being in storage.
- The figure itself is in great shape!

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General Auction Information:

- All community rules apply; no sniping, kiddos!
- Auction will end April 4nd at 9:30 PM EDT/Eastern Time Zone (North Carolina); it's currently 1:30 PM.
- I ship from the US (Youngsville, NC, 27596)
- Domestic shipping ranges per zipcode (parcel or priority) and international packages can be shipped first class, priority, or EMS (whatever you prefer). US packages will include delivery confirmation free of charge. International orders: first class packages will be PM'd their customs ID information, priority and EMS will be PM'd their tracking information.
- If you're needing feedback to verify anything, I'm more than happy to provide you with feedback (either the feedback I have on here already or my ebay feedback).

On a side note, I plan to donate 60% of the final price to the cat rescue I volunteer at; we're really needing some new flea/tick preventative.

FINISHED! Auction closed!
Kio begging

Update Eevee Sale's! Price's Lowered

Alright I manage to get some more Jakk's figures not much
only espeon and leafeon(my wal-mart always seem to be empty).Also a few new plushe's which include a big toy factory squirtle.Also Im selling my copy of SoulSilver,Since I never play it anymore ^^; so feel free to browse my shop! And check out my new items,also prices were lowered on a few items.Click picture to go to my sales!

Sales + randomly being excited

Due to an unexpected job offer and other unpredictable hurries, I haven't had time to ship out the latest purchases yet. Sorry for the delay. ^^' Anyway, here's another sales plug, so if someone still wants something, I can ship everything out next week! :3
And I promise, next time I post a sales plug there will be HUGE updates~

There are still a couple of people who haven't paid for the auctions they won. I sent you PMs. On the other hand, quite many packages have already found their new owners and that makes me very happy. ^^ I've been so nervous about my first sales, international shipping is always so scary... But I'm glad everything's turning out okay. Please remember to leave me feedback or at least inform me that the stuff arrived, so that I won't worry too much ^^'

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Small wants

hello all again! hope everyone is doing well! I just wanted to post this real quick! I need these two so bad and i am willing to pay $$$ for them or trade! I have a MIB Vileplume bell plush if you have either one to trade also I have 2 MIB kanto gym leader/pokemon/gym badge sets to trade for eiter itmes! I have KOGA and SABRINA. So let me know! THanks everyone

Looking for ILL pay or trade

Have to trade

Pokemon - trans am
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Jakks Throw Pokeball Zoruas up for sale/offer!

I went to Wal-mart and found these little guys!

While I typically dislike being a middleman for Throw Pokeballs (too pricy for my liking + ridiculous bulky packaging), I went ahead and snagged them since I knew the community would appreciate them... and it ended up being worth it as they ended up checking out at $5.00 each (plus a little bit of tax, but I'm not complaining). 8D So I'm putting two of these up for direct sale at their normal shelf price (around $12.00) plus shipping, and the third one will be up for offers starting at $10.00 and ending Friday at 6:00 PM CST in case anyone misses out on the first two!

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I'm also selling these foam pokeballs at $4.50 + shipping ($3 to the US, $3.50 anywhere else) each to anyone regardless of location! If you want all three pokeballs I'll happily combine shipping costs; or if you want to combine pokeballs with a Zorua, I can do that too. :D

If you have any questions (especially since I probably worded all of the above pretty awkwardly haha) please don't hesitate to ask~

Wondercon 2011 - Pokemon possibilities?

Well, I'll be checking out Wondercon this weekend and had some questions for people who have gone before: What are the chances of finding Pokemon merch there? Any success? I know it's not a dominant anime con, but on this list: looks like there will be some anime vendors there! Anyone know if any of the ones listed carry Pokemon merch?
Also, it looks like Nintendo will be there, I'm sure showing off Black and White. I'll be bringing my DS either way (line ups, etc) but has anyone heard anything about anything they'll be doing special?  A downloadable event? Maybe even a Pokemon Center/kiosk?

Well, hoping I'll find SOMETHING and any help/past experience stories will help!  Thanks!

Giving away some extra sleeves


I have some extra Pokemon card game sleeves that I'm giving away. They are just 4 single sleeves for anyone who doesn't play the card game but still wants one in their collection. There is no charge - just mail me a self-addressed, stamped envelope and I'll drop it off in the mail to you (I live in the USA so please attach enough postage if you are out of the country).

Please post on this thread that you want it and I will send you a PM with my mailing address. I only have 4 sleeves to give away.

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Lowered Sales~

So I currently have bubblemaiers (so many mailers WHOA)~ and am working on getting them all made out. I plan to ship everything from my sales out this weekend but I just wanted to go ahead and post my sales one more time before I ship stuff out this weekend @.@

Feel free to offer on any items that you'd like-- we're remodeling the house and I'd rather pack these guys up to be shipped out then pack them up to shove somewhere for my sales post XDD


I'm also still searching for a mudkip zukan. If anyone could sell me one my fiancee's birthday is zooming in and I'd like to get something mudkip that isn't already part of her collection (plus she's been gawking at the zukan for ages...)

OH HO- and expect my year to date collection of PHATTY whales post to be up this weekend :D Even if my one year on Pkmncollectors anniversary was like...two days ago <.< I was waiting for some merch to arrive before I posted XD

Thanks guys!
Haruhi &quot;Huh?&quot;

A few questions and sales.

Hi everyone. How are you all today? I hope all is well. :3

Every since I joined this community last year I've been after a Paki Paki Lugia. When I made my very 1st post I was offered one brand new but it was for $100. At that time and this time as well, I can't afford to spend that much on a plush. ^_^; I mainly just want ot know how much do these guys run for? I suppose a brand new one would be worth $100 but I'm sure I'll want to hug and cuddle it when I get it so how about a loved one or one with a broken or a few broken joints? How much would it cost then? Then again it would probably be more worth my money to get a new one. What do you guys think? *I know Y!J is an option but I can't use it. X3* 

Also at my school we were thinking of starting an official Pokemon league (card and video game). Who exactly would we need to talk to or contact to get it started? If there is a website could you please link me. :3 

I also have some things for sale in my shop including a B&W artfolio, some plush, lots of stickers and a few cards. Please feel free to look around. :3

and to make this post less boring have a silly picture. 

Zoroarks are ganging up on BRS.  X3 
I'm still waiting on my friend to email me the pictures from the Black and White tour off his camera so I can post an update.  :/  X3 

Thanks for your time everyone and please enjoy thr rest of your day. :3


Future Commissions? & Shipping Update!

Hey everyone this post is just to see if people would be interested in commissions from me... I have a few preview ones from the gifts i'm giving out with my first sales post! I'm gonna start small with little laminated full body Pokemon pictures... i'll be trying to draw them in a style that suits me, rather than ripping off other artists/official art... I'm not all that great at drawing Pokemon as it's not something i've generally done since i was a kid, But i'll try my best at any Pokemon you want!

So check the Cut for some previews!

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Also look who arrived in the mail today! He's at my friends but she's dropping him off to me tonight! XDDD

He'll go perfect with my talking Cyndaquil.. Look out for my Collection update soon!

Thanks for reading guys!

Everyone has been claimed!!!

So great news to you all! Every plush has been claimed from this lot!!! <33333

Please, everybody who has claimed a plush, send 31.25$ (when you are located in the US) or 31.55$ (located international) to shiroihebi.lea(@) I have made a spreadsheet, so if you have paid, edit the spreadsheet and ALSO add where you are from, so I can calculate shipping when these plushies arrive to me.

List of people claiming plushies:

Servine - me
Dewott - [info]rypeltajaroll 
Pignite - [info]chariflame 
Pansear - [info]livengood 
Pansage - [info]housyasei_san 
Panpour - [info]typhlogirl 
Patrat - [info]shortcakemiddy 
Petilil - [info]schenzi 
Lillipup - [info]usagimakeup

Here is the spreadsheet:

I will buy this lot right away when I will receive all the payments! :D

Thank you guys so much! <3

NEW SALES! Offer and Auction reminder

I found a box today filled with brand new and unused items! I was so happy <3 All in original packaging!! :D
Look at all this stuff!

It is all for SALE! I only have one of each so first come first serve!! It was all from the Pokemon Center in NY before it closed down. I have never seen this stuff on the community before. I am not sure how rare it all help me out XD



I love this thing. I am accepting offers but don't be offended if I turn them down. I want to keep it but have no where to put it. So offer below please :) It's very rare I am assuming. I dunno where to start them because I don't know its worth. I guess a number just has to hit me right. It's so gorgeous! (7in x 7in with rope hanger)

Don't forget to check out my auction for Pokemon Ornaments here: LAST ONE!

Everything has been shipped. Please let me know when it all arrives. shortcakemiddy your item had delivery confirmation as well :)

Multipurpose Post

Look what finally arrived today! Something I've been trying to get my mits on since I joined this community!

She's from that set with the Cyndaquil, Chicorita, Tododile and Pikachu, and shes so cute n soft, it was so good receiving her today >3<!

I also got my Mew Walky the other day, I was so lucky to spot it on here (ignore the amazing DERP FACE)

I will be posting a collection update within the next week, Ill be putting it all through my actual live journal cause I want to keep it all organised.

But this is a multipurpose post becaaaaaauuuuuse, I have a few questions regarding commisions, sales, a group buy and a wants list!

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Reminder for GAs, Custom Charges + Moving Out Sale

So I'm packing up everything at  the moment to leave for home (currently at university). Which means moving-out sale.

For all those who took part in this GA, can you please pay your final payment ASAP?
I will be going to the post office tomorrow and would appreciate not having to take your items home with me to ship off then.

Secondly, the moving-out sale. This is just stuff that I do love but is either too big or I feel bad about them going into storage for a year and a bit. Feel free to haggle and all these do need to go unforunately.

I am located in the UK

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Unforunately, all this study abroad preparation is starting to get a little costly and I am debating selling this Pikachu Pokedoll.

He is the American Vending Machine release pokedoll and has been signed by both Ken Sugimori and Junichi Masuda
As you can imagine, this is probably extremely rare and the chances of another popping up is probably slim to none! This is the main reason why I'm debating him.

At the moment, I am taking offers but please bear in mind that I have the right to withdraw him from offers.

Offers thread here

Quick Draw!

Tomy GA Reminder and Some Questions/Wants


Hello Community~
Just letting you know there is a little more then 10 hours left on this GA and we are currently losing! D:
So Hurry and get those bids in!

Click the picture to be transferred

Now, Onto some questions/wants.

I was wonder
from all you Jalorda/Serperior fans out there,
Which of it's plush do you prefer?

The Pokedoll or larger PC one?
And if you own both, could I see a picture of them next to each other please!
Much appreciated~

And here is a link to my wants:
Please take a look!

Thanks everyone
and have a nice evening~

Biohazard: 狙撃兵

THINGS! An assorted update

I had quite a lovely box arrive this morning. It was a much needed box, having had a bad week and it was topped off with a rather nasty injury the night prior. Inside was a glorious assortment of goods from the lovely denkimouse. S'all under the cut! Haven't done an update here in a while, so it's a bit all over the place.

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Thanks for looking!
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Baby's First Collection Post

So...I guess one could say this is an intro post :P But I've been around for a little while. I've just never really bothered to post but a couple of times asking for things.

Decided upon looking at my stuff today that I might as well. So let this be my first collection post! I am the Yami of the Whoo, but you can just call me Yami for short.

I actually hadn't cared very much about Pokemon in a LONG time until ROTOM ♥ came around, which I started collecting. A dangerous leap that has lead me to spending way too much money on stuff but whatevz! My other collection is the Pan-s, although Pansage obviously has quite a bit more stuff than either of the other two.


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Yeah, I'm sorry it's not very interesting. Also, yes, some of my games are cheesy, leave me alone XDD

Want list....

Sorry that I  post again so soon... I just found out that Minccino and Cinccnio become my favourite BW pokemons apart from Whimsicott. They are so cool with their dream world skill XD Anyway, that's why I am thinking to start to collect these guys. Now, I am looking for Minccino Pokedoll. I know that there are some ebay sellers selling this plush but the shipping cost is killing me (almost the same amount as the plush itself :S) Here is the pic


I am willing to pay or trade with something in my sales post here so whoever is willing to part with this cutie, please let me know.
Also, I am looking for Jolteon and Flareon Jakks. I know they are really rare now so I don't expect any response for that :D
Thanks for reading guys...

ps The zukan auction will end soon. Don't forget to bid!! (go to auction)
nu mou

First post! Hi everybody : ) [Also Wants]

Hello everyone,

This is my first post, thanks for reading it! I've been perusing this group for a little while and everyone seems really nice and helpful, so I wanted to finally say hello. I am NS49, how do you do? I have been into pokemon since the beginning, but I've never really collected before. My favorite pokemon types are ghost and grass (Gardenia's worst nightmare!) My six favorite pokemon are: Snorlax, Parasect, Jynx, Ho-oh, Lilligant, and Lampent. I have recently been searching for Ursaring and Victreebel merch because I like them too. I am a bit obsessed with pins, charms and keychains, which is how I found this place. My wants are few, but that means I'm also willing to pay a bit more for them. I'd love it if you'd take a look at my wants list (after the jump!)

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