April 2nd, 2011

Virizion and Harmony
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Offers, Auctions and Sales

Hey all! =D So, having just bought a house (and a rather expensive grail item lol), I've found myself rather broke. As a result I've got some stuff up for sales, auctions and offers including the rare Mewtwo reversible plush, some Pokemon Center Eeveelution washcloths and a random Suicune that I have no idea what it is X3

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Will have a collection update soon anywho ~ I keep putting it off due to waiting on more parcels but most have arrived now so will have lots of Mew's, Mewtwo's, Chillarmy's, Eeveelutions and Legendary Beasts to show you all soon! :3


you know how i said i got all your victini plushies and sleeves but suspiciously posted no pics? its because i lied! they were totally sold out FOREVERS.

...i'm kidding :D

... i know, so weak!! but i don't know if i can ever top what i did last year.

for all who asked -- yes!! i'm putting the victini plushies along with other victini goods up on sunyshore next week!, once all these backed up orders are on their way. i'll post about it! :D

for now, come see my failed attempts at making V-shaped sculptures with V-shaped pokemons.

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New awesome getssss

My Internet has been super awful lately (I have a 24Mbps connection but now, for example, Speedtest.net shows I only have a 200kbps connection - what the hell!). :C Not to mention LJ has eaten like half of the comment/message notifications I should've gotten... This means, if you've tried to contact me but I haven't replied to you yesterday/today, please comment here and let me know. Ugh, the joys of technology.

Still, today I really really wanted to make a post because I've been rather inactive lately and would like to change that. I can't do a full collection post as long as my Internet connection keeps being dumb and slow, so I'll just show off my newest gets. :>

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As always, you're welcome to visit my sales! I've put some new items up for sale, like Typhlosion, Raikou and Entei European candy figures! There are some homeless Eeveelutions, too. %D

V's intro post!

Hi everyone! I'm new to the community but I've lurked here off and on for...a long time. I figured I should finally say hi to everyone! xD! Anyway, you can call me V or Vel. I absolutely adore Pokemon and have been a fan since Blue & Red came out. I love to collect the plushies and I have a ton of cards. I also sew and make Pokemon themed hats, pillows, and plushies. Here are a few pictures of what I've made!

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I know it sounds weird but I like to collect the things I make. XD! Nice to meet everyone!

Since my PM's are being wonky;

Auction Updates: Skymin Lotto Figure

- More pictures added
- Ends Monday evening

Auction is located here; all community rules apply.

- - -

My PM's are being really strange for some reason - I apologize if I haven't gotten back to you.

Direct Sales: zorua & zoroark 7/11 lotto cups, Arceus Banpresto DX figure

- Paypal preferred
- Shipping calculated by location; I offer various shipping methods for both US and International buyers to help save money. All US packages come with DC# on me.

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Thank you and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Vulpix & Eevee

Reminder for offer.

Hi guys, I want to remind you all that these plushes are looking for a new good home. They are all mint.... some haven't got any offer yet. Please check it out by just clicking the pictures :D


I will receive offers until tonight which is about 13 hours left only.... ^^
Also, I am happy to combine them with everything in my sales here
Thanks...Btw, I will post my collection update sooooon ;)

first post :), wants too <3

ok, i've been here for a couple months :) bought some things but never posted anything in the comunity (other then buying things) 

so its not really a want list i just have 3 pokemon i LOVE they have grown on me a lot.
these are the ones i will be mainly colecting <33 they are in order from high priority :)

1. Bulbasuar <3 its SO CUTE (i used to hate him when i was little .... wow... times have changed lol now he is in my top <33)
2. Mijumaru/ oshawott. :)
3. Pikachu (been collecting him since i was 5 :) not a bunch of them cuz my mom thought i grew out of pokemon so she gave over 1/2 my collection to the salvation army :(  )
as for bulba tho one thing i am looking for is the starter walking key chain :)
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Pokemon Ornaments and Plate

The auction for my Pokemon ornaments ends tonight! LAST ONE! Please get those bids in! Eevee has no bids!
Everyone else at their starting bids!


I am also seeking offers on this guy. shastina4ever has offered $35

Or you can just comment below and let me know and I'll pass the message along :)

Can't wait for my Victini plush! He just single handedly kicked the Elite Four's BUTT! I feel a side collection coming on...


Intro Post from Koffypoos

Heya! I'm Koffypoos, but I'm better known as Jetz or SquaredRabbit around the net. A little Puerto Rican boy with a love for Pokemon! I started liking Pokemon when I first saw my cousin with Pokemon Red playing with a friend and trading a Sandshrew. After that it was pretty much inevitable as I became a Pokemaniac. I mean, a friend and I made Garrymon, doesn't that count as being a Pokemon fan? I don't know, I only editted the video together and filmed a few bits.

Lately I started expressing my love for my favorite pokemon Koffing to everyone I talk to, and so my best friend CaptainAngel told me that I should join the community, AND SO I DID! Now I'm starting to collect me some Pokemens, AND I LOVE IT SO FAR! My collection is just starting but I hope to really have something to be proud of! I'm collection Koffing, Zubat and Golbat but I will expand later. Nice to meet you! :D

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Jessie Grace

April Update 2011 "Shogakukan Stamps, ANA Charms, Pan Stickers"

Hello Pokepals!
hope your all doing well :)
I bring to you my April Update
consiting of a truck load of Stamps some charms and a few pan stickers
I am looking for some information on items under the cut and seeking interest in a couple of doubles i have of items and whether they would be worth putting up for offers?
Click the Cut to viewwwww
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Saying Hello!! and small introduction!!

Hey guys,

Just thought it would be a good idea to start working on my journal, and thought I should introduce myself.

I have actually been out of the pokemon world for a good many years until recently a friend gave me Heartgold to play....which rekindled my love.

Currently, I am working on trying to collect Umbreon figures. (I know, of all of the things I like, I had to like an eeveelution....there goes my wallet...lol).

Anywho, thought I say HI!! and hope to get to know many of you in the future.


Want + Kind of grail + French Cards + WHAT ?!

Hello all.
The spring is finally here, I'm waiting for some newbies and looking for my first piece of my Deino/Monozu line collection.

So, if somebody selling or know were I could get this :

Also, I am looking for any Cranidos/Rampardos or Aerodactyl stampers !

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2 days ago, my pearl version make me a wonderful joke for the 1st April !

Damn shiny Starly ! She appears after 15766 soft resets, I'm really unlucky with Turtwig.
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

Chupa Figures for Sale!

I was in Little Tokyo today, and I picked up some Chupa Surprise Pokemon lolly pops, in hopes for Emboar. It took me 6 tries, so I am selling my first 5 pulls!

Each one (Serperior, Pansage, Samurott, Reshiram Overdrive, Minccino) would be $10 plus shipping, or $10.50 plus shipping if you want me to include the Pokeball casing thing. Please comment below if you'd like to take one of these home! Thanks!

Flaaffy electric spin

Long over due update!~


Well it has been quite awhile since I have posted an actual full update here, after finally scoring the Christmas Mijumaru plush i have been chasing after for some time i think its time to put my collection on show! I'm a Mijumaru & Mew collector and run a Flaaffy side collection and own a rather unique Shiny Furret item!~

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Wants :) (Umbreon)


I am looking for the following of umbreon:




Battle museum

pencil topper

If you have one for sale, please let me know. (If you are only selling them as a set with espeon, please let me know as I am more than happy to get both)


(Sorry for posting 2 posts so close together. Wont happen again :) )
articuno, pokemon

Kids for Sale/Auction - auction extension!

EDIT: Whoa, whoa, hold on here! I wasn't expecting people to get upset by this! I actually thought I'd done a terrible job at advertising the auction since I haven't posted at all since the first post, so I figured I needed to make up for it. It's not about the totals - believe it or not, I don't care *that* much about money, guys. Money is good, it helps me pay bills and lets me buy stuff for my own collections. But it's not worth having a bunch of people upset at me!

Since the overwhelming majority here is against this, how about a compromise? The auction will end tomorrow at 10pm EST rather than a week from now.

Again, sorry for this. I just wasn't thinking, I guess!

Okay, so I got busy with life stuff and pretty much completely forgot that I had set the auction on these kids to end today. So I'll be extending the auction for another week so that everybody gets a fair chance at getting the kids they want. Instead of today, the auction on these kids will be ending Saturday, April 9th at 10pm EST.

Click the picture to go to the sales and auction. :D

Long time no post!

Hey guys, it's been over a year since I actually posted something here. It was a post just showing my mediocre Pokemon figure collection. But since I'm majorly back into Pokemon again, I feel like starting a collection of some of my most favorite BW Pokes: the Pans/Simis. I was actually thinking of posting this entry since 2 months ago, but I was waiting for the best time to do so.

The "solid" stuff (as opposed to flats) like plushies and figurines are my top priority.
The thing is, I'm not sure how many kinds of plushies or figures each Pan has (I know the Simis don't have plushies yet until MPC).

Is anyone selling anything "solid" of the Pans? I don't really have my hopes up since I noticed they tend to go quickly in here. ;_;
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Chillarmy Doll

Little wants to start a side collection..

HIya!~ So, as for wants right now, I am looking for Professor Juniper items! I know there's little to nothing besides for cards, but I think she's pretty awesome. Soo, it's a side collection. :D I'm looking for cards and all. Let me know if you have anything! :D Also!~ I just bought a grail, so I'm waiting for my invoice until I buy anything else! :D Thanks~

Also! Anyone have these awesome stickers for sale?!?! Nevermind, got 'em! :D
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Newbie post! And Wishlist

Wow I really hope I'm doing this right! I'm just following what other new members seem to be doing!
My name's Morgan but I go by the name of Ditto on the internet! My friend adorability.deviantart.com linked me to this livejournal a long while back (I dont know her name on here!) and I've just been lurking every month or so in the hopes of finding something I'd like to buy!

I have a sort of 'wish-list' that I'd like to post - If anyone knows of anywhere I could buy items containing the following Pokémon I'd love to know!

Tyranitar; Ditto (anything); Larvitar; Reuniclus (or pre-evos); Spoink; Wooper; Quagsire

They're my favourites ;o; I have no Ditto or Larvitar items other than Pokémon TCG; and I only have a Takara Tomy (I think it is!) Tyranitar.

I am also going to be collecting everything Pikachu that I can in the near future!

However I'll do something and post another enquiry about these two items I was given for free when I spent a lot of money in the Tokyo Pokémon Center (amazing place wow). I had no idea what the woman said to me but I mumbled back a sloppy 'hai' as if I understood everything she said, as she put them in my giant Chimchar bag (I still have all the Pokémon center carry bags!)

The photos and explanation are in the cut

Thanks in advance for the info, and I hope to start buying from some of you soon!
My Pokémon collection is much bigger than shown in the photos, it's just most of it is packed away in anticipation of moving house in June.

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Pics of Jakks' Gen 5 figures are up + my Wondercon gets!!

First off, I always use ToyWiz's site as a reference with what and when domestic Pokemon goods come out (oh, and it looks like those legendary dog single figures and 3 packs got pushed back to April, right when Gen 5 comes out >_> The 3 packs have Zorua and Zoroark, so I'll possibly wait for those...) Now, www.toywiz.com/pokemonblackwhite.html shows pics of the newest figures coming out, as a heads up! I think they look great (but is it just me or does the Tehpig's figure's snout look kinda funny?) I'm also eyeing the Reshiram and Zekrom card tins, since I've been starting to collect those since the figures got released :p However, it looks like there won't be any figures for them :(

Next, onto my Wondercon Pokemon adventure after this cut!!! And check out my "grail of the con"!

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I&#39;m the doctor (montage)

Quick sales!

Hi guys! Just some quick sales ^^ I have 1 sealed art portfolio for $15 shipped and then an attack flareon kid and an attack latios kid that i am taking offers on :) they have no scratches and are mint.
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small wants <3

Heyyy collectors, hope you're having a good day :D
Just wanted to update my wants, to see if anyone has them for sale <33

Cacnea Attack Kid
Cacturne Kid (I don't want the attack one)
Cacnea line zukan

Lemme know if you have any of those, price and shipping to Buenos Aires, Argentina please~
Also still looking for custom cacnea prices, small plushies and maybe sculptures.
Nothing flat since I don't really like flat things and I don't have a proper way to show them in my room :P

Annnd im so excited my cacnea kid is on the way <333
Thanks in advance, couchpotatonet for selling me one ^---^

Now back to sewing @__@ -workworkworkwork-

EDIT: If you have any old kids you don't want, or wanna sell cheap (with paint scuffs or something like that) let me know, I feel artsy and would like to try repainting some :)