April 3rd, 2011

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Now back at your eevee.
Now back at your eevee.
OH GOD, TOO CUTE! Show me your leafeon non flat merch for sale!
I have the laying flat plush, one of the kids, Jakks plush and the pokedoll already. :D

papercraft + kids sales!

hi everyone! hope you're enjoying your weekend so far.

first up, all packages from my previous sales post will be going out this week, when i head down to the post office to register some parcels. look out for my notifications after i've mailed your package!

secondly, i bring to you this week's sales! highlights include adorable papercraft sheets (includes lucario, turtwig and skymin among others) that come with instructions - i'm in the process of folding my 'plups and they look mighty cute. ;) also, i have updated my kids sales with even more MIB kids (kingdra, feraligatr, typhlosion and slowking among others), as well as restocked perennial favourites like glaceon, houndoom, etc - everything in my kids pictures is available as of this sales post! there are some miscellaneous additions such as a BW starters mouse-pad like plastic board, legendary dogs/zoroark puzzle standees and bits and bobs here and there. finally, i did some minor price tweaks on certain items. do check it out! =D

(little by little, larvitar's pine cone tail wriggles...)

lastly, i am on the hunt for a CORSOLA POKEDOLL so anybody with one, do hit me up!

thanks for reading!

New Arrivals for Early April

UPDATE:  Here is a picture of the bath salt figures.  I am going to split this box with the comm. ^_^;;

They are $10 each shipped to US (+$1.00 to CAN/EU/OZ).

Here are what's available:
Pikachu #1: available
Pikachu #2: available
Pansage #1: riolulz 
Pansage #2: fishnow 
Pansage #3: bazula 
Pidove #1: little_ledyba 
Pidove #2: available
Axew #1: available
Axew #2: available
Reshiram OD #1: on hold for eternal_rena 
Reshiram OD #2: jadekitty777 
A wild Reshiram OD #3 appears!: fernchu 
Zekrom OD #1: orangegarchomp 
Zekrom OD #2: tealbulbasaur 
A wild Zekrom OD #3 appears!: on hold


I have shipped most of the items paid before March 25th!  If you didn't get a item shipped notice (usually with delivery confirmation # or customs #) in your paypal email account, please let me know! ^_^

It's a new month and that usually means last month's Banpresto Prize is available for pick-up! =)

Banpresto have also decided to put watermarks on their stock photo, so now I have to take pictures for the plushies. T__T


Banpresto Pokemon BW 5.5"(-ish) Chibi Plush Series 3.  Each one is $20 shipped to US (or +$1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).  Oh, Munna is $16 shipped to US. =p


Ball-Chain 3"-ish Hang Plush.  Each one is $11 shipped to US address (or +$1.00 to CAN, +$2.00 to EU/OZ).
Snivy and Tepig are the same pattern/fabric as the previous release, so I didn't take new pictures of them.

Hugging Pillows.  Each one is $42 shipped to US (+$3.00 to CAN and +$7.00 to EU/OZ). 

Also available is the Daikenki evolution plamo set.
Each plamo set is $19 shipped to US address (+$2.50 to CAN, +$5 to EU/OZ)

Other stuff including capsule toys.

The TTA stampe set (all 6 stamps) is $22 shipped to US address (+$1.00 to CAN, +$2.00 to EU/OZ).
Singles can be found here.

TTA Pokemon Metal Mascot Charms.  Each set of 6 is $22 shipped to US address (+$1.50 to CAN, +$3.00 to EU/OZ).

Bandai Pokemon Light-Up Ball-Chain Mascot BW1.
Pricing is a little complicated on this one. ^_^;;
A set of 4 without the dragons is $22 shipped to US (+1.00 to CAN, +2.00 to EU/OZ).
A set of 6 with the dragons is $43 shipped to US (+1.50 to CAN, +3.00 to EU/OZ).  The set of 6 has limited availability.
Singles can be found here.

I've also picked up the following for myself. =3
Any available duplicate from the box of bath salt soap figure will be offered later this week.  They will be $10 shipped to US (+$1.00 to CAN/EU/OZ).  Please claim any extras here and I will process them by the order of requests.  (and if you've already asked for one before this post, please remind me and I will hold one for you.) =)

Paypal info is dgundam3(at)hotmail(dot)com, and please read my shipping rules and info here.


Honorary Bugs and PkmnC meetings!

Before the meat, let's have some bread. I have a question for all of you *points* so you have a collection. Maybe it's a type like I do with bugs or Gin does with electrics or Cally/Norks do with flying. Maybe it's a certain Pokemon like Togekiss or Torterra. Maybe it's your trained Pokemon or the Pokemon of a trainer you like. No matter what it is, my question is, how do you handle honorary members?

You collect Mamoswine, but it has two prevos before that stage. You collect Water types, but Surskit evolves into Masquerain and that's not water. Maybe you have a flying collection and there's a winged Pokemon with not a hint of flying type to it. Maybe you collect James' Pokemon and then he gets a Hoppip for an ep. How do you handle this?

For me, My collection has Togepi in it, though my main focus is on Togekiss and side is on Togetic. It gets more complicated with bugs, which is the main reason I've come here asking. There are buglike pokemon that aren't actually the bug type. Celebi is one such Pokemon. It looks like a bug with the wings and the antenna, but is Psychic/Grass. Still cute. Then there's Drapion who evolves from a bug but is not a bug himself (this doesn't stop Aaron from owning one). There are others, I'm sure, but those were the first that come to mind.

So what do you guys do about honorary members? Do you have a Pikachu or two sneaking into your Raichus? Do you have a Venomoth among your flyers? Discuss here :D

EDIT: Oh yeah, the pokemon that has me confused in this regard is Trapinch/Vibrava/Flygon

Now on to the meat!


Click on people's faces in the photo to tag them.

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Collection Update + get! + Wants + GA reminder


Just a quick lil' update of things. AND MY GET! WHICH IS JUST SO INSANELY CUTE

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I FINALLY got photos of EVERY item from my collections :D

Here is my wants list :D
I'm also after the Japanese Vending TCG Cards, i've made it a mini mission to collect them~

If you have anything im missing from my collection or something on my wants, I have my flats and TCG card trades/sales right here;

AND FINALLY, GA reminders! The stamp GA has under 2 days to go, the tin GA has 3 days left.

Magnets and more sales!

Today I'm looking to do some sales of magnets, pencils, pen caps, and some other stationery items! (Sorry, no paper this time though!)

Note: In preparation for an upcoming move, I am planning on clearing out the majority of my sales items. So if there's anything in my previous sales you were after, get it now before it's gone!

Those sales again are here:

And, you can find my new magnet/pencil/etc sales here!

Another note, I am going out of town this week, so all orders will need to be paid for by noon CST on Tuesday in order to be shipped this week. You can still request items if you plan to pay after then, but I won't be able to ship them until next week.

Thanks all!

TCG Arrangements?

Well I'm getting quite a few cards and I was wondering how you all kept them arranged and organized. By type? By number? Or anything else :D I have a small binder for them it only holds 60 cards and I also have an old charizard case I got a long time ago from like Taco bell or something :3 Would it be a good idea to just keep favorites and cards that shine / sparkle in the binder? Let me know your ideas! :D

***Also I removed my post about the umbreon kid. I'll just wait it out and hope to find one in a GA. Wish me luck <3

Thanks in advance ~
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Raichu used wave-stupidly-and-make-a-fool-out-of-herself!

Hi! Im Dwolfy, a lurker here who just built up the courage to join the comm. :D So, hi. First, i have a couple of questions. 1) I have this Raikou i got off eBay, and i wanna know how to tell if its legit. http://deewolfehpro.deviantart.com/art/--203456860 2) Is there an exact age that I should be for this comm? 3) http://pkmncollectors.wikia.com/wiki/CharaBottlin O3e; want. How much do those run for?
Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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Card Sales Post yaaaaaay!

I have way too many TCG cards, so here is a sales post! :D
This is only about half the cards I have to sell... I'm sorry I can't post them all at once, but I don't have enough spare room in my binders for them, and digging through a shoebox to find that one card is just really awful and I'd like to avoid it xD

-Shipping is from the USA! The rates are outlined at the bottom of this entry.
-I will be a little slow to ship, only going to the post office once a week.
-Tracking numbers and insurance can be added to your package for an additional fee. If you have problems with disappearing mail, this option might be worth your while!
-Paypal ONLY, payment due within 24 hours of your claim. I do not chase people down for payment, I simple move on to the next buyer.
-I do have multiples of some cards, so if the card you want has been sold, ask anyway, I might have more!
-Most of the base set/Fossil/Jungle cards (basically all the really really old ones!) have some damage, as they came from a child's collection. Ask about the conditions of the ones you want if this is a concern. The newer sets are all in good shape.

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ORDER FORM (please copy and paste this into a comment!):
-Cards Wanted:
-Shipping method desired:
*If you're ordering 1-5 cards, I can ship it in a plain envelope for $1.25 anywhere in the world. This isn't as safe as a bubble mailer, but good for those on a budget.
*For 6 or more cards or for people who want safer shipping, I can ship in a bubble mailer for a flat $2.75 anywhere in the world.
-Paypal address (so if you accidentally forget to include your name in the Paypal memo, I can still easily figure out who ordered what)
-Do you play the TCG?: (if your answer is yes, I'll throw in freebie trainer cards and energies!)

If your order is over $25 before shipping, you get a free metal TCG tin with your order! :D Only four tins available, designs vary.

eBay Sales!

Selling off an awful lot of stuff due to a strong desire to reduce clutter, including some very nice items! There's lots of Marill and Cyndaquil and Lickitung in there, and there's even a Raichu backpack!

Unfortunately, I don't have time to manage such a large sales post, so they're up for sale on eBay as big 'ol lot sales. I did my best to list all items where possible to make them GA-friendly, if anyone wanted to go that route with 'em. :)

Click here or on the photos to see what I have for sale!

Thank you!

totey tote totes :D

My first time ever really posting here... I tried having a look around myself, but I don't really know where to look when it comes to Pokemon merch. I'm not a huge collector y'see. 8c It's a good thing we have this comm around!

I was wondering if anyone was doing any pickups of these tote bags? Or maybe someone knows where I can find one? 8D

I was hoping I'd be able to get one shipped to the UK for not too high a price - if I have it right it looks as if it's around $55, and with shipping and any kind of commission if there is any, it wouldn't be a whole lot more than that hopefully? 8)

If anyone could help me out, that would be great! Thanks very much guys!

edit; Turns out I was pretty misinformed about how much this was... I feel like a nub.

Now I just feel like I cluttered up the comm with stupid stuff. D8 Sorry everyone, but thanks to those who commented! <3

A quick price question...

So.... I found this at a flea market and bought it, and looked it up on amazon, to find out they're selling it for $60+.... Is that the actual worth, or is amazon just being derp?

Because I seriously wouldn't have thought "oh hey this is rare/expensive/something like that"....?

Please tell me if that's true or not. I don't think it is, but I would like some others' thoughts.

This is what I found:

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Throw Poke Ball Series 1 Croagunk.
Mint in Package, aside from some minor wear on the edges of the packaging.


(Thanks in advance btw ;u;!!!)

Charm & Sliders GA!

Hey i've stumbled upon a Charm/Keychain lot and it includes a few other types of items.. It's on low bids at the moment and with just over 5 days to go! so i've decided to hold my first GA! If somebody would like to be a co-runner and make a claim on something please let me know! I'm going to open with a Questions/Comments section and once i've found a Co-runner i'll post the bid threads. Seem fair?

Here's a Picture of the Lot and more info will be under the cut!

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zekrom fly

A Really Big Collection Post

Hey everyone,

I joined a couple years ago and posted very sparingly... so you probably don't know who I am ^^;
A little about me before I show u my pokemanz in an array of super shrunken photos bcuz of my hd camera which snapped pictures that would be over a foot wide:
I am a high school freshman who is really busy maintaining all A's and therefore I cannot post very much.
My dad is a doctor and works in Oahu every so often. His hotel is usually right by the Toys n' Joys shop, so I get a lot of stuff from there :)
I have a dog.
I like Pokemon, and have been collecting random stuff since the age of 3. (started with some bath toys)
List of Top 10 (and a half) Fav Pokemon
1. Manectric (shiny to be precise)
2. Zekrom
2.5. Tie for Reshiram and Arceus
3. Suicune
4. Samurott
5. Lucario
6. Palkia
7. Dialga
8. Rayquaza (I say "quay" not "quah")
9. Scolipede (yup)

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First time doing a cut. Hope it worked!

By the way, I'm looking for a Shiny Suicune Zukan. Look through my collection for something you want, and I might trade it for the Zukan.
Galvantula and Joltik

reminder post + another grail

A quick reminder about the Pan sticker GA:

So far we do have raised over a little than the amount that the pan stickers have original bid on, which is great!!! Please help us to get a higher amount, so we do have a great chance to get these!!

Here is the link to the original Auction: community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8867203.html

Also.....I am looking for this little guy, do you probably know where I could get him?
OMFG, thank you so so so much forest_snivy for giving me the link to a pretty cheap one.....I wish I could hug you! ;W; <33333

This little Christmas Snivy plush! <3

Thanks for reading! <3

Epic Quest for a Jakks Zorua! *wants post*

Hi! This is my first time posting to this comm and it's to ask for help. I spent the entire weekend checking every Target, TRU and Wal-Mart within a 15 mile radius trying to find a Jakks Pacific Zorua, all to no avail! D= All the while I had it in my mind that if I couldn't find one, I'd just buy it on TRU.com. Unfortunately, it seems that the plush are now also sold out on their site! Does anyone have one they wouldn't mind parting with for a reasonable price? 

Semi Emergency Sales (And First Sales Post)

Hey guys I was allowed sales permission a few months ago by denkimouse ^^

I'm having a bit of money troubles so I need to sell some of my stuff..

All prices do not include shipping

Anywho I'm selling mostly Johto charms, some Pokedolls (Jolteon, Flareon, Umbreon) Some canvas plush (Jolteon, Umbreon) and more. I haven't been around for awhile (I work 6 days a week and am really broke..we're trying to move house soon and they jipped me on my pay) So if I'm asking for too little or too much please tell me. I'm going by Brian's amounts for most of them. All items are OBO I'd do an auction but I don't think I have enough time X_X

I'm not responsible for the mail being stupid and losing things.


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Looking for Riolu~~ (and lucario too)

So my bfffl's birthday is coming up in about a month, and I'm looking for Riolu to buy her for the next 2-3 weeks. She liked Lucario by relation, but Riolu is her favorite. I know she mostly would like plushies.
I know she has: Riolu Pokedoll, Riolu Jakks plush, Lucario Pokedoll (edit: also not interested in riolu canvas plush. I dont know why, but she mentioned that she really doesn't like how it looks)
I may be interested in some of the last few riolu cards too. I don't think she has any from the last three expansions.
Figurines, eh. If they're cheap. She'd like them, but plushies are better for love.

Also! She LOVES swadloon. If anyone has the Swadloon kid for sale (has it been released yet? owo;; ) I'd definitly be interested.

Anyway, if you have anything you think I may be interested in, please drop me a comment or link~ thanks~~
Pokemon - Pikachu Pokedoll

Final Payments Due for Two GAs as well as an accidental grail get

I will be sending out PMs for this soon. If you haven't already paid yet, please pay ASAP, I should not be chasing you down for this
the spreadsheet is located here
Send your (final) payment to dreamingofhope(AT)yahoo(DOT)co(DOT)uk

Secondly, the Plush Ahoy GA has turned up \o/

Because what I didn't know when I claimed that Pikachu Pokedoll that it was my grail ;o;

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Okay, time for the final payment for this one as well - except one tiny little thing.
We got hit by customs. Despite the parcel ending up at £21, we have to pay £22 ¬¬ this is only $4.10 per person
Customs did get an earful especially as £13 is the 'handling charge'. Handling charge? They looked at the label. We paid them £13 to look at a label ¬¬

Not only is this the final payment but I will be shipping these out over the next few days. And I've already worked out your shipping!
The spreadsheet is here
Send your (final) payment to dreamingofhope(AT)yahoo(DOT)co(DOT)uk

p.s. I'm still in shock