April 4th, 2011

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Help finding someone + cleaning plush

I need help finding someone! Within the past few days, I remember seeing a user post about wanting an Alakazam plush. I was browsing Y!J tonight and found one in a lot. I looked back through entries for about a week or so but can't find the post, I'm pretty sure it was just the other day or so it was posted ;__; I really want to contact the person to tell them I found one and could help them get it, but I have no idea what their username is, and I'm guessing the post was deleted or I missed it somehow. Does anyone know who I'm talking about? Or if it's you, please speak up!
Answered, thanks! <3

Also, I need more halp! I recently won a couple plush off of Y!J, and I didn't find out until they got to me that they have some icky stains on them. I know absolutely nothing about fabric nor stain removal, and I don't want to damage these guys -- does anyone know how I might be able to remove the stains on them? The stains don't bother me that much, but I'd still like to have them looking perfect ;A; Pictures under the [image heavy] cut for reference!

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So both of them have some bigger, unknown substance stains on them, and they're both really dirty around their necks and heads; I have no idea what the general dirtiness could be... it's pretty gross though ;__; I'm thinking I should just take a rag and some water to them and gently rub them to try and get the dirtiness off, but I don't know if that will damage them or not. And I don't know what would be safe to use on the stains to try and remove them without damaging the fabric. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated!

Through the Fire(tails) and Flame(quill)s

I'm not very good with words or introductions so while I've been pretty active commenting and participating in the comm, I never really...got around to introducing myself. I am an old fart when it comes to Pokemon (at least--I feel like one!) so this post is going to be full of suffocating nostalgia. Just a fair warning!

I'm warking_chocobo and if that doesn't explain things, I'm something (ha!) of a video game nerd. You may have come to know me as 'that user who keeps asking about Cyndaquils' :X I guess you could say I'm revisiting my childhood by indulging in all the (now retro) video games that I never got to play as a kid.

I owe it in part to a game that has stuck with me for--god, has it really been fourteen years now?!--and continues to stay with me today:

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I've had several favorites--old and new--mostly from the 1st and 2nd Generation that I grew up with, but with random ones popping up from 3rd and 4th. I have a natural attraction to the fire-types, so it's no surprise that fire types like Charmander, Cyndaquil, Growlithe, Houndour and Entei are amongst my favorites. Out of all of them, the Pokemon I felt a strong affinity to is the Char line.

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You've seen some of my old and new collections in the previous pictures and there will be more to come, but to wrap this post up, I thought I'd leave you all with this:

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Nice to meet all of you and I hope to share more Pokemon in the future!
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quick question + corsola wants

hi! sorry to be posting again so soon, but i had this nagging question that i couldn't answer by sifting through months worth of entries here so i'm just gonna ask here: did somebody post a wants post for the magikarp sub (pictured) sometime back? i could have sworn i saw one, but i just can't find that post! also, is anybody (else) interested in either item? i think i saw a few people comment on wanting these in a few posts...

(apologies for my pig trying to claw his way to some kitten/fish chow, he's greedy like that. XD)

secondly, while i'm at it, i'm looking for a Corsola Pokedoll and all Corsola merch you have. does anybody have these to let go? hit me up with a comment if you do! =) I currently only have the Kid and TFG figure (plus the zukan coming on the way), and would really like some nice non-flats (or uncommon flats that aren't TCGs)!

volkner is working hard for a fucking ch

More stuffs for sales!


As promised, here is some Victini goods -- and more! -- now available in Sunyshore!

Tomy Figures all up to date! MC+ are also available here!

Kids, getcha kids here. From various sets.

So still need some PAYMENTS! No more excuses for these not being in yet! :P Please send your total with your LJ NAME IN THE SUBJECT and what you got in the note. PLEASE do these simple things!!

Send to denkimouse (at) gmail.com!

kriscarmi: Elesa sleeves = $12.00
kardashian: N sleeves = $12.00
shinyyooterii: N sleeves = $12.00
thestuffedpanda: N sleeves = $12.00
maractus 2, cute

Quick card sales + Last chance

Yesterday I (FINALLY XD) picked up the Tepig B/W TCG tin, and I have some cards from that for sale,
As well as some I've weeded out from my collections
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And, as always, these can be combined with anything from my sales.
It may be your last chance to purchase any of these items, as we're having our garage sale soon and all this stuff is going to be for sale
TCG sales
Figures, flats, etc.
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GA reminder

the Foam Stamp GA
that tortoises and I are putting on is ending in 14ish hours, so please check it out~

also, these other 2 GAs I put on-

I got the invoices today from SMJ, but I'm out of town right now so I do not want to spend time on spreadsheets when I'm supposed to be vacationing XD but I will work at them when I go home tomorrow so expect me to be contacting you if you're a participant tomorrow night :]

also, the pan sticker GA hebilea posted about a few posts down... make sure to check it out ;D we're currently in the lead but it still has 19 hours so I want to raise as much as possible!

keep on being awesome fellow collectors!!!
zekrom fly

Something Interesting?

I know there are a lot of Ninetales fans out there, so...

Isn't it great? I'm in something called "Forensics," which is really just competitive speaking. I was in the category Storytelling this year! In middle school, I did Poetry, and Solo Humorous for the following 2 years (I placed 1st in the state in 7th grade ^.^) Are any of you familiar with it?
Well, this year was the 9th consecutive Greater Metro Conference win for our high school team (which is huge and formidable, may I add). And they chose NINETALES as the feature for these papers we put on our lockers! (for the 5th year it was a hand, and for the 6th it was the same hand but with an extra finger, so I've heard)

I'm putting this one in my room!
Not exactly collection related, but it's a flat, I guess?

Pokemon Badge Project: Last Chance to Change Johto Designs!


This is it ladies and gentlemen, once I've made some changes to these designs (based off your feedback) I will be releasing the official designs as well as putting in the order for some samples to be made. There were already a few things I noticed that I want fixed, but if you see something else, let me know in the comments or by emailing me at pkmnbadges@aol.com! Til then, preorders cost $35 (including shipping to anywhere in the world)

As a reminder, orders ARE open for Johto Badges! You've got until April 30th to pay! Email me at pkmnbadges@aol.com with any questions or comments (or orders!), since I'm guaranteed to see it there and have missed comments on these threads before, don't miss out on the pre-order phase! The cost WILL go up following the 30th!
Breloom. ^-^

Sales update

Hi again everyone. ^-^

Hope you guys had a good weekend!

I wanted to post a link to my updated sales page... I have a variety of new cards added, some Jakks Eeveelution figures (including Umbreon), and I've separated the games and bonuses from the bundles I had up earlier in case you're interested in the extra items specifically. Note that the games themselves (I have one of each version available) are now $35.00 shipped priority in the US so you'll still have the opportunity to download a Liberty Ticket and get Victini if you buy one today (or tomorrow before 3 PM Eastern time). A few of the older cards didn't sell and there are still six art folio images up for grabs at a straight sale price of $1.00 a piece. Thanks again for looking!

Sales page located here~

If you received an item I shipped out last week and are looking for feedback, let me know!

To make this post not-so-boring, allow me to draw your attention to first4figures' twitter: Located here
I don't recall this being posted anywhere in the comm at the time but they asked "Which are your favorite Pokemon?" on March 27. In case you're not familiar with them they are the studio behind some fantastic (and justifiably expensive) Metroid, Sonic, and Zelda figures. (Among a few other series.) Check them out here!

Which Pokemon would you guys be interested in seeing made into large figures?
don't all answer exeggcute at once

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collection update~ :>

hello again~ :>
i have to say i really love community <3. so many nice people and so much awesome things to buy ... although its bad for my wallet lol :d
anyways i think ive bought enough things for a collection update now. im still waiting on a few things to arrive as well, but i will save them for future posts :>

o and here are new foamies i made for  darkangellilith btw (i hope she likes them :>)
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Pokemon - Manaphy

Who's that Pokemon?

It's Eevee!

Ok, random post, but I was very happy to get that in the mail so I wanted to share it. :D Collapse )
I actually have a giant Party Piplup as well. but he's large and currently packed away. Hopefully I'll be able to aquire a few more of my favorite Pokepals as time goes on. My main interest in the franchise is the games (of which I have a LOT of them), but I really do love the plushies. ♥

I also wanted to show my little side project: Pokemon scarves. I posted my Dratini prototype a while back. After a few months and several more rough drafts, I made a few scarves and brought them with me to a local anime convention to sell. I am happy to report that they all found new homes! In addition to Dratini, I made Haunter, Umbreon and Jolteon. :D We're doing artist alley at another convention this September, so I'm hoping to do some new Poke-products, too. (Something other than scarves or hat or hat-scarves. I'll post here when I get my prototype worked out.)

Thanks for reading!
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Multipurpose Post

The first part of this post pertains to anyone who bid in this GA


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Now the second part of this post pertains to everyone!

roxiexcore  and I bring you a GB! This was going to be a GA, but we decided to go ahead and BIN to guarantee that we get it. What this means is that you should be prepared to pay ASAP! because the BIN has already happened and it would be great to be able to pay fast so we can get this stuff on the way to us from Japan.

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 So I got this awesome package today....for a collection that I've been slowly working on (around Krookodiles...) 

So what is it? You really wanna know?
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So the thing that I want...these things that I need...require...would be 'Zard merch. I've always loved Charizard but never collected due to the phatty whale that takes up most of my room. However now that I've got so much blue whale...I think I  could use some orange to counterbalance :3 This is where you come in comm! I'm looking for anything and everything. Plush, figures, flats, cards, whatever it is I'd love to see it~!I would like to try to trade for some of it if anyone is interested (Sales). 
Thanks :3

New collection start, Old weeding sale

Good evening, fellow community members. I am here posting my second weeding sales. Well, there are two incentive reasons behind this decision. One is that I will go back to my country during the summer vacation of college, so I need to pack away all the current collections. There are certain items that I wanna them either going to people love them more; or sealed in the box with other collections before I come back. The other reason, more importantly, is that I am determined to start a Dragonite and Altaria collection after summer. I have been hesitated of this for a long time but I finally make my mind. By looking back at my side collections, I found I did not love some of them as once the time I bought them. So I put them here for sale or offer. Hopefully you might find your wants off the list.

P.S. I am not looking for trades at the moment. Thank you for your understanding.

Sorry no fancy banner at the moment. And I don't know why but LJ is prohibiting me from pasting texts.
My sales post link:

I drew and scanned a personal banner featuring Dragonite >< YAY!

Main items preview


done! (almost)

so today i finally finished sending out all the packages! (i don't need to post a pic right?)

see i still got a few people who haven't paid, and i'm also pretty sure i dun goffed somebody's package and so on...

so if you're wondering if you owe something or if you want to see if you got your stuff sent out please look here!


spiralgenerator: paypal is being weird and i can't see you shipping address so if you could send that to me that would be great! if not i'll PM you later this week

fizzycat: since your item wasn't included in the GA i could offer you a refund or you can pick something out from my upcoming sales post free of charge (it has to be something around the same value...). i'll go ahead and PM you to if i don't get a reply.

in other news!
i'm going to make a collection update soon (few years late)! and i will be opening up my permanent sales post soon as well! so keep an eye out for that =D