April 6th, 2011


Jakks Distribution Info + Plush Group Buys! Bought! Receipt Picture in Post

Hey guys! I had recently emailed a Jakks representative with the usual comments and questions, and when asking her about the fact that NOBODY gets distributed to, she referred me to a few sites I had heard of, and some I had never heard of at all. One in particular is selling the first series of the Black/White plush for a VERY reasonable price of $11 each after shipping to me. (This does not include shipping to you, but in-US should be $3 for one, no more)

PRICING EDIT: With the number we ordered, the price for them to get to me was $10.39 with Paypal fees included.
I cannot stick to the <$3 shipping claim anymore, due to the postal service upping the prices from $1.22 to $1.71 at 1 oz for US shipping. For one plush inside the US, the price will be $3.26 shipping, which includes your bubble mailer, USPS cost, and Paypal fees. Not a huge increase, but it is not still under $3.
EDIT 5/3 - No luck as far as stock goes at the company. I'll make a post when they DO get them in, however. If the end of may comes and they push it to June, I'm canceling the order and refunding everyone.

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Hello! I'm new to this community, so I just wanted to say hi. :3
Also, I am looking for something that I've been wanting, so I hope I am doing this correctly ^^;

Long story short, a few years back, I had 2 Flygon plushies from Wal-Mart. 
As can be seen here~
Flygon is my absolute favorite Pokemon besides Mew, so I was thrilled. But I found out about a week ago that my mom threw out both of my Flygons, and my Mew as well. I've ordered a new Mew, so that's taken care of. Flygon, however, is hard to come by. Ebay auctions are terribly stressful.

Well anyway, if anybody has a Flygon plush they are willing to part with, I'd be willing to pay any (reasonable) price for it. I have several plushies I could trade, but since my sister and I share them, I don't think she'd be willing to let me, haha. xD
So yeah! If anyone has one they would like to sell, please let me know. After hours of searching around, it seems like here is my best option to look. :D
Thanks~!! <3
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Auction reminder for SHINY Entei MC+ and clear file folders

Good afternoon, all. This is the final reminder for my auctions of a SHINY Entei MC+ and three clear file folders ending on this Friday, at 9:00 PM (EST). They have low bids at the moment, so get your bids in if you are tempted. I only have one left of each of them.
Note: Just for clarification, the auction for the MC+ and clear file folder will still be ended tomorrow at 9:00 PM (EST. time)

Click either of the picture to go to the original post.


Also, I'm still taking offers on these items, all at a low offer right now, from my sale post - Climbing post Lucario zukan, Clear Shaymin tomy with sparkles on her hair, and a RARE 9.5" tall shimmery Suicune plush. Come and see more great items in my sales.

IMPORTANT: I am going to take offers for the items before the midnight of next Wednesday. I will not set a fixed ending time in order to avoid the sniping and will end the offer anytime at night. So your last chance to offer would be sometime in the day on Wednesday by suggestion. Thank you!

(Awake Dragonite to see my sale and offer items. :p)

WoW - Khadgar

I should get in the habit of doing these more often...

Time for something I have not done in forever, a collection update!!! Money has been very tight for me, the tightest it has been since I joined the community 3 1/2 years ago! Thus, I have not been buying as much, just little things here and there! Since I have not done a collection update in ages, it will seem like I have acquired a lot though...

Let us start with my main collection, Suicune (aka butt ribbons)...

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Actually, I am going to have to wrap up this update for the time being! Like always, time is getting away from me I'm afraid!! I still have more to show off including purple kitties, ghostly worms, and lizards with baggy pants! Oh, I can't forget, I also have a Pickles' Tale. I have not done one of those in a very long time, I hope Pickles can forgive me!!


Ya ever seen 5ft of Eeveelutions? Collection Update and an eight year Grail :3!

 It's been a while :3! How ya'll doin'?

Yep, life has just been getting the better of me recently. I've been really tired, emotional, stressed, you name it, but I sucked it up and made it to Spring Break ;D! Got home yesterday since right after I got off school my family went out of the country. Now that I'm back, I have been reunited with my collection for a few days. 

I got a lot of stuff over the past few months, including few Grail worthy items and it's time to show you all ;3! 
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Mewtwo destroy

A couple of wants

 Hey all, I'm currently collecting Mewtwo-related stuffs and there are a couple of things that I'm looking for... The Mewtwo zukan, and this little guy:
Give me a hug!!

I'm trying to get a decent deal, so nothing tooooo expensive (I see the plush is on eBay for $79 plus shipping... hmm). So, if you've got one to sell or you see one on the internet somewhere, please let me know!! ^_^ Thanks!
absol happy love

(no subject)

Hello fellow collectors! I know I havent been on in quite some time, but thats what college does~ I come to you for help! I would like to know if there are any kids/figures of this wonderful new favorite pokemon of mine!

Mienshao!! it has grown on me since I kicked alotta butts with it and I want its kid figure (if its out yet) if merch is not out for this pokemon then I would like it if somebody notified me as to when somthing does come out.

any help is welcome! thanks! xD

Commissions Round 7 part 1, Custom Plush Auctions, and Sales

My goodness it's been so long since I did a sales post =;v;= I decided to whip out all the stops since I really need to get some money for bills like my new car, and I'm also getting ready to move again. So the sales is to help clear out my excess because I'm moving farther away than just 15 minutes, [like 2 hours]. So anyone that participates in any three of these, I thank you very much and really appreciate it <3~

So, first order of business, sales. My sales post consists of mostly lots and two single items, so check them out, the lots are cheap ;D [Nothing over $20] and anyone just starting out with sales permission may be able to stock their store with some nifty stuff! Click the image for sales:

Second, custom plush auctions! Anyone that was near my DA last night saw me upload a bunch of new customs and guess what, a lot are for auction ;D So come take a look at them here:
Custom Plush Auctions
Auctions include: Gastly, Shiny Minun, Petilil, Shiny Litwick, Litwick Emoticubes, Yamask, Jumpluff, and Driftloon.

Lastly, commissions for anyone who doesn't want anything in the auctions or just wants lots of my plush ;p Follow the cut for details on commissions:

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1. mana_mihara - shiny yanma - complete: shipping pending
2. mana_mihara - shiny lilligant - complete: shipping pending
emolga love her afro

(no subject)

So who has the best boyfriend ever?

I do!


Because he hunts for Pokemon merch for me! After going to several TRUs and Targets, he found some of the B&W TCG decks stocked early! I guess they were hidden behind the old decks so he had to dig for them. xD They apparently had some of each grass, fire, and water. He bought me grass so that's all I have at the moment. So US fanatics, keep an eye out for merch soon! I'm sure a lot of places will accidentally stock their shelves too early. I stand corrected! I guess the themed decks were meant to come out today!

Care to see a preview of what the US cards look like? Check under the cut!

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Edit: Here's some pictures of the water set! Sorry if too many pictures on one post D:Collapse )

Superfast shiny beast GB anyone?

Good evening community!
Lookit these beauties.

I recently found these shiny beast charms for a pretty legit starting price! There's only a day or so left in the auction, but since it IS an auction, I don't think it would be wise to list a certain group buy amount. Nor would a GA be wise in the time alotted. If you're interested, tell me what you think! The most each charm would be is $32 each according the the BIN price, though that would be the same amount being paid for the normal price of these charms. I'd be claiming Raikou, so if you want Entei or Suicune~...

Thanks for reading! <3
Galvantula and Joltik

Everything starts at 1$ GA

*starts with a very original name for a GA*


Me and breethezebra are bringing you another GA!

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Hey all!

Hi guys! I'm not new ^^; I'm fernchu under a new name! Lampent is one of my favorite gen 5 pokemon, so I snagged this LJ name awhile back but only am recently starting to shift over!

You all can still call me fernchu/fern if you want ^^; It's what I've most commonly gone by for some time so it's totally fine.

Anyways onto some exciting new updates!


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Aipom says wut

My first post is a collection post! My Pokemons. Let me show you them. (Image Heavy! :P)

Hey there, Pokemon Collectors! :)

I'm Pirka, and I've been lurking here for a really long time, commenting on posts but never making my own. Since I had a little spare time on my hands (a rare occurance, heh), I decided to use it to photograph my Pokemon!

It's not really a "collection" per se - I just buy what I like, though I'm thinking of starting some themed mini-collections for my favourites - but it is nonetheless precious to me! It is plush by a vast majority, but there are some other items, too!


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I'm looking forward to being a part of Pokemon Collectors! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu~!

~ Pirka

Lugia Default

Want to buy

Hey guys.

Just a quick want to buy post this evening. My 5 year old nephew has moved away from Ben 10, and the next big thing now is Pokémon. Specifically, Lugia. He's been asking if I have any to spare (no chance :3), so instead I'm looking to buy him a small Lugia plush, such as the Poké Doll. I'm not interested in hang tags as they would probably come off anyway. A flat such as a trading card or something similar would also go down a treat in his books. :)

If you have any items I'm after then please leave a comment. :D