April 7th, 2011


Zukan 1st Payment

This is a quick shout with details on this Group Buy on a set of Zukans!
First payment is required, details under the cut.

Also please check out on details of another group buy im planning on doing also if your interested in the Chansey/Blissey Zukan, Kabutops Line Zukan, Spearow Line Zukan (possibly) oooor the Zukan set with Sudowoodo, sneasle & Mr. Mime :)

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And with that WALL OF TEXT im off to bed as...its stupid AM here in UK ^^; 

Pokedoll/Pokecen Plush Pick-ups

All previous orders (except the two I took after my last pick-up) have been sent out! Those two orders will be shipped tomorrow or Saturday.

This is my first trip to the kiosk in a while (my front and back brakes failed, 2-3 days after repairing them, my window was smashed by someone stealing my GPS), so I will be making a trip to the kiosk this evening (Thursday) to assure stock is still all the same. If not, I'll update this post with any changes, and notify everyone who has commented.

Also, I give discounts on orders of multiple pokedolls! An order of four pokedolls comes out to $60, and eight pokedolls to a very discounted $118 (both prices include US shipping). I am currently unable to include freebie Pokemon candies; I may be including ramune candies in all orders. Let me know if you like this idea~ ;3

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Surskit and Masquerain?

Hi everyone,
Today I was just wondering if anyone has any Surskit and Masquerain merchandise for sale? I haven't seen much merchandise of these guys so I would love to see whats avaliable^_^

Also, besides the upcoming kid figure of Scolipede, has any other merchandise been announced for it?

Any help would be appreciated,
Thanks again,

Collection update + Question + Want

Hi ! I'm very proud to show my last gets ! Especialy my "mini grail", I had hope to get an Burger King Aerodactyl since I lost an auction for him (can't bid more). I thought : "God it must be an rare plush to bid so much on it."
And only one week later I found one on ebay in "used" conditions. Finaly he's more new than used. I'm so happy to get one so fast, it's an really amazing plush, and bigger than I was expected. =D
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I get the lot of the Sinnoh starters dolls. But the question is do they are legit ?
Please look the pictures and tell me what do you think about them.



Please, if somebody selling or know were I could get this :

I am also looking for any Cranidos/Rampardos or Aerodactyl stampers !

Sales from Japan!

HEY DUDES! This is my second time selling on here, the first was through my sales journal, sarahs4sale. Now I am back in Japan and am going to try doing some light sales from here, as I go Pokemon shopping for myself pretty often, and wanna share the goods.

NO trades, No holds. Paypal only.
Shipping will be from Japan, and unless I can get someone to go to the post office for me, all my shipping will be done on Thursday or Saturdays.

If I haven't left you feedback from last time, please let me know!
Sales permission granted by dakajojo  on 3/17/11

Lastly, if you are definitely buying, SAY SO, because often there are other buyers interested in the same items. If you just ask for a shipping quote, I will assume you have not yet committed to the sale, and your item will be open to another buyer. Please respond within 24 hours if you are making a purchase, as anything longer than that would be considered a hold, which I don't do.
Shipping on most items will most likely be $2.50-$3.50.
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BONUS! Inquiry and fun pictures of Poke-foodCollapse )

As always, thanks for looking!

Back agaiiiin + Question?

Hello! Back from a sort of hiatus due to a lack of job. But now that I have a job, I wanted to pick up collecting again. I wanna start slow, so only a couple of things per paycheck is all I'll allow myself xD I'm just limiting myself to Pokedolls as of now, since there are a couple I would really like. Here's a list if anyone has one c;

Oshawott - He's cute. And minky :o
Lucario - Preferably minky
Zoroark - I fell in love ;_;
Buizel - long time want, hard to find. Only willing to get for the right price and condition, due to cost.
Bidoof - Oh gawd. Huge want. Same as Buizel, since I have to be a little money-conscious here... I don't know if he came in anything else, but want him in minky!
Jolteon - I know minky version is expensive, so I'll take velboa <3 I love me some Jolteons, so this is high priority.
Shinx - Also would prefer in minky, please <3

I don't really care if these are Japanese or US, but I'd prefer both tags. If hang isn't attached but is available that's fine.
If you have any other pokedolls for sale, let me know! I'll take a look anyway~ n_n'

Also, question about European release Treecko "Pokedoll". I know it's released by Bandai, so the tag is Bandai, right? I have a Treecko I bought cuz he was LISTED as a pokedoll, but was actually the Euro version (a little upset about that but hey..what can ya do? He was super cheap). So, do you consider these the same thing collection wise? Like, would you display Euro Treecko with your other Pokedolls? Did anyone else have problems similar to this? His fur pile was starting to pil up, so he's undergoing spa treatment right now anyhow. 
But let me know!
Pokemon - Chika Love

Mini collection update & some questions...

Hi all, I have a few new items since my last post which I wanted to share :) I also have a couple questions about spotting bootlegs, price inquiries and starting a new collection!

First up, my update. This is my shelf in the room I'm staying at whilst visiting the USA :) All the Pokemans here except for 2 were acquired in the last 7 weeks!

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Now for the questions!

First of all, I know that eBay is a bad place to go for Eeveelution Pokedolls, since a lot are bootlegged or factory rejects. I was wondering what the visual and physical differences are between bootlegs and rejects? For instance, a Vaporeon 2007 Pokedoll - what would it's tush tag say if it was genuine, if it was a bootleg and if it was a reject? Sorry if this question makes no sense xD to anyone who has a bootie/reject Vaporeon, could I see pics? I'm curious. I obviously will avoid auctions from China, as a majority of them are of course going to be bootlegs and rejects ^^;

I'm considering starting a Vaporeon collection. I know, that's like saying 'GOODBYE MONEY!' but he's always been a favourite, just very unobtainable :( but in the summer I'm hopefully going to get a job (good jobs are hard to find in Swansea!) and I thought I'd put some of my wages towards a new collection :3 I was just wondering the current average values of: Vaporeon Canvas and all 3 Vaporeon Pokedolls! I looked up in the comm archives earlier and found the posts denkimouse made for pick ups for when the Canvas lutions were brand new T_T I wish I hadn't left the community, or at least had returned before then -ah regrets!-

Another question (I know, I'll shut up soon haha). I really, really, oh really want to get the Pokemon Time Chikorita plush. I've seen pics from those who own her, and she really is magnificent. Definitely worth the money, I feel. I don't know how much she is right now, or if she's still in stores? I'm considering saving up for her when I get work, or asking for her as a birthday present. But my birthday is in November. I'm worried I've already missed out on getting her. Just look how magnificent she is:

Eeep! ♥ So does anyone know how much she'd be shipped to the UK? If anyone is doing runs for her (if she's still in stores) of course :3 Just so I know and can start saving!

Ok, I'm done haha :D thanks for reading :) x

sales sales and more sales. EVERYBODY DANCE NOW

I have more stuff in my shop. If you want to call it that. More like a please buy my unwanted stuff so I can buy more stuff that I'll probably sell in a few years XD
I am happy that Victini is starting to get some merchandise. Just please please PLEASE pokemon merch makers...please don't give him the exact same pose every time. I already see that happening ;__; Plus, it gets old. Look at Eevee, Bonsly, Bulbasaur, etc >.>

Feedback here please!

Shipping: I ship daily! All items are priced without shipping. You will be charged for shipping, paypal fees and packaging. I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Please buy insurance if you are concerned. I have never had a problem but you never know!  I also ship from the USA.

Payments: I prefer Paypal but I'll also accept concealed cash (at your OWN risk).
I NO LONGER accept money orders or personal checks! Sorry guys :/

Any questions please ask. I can combine shipping, get more pics, tell you the condition of an item, etc.
All sales are final. Items are used unless otherwise stated. Sales permission from Lineaalba.

NO MORE HOLDS! That privilege has been horribly abused. Unless I have worked with you before, NO HOLDS!
No trades at this time, please!
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It came out pretty decently, I think. :) But here's the real great news. I've donated a Loonakit custom slot to a charity auction being held to support Japan. I'll do pokemon or whatever else you like, and there is a LOT of other great custom art up for auction as well.

The auction is here: http://www.thedealersden.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=103843

It's being held on The Dealer's Den, which is a furry-themed site like ebay only without all the fees. :) It's pretty easy to sign up there. If you have any questions about this feel free to ask them, although I'm not the person running the auction, I just donated a custom slot to it.
Jessie Grace

My 2nd April Update & my GA run by pokepalace & hebitheivan

Hello again me lovelies!
Jessie grace reporting!

well im most impressed at the goodies i got today from the derpy to the not so derpy :D so look under the cut for the gorgeous photos of these and the repairs that i have made on my eyeless pokemon :(

I have a lot that im going to sell on ebay OR will sell direct to someone on the community if a high enough price is offered! including plushes/stamps/panstickers/figurines and lost lots more. pokepalace & hebitheivan have offered to run a GA on this so look under the cut for the link and more info!

so what are you waiting for 

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Wooper // Bobble

New Pokedolls, Jakks Figures, B&W Tomy Figures, Jakks Plush + more!

Whelp, hello everyone! Has LJ been driving you all crazy too? (y/y). I haven't been able to get anything done!

I've made massive restocks to my shop, shoppe_de_noir! With several new items to boot! Come have a look see!

New Jakks Figures!
Including: Arceus and some Eeveelutions! -- Vaporeon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon !

The new Gen. 5, B&W Tomy Figures! I have a Munna + Axew on hand right now.
( I'm considering offering Pickups for Tomy Figures! I've compiled a list here of which would be available for pickup! Gauging interest right now! Please let me know if there's any you see on that list that you'd be interested in purchasing! )

A whole lot of new B&W Pokemon Center Plush!
Including: Emolga, Minccino, Awex, Pidove, Munna, Musharna, Oshawott, Tepig + more!

Pokedolls Galore!
Including: Mew, Minky Riolu, Minky Pachirisu, Minky Arceus, Lapras, Umbreon, the Legendary Beast Trio (Entei, Suicune, Raikou) + much more!

New Jakks Plush!
Teddiursa, Jirachi, Togekiss

I also recently picked up:

This lovely new TCG Card Portfolio that features Rayquaza and Absol!

Brand new "Pokemon Cooking" Magnets!

Some new Stickers have been added to the Misc. section!
(There are still a ton of other goodies + candies left!)

I still have this little Reversible "Turn-into-a-Masterball" Charmander Plush that needs a new home!

Some quick (but important!) notes!
- My Shop Rules are here! Please take a look through before purchase!
- Feel free to inquire about all items, even ones that appear sold out / claimed !
I change stock rapidly and may have multiples of an item already on hand that I've not yet listed! If not, I may also be able to find another for you! :)
- I'm willing to Haggle! If there's a problem with my prices, I'll try my best to work something out!
- I'm happy to consider Trades!
Anything on my Grail List is, of course, fair game! I also have a (very very) incomplete Wishlist here that should help give an idea of what items / kind of merch I'd be after!
(Also see below! --->)


Woosh, that took a while to do!
Let me take a little break to add some item inquiries for myself! :)
Here are some items I'm looking for and could also use some help on finding price quotes and other information on! Any help is very appreciated!

Pokemon Black !
I need a copy of Pokemon Black! I'm happy to work out a trade with items from my shop for one! Or I'm looking to purchase a copy for $20-25. Used or cartridge-only is fine. As long it works + is in English + compatible on a US region DS, I'm good!

Does anyone have a used DSi or DSi XL that they're looking to get rid of?
(Perhaps after upgrading up to the new 3DS!)
I might be in the market for one! I'm not sure what the going prices for these (a used one) are currently worth! If someone could let me know (or has information on where I could find one at a low price), I'd be very grateful!
(It's been a while since I've personally owned a hand-held game counsel. I'm not much of a gamer these days, so I don't think I really need a 3DS. From what I'm aware, both the DSi and DSi XL both already have internet browser capabilities too? I don't really need the 3D function of the new 3DS, so I think I should be fine with the older DSi models-- unless there's some other new function with the 3DS I'm missing that would be worth putting down the extra money for?)

I still need a Tomy Wooper Plush to further the completion of my Wooper army collection! If anyone has one for sale / willing to trade?

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Tons of Jakks Preorder Group Buys and Pickups

Back today with a reminder about orders for the BW Jakks plush. We have1 open slot for munna. After we get those, we can be on our way to a 5th box if interest remains strong.
Click the picture to warp to the claims post!

In addition to the plush Jakks soon to come out, I stumbled upon -EON FIGURES at my local TRU! They only had umbreon, vaporeon, and leafeon, but I am willing to do pickups of the figures for a scant $8 a piece + shipping to you. In addition to these guys, there was luxio and mismagius, as well as a few of the more random merchandise items. I am not positive that they are still there since I'll be going for pick ups tomorrow, and saw the stock wednesday, but there's really no losing.

All claimed!

Nice Kids lot with a couple of SHINY buddies

Sorry for posting so soon, guys. But I was just lurking around on Y!J and found this big lot with some tempting buddies to me. However, when I focused my eyes more on the screen, WHAT THE HECK! There bumped out some SHINY buddies! This increased its interest of being a GA, I thought to myself. So is there anyone interested in hosting it? Sadly I will be back to my country at the beginning of May so there is a HUGE possibility that I can not ship the items out if I host it by myself. So I am looking for a co-host in this case. I may help in putting up threads, updating the spreadsheet and answering questions. I would prefer a person having experience dealing huge lots of kids, especially. Also, I'm not interested in SHINY kids, either 'cause I know people would go crazy for them. The remaining time is very enough so we can sort things out. However, if you have a partner who you don't want to part with to co-host, I will step back and bid on my parts. It's totally fine.

Here you go with SHINY kids HIDE N' SEEK. *Maybe you can find more because I am not a specialist of these figures*.

EDIT: I'm going to bed now, will definitely reply tomorrow.

P.S. A reminder for my SHINY Entei MC+ and Pokemon Center clear file folders ending in less than 5 hrs.
(Original auction post)

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Collection Stuff x3

 I've decided I should probably put one of these up, considering I'm kind of new. ^^;

Umm.. Gosh, lots of this stuff is so old. o_o
This isn't nearly all of what I have though; this is maybe only about a fifth of everything; but this is just what I managed to find without my sister's help (she's sleeping)
I'm absolutely positive I have more Pikachu plushies, as well as others. I have several more little figures too! As well as Trading cards that I didn't feel like dragging out were in a box buried under a bunch of other boxes. xD;
So yeah! I'm still waiting on my Mew plushie to get here though. And still searching for a Flygon >D
And then I remembered I have a DS too. And an old VCR that I just realized happened to be in the picture. owo

Umm.. I guess that's all for now. xD
watch me find a bunch of other stuff now that I uploaded this. OTL
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