April 8th, 2011


my back is killing me oh god sales

Oh yes.
Vaporeon-07's GA came in, and i've been doing nothing but bending over sorting out goods these past 3 days xD ugggggghhhhhh

To anyone who I owe payments or messages to, sorry, ill get back to you asap when I get my main computer back tomorrow! <3

I'm doing sales below for the left overs, open to everyone! GAers can add to their packages, no additional shipping fees required, and then i will do a shipping payment post in a few days :)

Please do let me know if you're a GAer in the comment if you wish to buy something!

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Small Post~

Hello everyone. I just wanted to do a short post of a couple recent gets!!
I got a few things in the mail, and thought I would share it with you guys. :3

First off, I got this super amazing sleepy Pikachu blanket from rgmusashi!!

I love it so so so much!! It was won through an auction and I'm so glad I was able to get it! It's so fitting in my collection, I just. Loves it. So muchies. It's not big enough for an adult to use comfortably, but better for a child or infant (n'aww, baby blanky). But anyways, thank you so much for selling me the blanky!! Also!! Thanks for the adorable sleepy Pika stickers and other awesome stickers!! ( Loooooove stickerrrs! X'3 )

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the PokePark collection update (with sprinkles of Black/White)

when i was younger, i read in the papers that a new theme park had opened in Japan and it had exclusively Pokemon-themed rides. imagine - forget the horses, take a ride on a legendary Raikou! fly up in the air on Latios! sit in a Pikachu car! take a ferris wheel ride in cars shaped like Pokeballs! i was positively dying to go, but it was just a pipe dream, of course. sadly, i think the park closed after a few months, and i never gave this dream a second thought...

until i managed to lay my hands on this.

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thanks for reading! =D
bachuru dance party


we have some visitors at my house this week! :D the new takara tomy emonga plush!

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i love this plush a lot, and will be happy to pick some of them up if anybody was interested.

they will be 32$ shipped, so just leave a comment if you might like one! :D
Florges [pokémon]

Venusaur's and Ivysaurs for sale!

The time has come for me to whittle down the pokémon I collect. I spent a little time thinking, and have decided to no longer collect Ivysaur or Venusaur, and instead focus on Bulbasaur in this line.

So I have some Kanto grass dinosaurs for sale as a lot under the cut, as well as a Suicune Spinning Figure!

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Thanks very much for looking! I'll be posting a little update as soon as my final parcels arrive ^_^
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A want post~

Okay guys, it's been a long while since I've made a want post, but I've been eyeballing the Meowth Festival merch for a while now and decided I -cannot- live without it.

SO, If you're selling ANYTHING of or related to the Meowth Festival/ Meowth Maneki Neko, Show me what you've got and tell me how much you'd like for it c:

Hope you guys can help me out!

(Image borrowed from Bulbapedia)

Collection and Auction

It's been a while since I made a post at all, so I figure I'll do something fun that goes around all of my collections!
I've taken somethings from each of my collections, a favorite of both the custom side and the official side! It was difficult to pick my favorites from each collection, because to be frank, I love everything I have all so much!

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Also, I have a Scolipede figure that I made that I'm putting up for auction!

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Pokemon Plush-style Bags


I remember seeing a link to someone's website/journal before that listed every single pokemon bag (I think it was just plush-style bags, at least, that's what I'm interested in) but I can't seem to find the link. Does anyone have it saved? :)

Many thanks!
WoW - Khadgar

Collection Update Round 2 Anyone?!

I had something else new arrive yesterday, so in ways I am glad I held off on showing all my newest gets in my previous post! Without further ado, I bring you devious purple kitties, lizards with baggy pants, and ghostly worms...

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That concludes my Choroneko update, but that is not the end of my cat Pokemon collection updates! As most in the community know, I can't get enough Purugly!! Sadly, my favorite grumpy fat cat lacks merchandise!! So, I pretty much have everything of Purugly...well, there are some flats I am missing! Speaking of flats...

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Now for them lizards with the baggy pants!!

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Before I move onto the ghostly worms, I'd like to show off some misc Black & White items I  have acquired:

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Last, but certainly not least...ghostly worms!!!
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Soon, I hope to have an auction for some custom sculptures made by...well...me! One is of Ampharos and the other is Galvantula w/ a trio of Joltik climbing all over it! That and a sales post too!!

Speaking of sales, Purr's Pokemon Palace has made a move to its own journal here on LJ! My journal became something I never meant for it to be, a personal journal!! I have spent a lot of time on redoing the shop, so keep an eye out for my next post! I also need to do that long promised Giratina Origin Form collection re-intro post!

bw zukan claims set ^_^

Hiiii! I just saw one a few days back and missed out so I was wondering if anyone wants to team up with me to group buy this zukan set!

Each claim will be $12 and I am claiming Snivy line. :) Rest are up for grabs!

Pidove (male)-
Pidove (female)

No payment until we get these claimed. Second payment will be from me to you.Thanks!


Well, the GA's have caught up to me(I only need around $4), and now I guess I'm forced to Officially Open my Sales post~
Granted sales permission on 03/02/11

come take a look, I made the banner myself~

ushigofasweet.livejournal.com/3435.html  FLATS
ushigofasweet.livejournal.com/3073.html  NON POKEMON

so far mostly flats, a few Non pokemon items, but I also have a Leafeon Jakks, and I want it GONE.
I'm asking $7 + shipping
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Mew Rescue... And a question or two.

I'm a sucker for sad tales (and tails), so I fell for this one. It's my first venture into Y!J, and I have yet to go through all the final motions of paying and shipping, but I used Noppin, so hopefully it will work out well.

This little fella caught my eye at a mighty 600Y (plus heinous fees I assume), but he's going to need a bit of help...

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ooooold cards (pricing? interest?)

Im currently working/helping at a local game store near my house, they used to sell all kinds of TCG in the past but it's been quite a few years since they stopped having anything to do with them.
So while cleaning today, I found a looooooooooooooot of old cards... They're from the base sets, maybe from other but I don't know much about TCG in general.

I have some rares, as for pokemon the only rare is Beedrill. Then I have rare trainer cards (Profesor Oak Impostor, Erika's kindness, Pokegear, Time Capsule, Arcade Game, Lass,Misty, Focus Band, Super Enegy Retrieval, Clefairy Doll, Blaine Lt Surge, Mary, Giovanni's Last Resort, Energy Charge and Devolution Spray)

And I have some first editions, some of the rare trainer cards and some common/uncommon pokemons :D
ALSO! Japanese pokemon cards~ (no rares nor holos)

Preview pic of my loot~

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Can i has Grail complete?

Hello pkmoncollectors! It's time for my massive overdue collection update! if anyone remembers my first collection update *who would right* i had a rather small collection... I had like 2 Pokedolls... i now have about 18... with more in the mail! so i've decided to make a website for my collection instead of posting it here! So please please check it out and comment so i know it's going well!


I used weebly to build it so far as it's easy, Only the pokemon collection has been added so ignore the others for now! and some of my pokemon stuff isn't added yet!

Now look what arrived in the Mail for me today!


Details & GA Details under the cut

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^__^ Hope you're all okay guys! Remember to let me know what you think of the site so i can improve it!
Galvantula and Joltik

Korth's Arceus GA has arrived! + Taking offers on EVERYTHING!

(sorry I am spaming and posting twice today OTL)
You heard it exactly right!!! :D

korth 's GA arrived today to my home!!! <3333

I have found out shipping for some of you AND taken pictures for each of your claims!!! Just ask me if you would like to see your claims and I will give you the link! :)Collapse )


Second part of this post. I am getting rid of EVERYTHING from leftovers and my sales post, and EVERYTHING is up for offers!!!! I have some rare plushies, figures, poofs, Marble bags and about 100 MANY MANY OTHER THINGS! Please help me get rid of the stuff, because I want space in my room and need some money too! ;W;

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Thank you very much for taking a look! <333

Auction Reminder!

I'd like to remind everyone that my auction for customs is ending in ended. So get your bids in because these cuties need new homes that they'll be loved and cared for. Click any one of the images to go to the auctions ;D

If anyone is still interested in any of the plush aside from yamask, drop me a message or comment and we'll work something out ;)

Also, I still have all my commission slots open, so if anyone would like one, the link is here: Kassia9 Round 7 Commissions

Shipping done Plus Part Two of Semi Emergency Sales!

Hey guys everyone that bought from me (aside from the last couple of orders) has been mailed ^^ I may work six days a week but my job is right next to the Post Office XD Makes it super easy to run over and ship during lunch! Hope everyone enjoys their new things ^^

In part two of semi emergency sales (I say semi because I don't like things to be absolute...yeah...I'm weird.)I have more charms and plush, Including Sentret, Shiny Suicine Johto charms, Umbreon canvas, Furret plush and more!


I reserve the right to decide to not sell something.
I am not liable for the postal system failing.

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