April 9th, 2011


First Sales Post!

Hey everyone! I figured now that I have sales permission [from dakajojo on 4/7/2011], a sales post is in order! Spring cleaning sales and offers I guess, I've got HG/SS Pokemon Centre charms, plushies, keychains, books, figures, tomys, cards, stickers and more! Lots of merch, mostly of the older generation 'mons here. No banner yet, so follow my Pichu Bros. plush [they're up for offers too!*]

*hat not included.

Also curious if there would be any interest in these plush:

I went and bought the set for Zekrom and Sandile, but the rest would be up for grabs [once they get here XD]. Unsure of pricing though, since I don't think I've seen them for sale in here [yet?] so maybe I'll auction them off ^^;
*EDIT* I'll be auctioning these off once they arrive, seems like no one has a price range in mind, but there is interest XD

Thanks for taking a look! :3

just a big ol' payments post

 sup guys! Fizzy here with a load of payments owed here, and they ain't too pretty...

This GA...

We lost the DECK BOX lot, which went just over $100 and we only raised around $70 ;A; I raised my claim to $20+, but it wasn't enough. I'm sorry guys :C

He DID, however, win the lot of TINS WITH STICKERS! ...just barely.

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secondly, the shipping for the Plush GA is in!

...and that also isnt too pretty.

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AND FINALLY, THE POKEDOLL FIGS GA...PLEASE Give me how you want your figs to be shipped! whether MIP or not! I've sent PMs out now and I STILL need several responses! thank you!

and thats all for now Ib think! Sorry for the boring post...if all I'm expecting arrives I should have an epic epic collection update tomorrow! Thanks for reading and catch ya guys later <33
FFIX Dance Party--by ZenithFoxie


Ok people, listen up. Today I bring to you something truly amazing--more DPPt stickers than you have ever seen in your lives! Fifty-two pages of them! Some of them huge and shiny!

And they're all for auction! Find your favorites like Rotom, Dawn (yes this lot includes humans!), Darkrai, Piplup, Gizamimi Pichu, Arceus, and more! Also features Team Rocket! I haven't confirmed it, but I think this has pretty darn close to every pokemon ever (from the first 4 gens). It certainly, despite being a very solidly 4th gen series, has a lot from the previous ones. Also, AN ENTIRE PAGE OF UNOWNS.

-Auction goes from the time I officially open this auction to Thursday at 5 pm Pacific time. --OK have at it!
-Anything bid on in the last 5 minutes of the auction will remain open for 15 additional minutes
-I accept checks, cash, and Paypal from US buyers, but only Paypal for international
-I'll ship them between cardboard slats. Because these are flatter than usual, my normal gift-with-purchase can't be given unless combined with a nonflat from blackjacksales
-I reserve the right to refuse bids
-All prices in USD. Please bid in increments of a dollar.
-Some pages will be refered to by their background color and their page number. Those numbers can be found on their bottom corners (stating this since those numbers don't pop out and some might not notice them)
-Page of Unowns is out of order, being the last in the group

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Mega Sales Galore!

Reminder: GA payments still needed! You can find that info here.

Hello everyone! Been awhile since I updated my sales post properly so I figured I would just go ahead and make a new one to start things off fresh. I finally went through all of my stuff lying around and took proper pictures, so happy shopping

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A Big Update! Sakuramatsuri, Gets, and Customs!

I just got back from the Sakuramatsuri!  It was super fun :3 There was a good amount of Pokemon merch, too!  But I have more than just the festival merch to show you guys! :D Follow the cut for a LOT of cool stuffs!  Be warned though, I really do mean a LOT!  And the pics are big too!

Two mysterious females. Neither wished to have their identity revealed to the public.

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Suicune Collection Video and Plush Sales :3!

 Hello again! As I was reorganizing my collection, I found the box with my Suicunes in it :D! I've been meaning to update my Buttribbons for a while but never got around to setting them up and making a post. So I decided to make a short video of them. Hope you enjoy! 

A special thanks goes to pheonixxfoxx because the majority of my collection was gotten with her help :3!  
Next is sales. I need to sell off a few of my plush to make room for my new collections. These are all plush form my personal Pokemon collection and it'll be hard to let go of a few of these items, but I figured that there are other collectors out there that will love them more then I could :3.
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Buizel lovers goooooooooo and SMJ warning!

This is bidless on Y!J and I know a lot of you like Buizel!! If you need me to help you out let me know as well!

Here is the link:
I don't think it has any tags. ONLY 12 HOURS LEFT

WARNING: This has happened to me a bunch of times lately and I want everyone warned! Be careful when you receive your invoices. I have had many say I owed $34 or $25 then when you check your items under the "your items" tab, the amount would be less. $3 or $4 dollars less. I would pay the smaller amount and they never said anything. So they are either raising the prices on the invoice to make some extra money or it is an honest mistake. But it has happened to me 4 times now. Also, watch out on your shipping invoices. I was charged $25 when it only cost $10.25. After fighting with them for a couple days they fixed it. (they do have good customer service, just slow) They now stopped putting the amount paid on their postage stamps. It just says postage paid. So double check on usps.com or something!
I know not everyone has had these issues, but I just want you guys aware of the situation. :)
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GA Time

 8D; I've been watching this lot for the last two months hoping no one would bid so I could get some money for it XD; so now I have enough for any unexpected problems >> time for a ga

I will be claiming both pikachu plushes and the pikachu toy on the blue base for 20 and willing to go higher and will be the bidder,shipper,and be answering questions and stuff c:
All community rules apply
Please do not bid more then you can pay :C I will leave negative feedback
There will be three payments  c: the initial cost and shipping to the warehouse,shipping to me,and shipping to you
*Please bid in increments of 1.00
*Bidding ends April 15th at 5:00 am PST

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Now watch a whole bunch of people take a sudden in interest in the lot >:C -knockonwood-

Eevolution canvas plushes

Is anyone selling these? If not, where can I find these? I read somewhere that people can somehow bid on Japanese auction sites with this service called SMJ, but when I looked up the site it was nothing like the guide posted on this site and it was very confusing.

Any advice?

Collection update a little late :P

I meant to post this a few days ago but I am sooooo lazy...

Group pic of everything.

Lotsa pics incoming!
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and that leads to some quick wants

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If I wanted to trade cards do I need an offical trading permission or just the 10 feedbacks. I've heard that I need another permission but the rules say
"You may trade once you have A) Sales permission or B) 10 positive feedbacks for the community (Ebay doesn't count - must be feedback from community members). Check the person's feedback before trading!"
So I'm just making sure its allowed since I have 10 feedbacks now...
(I can edit this out if it isn't, and my feedbacks are here

If I'm allowed I'm looking for some Squirtle line, Zubat line and Totodile line cards
(All languages)

I have a lot of the older base sets(mostly commons, and uncommons but some rares) and a bunch of French cards :P

Eric - TeaCup Humans - True Blood

Long time, no post? Yes!

Heya, folks! It's been awhile since I have posted anything here.. Reason? Shotty camera that eats batteries in two minutes flat. Kidding you, I am not.
Anyhoot! I come with a question and a request.. I just got myself a pretty blue 3DS ( .. instead of a new camera? Yeah, I confused myself on that one ) and I am debating putting some pan stickers on it's surface.

I have a small pile of stickers that might work well for it :

Pikachu looking down

So.. Opinions, please? What should I put on it? Also, if I change my mind or screw up putting them on right, can they come off?

Many thanks in advance! Requesting folks to go ahead and share pictures of their prettied up Nintendo DS's! Let's share the pixel love!
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Offers/Auctions reminder :3

Hey guys! ^v^ Just a quick reminder that my offers and auctions will be ending tomorrow night at 6pm PST ~

Click here to be transported!

Up for offer is the rare Mewtwo reversible plush, and for auctions there's a Leafeon/Glaceon washcloth starting at $10 with no bids and a Raichu roller stamp starting at $5 with no bids, as well as a UK exclusive Mewtwo figure and Suicune Ichiban Kuji keychain figure =)
Also everyone who bought from my sales previously your stuff has been shipped and should hopefully be arriving with you very soon if it hasn't already, and if you want to exchange feedback once it's arrived just give me a nudge and I'll be happy to do so. Ty! <3
Happy deft

Some time reader, first time poster (Collection)

Hello fellow collectors, this is deft and I've been a fan of Pokémon since the RBY era, I've played pretty much every gen and other non-main games; I've also played the TCG, but I was not much of a collector though. I've had many Pokémon stuff over the years but not until recently I started to really collect stuff.

Anyways, I wanted to show off my pokémon stuff to you. I've been meaning to do this for a while but I always forgot or never had time to.
I was also kinda intimidated by other people's collections <_<...
They're BIG and pretty damn awesome! =O

It's not a big collection but I truly love it and it's absolutely cool.

Pokedoll team go!

Follow the cut for more pics and stuff from my collection. (They're kinda big pics too btw)

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