April 11th, 2011

zukan GB only pidove needed!

Ok guys! XD Posted a few days ago and this will be the final reminder. We only need the 2 Pidove sets claimed to be able to GB this set! It will be $12 each for the first payment and then payment from shipping to me.

If none of the Pidoves get claimed, I'll front the money myself so everyone can get the zukans anyways. Thanks for looking! Thread is here:

Xous Articuno 2

I REALLY need to get rid of all this stuff before I move and get married, Articuno Sales Post GO!

Hey everyone, I'm getting married at the end of June and moving to start a new job in July, so I need to sell this so I don't have to pack it up to move it. All prices are negotiable, and I want to see my Articunos go to a good home that will appreciate them. Hope you find something you like, pix and prices under the cut!

1) Prices do not include shipping
2) All payments should be paypal if possible, but I will take Check or Cash as well (Paypal is cheetor586@yahoo.com)
3) If you are interested in the condition of an item, please ask. I will be honest, I'm not trying to rip anyone off.
4) Please haggle, I love haggling, and you'll get a good deal.
5) I do have sales permission, I just haven't been on here in a LONG time.

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To those of you who have spotted/bought a Jakks Zorua...

I'm just wondering what part of the country you're from! I've been hunting it down, since I'm wanting to get it at retail price, but every store I visit just has the last series of plush left over, or has restocked recently ONLY with the last series of plush (and they seem behind on Jakks figures too!)
Perhaps a pattern of where people have seen them will show where they may pop up next? I dunno, but I sure want to get one right away before they all disappear or all start selling for insane prices :/

Legit check for a Ebay seller + offer reminder + GA reminder

Hello, everybody. I am watching my grail from a Ebay seller called miloascot10 in UK. Did anyone here do business with them before? Do they sell legit items, especially plushes? How fast is their shipping in general? I would greatly appreciate your help!

Second, a reminder for my offer ending this Wednesday some obscure time before midnight. The items up for offer are a climbing pose Lucario zukan ($12), a sparkly clear Shaymin TOMY figure ($8), and a shimmery Banpresto Suicune plush ($31). Click the preview picture to go to the original post.


Finally, for this GA of massive lot of Kids. It will be ending at Tuesday 10:00 PM EST or Wednesday 2:00 AM UTC. We are doing good, but nobody knows what will happen until the last second of an auction. So get your maximum bids in to help us from being outbid.


rill pd

GA + Offers Reminders!

 Hey everybody- time for a multipurpose post! First off, let me just say that all packages from my sales/trades have been shipped in case anyone was missing a PM or comment. This is the first time LJ has let me on in the past three days. ;_; Sorry if you've been wondering where I am!

Secondly- Mandyseley GA ends in just under two days at 12:00 noon on April 13 EST! Get your last bids in! =D Click here or on the picture to go to the original post.

Lastly, all offers will end tomorrow at 8 PM EST. I'll comment and let you know if your offer was accepted. <3 Many items still have no offers, including a Houndoom V-Trainer, Deoxys Pokedoll, and many more! =D There's also still some things up for sale if you're interested. Click here or the picture to go to the original post.

Thanks so much for your time!
Zoro Derp

An apology, various reminders, and a sale of sorts

Hey everyone,
I've been pretty quiet around the comm. which I know quite a few of you have noticed.  It's crunch time for a lot of events that are going on in my life right now and I just haven't been giving this place the attention that I wish I could give it. :(

To all of my buyers out there and GA participants: I am extremely sorry I've been so neglectful.  I realize that I haven't been the most responsible member as of late and I know there are a few people out there who aren't too happy with me right now. =/  Part of tonight will be spent going through my messages and finally replying to those of you who have been waiting on me for a very long time. D:

On the note of the Epic Super Rush GA, I am still missing payments from quite a few people who aren't waiting on me for an updated invoice!  Click here to be transported!

And finally, a sales plug... but WAIT!
I am kinda strapped for cash at the moment and I also need to clear up space in my room hardcore.  In particular, I have a bunch of plush still and they're taking up quite a lot of space.  So in order to make this clearing out a little faster, it's time for some sales and discounts!!!

I'm offering $2.00 off from the shipping cost for all packages.  This means that anything 5 ounces or under and within the US is eligible for FREE SHIPPING.

There will also be a 20% discount before shipping for orders $20 or more!!  And do remember that I am always open to haggling even with all of these discounts. :D
Note that both of these discounts are applied before fees.

Oh yeah, y'know that one Banpresto Slowking plush from 2000?  I'm taking offers on one, tush tag only, in my sales. ;D

So without further ado, click the banner to have at it!

And finally, keep an eye out for a collection-weeding sales post.  My collections are getting quite crowded as well. D:

sales reminder, aaaand birthday wants :3

 there's still a bit o' stuff left in my sales, primarily a few plush, TOMYs, and lotsa cards (ask if interested in cards, I have quite a lot and I don't know how to cards ;[ ) but be quick guise ;D if you want anything, as TOMORROW is my shipping day, and I can have yours out there too if stuff is paid for and sorted (:


ALSO! birthday wants. I was 19 on Saturday (gee, I'm getting old :< :< ), and I did not get any pokemans. XD; my mama doesn't really approve of pokemans that much, and therefore, I am taking matters into my own hands ;D and so! does anyone have:

a Growlithe canvas, Dragonite , Shinx, Eevee, Marill, Minun, Plusle or Togepi Pokédoll? I know that's a pretty crazy wants list, I'm just not expecting many of those :> Tags are preferred, Japanese tags even more so but I know that's not always applicable ;D 


happy shi

Small Collection Weeding + Update,and Wants!

I decided to part with a few Minky Pokedolls,Arceus and Blitzle.
I need make some space and even though it hurts to part with these cuties! I know they go to good home's.Also while on short road trip I found some hasbro and jakks plushes,and added them to my sales,Even a play-by-play Eevee~ I just love thrift stores!

So feel free check my sales! Click the Eevee :D

Also,I'm looking for any Eevee Items or Plushes I dont own,as for prices I'm unsure.
Especially on the Plush Plush and Bell One's Just let me know! thanks
Link below of wants,Some items arent top priority as there common looking for more keychains,figures,plush.


ALSO,Lj has been acting up so replys maybe slow!

GA Ending in just about 8 Hours!

Hey! The awesome Eevee GA me and hebithethan are hosting ends in just over 8 Hours! So if you'd like to get some awesome new items such as Canvas plush or Tomy figures get those bids in! Click the link to get to the GA Page


We may change where items are shipped from due to high shipping to the US... We're going to get UK quotes aswel (Where i am) to see if it'll be a tad cheaper.

And also a quick question, I was wondering if anyone had a Hitmon Line Zukan they're willing to part with... It's one of my ultimate grails atm... So i'd like to see if anyone has any to sell... (I know they're hard to find so please don't keep commenting saying it ^^; if it was common i would have found one already....)


(Maybe we should form some kind of rehab? XD)

Happy fun times multi-post!

Lots of stuff!

Let's start with a reminder. The charity auction that contains a Loonakit plush like the one pictured above, but custom-made however you want it, as well as tons of other customs/art items from terrific artists, ends on THURSDAY! Check it out: http://www.thedealersden.com/auction_details.php?auction_id=103843

If you have any questions about the auction, don't hesitate to ask them. :) Although I am not the one running it, I just donated a custom plush slot.

Also while I'm doing reminders, I've added some friends plush and some bead sprites to my sales post. There's also Eeveelution kids, tfg figures, and a few other odds and ends. Sales post is here: http://bladespark.livejournal.com/1129035.html

Next, I have finished a collection! Sort of. A mini-collection anyhow. I got my Umbreon pokedoll in the mail today, which means...
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And while I'm posting I should mention I'm open for bead sprites again. Bead sprites start at $5, and go up depending on the size of the sprite. If you have a specific sprite in mind, you can let me know, or I can select a sprite for you. For those wanting cheap/cute/small sprites I highly recommend Mystery Dungeon sprites, they're inexpensive and come in lots of cute poses. http://www.spriters-resource.com/ds/pkmndungeon2/index.html Please comment if you want to get a specific quote.

Lots and lots of sprite examples here: http://www.sparkcostumes.com/artwork/thumbnails.php?album=5

1. Meowllz - Swablu and Altaria sleepy sprites

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand lastly, plush customs progress.

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The commissions list:
Epic Leafeon
Epic Umbreon - in progress
Epic Glaceon
Girafarig Loonakit

Trades list:
Punkspacewafers - Oshawott
safir_hime - deciding
entirelycliched - piplup loonakit, mareep loonakit, 2TBD
seiichu - shiny glaceon Loonakit
y0te - cubone Loonakit, lion Loonakit
Espeon_lover - Ninetales Loonakit
Lying Vaporeon

If you were on my trade waiting list, and you're not on the trades list now, it means I tried to contact you and didn't hear back. If you are still interested, please let me know so I can add you back to the list. Other than that I am NOT currently taking new trades, but once I've cleared these out a bit I'd like to do a few more.

Also, you can expect another Loonakit slot soon, and this summer there will be more full size and epic slots as well.

That's all! If you've made it all the way through all that, thank you!

B/W merch

Here's a few pics of the U.S. released B/W merch I've collected:

I've been mostly into the TCG stuff so far. :3 I still need to get the collectors edition game guidebook and the legendaries DS accessories.
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Pokemon Center Updates

 Hey, guys! New here. I was just wondering if there was a reliable site that posts regular updates on new merchandise that are currently/will be available at Pokemon Centers. My bf and I went to the one at Alderwood Mall this past weekend and it was awesome! It's just kinda out of the way for us to check on regularly. Thanks! ♥
Quick Draw!

Multi Post

Long time no see Community!

First off

to those who had bidded on the Tomy GA I was co-hosting
well we lost :[

Sorry it took so long for me to let you all know, but I haven't been near a computer since March 31st @ 11pm xD;

I left for vacation with the family and my Buizel Pokedoll Eli!
I wasn't able to take too many pictures of him but I did get a few while we were going through the Atlanta Aquarium :D

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we are going to try to GB these. And sorry to say, but the other sets they had got sold over night orz
so there's only one set now. Sorry to those who wanted ones already claimed. Maybe I can find some more later, or someone else can.

But I'll wait till after we get this set, so you may all see actual photos of the items. If you don't mind waiting ^^

And also be warned, these MAY be bootlegs, so buy at your own risk! :O

Now these will be $2.25 each if you live in the US and $2.27 if outside of the US

Suicune: mandysaurus_rex 

Once all have been claimed, I'll leave my e-mail to you via a reply comment. Please send the payment asap.
And again
I repeat these MAY be bootlegs.

And please check out my wants:

Have a good Day/Evening~<3