April 12th, 2011


Blast From the Past

Hi guys, I'm heading up to my parents' place this weekend and I have set a new mission to find my old C Watch. I was wondering if anyone else had one. If you did/still have, which one did you get? I got the Pikachu one =D

Shall post a collection update soon ^^

Contest reminder + taking offers on a few things

First things first, a little reminder on my small Birthday contest, you can win free stickers and charms to your home!!! I am taking participants until today 10PM EST ONLY!! So hurry up people, if you want to participate!! :)
Here is the journal for more information:

Also, I have gotten a Char line lot from eBay and I have bought it for some Charmander things only. 
Here are some things for offers:

Charizard DX TOMY

Some other things from the Char line that I need to get rid of.

Aaand, this new Pikachu Tafetta plush by Banpresto C:

If you haven't noticed my other journal with about 100 different Pokemon items for offer, click here:

I will post threads for each of the items here, so wait a little bit. Thanks for reading! <3

New Pokemon Plamo figures!

Images of the next Pokemon Plamo figures. This time featuring a *sigh* reissue of overdrive Zekrom and Reshiram, and a different posed Victini is included with each set.

I was planning to get the overdrive Zekrom and Reshiram so I will probably wait for these to come out. Does anyone think Reshiram looks off? I don't mean its appearance wise but the plastic they used to make it...It  looks pearly but in a cheap way..I don't know how to explain it. XD

These two go on sale late June in Japan.


Here is the original overdrive Reshiram and Zekrom Plamo figures..Doesn't Reshiram look a lot better here???
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Delicious Zukan

 I have decided to take on a zukan group auction :3 the only zukan I've ever seen in person is my raichu line and shaymin so I'd really like to get the chance to fondle handle lots of zukan 

10 percent of the proceeds for this will go to Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund
So even more of a reason to bid bid bid :3
Anyone participating in my other group auctions can most certainly ask to combine :D

I won't be claiming anything but I will most likely bid on something depending on how much  I have and how much its gone to
(I'm watching you mightyena,glameow,and butterfree line xD)
[info]pokepalace will be claiming the Professor Oak Zukan and the Kangaskhan with the baby out of the pouch for 20 and will be doing the spreadsheets
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Please be patient with me as I add these :3
I am doing them in order of their origin so kanto,johto,hoenn,and sinnoh
I won't be putting threads for the extra bases I'd like to wait till the stuff comes in
Please do poke me if I missed something <3
Pokemon - Mama and Child


Anyone still looking for a Jakks Zorua?
Because I am selling one.

Paypal only
Ship from US
I have a ferret

I'm going to be taking offers on him, starting at $10
(He has his tag and everything, he was bought then placed on my desk for safekeeping)

More sales under the cut!

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Collection Update, Sales questions, Wants (offer to me I love spending lol)

Hey guys. I haven't posted an update because I am waiting for tons of stuff I bought but I haven't received a lot of this. How long should I wait to get my stuff from sellers before I get worried?

So my collection has gotten much smaller because I sold most of it to buy new stuff. But here is what I have received lately!  (Yay for upside down pictures!

I am currently still waiting for...
Shiny gyarados DX Charizard DX Venusaur Jolteon Canvas UFO Dragonite UFO Celebi Minky Celebi Pokedoll Drifloon Canvas, Blitzle Pokedoll Various Black and White Pokemon and tons of others...

My Dragonite pillow plush went to go live with my friend shy (grr). For those of you who wanted to try and tempt me into selling my extra Vappy canvas he soldfor 200 cash. Turns out I had a pokemon collector in my neighborhood. They said they used to be a member of the community but wouldn't tell me why they aren't. Maybe they are a crazy ga payment stealer or something! Or a serial killer! Or they torture pokemon plush! eeeeeppp.

Click the cut to see my Kanto and Canvas collections.
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I dont know why Glaceon and Leafeon are in there. They are annoying and dont fit anywhere
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To open...? Or not to open....?

Alright, here's a new one of my questions to the community! This time it's something it's something that I seem to depend on what collectibles I have and has a huge variation with everyone here:

Do you open the package/cut the tags/etc. on your Pokemon merch, or do you keep them on, baby them, etc?
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Star Driver - King Fukubuchou
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◎ BELL PLUSH AUCTIONS ◎ out like a lamb

Long time, no post! I've been having a stressful few months so my productivity has sunken significantly, but because I need money I've come running back! This is going to be a smaller auction than usual; I have two premade bell plushies and I'm opening up one custom slot, and other than that I've got a big lot of traditional art I've done up for straight sale.

Also, for anyone wondering about what I'm planning for future auctions in the next few months, I have a whole list of plans that I'm sharing! :D

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I'll leave with a sales post plug, including some unopened Jakks merch~

I hope that's everything. XD Please do not comment until I strike out this sentence!

Lugia Hunt

Ok I'm going to be coming into some spending money in the near future and I'm on a hunt for Lugia stuff as usual.

Since it's easier to list what I have, since it's still a small collection, i'll do that. SOOOOO

Some of the things I currently have are:
Banpresto lugia shiny plush
Banpresto lugia
Bandia lugia Friend
(don't have a link to that one)
2009 pokemon center pokedoll
Jakks Lugia
Lugia attack kid
2 small lugias on a blue and red stand
a clear lugia figure
lugia HG/SS figure
and a couple things I won in an auction i haven't gotten yet. (so I don't really remember off the top of my head what they are)

I'm looking for whatever is NOT listed here. XD
Especially plush or dex charm lugias

Xous Articuno

Articuno Sales Reminder

Hey Everyone, just reminding you about my sales post located at community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8931810.html . I still have some really nice stuff for sale, and need to get rid of it before I get married and move out, as I'm already packing my stuff and find that I have far too much. Please help me out and check it out, make an offer, no reasonable one will be refused at this point. Thanks!
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Leafeon hoodie progress, and a question.

Firstly, I'm working on a Leafeon hoodie. I did the embroidery for this guy a couple of years ago, back when my machine still worked properly, and I'd purchased the fabric back when I made the Glaceon one. I'm trying to finish some old projects to clear up some storage space and make some extra money. This hoodie will be up for offers once it's completed. It's going to be a size medium. :)


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As for my question, does anyone know a good source for circular tag protectors? I'm assuming there is such a thing. The tag I'm wanting to cover specifically is the 1:1 Eevee tag, which is about 3.5" in diameter. Even keeping it on a shelf, I'm concerned about wear and tear (and dust).
Espeon, Christmas

BN Espeon Zukan piece up for offers

Hey Dudes and Dudettes :)

So a grail of mine came today and the result has left me with an extra Espeon Zukan piece to put up for offers. I have decided to sell the Brand New Espeon because it will have less marks :) aaaaand because I love you guys so much :D xXx

The reason I am putting her up for offers rather than for a direct sale is because I want everyone to have a chance at getting her and also I may be open to a trade if it is for certain items from my wants list:

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Shipping update and Emergency Sales

Hey everyone everything that has been bought from me WILL be shipped this week. I've already shipped a few ^^.

My sales have been upgraded to emergency sales. I need to somehow get a large amount of cash soon X_X So here's the last bit of my sales. Everything MUST go! I will consider ANY reasonable offer. I just hope I'm not annoying anyone X_X

I ship from the UK
There's lots more in the sale aside from what's in this picture!
Everything in the pictures is for sale!
Johto charm Rapidash available!
Also Christmas Pokabu and Shiny Suicune Johto charms ^^


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concern with sales

 I really didn't want to have to post this but i'm  starting to get a little paranoid...
a few weeks ago kylie_fanatic had a huge sales post that i know alot of people expressed interest to. it's been about 2  weeks and i haven't gotten a response about shipping out the packages. i commended on the sales post thread and PM'ed them but still haven't gotten a response. 

I don't want any drama, i simply want to know if anyone has heard from this user or knows their situation so i don't have to worry so much about my package :/

I know these types of posts usually get bashed and stuff, so i'll say this now i mean no offense to Kylie_fanatic by this post or anyone else...i'm simply a paranoid person who'd love to know what's going on with this package ><:

i  hope kylie_fanatic is ok and is just having internet problems or something ><:
thanks in advance for any help :)