April 13th, 2011


Updated Sales Post...

I was about to post a collection update but I realised that there are some more to come and I expect that to be soon. So I decided to put off my collection update post. Instead, I updated my sales page and I am also opening auctions for these guys below... Please click the picture or link to go to the page...Oh, and whimsicott pokedoll is just a reference. She is so cute XD

(Click Click)

I promise next post will be collection update lol Thanks for reading guyssss
bachuru dance party

some stuffs

i have got some new things! first of all, better photos of those new straps, which actually included vanillite in the set! who knew? i also have some of the not for sale promo overdrive MC zekrom and reshiram tomys! i also got my hands on some more blind zuruggu charms. check them out:

now....for things i have got from the comm lately! :D

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too much stuff to update with to keep track of. that's good enough for now. thanks guys!

A legend...

A horrible, horrible, derpy legend.

OK, so I'm getting into the Pokemon groove again, thanks to my white version game, so I'll probably be on the comm more.
And today, I'm here to tell you about a legend I've never told of.... *dramatic music*

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Auction Reminder, and awesome fundraiser posting!

Just a reminder that my auction for a custom pokefelt flat ends tonight- at 10:30 pm EST! Both slots are still at their starting bids!

http://community.livejournal.com/pkmncollectors/8907927.html :D

Also, I stumbled upon this AWESOME fundraiser some folks in the UK are having- they started playing pokemon monday night, and are playing nonstop until Friday evening- they beat red last night and are in the middle of Crystal now. You can donate to influence any part of the game- pokemon names, moves.. it's pretty intriguing to watch!

Hope everyone's having a great week!
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SO I went ahead and bought a box of stamps the other day on Y!J

Simply for the Marill, you see. So I want to do a group buy if anyone is interested! From what I understand looking at the box, and looking at the engrish translation, is that there are 18 stamps! And I assumed I knew what 18 are in the box, but I'm not sure... I kinda wonder if the 18 are random??? But maybe someone wants to take a look and can maybe help me out or knows for sure how these boxes of stamps work :D

Guess it's 18 random stamps ;_; too bad for me, because I spent $40 assuming it was the ones pictured on the side xD but I'll be selling them when I get them so you can look out for that in the next month :]

thanks for the help on the stamps guys!!! <3


I kinda showed a small part of this blanket the other day. The super soft one I got just for the Marill. But I wanted to share a picture of the whole blanket as I have a question for you...

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Please help me identify the Pokemon on my blanket!!! ;A; IT'S HOPPIP! thanks for the help jadekitty777 and lambo_chu 8D

Shiny Kids GA won! + GA reminder + Ebay Sales


I'll be making the spreadsheets asap so please be ready to pay soon!
Biggest 16,000 yen deposit i ever made, BUT DAMN I WASNT GOING TO LOOSE THAT AUCTION CAACNNEEAAA!!!!11!!1E.RF,GH


Also here I am selling a crap ton of Amada stickers on Ebay;


Tons of them that were left over from the GA!
If anyone was interested :)

And finally reminder that this GA ends in 1 day!

Awesome Get/Sales/My First Pokemon Paintings~

So I need to start saving up money for my FanimeCon ticket and extra cash to buy stuff while I'm there next month, so you all know what that means: Sales!
I've updated my sales post yet again, you can find it here:

Please remember that if it's in my sales post, I want it out of my house! Feel free to offer on anything and everything there! Just don't get silly with it. >_>
Today, I also got something that was way high up on my wants list~! Earlier this week, I actually attempted to paint for the first time. XD; Maybe some of you guys here who paint can give me some pointers?
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Nono /♥/ Cloudy with a chance of CUTENES

April RUSH!Plush + 1st Gen Stamps!

Tax time! :< The freelancer's worse time of year~~ ;A; I got some taxes to pay so I am offer some plushies to pay my American dues. *_*;; Soooo I'm auctioning off, a Cilan~! XD~~

As well as two slots~~!

( ♥ Fake LJ-CUT transportation to the auctions! ♥ )
ALL SOLD~! ;A; Thank you for helping me keep Uncle Sam happy~~!

Secondly~~! Selling some cute rubber 1st gen stamps~!
- Shipping on the rubber stamps is $1.50 no matter how man you get OR where you live. ^_^

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Thanks for looking~! n__n
Galvantula and Joltik

Contest results!

All righty people, first, thank you so very much for your nice Birthday wishes and all the participations!!
All of them made me extremely happy! :D <3333

20 people have been chosen in the contest and I have sent Personal Messages to those people who have won!! If you participated and did not get a Personal Message from me, then that means that you didn't win of course.
(There's only one person I could not send a PM, because I have reached my limit of PMs per day, wtf... -____- )

Since so many people have participated, I will probably plan a contest like this again in the future, hope that people will be interested just as much as this time :)

Thank you again people! <333

Espeon/Umbreon glitter apron auction post post

Since there is all this "ehehehehe, we might not pay you this month" business going on for now, I am putting up this nifty apron for auction. It is in brand new condition, only removed for the photos, flawless, etc. Sorry for the terrible webcam pictures; my camera is hiding in boxes somewhere. :| Digital pictures will be added soon! Just came to my attention that some people interpreted "offers" as being a "maybe" thing - just to clarify, highest offer here WILL be sold the item. :)

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Also, sorry if I've been slow getting back to people. The internet is horrible right now. :|

EDIT: Camera found, so digital pictures will be available. In the mean time, these are available for $35 shipped:

again thank you!

I got my iPod I won from PayPal's contest and traded it for customs!!!! Well actually.. Sold the ipod and bought customs with it hahahaha. GOOD TRADE I MIGHT ADD. Click to see what I got made for me!

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And Wants list. A Carvanha zukan piece or just the whole set. Anyone selling? Let me know! Thanks!

Sales post! Make your own offers!

I'm gonna try something a little bit different this time. With my last sales post, I was able to meet half of my donation goal for Japan. I want to be able to reach the other half of my 50 this time! I'm running this sales post a little different. The only things that are going to be priced in this sales post are my flats. I have some Pokemon Rumble TCG and Japanese TCG cards I'm looking to get rid of. The Rumble cards are 2.00 each, and the Japanese cards are all 1.00 each (except the shiny Vulpix, which is 3.00)! Everything else, I'm taking offers on! I have ideas of what I'd like to sell everything at, and you can make me an offer, and I'll counter, or accept the amount! Under the cut are the goods! Collapse )