April 14th, 2011


Intro/collection post~

First time poster, long time lurker~

Derp, such a typical start line, but it's truth. D: Prolly been lurking for... around a year. A friend, charizard , stumbled across the comm while in search of info about an item (I believe...), and the rest was history~ While most of my collection is really pathetic (except for maybe my cards), there are definitely some interesting things to be had in that realm. :3

inc. picture spam below the cut.

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Pokemon - Pikachu Cutie

Home Sweet Home <3

MESA HOME!!!! Well I've been home for a week and a bit. I've only just unpacked everything o.o
The nicest thing about being home - I HAVE SHELVES! AS MANY AS I WANT! WHOOOOOOO
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Now I've finally unpacked all my crap (seriously, I have a lot of it), I'm now posting parcels again!
EVERYTHING HAS BEEN SHIPPED from my two GAs and all my cupcakes from my recent Cupcakes for Japan fundraiser except three parcels. This is because the 14 parcels have used up all my shipping bags and my post office is a small town one so it only sells the bubble mailers that are like £1.something a go BUT I have ordered new bags! If they're not here today, I will buy those bubble mailers at my cost and send the remaining parcels tomorrow!!

AND THAT CONCLUDES MY TWO GAs! I hope I did okay with them :D
I had lots of fun and not to mention the discovery of a item that I never knew was actually a grail!
flint&#39;s huggin&#39; rairai



Old rules are all the same, just re-written with less "Gin rambling" style -- they are no longer "TLDR", but concise, crisp, clear, and you can read all of them in under 5 minutes.

PLEASE GO AND RE-READ THEM RIGHT NOW.... even if you've been here since day one.

There are some new rules that we have hinted at many times, or that were previously only in modposts, and/or that people have flat out been BEGGING for forever. They are:

-If the focus of your post is NOT Pokemon merchandise, it is OFF TOPIC. Of course discussing your in-game team, anime happenings, even cameos by merchandise of other franchises are OK, as long as they are not the focus of the post.
-This also means NO NON-POKEMON MERCHANDISE MAY BE SOLD ON THE COMMUNITY WHATSOEVER. If you have a sales post on your personal journal please keep your non-Pokemon items on a completely separate post. If you do not want to do this you do not have any obligation to advertise your sales here.

-If you do not have sales permission, you cannot post directly to the community begging for a host.
-If you have sales permission, you may only make posts requesting a partner to help you run the group auction.
-There are dozens of deputy services for bidding on Y!J. If you wish to bid or buy on Y!J please sign up for one of them. You may not ask someone on the community to use their deputy service for you. There is no excuse to not get your own account. This rule only applies to Yahoo!Japan.

This is no longer allowed. These posts are often called “cool yahoo japan/ebay finds,” and are often abandoned right after being posted, which is unfair to the people already bidding on them who do not want their auctions advertised to add to the competition.

There is only need for ONE reminder for your auctions/best offers/store runs/group auctions/anything you are running. We do not need a reminder once a day for a week about the same items.

We will also be revamping Group Auction rules, negative feedback, and also adding a new list of members who have had their sales permission REVOKED just so everyone is CLEAR as to who is simply no longer allowed to sell, usually due to lack of communication or notorious slowness, amongst other things.

NEGATIVE FEEDBACK REVAMPING WILL INCLUDE LOSS OF SALES PERMISSION FOR PEOPLE WITH MORE THAN THREE NEGATIVES. BE PREPARED IF YOU KNOW THIS IS YOU. i'm working on this RIGHT NOW since it seems there is a mob forming i didn't expect!! would have done it already had i known!! the tally has begun and you can see the list that has been started HERE. if you are on that list, it means you have many many negative feedbacks, proven yourself unreliable, and may no longer sell here. i am sorry.

Purugly Celebration

Finally, I Has A Sales Post!

This is pheonixxfoxx, no I have not changed my LJ username. I just decided to move my sales into a journal all it's own! My journal became something I never meant it to become, an actual journal...How dare I!! Anytime I do a sales post I will be more then likely using my Purr's account from now on! So, obviously this post is primarily a sales post!

Before I get to the sales...let's have a small collection update! The first three items are thanks to meowthcollector! We did a partial trade, trades are great when $$$ is tight! meowthcollector knew I really wanted this:

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Now it is time for some sales!!

First, I have some less common items, that I was unsure of what to price them at! So, I decided it best to put these items up for offer, somewhat auction style! This way, it gives everyone a chance!

Click either the below image or link to be taken to Purr's Auction/Offer House!

The Auction/Offer Block!

Finally...I give you the new and somewhat improved Purr's Pokemon Palace!

The shop is overloaded with all kinds of goodies, thus Purr's has not one, not two, but four different departments! I will list all the links below to make it a little easier:

Purr's Main Shop

Purr's TCG Department

Purr's Flats Department

Purr's Non-Pokemon Junk

The link titles are pretty self explanatory! The main shop pretty much houses non-flats, things from figures to plush! Thanks...;)

*Edit - LJ seems to be acting weird, it is sending notifications an hour or so after the comment/reply is made! I know others are having the same issues. Anyway, I am logging off for the night. I will be back on tomorrow around 10 am EST to tend to sales. Thanks and I hope everyone has a great night...or day!! :D

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Zukan GA,Plamo Arrival,and Reminder

This ga ends in 5 hours so get your bids in c:
So the huge zukan ga turned into a fail for us because the seller decided to take out some of the high ticket items for unknown reasons and split what was left into separate auctions so theres still a chance for most people c:

This group auction has turned into multiple group buys XD;

I would like to get atleast three claims on each group c: and I will list the lowest possible price and the highest possible price.
Please do not place a claim if you cannot pay.
There will be two payments the cost+shipping and the shipping from me to you

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Updates at a later date because it is a lot of pictures xD; and I need to put them in order

Just can't catch a break XD the lots that are missing from here were either bought or bid on 
eye spy

(no subject)

To all who purchased things from me: everything has been shipped out and is on the way to you! Please do feel free to let me know when you recieve your item(s) as I do like knowing the post office is doing their job correctly.


0.99USD+shipping auctions going on now~

- Pokemon: White (DS)
- Pokemon DX Diamond & Pearl Figure: Arceus

All auctions are located here; thank you!

Mini collection update and questions... Also customs!

I only have a very small collection because I moved house to live on my own this year and my old toys etc. are all boxed up back where I came from. But through this comm and eBay I've been rekindling my love for cute Pokemon. :) I've even start making plush for fun.

Anyway, pics. And I was wondering if anyone could tell me a bit more about the things I've picked up?

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Full collection post + Samurott sales!

Time for a collection post and new sales! Exciting! Let's start with the newest gets, as always:

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And that concludes the collection part of this post! If you actually read all that, you get a lemon candy. :D

Don't want to look at my boring collection update? WELL LOOK AT MY SAMURAI OTTER SALES, THEN! >8| Ahaha, but really, this is a good chance to nab some Samurott stuff if you've been wanting to start a collection! How cool is that! Anything can be combined with the stuff from my sales.

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Eeveelicious GA Payments PART 1 NEEDED!

Remember this GA? Payments 1 are needed.


distant_cry accepted what we raised! We raised quite a bit, but it covered what distant_cry was asking for + shipping so no discounts i'm afraid ^^' but all that's added to the total costs is the Paypal fees..

Payments need to be sent to - distant.cry@hotmail.com

Remember to mark the comments box on paypal with what was won in the GA and Username.. also once payment is sent please mark the spreadsheet when you've payed & what Country/zip you are in! This helps sooo much it's unreal....

Click the link to see the spreadsheet!

Once all payments are recieved the package will be sent to hebileaand then once it's been recieved we'll take payment 2 to get them to you!

Once again sorry there's no discounts, but like the rules state don't rely on discounts when you bid! since it's out of our control... so please don't shoot the messenger...

Thanks so much guys for taking part and i'm happy some of you found your grails!
Spin! Spin!

Tiny Get! + God's Kitchen Episode 1!

Hi guys :D Long time without seeing Mr Postman 'round these parts xD
This is what i got two days ago 8D (had to go in pyjamas and barefoot to sign the registered-parcel thingy, but MAN IT WAS SO WORTH IT.)

HOWEVER, poor thing was a bit smooshed and had to undergo some... TREATMENT. MUAHAHAHAHAHAAA

Isn't he the cutest? :3 (also, omfg awesome macro phone shot o_o)
Follow the cut for pictures of the therapy!
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Also, this:
What have Entits and God been up to? Click the picture to see! it's GOD'S KITCHEN, EPISODE 1!
&quot;Paper&quot; Style Kura Icon

Fun pictures with Pokemon Kids~

 I took these pictures over the past week or so and thought I would share, I tried to kind of match them up with enviorments that would fit with them. (Miltank is in a refrigerator next to milk since I don't have a farm environment to take pics of her in XD).

What do you guys think? Feel free to post or link your own pics of the sort in the comments.