April 17th, 2011

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Espeon Zukan piece offer reminder...and question :)

Hey guys, so I have an Espeon zukan piece up for offer,

I've moved the offers to my sales journal as no one has made a bid yet :( she can be combined with anything in my sales post, all direct sale items are under $5 including BNIP Zukans :)

Espeon is starting at $15, heres the link:

Offers will end on 20th April at 8pm GMT Time.

Also I have a question, has anyone ever heard of a Pokemon Water Museum? I have just bought one off Ebay and I have never come across anything like it lol, here's a pic :)

This one has Eevee. Pikachu, Oddish and Meowth in it, it looks wicked but I have no idea about it at all lol

I have also found one that has Togepi, Pikachu, Diglett and Butterfree which seems pretty cool. as it's now banned to advertise Ebay finds within posts I wont post the link ere but if anyone is interested to see it then comment here :) I'm sure that should be OK, if not please comment and I'll delete this part :) xXxXx
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New Tins! :D

Hello, everyone! I found these tins while surfing the internet. I don't think anyone posted about these before. They are tins of Reshiram and Zekrom and according to Toywiz, they release in May. I don't think they include a figure. :(
Pokemon Black & White Card Game Set of Both Legends Tins [Zekrom & Reshiram] Hot! Pre-Order ships May

EDIT: There's also these cool attack figures that also release in May. There are Oshawott, Snivy, Tepig, and Pikachu. Here's the Snivy one.
Pokemon Black & White ATTACK Series 1 Figure Snivy Pre-Order ships May
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Small cheap sales/collection weeding. Got these items off Ebay/YJ :)
I will be taking offers on items until Wednesday April 20th at 5pm EST

My commissions list is tame again, therefore I am opening some slots for Mock-Pokedolls/Pillows/or Large Chibis/Mock-BellPlush

vvvvv Some of my older commissions that deserve love and attention :) vvvv

You can respond to thread below
Commission Info can be found HERE
DeviantArt Gallery HERE

In the works:

Houndoom--- Just needs his eyes, nose, tail
Serperior is COMPLETE
Vulpix/Ninetales Pokedoll--Patterns are set woo!

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Mini-update and a few wants. :)

Hey everybody! Time for yet another mini update! I am expecting some more packages in the next week or two, so my new side collection will continue to grow! And that side (which I hope to grow bigger than any of my others!) collection is.....Zukan figures! :)
I am looking to continue expanding as much as money will allow! So for now, I just want to see about some cheaper pieces or sets for the moment. Does anyone have a Magikarp, Dunsparce or any other smaller/not as expensive zukan/piece for sale? And, might anyone happen to have an extra small base and a medium sized peg? Dustox needs them.

Also, how do you guys display your zukan? I want to see pictures of your setups! I want to set my zukan apart from my normal collections using a shelving unit or something along those lines. Any suggestions?

Okay, now, on to the new stuff!

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Oh, and before I forget....I saw someone with N CARD SLEEVES!!! Where can you get them and how much will my wallet hurt for them, because I need those sleeves in my life!!!
Thanks guys ^^
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Updates and Reminder

Just a reminder I'll start taking payments tomorrow for the zukan gb I'm running,so if you would like to claim anything the magikarp,cloyster line,kangaskan baby out of pouch,nidoqueen line,rhypherior line,exeggutor line,tauros,hippowdown line,tangrowth line,gligar,sudowoodo,tangela,golem line,torkoal,and lickitung don't have any claims :3

Now for my new stuff :3

omg the plamos just urrgh my fingers are not made for putting stickers ;__; too many problems of ears not going on right and belly stickers tearing just, fff I'd like to say never again,but I still want the snivy and zoroark line ; ;.
I think I am going to just take off the stickers that are coming off or aren't put on right and just paint those spots ><

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Jakks B/W Figure Sales!

Having seen the surfacing of Black and White Jakks merchandise here on the community, I took a trip to my nearby Toys R Us and was pleased to find the Pokemon section to not be so barren. Unfortunately they didn't have any of the new plush in stock, but they did have a three figure 3-packs in stock so I grabbed two: Snivy/Pidove/Zorua and Oshawott/Sandile/Zoroark. They also had a pack with Tepig, Munna and Pikachu but the idea of possibly being stuck with a Pikachu didn't fly so well with me so I passed. (darnit Jakks, this ain't generation 1!)

Everybody here (except for Pidove) is for sale along with a Jakks Zorua plush! Further details are under the cut~

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And to close this post... the new addition to my flock! I really hope to find the plush on the retail shelf soon. :D

Chillarmy Doll

Collection update! And a grail get!

Well, it's me again, and with another collection update and I got my first grail along with a semi-grail!~
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Also! If anyone has any pokedolls, tomys, or kids they want to trade for cards, I have these! Collapse )

And for a little fun... Post a picture of yourself (or without yourself..)  with your favorite items in your collection! :D (Ok, so you can barely see mine.. But they are my Grimer and Vaporeon pokedolls! They are special to me.)
emolga love her afro

Multi-Purpose Posting is a lot of work >:C!

Hello all! This will be a picture heavy-post of phone quality images of all sorts including collection update, question/want post, and more TRU updates. Skip this if you don't like these kinds posts!

First off, I just got home from my local TRU too see what they had in stock. There were a couple of things I didn't see around at all so I was a loser and took pictures of the shelves. Look under the first cut for those pictures!
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Secondly, is a small, pathetic collection update. I know, it's tiny. I don't know how you guys get the money to have such large collections! Collection is mainly Dragonite, startings of 5th gen Pokes, and random cute things I like! Click under second cut for that!
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Lastly, questions! First off, does anyone know much about these derpy guys? My friend won them for me in a crane game last time we went to Gameworks. There were a bunch more so I'm hoping to go back soon and get the rest! All their tags are dated 99' and from Toy Factory or something. If I remember correctly, they had a Charmander and Bulbasaur too. They stand about 9-10'' tall. Sandile for size reference! (Who is also my newest little friend, got him from TRU today!)

Also, is there any merch (US or Japan) for this guy? My boyfriend of six months is FINALLY getting into Pokemon with me. After seeing the last BW episode, he fell in love with him so I wanna get ahold of stuff for him!

And speaking of wants, that's under the last cut! My 22nd Birthday is coming soon and the only thing I want is Pokemon. (Sad, I know!)
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Thanks and sorry for the long boring post! <3<3

Edit: Forgot to mention, the empty spot next to Zekry and plush box had a tag for "Giant Plush" not sure what those are. Anyone have a clue?
Breloom. ^-^

Jakks trio

Seems various TRUs are getting Gen 5 Jakks plush in stock and I happened to grab a set of the starters (and a Munna for myself as a travel companion) a few days ago. The starters are for sale... they are super soft and cuddly (didn't expect them to be minky) but for some-odd reason I find myself not being able to cope with having more than one of the same-size plush on my plush shelf. (Save for Jakks Munna, who will be traveling with me out of the country next month while Pokecen Munna sticks around and feeds off the dreams of the rest of the plush family ^^;) I like variety, so next on my list will probably be starter evolutions and/or different-sized starter plush, in addition to various other starter figures and things. We'll see.

Anyway, I've slashed prices for other items I had for sale a while back including Jakks Eeveelutions, so if you had your eye on something and didn't snag it the first time around it could be beneficial to check it out and see if it's still there.

Click on the Trio to be transported to the sales page. ^^ They are at the very bottom.
Edit: Fixed the link!

Editedit: Dunno if anyone will see this but, question: where do you guys normally purchase bubble mailers/padded envelopes from? I'm looking at Amazon but the quality on a few of their offerings is somewhat sub-par.
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A wild box from my childhood appears! - introductory post

Hello! My username was formerly ladyurja but I've bought a name-change token recently to match a book character I love. c: I've been lurking about this community for a bit, participated in a few GAs, and made a few purchases for maybe a couple months now. But I haven't formally introduced myself yet! ^^ I wanted to wait until I was able to go home and pick up this box from my childhood--the real beginnings of my pokemon collecting!

There's also a little special find at the end, just wait and see... ;) It'll make you laugh, I promise.

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Niou: Magic! *smirks*

New additions and overall collection

Bought some stuffs online, and had a lovely trade with another collector slowpuff from the past few weeks...
I finally decided to have them undergo a photoshoot ~

My life seems to be complete now that I gotten my wants. U.U

Had a few dreams of alakazam. Though i can't really remember what they were, except alakazam did came in...

I made 3 super short stories with the 3 new family addition to my lot.
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Jakks B and W plush set 2 announced

Guess what comes out early May

OOOOOOOOOOOO I want the bottom 3!! :D

Quick collection update. Look what I found on my shelf :D

I always loved Pokemon music...still do really haha. All have short videos on them like the Poke' raps and whatnot. Oh Poke' Raps :D

SALES PLUG! Victini plush for sale! PLUS NEW ITEMS ADDED