April 18th, 2011


An update: two down, one to go, more gets + slow goods

It's been a really really long time since I've tracked down a Slowpoke plush that I needed, I think at least a year now? However, with the help of slowpuff , I was able to find one of the last two Slowpoke plush I needed to complete my official Slowpoke plush collection!

But that's not all..

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I came across another one of these rare pins and I also have an ultra rare Slowpoke bag up for grabs; both are in pristine condition and are up for auction behind the cut. :D

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I haven't updated and opened up/advertised my shop for god knows how long now, but come check out some plush, little figures, and bandanas you may be interested in that I have added!
(lol derp old banner, does anyone even remember this?)

And lastly, I'm fairly confident that my chances are slim to none as far as my search goes for this guy, but here is the last Slowpoke plush I need to complete my collection:

If anyone knows the whereabouts of this plush, I would love to know. Just sayin'
Luxio Pokedoll
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10% off store-wide sale at Floaroma!

For 7 days only, all items are 10% off! (DX plush are 5% off).
A store newsletter was sent out 12 hours ago regarding this; if you didn't get it, and want to, make sure to mark as "not spam", or add Floaroma.Pokemart(at)gmail to your contacts.

Also, I've finally updated my Luxio collection at Denki Pulse! Gorgeous new custom plushies have joined the pride :D
Also, I've updated my wanted list with more items >_> Mainly tyranitars.

(You know you want to see them cuties)
Xous Articuno

Articuno Sales Post Reminder

Hey everyone, just reminding you about all the great Articuno merchandise on my sales post at http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/8931810.html . I'm getting married in a couple months and moving across the country, so this must go. If anyone is willing to give $50+shipping, you'll get all of it, please help me out, and feel free to make offers, I'm more than willing to haggle, the fact that it goes is the most important thing right now. Thanks so much, hope you find something you like!

Minor Collection update w/grail get: Mushroom crabs!

Hello all, hope everyone is enjoying spring vacation, or in Maine and Massachusetts marathon monday/Patriots day  ^^ So far my collecting has been at a standstill until today, as one of my grails has come in today!


They stumble upon a grey package... what could it be?





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super ultimate grail get. 1 down 2 to go!

OMG AWESOME GUYS. My super ultimate grail actually came on Saturday but I overslept and missed signing for it :( So I was DYING until today lol. I waited for the zukan GB I hosted to sign for and then promptly rushed to the Post Office to pick this baby up!

GUESS WHAT IT IS? <3 I have been looking for this FOREVER ;_; I got him without much of a struggle, thankfully. Had to stay up til 6am though! And LOL I love his "WUT" eyebrow expression xD

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So with the arrival of Salamence, 1 grail has been got =D And as I said before, I do not collect pokedolls or like "chibi" things very much so I thought it was really funny that my last 2 grails are Spheal Pokedoll and DX Wailord Pokedoll LOL. Those are the last 2 pieces of merch before completing my 1st-4th gen collection :D My sister tried to get a Spheal for me for Christmas, but missed it and haven't seen it since! And haven't seen the Wailord at all haha. BUT SOON I HOPE <3 The end is near. I can taste it. Until the My Pokemon Plush line comes out haha.

Alola Vulpix

Some updates and wants

Life's been quite hectic lately, but I wanted to let everyone know that anyone waiting for anything from me - it has been shipped!

However, I do have a box of misfit toys from the past ~6 months or so of running GAs that were only partially paid for :( They're lonely and want to go to their homes, and I will be sorting through old spreadsheets over the next couple of weeks to try and track down their owners.  (Is it a little silly that I feel bad for this box of toys?  I kind of want to make a collection shelf for them if they're never claimed, just so they have a home.  I have a Manaphy plush from a GA back in early 2009 that I have a feeling will never be paid for, and I just feel bad for the little guy now.)

I'm also looking for a pick-me-up from the craziness of life, and what better to do that than new Pokemon ♥  I fell in love with this little fox after snagging the Pokedoll at Nintendo World a few weeks back, and I'm looking to get my hands on some more Zoruas.

I'm also on the lookout for two items in particular, the Litwick/Hitomoshi Pokemon Center strap and an Umbreon TOMY.  Either version of the charm is fine with me, and regarding the TOMY, I'd like to spend $5 or less on it (before shipping, doesn't need the packaging)
Thanks everyone, especially to those buyers who have been super patient with me :D

Pokedoll Figure Group Auction!~

I just found this amazing lot of Pokedoll figures, so thought I'd hold a GA for them! :D

*~Auction Info~*
*In this GA, I will be doing the bidding, totals and the post/bid upkeep- I will be bidding using a deputy service as it is a Yahoo Japan auction.
* Please leave bids in the correct thread, replying to any previous bidder's comment
* If we win, Items will be coming here to the UK, and then I'll be shipping them out. Please note that depending on the ending price, there may be a customs charge, but it should be low split between people. 
* As per Community rules, no sniping, or deleting of bids!
* Payment will be via Paypal only - there will be 3 seperate payments if we win! :)

I am claiming Mudkip and Jirachi at $30 each - Please note that I may bid on others too, but won't claim any more <3

Bidding ends at 6:00pm GMT this Thursday (Click here to see what time that is for you! -> tinyurl.com/GAendingtime )

All figures will start at $5 each!~ Please wait for threads before bidding! ^_^

Happy Collecting Everyone!

Charms & Sliders GA Payment 1 Needed!

Remember this GA at all? i think it got shunted by the Eeveelution GA i held.



We got some small discounts!

Spreadsheet is here:

Payments need to be sent to Fredatemespleen17 [@] yahoo dot com and please mark it as "Charms & Sliders GA payment 1" The payments are being sent to my_chapstick since they kindly lent the money to pay the people off (As they are getting on my case for payments) Second payments for shipping will be to me so dont worry about shipping addresses until then!

Get the payments in soon please ^__^ and once payment has been sent please Update the spreadsheet =D

Thanks of participating guys
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I'm looking for KIDS! Gimme all yer KIDS!

In other Fossil news, somebody is slowly forming on my work desk, arising from piles of marabou feathers and fleece scraps...

Hint - he yells ACK and flaps a lot. :D

Lastly, There's still an auction going on for NINETALES and VULPIX ZUKAN (As well as SCYTHER and SCIZOR) over here, and still at well under $100, that's a huge bargain!
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Custom Trainer + Mew + Tsutarja

Sales Time!

Good day, everyone!

I have some new merch, old merch, and collection weeding to offer to you all today! ^^

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Thanks for looking everyone! I have a massive collection update I need to do - I just haven't had much time to put it all together. XD

I also will be launching my collection website in the VERY near future. I will also start to offer hosting to members who would like to have a collection website of their own. More details sooooooon. ;)

Galvantula and Joltik

Choose your free claims in the GA!!!

I have deleted in the old post and added this new one about this GA:

People, please read everything carefully, this is for both GA members and NON GA members

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Also, those who didn't edit the spreadsheet and didn't add where they live, DO IT NOW, SO I CAN CALCULATE THE SHIPPING FOR YOU! Again, I cannot send them to you if you do not give me where you are from.

Here is the spreadsheet:


Thanks guys for making this GA win!!! <333
Pickle Inspector

Quick Collection Update!

I haven't really posted anything on here before, so I guess this is an intro page?

I have a pretty large collection, but for now I'm just posting some recent finds.

I went to San Francisco's Japan Town last weekend to geek out, and it happened to be the Cherry Blossom Festival!

There were so many people, and while it was enjoyable, I found this adorable one!

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happy shi

Cleaning Out Sales for this Month + Plush Update

Today I be clearing out my Pokemon Sales,what is not sold will be thrown into ebay.And this be the last sales post for this month for me as I be going out of town at the end of the month,And want to sell whatever I can before I go,what is not sold by tonight or tomorrow morning will be on eBay.

So please check out my sales and give these Poke's a home!
I added in a extra Eevee Tomy Plush I had,I have like 3! and just noticed 2 are same ack ,I also still have Arceus Pokedoll and some Jakks of the Eeveelution along with other small plushes ,Also lowered price on the Eevee big tail charm ^^ in my sales so check it out

Thank you!click pic to go sales

and so this wont be so boring! I took a new picture of all my eevee plushes : D! 2011 pic woot so many I'm only missing a few that I know of hopefully this year I be able obtain at least 1-2 of them as there so rare find now a days! I have a full collection update soon just waiting for one more package! thanks for reading ;]
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A proper introduction post.

Yeap, I bought a bunch of stuff, I posted here already with some question, but I never actually said "Hi, you are all awesome". So.

You are all awesome.

Anyway! My name is Mariana, and I'm from Brazil. I play Pokémon since I'm 4 (even though I couldn't understand that much until I was 10 or something), starting with a Pokémon Yellow! Then I played Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, Plaitnum, HeartGold, SoulSilver, Black and White. I also played all Pokémon Rangers and Pokémon Mistery Dungeons. I want to have all Pokémon games one day.

Blaziken is my favorite pokémon since 2003 and I would trade my soul for his pokédoll. Seriously. I also really like Combusken, Altaria, Torchic, Slowpoke, Cubone, Marowak, Tyranitar, Sawsbuck, Oshawott, Whimsicott, Relicanth, Stantler, Duskull, Gengar, Latios, Groundon, Tropius, uuuuh. Nevermind. One day I'll make a list, though.

I'm not a serious collector of anything but the Torchic line, but I enjoy having their stuff too. (I'm looking at you, pokédolls and pokémon plushies overall)

Ah, and, I'm living on Canada until July 5th. So, if I bought something from you, I'll probably send you my canadian address and all that. It's a exchange program thing, I don't know if someone here knows about it. Anyway.

Click here to go to my collection post!

I also draw. Here's my deviantArt.

I hope we have awesome days together! Thank you for reading! :3