April 19th, 2011

Jasmine & Steelix

Pokedoll GA!

Helloooooo collectors!
So, uh. I was actually granted sales permission back in February (2/14 by dakajojo) , but thanks to LJ's suckiness lately, managed to miss it till now. @_@

I am working on a permanent sales journal, and have already found my first GA.

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Bid away!
If you have any questions, or feel like my claim or the starting bids are not high enough, please feel free to let me know. This is my first GA after all, and I'm starting with a fairly easy one... but that doesn't mean I'm not open to criticism!

Edit: As I predicted, we do have competition for this now. However, the starting bid was dirt cheap, and we've already raised almost ten times that much in the first day alone!! :D
Edit 2: Seems to be a bid war going on. We still have more than the min. bid though.


shiny kids GA payment #1 + vaporeon07 shipping payment

i had planned to do some sales and customs, aswell as finish up customs tonight, but had lil' burn accident so typing 1 handed :<
so im very sorry for delays bare with me!

*gets vapourshark</span> to take over typing*

Firstly the shiny kid GA, theres insain discounts :D
so send all payments and I'll be able to pay it off ASAP!
Spreadsheet is HERE
send payments to Weedrose@hotmail.co.uk and put in the memo, "shiny kid payment 1" followed by your LJ user name.

and I've finally finished wrapping things up for postage with this GA
Spreadsheet is HERE
send payments to Weedrose@hotmail.co.uk and put in the memo, "Vaporeon 07 GA shipping payment" followed by your LJ user name.

**participants please read**
Now, I done my absoloute best with packaging and sorting, and even though I'm pretty sure all orders are fully correct., If you do happen to find something might be missing from your package or there is a problem at all; please do PM me, we'll be sure to sort it out (:
This is by far the biggest GA I've ever done and took me a total of 2 weeks to fully sort and package everything so you can understand how complex sorting though the orders where.

ALSO I hope you'll be understanding in the fact that there is a lot of packages, hopefully it won't take long at all to get them out but I apoligize in advance for any minor delays ;_; <3

Thanks for participating everyone!

Collection & Sales UPDATE!!

Hello guys,

First, I think it's time for my collecton update XD Just behind the cut and you will see XD Image Heavy though :D

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Also, I would like to take offers for these guys. I am running out of space and I will be moving pretty soon so I want to give them a new good home.


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I also update my sales post. I am happy to combine these plushes with my stuff in sales post here.
Thanks for looking guys :3

sales sales sales in sunyshore city

i have got some new thingies and re-stocked thingies up on sunyshore for pickup! NOTE!! the kid stock i found was super random -- if there is a kid you want who i don't have stocked, or who is out of stock, just leave a comment and i will try to get that one stocked tomorrow when i check again.

have a look:

i also have "random leftover sales" for you today! some of it is kind of cool! ehh... not the best tagline for sales is it?

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thanks as always, folks!

sales update! =)

Haiii everyone, having just seen the new pokedolls available I have just spazzed and must now raise funds to buy them xD which of course means, SALESSALES xD

Everything is open to offers so if you see something you like, do feel free to haggle! I don't bite <3

click the image to go to the sale! =D
Zoro Derp

Anime Boston 2011! Discounts still going on in my shop!

Hi Collectors!  Just a couple of quick things I wanted to ask/reiterate...

The first: Who's going to be attending Anime Boston this year?!  It's this weekend and I haven't seen a post about it yet, so I figured I would ask (and please let me know if someone has already brought this up and I will delete this post).  I would love to meet some Collectors and hang out, so speak up if you're attending! :)  I can't organize a meet-up because I'll be at Artist Alley for the majority of the convention, but someone else totally should if they're going and are able!

Secondly: Sales still going on in my shop.  $2 off on shipping for orders totalling $2 or more and 20% off of orders $20 or more!  For those of you thinking "Wait, you didn't have that $2.50 thing for shipping before..." I realized that I would actually be losing money if I sold super-cheap stuff with free shipping. ^^;  I hope everyone understands.....  And with all of that taken care of, click the banner to be transported!


bottlecap ga update

so the bottlecaps still have not arrived :(

called my post office again and they havent seen any package for me...so now im thinking our bottlecaps are lost in the us postal system.

no updates on the tracking so i really dont know /: ive never had any mail lost before.

so basically; if you want a refund, i will be happy to give you one, all i ask is you give me until friday to see if i can do anything else about this.

thanks for understanding.

Collection update and Jakks sales

Toys R Us came through hardcore for me!! Target didn't have a thing :( All I am missing now is the Tepig plush and I am set!!
Look at what all I got!!

Happy Tepig is happy.

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I also found a Munna and Pidove plush along with the deluxe figures of Zekrom and Reshiram. I didn't  know if anyone wanted them though so I didn't get them :(

I am selling these tho!!

$6 each.

All brand new. Just got em yesterday!

I found these at a store called Dae Do. It says for sale only in Japan on the back..it's ok I won't tell 'em ;)
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Black and White Card Trades // Epcot Stock? // Eeveelution Lunch Box

Hi Everyone!

So, I was going to wait to ask my questions until I made a collection post (first one ever). But! Even though I have all the photos taken, I'm too busy with exams to get everything uploaded and coded for the journal, sooooo...I'm going to do that later. ^^;

First question! I was curious if anyone would be interested in trading TCG cards if I get some Black and White boosters this week? There's only a few cards that I am after, so, unless I have people to trade with, it probably isn't worth me purchasing the cards. I would be interested in trading for Japanese BW cards or any of the earlier series cards of my fav Pokemon (list would be provided when trades are discussed). If anyone would be willing, I think it would be awesome to trade an English booster pack for a Japanese one. ^^; lol. I would be willing to sell cards instead of trade, however, my sales permission is still awaiting a reply, so I can't yet. ^^;

Second question: Does anyone know the current Epcot stock? I know what it was about a month ago. I might be going in a couple weeks and I'm curious if they've gotten new plushies since I was there last.

Also, my friend, sorjei, has an Eeveelution lunch box. We were curious how rare it is? oO" I've never seen one before and think it's super cute!

I want to run away with it! >3


lol collection update i never do these

so i've really gotten into zukans lately. before i had any i just thought they were pretty cool but i didn't need any or anything.
and then i got that ditto bulbasaur zukan and i was hooked.
they are all so tiny and detailed and they even have all the obscure pokemon that don't ever get merchandise. 
so i've decided i want to get my whole kanto team in zukan form (or as close to it as i can get)
this is what i've got so far:

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oh, and for those of you waiting for commissions from me, i am working on them slowly but surely, and i still plan on having them done by the end of the month. no worries~ :)

k thanks for your help guys!

More happy-fun multi-posts!

First, I'll get the business out of the way. :)

Custom slot auctions!

I have one chibi plush and one large plush slot up for auction. Details, and the auction itself, can be found here: http://bladespark.livejournal.com/1236750.html


I've added some new things, and lowered nearly all my prices! Actual sales can be found here: http://bladespark.livejournal.com/1129035.html

And now the fun part. I took photos of (almost) my whole collection. It's gotten pretty large!

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(no subject)

so, hay guys (:
i set myelf the ultimate goal: collection ALL johto kids+ some personal favorites of other genarations.
can somebody please tell me where to get them cheap? (1~2$)
second i have  huge  questions to ask you.
i only have some good feel about figures, but plushies is like in a different league..
are these real? is it worth it?
thanks you guys (L)

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Hello everyone! Doing some sales and offers here because very unexpected bills came up. <3 I hope you find what you like! There are everything ranging from plush, zukans, shining pokemon tcgs, and more. Thanks for looking!

Offers on RARE Latias Plush and HGSS DOORHANGER. Teaser pic shown.

And sales! Teaser pic shown. xD MOARE STUFF INSIDE <3

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OH YEAH. I'm buying Paras Applause Plush and Charmeleon Applause Pl
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

BW02 Zukan/BW4 Kids! :D

Well, to my Zukan people, they have arrived~! here are your shipping totals! :D

Servine: [info]rgmusashi  , shayminlove  
Pansear: jerybunny  , zoroarcade  
Panpour: sir_develon   , megami36  
Sawsbuck: fernchu  , technicolorcage 
Scolipede: tagami_yami   , garefowl  , (pogaf  )
Foongus: zeldana   , breaks_ground  
Dwebble: aburamechan  , sir_develon  
Scraggy: li_kichi  , winter_sonata1  
Trubbish: yellowmudkip  , likeatruck  
Swadloon: heatrotomftw97  , omgitslph  
Litwick: poly_rhythm  , li_kichi  
Frillish (Male): aburamechan  
Emolga: winter_sonata1  , punkspacewafers 

Remember, each kid is $8.75-$9 (depending on exchange rate when I pay for shipping) shipped, anywhere on planet earth! Please just say "confirmed", or something of that likeness once you are confirmed! Thanks! Also, remember: If you are first in line, you are basically set for the kid; second in line, if I get a double, or if the first person deserts, it is yours. Also, Klink and Tranquill and a second Frillish are still up for grabs! Take them please! :D

Glasses Shift

Pink Chubby Collection Update!~

 Extremely sorry for being a Slowpoke. ._. Nearly all of my parcels have now been sent off. The few stragglers that're still on my shelf will be taken to the post office tomorrow. Thanks for everyone's patience! My LJ inbox is just a complete mess at the moment so I'll be going through that tonight and hopefully getting back to everyone about things they've messaged me about. x-x;

Anyways, it's been about six months now since I joined the community so I've decided to show off most of my Slow-line collection! c:

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grail-get, collection update, photos, and pan sticker lot sale

Hello, hello! I figured now would be a good time to do a collection update. ^^

I was super lucky recently to stumble on an Eeveelution grail of mine (photos under the cut), plus I've gotten several misc. items that have made their way into my collection. Also, I've been going to the Botanical Garden in my area on Sunday the past three weeks and taken several figures with me to photograph, and I thought I'd share of few of the photos with you guys. :D

Collapse )I'm still missing Payment #2 from a few members for the Super Awesome Kids GAdooman58 , eins_zwei_nein , monta , poptartdino , and ombation . PLEASE contact me so I can get your kids to you.


pokemon: mamo!

jakks stuff!

Hey guys!

I went to TRU today and they had lots of BW stuff! (Only Pidove left of the plushies though, booo) I picked up a couple things, but my friends snatched 'em up! I have this guy, however.

Sooo cute. He'd be $9!

They had B/W starters throw Pokeball plushies (no Snivy), and Pop and Battles, and of course these dudes. If you're interested in any of this, let me know since I can swing by again tomorrow (my school is down the road.) I don't remember the price for the Pop and Battles, but the throw Pokeballs would be $13, and the DX guys (only 1 Zekrom, 2 Reshiram) $18 +shipping.

It's nice to see this wave of stuff being distributed better! :D I was certainly surprised to find it at my TRU.
Icon by me, Art by ryunwoofie

Commissions Open

So, I'm almost done with student teaching! *CHEERS*

As I will no longer be doing lesson plans and grading over 100 papers a night, I will have time to do latch hooks.

Yes, I am totally doing the new B&W Pokemon. In fact, I'd welcome something new!

Please read the info under the cut and comment with any questions or commission requests!

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new eeveelutions

Goodbye Eeveelutions Emergency Sales

Hello Community!

I must say it was sure fun collecting all these things, but I have run into even more financial difficulty and really cannot collect anymore. I want these guys to go to great homes of community members who would love to have these in their collection. All items will be up for direct sale. I am pretty set on the prices, but may be willing to negotiate.




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snivy, heart, cute

A Super-Want! Sleepy Otters!

I lost my chance to get this adorable want of mine off eBay a while ago, and now I'm having a hard time finding one anywhere!  I'm starting to panic a bit, so I turn to you, Community!  Is anyone selling one of these sweet little guys?  Or do you know of a place where I can get one?  I really appreciate any help!  This guy is probably my biggest want right now~ Thanks for reading!
Ohai., Feraligatr

(no subject)

Just a note, for the next couple of weeks it might be a bit hard to get in contact with me - I promise I'm not ignoring you, and I will get back to you. RL drama. FUN.

I recently got in a box from Crescent, which contained 3 orders - 2 different plushies, and one random lot that cost me around $15 with all fees. And it was epic. One plush will be done in a different post though, cuz he's kinda special :x

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That's it for now. I do have a sales post lined up, but I won't be selling anything else until I'm certain I'll have the time.

Pokemon Badge Project: Johto Finished Product!!!

Not in order (or facing the right way hahaha), but this image was taken by the guy at the pin company who doesn't know anything about pokemon so I'll take it. If you haven't gathered, this is the finished product of the Johto badges, and I'm pretty happy with how they've turned out!

If you'd like to order a set (or singles), just email me at pkmnbadges@aol.com. Orders will be closed on April 30th, so make sure to get them in before then!

A set of all 8 badges costs $30 plus $5 shipping
An individual badge costs $5 plus $5 shipping

The shipping charge covers up to 16 total badges. Hope to hear from you guys soon!