April 20th, 2011

Long time no see

I have been very busy with moving; so have not really been on the comm a lot; but I hope to do so now!

I have spent the last few weeks taking pictures of plush, figures and other items; which are now up-to-date here: http://killerjaw01.livejournal.com/55267.html
Some of the pictures are old; and I may have missed some. Most of my stuff is in storage due to lack of space; and some of it I cannot access as much as others.

Under the cut shows my latest carboot sale gets (I have a habit of "rescuing" pokemon); and the pokemon on display.
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applejack and raichu

pokefan day!

i love pokemon fan day!

so nothing mindblowing in here... but some nicer pics/new pics of stuff we knew about but had no nice pics of. if that makes sense...

come seeeee

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also some general news...

TAKARA TOMY's new plush lineup is emerging! there will be GIANT DRAGONS!!! on July 16th, the day the movie comes out. In August, Audino and Choroneko, and in September, Darumaka and Cinccino!

i've also restocked some kids, and of course have the new pokedolls, in SUNYSHORE!

thanks guys :)

Wanted: Entei TFG

The title pretty much says it all. I was wandering around the community ogling all the pretty TFG guys and lamenting the fact that there is no Shaymin one among the set when I realized there was an Entei. And Entei is an undeniably close second. Plus the figure is just so gorgeous it's insane. I don't know if anybody in the community has one they'd be willing to part with, but I'm definitely interested. Oh and if you happened to have a decently priced Darkrai TFG, I may also be interested since my boyfriend has a birthday coming up!
Galvantula and Joltik

Payment #2 due + leftover pan stickers sale

Alrighty! I have finally calculated shipping for all of you (except some people who didn't claim their stickers for free) for the Pan sticker GA!

GA members, please read this before you pay for the shipping:

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Here are pictures of the leftovers that were unclaimed. The black dotted stickers mean they were claimed and you can't get them! There MIGHT have been some that I have missed, since it's hard to keep track of all of them, so if you want to get any, just ask! :)

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Sorry just another annoying wants post (:

I have just purchased this folder from this site:
However they said they were out of stock ): so I was refunded.
Just wondering if anyone has a new or old (good condition) one of these they'd be willing to sell for a reasonable price, or even if you know of another site that has the item in stock. Much appreciated (: also keep in mind I live in Australia, but I don't mind paying up to $15 for postage to be honest.
If this folder can't be found my second preference is this folder:
Oh and another thing that I am on the look-out for is a complete set of Pokemon cards 1-151. I am not looking for rares or holos or a particular set, just a random selection of the Pokemon cards in order 1 through to 151 (In good condition), so any of you out there with huge collections if its not to hard have a look please (:
Thanks in advance, just comment  below if you can help me with my wants (:

yet another Katsu sales post!

Greetings Pokemon Collectors! Katsu here with more Katsu sales. If you don't recognize my username, fret not- I've just got a new one. I've been a member here for a few years now, under other LJ names. (fiain, khenemetaset, feralspirited, and nekokatsu to name a few) What can I say, I'm fickle with LJ names. ANYWHO.

Sales permission granted back in 2008 or something. XD

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(no subject)

So I am greatly in need of about 40 dollars XD; oops

so everything pokemon in my store is half off so just comment here to get a quote with the price halfed

and my cards are
20 commons for 1.00
10 Uncommon for 1.00
5 Rares for 1.00
2 Holos for 1.00

and we did win this ga and for the starting bid

..only shipping completely killed any kind of discount we would have gotten ><
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Chillarmy Doll

Price/Rarity check of sorts, and collection site!

Ok! So... I need some help. What would you consider the rarity of these/What would you pay for them? They are from KFC in 1998, when they had the plush for toys! I was going to put these on eBay, but I have NO idea what to even start the auction at. So, I figured coming to you guys was my best bet. :D Anyways, enough talking, unto the pictures! Why did I take 71 pictures?!

Entei and Raikou for size comparisons!
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ANYWAYS. I made a collection site after a few of you said I should make one! :D Link is here! http://pokecentercollections.webs.com/
It isn't complete yet, but will be in a few weeks or so! :D Thankies guys! 

Edit! Also thought this was, uh, interesting.

Also, I'm looking for the 10th anniversary starter pokedolls! (except for Chikorita.) Specifically, the Johto ones! :D I just love Johto. Anyone selling them? Or any of the others under the cut?  :3

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Only 2 LEFT!

Hey everyone!!!! I hope everyone is doing great!!! I am on a mission!!! Not as big as one as Rachelled!!! But kinda bug! I am trying to get every grass johotodex charm for my collection and I am down to just 2!! yes 2 LEFT!!!! I need yalls help! I am looking for the Celebi dex charm (dont have a photo) and the Tangela Charm!!! once I have those 2 i have all the grass pokemon charms!!! YAY!!! So if you have either one and would like to sell or trade Please let me know!!! For trade I have the Machop line and Slowpoke line that you can pick from or I can just pay $$!!!!!

Thank you!!! ttyl!!


Sales Post Time!~ (with added Collection Update and Wanted Plushie!)

The announcement of 3 very adorable new Pokedolls means I've got more space I need to make! So - it's Sales Post time! There are a couple of items for auction and the rest of the items are regular sale - Pokedolls, Plush and lots of Kids looking for new homes! :D

Here is a sneaky teaser - there is lots more under the cut!~

Collapse )Also, a quick wanted item! I'm currently hunting for a very specific Plush - this cutie is the Clefairy plushplush:

I am not looking for her, but her sister! The Clefairy plushplush was released in the US with slightly different fabric and embroidered/sewn eyes - If you have one for sale or have seen one, pelase let me know - she can be in any condition- I'm willing to pay a lot to get my hands on one! <3

Lastly, I've been working on my collection site, adding some more things! My entire Pokedoll plush collection is now up, and I'm now adding more merch ^_^ Please take a look if you get a chance!~ amitysquare.co.uk

Happy Collecting Everyone!~

Moguryuu's GA payment 1 + Small SALES + Special Shining Customs

Now, I can finally type kind of okay! :D
Thankyou so much for everyones kind words in hoping my hand gets better soon <3 ;_;
Just incase anyone wondered, i burnt the whole side of my hand on a over cooked scolding Pop Tart, oh the people in A&E had a laugh that night :(


Moguryuu's GA! They kindly accepted our slightly lower price for this lot as we didnt quite meet the goal :( 
So yayyy! The Spreadsheet is located HERE (please input your location!)

Send all payments to WeedRose@hotmail.co.uk and put in the memo ''Moguryuu's (or Mog's) GA Payment 1'' Followed by your LJ name.

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Finally; special shining custom Charms!
I recently experimented with glittery covering, it looks fabulous! :D

Participants of the Vaporeon-07's, Fuzzy Rai, Metal Fig, Music box, Shining Kid, Moguryuu's and whitewolflarka's GA's can have free combine shipping on charms!

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(Also people who have previously commissioned/traded with me, i have finished/near-finished your batches, expect photos PM'd to you soon :D)
Pokemon- Giratina Dittoderp

(no subject)

I want to apologize for taking so long to get things shipped out from my sales post. It seems the postage rates went up on Monday, however as it is my fault for waiting so long I am going to just pay the difference in cost myself.

Mostly just posting here since there's several of you and I don't want you guys worrying that your stuff is lost in the mail. I'm planning to get everything sent out tomorrow after I get back from Seattle, assuming the PO is not closed by the time I get back.

To make this a bit more on topic for the rest of you guys, have a couple previews from an upcoming collection update. I think I'm going to hold off on posting the rest since there is a con this weekend which means even more stuff. 8'D

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Speaking of con, how many of you Pkmncollectors are going to Sakuracon? :U I don't have the time to really organize one, but if anyone happens to pass me, I'll be wearing a Giratina jacket on Friday/Saturday~
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I am in need

I am sure the community can come to my rescue.

My little girl is going to start school in the fall.  Kindergarten. *sob*

So, here are the items she has requested for school.

Pajamas (size 5 or larger) (no I don't know why, but she has been very adamant about them)
Lunch Bag

What do you think about school supplies?  I'm kind of worried about giving her small items that could easily be stolen.  And I'm a habitual collector so I have trouble with items that will be used up and thrown away.  (my husband secretly threw out my used pencil collection.)

Feel free to suggest anything else you think she could need.

Thanks in advance
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