April 21st, 2011


The 'Oh cr*p my grail cost too much' sales!

Mega quick sales! 
My Grail cost me, well, a good 2000 Yen extra than I originally planned so, Im hosting some very quick sales!
Everything needs to go and Im even selling my Pokemon Mini I recently recovered from my nannies attic :( But, its all worth it!
Other than the Mini im selling everything off mega cheap So please, have a look under the cut!

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Jakks Hasbro Plush GA - Bidding Closed

We need another plush GA, so here it is.


GA#3 by couchpotatonet


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Please wait for me to add threads before bidding.  Thanks

Threads are up.  Bid away!!  Bidding Closed

We lost this auction. Sorry =(


Sales/Offer (and question) :3

Sales permission granted by denkimouse on 3/28/11
I have added some things to my sales (still have to put them on my sales page) but thought I would post them here first! :3 
I did not post any prices so please feel free to just make me an offer! <3

Also, I am still looking for my grail  by trading my extra Volcano badge for a badge I do not have yet.

Also, does anyone know how much this Raichu goes for and how hard they are to find? I am so adding him to my grails but I would love some more info on it :3

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Sell me your Totodilez! X3 - Wants and short collection update as well(-^.=.^-)

Hi dudes!(-^.=.^-)

Couldn't post a proper update for quite some time but I collected a lot of cool new items and made a video for you which means it's time again for:

Sorry that it is a rushed video. I'll make some more photos when I have time for a proper update!(~.=.o)
I wanna call you all for the help on getting things which are my new WANTS currently but I also say:
If it is Totodile then please offer it to me, hehehe! Always on the search for something I can add to my collection! X3
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Hoped you had fun! And don't forget:
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Wooper // Bobble

Sales: New B&W Jakks Plush, Throw Pokeball Plush, Jakks Figures + much more!

Hello everyone!
I come again, bearing new stock for you guys!
Including a ton of the new B&W merchandise (especially plush) !!

( This is a good time to buy, guys! I have a Noppin box almost ready to make the trek over, which means it's killer fees time!! I could really use the extra cash! )

( Click the photo previews to be teleported to the appropriate pages! )

Jakks Plush Galore!!

Including a bunch of the Newly-released, Gen. 5 B&W Jakks Plush !
I have: Zorua(s), Sandile, Tepig, Munna, Pidove !

Pachirisu(s), Teddiursa, Buneary, Jirachi, Togekiss !

And the New B&W Jakks Throw Pokeball Plush !
Including: Zorua and one of each of the B&W Starter Trio ( Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott ) !

Never been opened Oshawott and Tepig Promo Tin Figures!
(I'm really tempted to keep these! Check out them dynamic battle poses!
Alas, if I had my way, I'd probably wind up keeping everything!)

I've slashed prices on some of the MIP Eevolution Jakks Figures I still have leftover!
( Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Leafeon -- I have multiples of each! )

I also still have these:

Psyduck Pokemon Cooking Magnet + Munna and Axew Tomy Figures that are still looking for new homes!

And I still have a ton of !: ---------->

B&W Pokemon Center Plush !
( Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Axew, Emolga, Minccino, Sandile, Musharna, Munna, Pidove )

Pokedolls left over !
( Ho-oh, Piplup, Mew, Riolu, Lapras, Umbreon, Arceus, Darkrai, Munchlax, Elekid + much more! )

Feel free to float on over to the corresponding pages if you see anything you're interested in! :) And I'll help you out best I can!

And don't forget the Basics!:
  • Shop Rules are here! Please have a look through before purchase!
  • Feel free to inquire about all items, even ones that may appear sold out / already claimed !
    I often change stock rapidly and may have multiples of an item already on hand that I've not yet listed! If not, I may also be able to find another for you! :)
  • I'm open to Haggling! If you're interested in anything and have a problem with my prices, we might be able to work something out!

( post script - I've been under the weather the last week or two; because of this, I haven't been online as much in these past 1-2 weeks! I apologize for any delays in replies!
I'm still not feeling 100%, but I'm trying my best to get back to everyone in a timely manner! Thank you for everyone that's been patient with me! :) You guys are the best!
I'm still in the process of tackling through backlogged messages-- I have a feeling I still have a bunch left that I'm missing! Don't hesitate to give me a prod if you think I've missed something important! Chances are, I really did miss it! My brain capacity has not been the best recently! )
Chess Icon

Chess + Pokemon = Awesome.

It has been awhile yet again! And I have made something fun. Or so I hope.

So I am a bit of a rabid fan for the musical Chess, and started to learn a bit more about the game itself. That has lead to one epic crossover of interests when a few months ago I designed a Gen 1 Chess Set. I have completed sculpting those designs and I'd like to share them with you all.

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So now I've basically finished the chess set (other than my duplicates of my pawns). I was somewhat considering a full gen chess set choosing the most appropriate Pokemon for each piece. But I'm still unsure of what it would have in it. Any suggestions? My few ideas so far are all for Knights: Rapidash, Stantler, Sawsbuck, Girafarig, Blitzle... If you have any fun ideas please share them! I might take a long time before I make another full set but I'd love to have some ideas to help me when I do!

bottlecaps have arrived!

So these finally arrived at my home yesterday afternoon! I spent the evening getting them packed for y'all :)


check the spreadsheet to see what you owe for shipping. I will get them sent TODAY if you send payment by 4pm EST payment can be made to yami_safaia@yahoo.com be sure to include your LJ username and your shipping address!

There are also a ton of extras! I'm looking to get $1 each for them; please comment to claim and I will give you an updated total since if you get a few it might change shipping costs!

GA participants only please! Will make them available to everybody when the GA folks are all set.

1x weavile
3x mime jr
3x bonsly
9x swellow
5x munchlax
8x pikachu

If your name is in purple on the spreadsheet, I forgot to note whether you were US or international D: Just remind me and I'll get you your total ASAP!

That should be all! I am probably going to be taking a hiatus from the community after all these guys are squared away. I have a huge bin of plush and toys and I'm debating if I should sell it as a lot on ebay or break it down into a sales post; since I would like it sold quickly. I know this debacle has tried peoples trust in me so I don't feel entirely kosher doing sales so soon.

Thank you so much for your patience with me D:!

Some Quick Questions!

Can anyone confirm the current stock at Nintendo World? My mom's friend will be visiting New York next week, and she said she'd bring some stuff back for me because when I went, they had pretty much nothing(Darn remodeling.)
So I know they've restocked with the PokeCenter Plush, but I'm not sure on their Pokedolls.
So basically, here's what I want to know:

Do they still have DX Pipup or Pikachu Pokedolls and how much do those cost?

Do they still have Shaymin Sky Forme and Pachirisu Pokedolls?

Are the PokeCen plush $10 like the Pokedolls are?

Any other info about what they have would also be appreciated! :3

Big Friends Plush GA!!!

So I was going through SMJ today and saw this crazy awesome lot. It has about 2 and a half days and I think we could pull it off!
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Wait until all threads are up

Threads are up. I tried to start from the top left of the picture. Bid away! Bidding is done!!!!

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Remember I have offers which end on Saturday!
Jasmine &amp; Steelix

Some slightly bad news...

Regarding my pokedoll GA....
I ran into a financial snag just today, and because it's a Y!J auction that requires payment by credit card, I am unable to handle bidding and probably shipping. This most likely means I will be relinquishing my claim on Ho-oh as well.
However, there's still time, and if anyone is willing to take over, please PM me and I'll send you the auction link.
I'm so sorry to everyone involved in this, as this certainly doesn't reflect well on me... Rest assured, I will not let this happen again, and might even do another GA soon, as our very own ryunwoofie has some things they'd like to get rid of, and handling that GA does not require a credit card.
Again, I'm so sorry, and hope this doesn't affect anyone's opinion of me. :( This was, after all, completely unexpected.
Gary Eevee

Black/White TRU Pickups :D

First things first, how CUTE is my new sales banner?

UPDATE: Redone this entry, went back to pick up the first batch of store run items. Took note of all the good stuff they had in stock! PLEASE LOOK! Lots of merch added!!
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And Discussion!! Because pkmncollectors is about bonding and discussion and friendship too!

1. Human trainers, we all love them and we want merch of them, If some artists got together and made Buttons, prints and even 13x19 posters of human trainers/human pokemon characters (Tangible goods that can be put in collections, not digital files!), who would you want to see? Player characters? Rivals? Champions like STEVEN STONE or CYNTHIA? Random anime characters that you're bizarrely fangirling over and sometimes you feel you're the only one N? Of course N. Everyone loves N.

2. Speaking of Champions, who is the coolest, in your opinion, and why? For me, its Steven Stone. because he's steven stone. thats right.

Pantherotter sales


Finally, after a lot of editing my sales post is finally open for business! I do not have the flats up yet but that is because I have so many of them that I am still taking pictures! I have a bunch of Amada stickers that I really do not want. lol! Take a look and see if you find anything you like! :D

I will edit this post noting that I have put up those flats! :D

Onto the sales!

EDIT: There is a small technical difficulty involving the pictures. I will fix it right away! ^^;

EDIT 2: I uploaded all the images onto photobucket instead. XD I really hope they work now. :D I apologize for the inconvenience! ^^;

Collection Post including Plush, Figures,TCG and more

Hi PKMNCollectors! ^^

I've been wanting to make a collection post since I joined over a month ago, but I kept putting it off. First it was because the majority of my collection was at home. Then it was because I'm almost constantly waiting for packages now that I've joined this community (dangerous on my wallet. O: lol). But, I've had people interested in trading TCGs lately, so I had to take photos of all of the cards in my binder. While I was doing that, I thought I might as well take pictures of the rest of my collection. lol.

Here's my favorite picture of the bunch -

Mincinno, Pachirisu, and Emolga were gets from my birthday visit to Epcot. I was so surprised to see Black and White characters out already at that time. First time being to Epcot since I revived my love of Pokemon. I wish I would've realized this love earlier when I saw Houndour a few years back. Oh well! ^^;

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TCG Links
PLEASE NOTE: I am currently not setting up trades at the moment. If you are interested in particular cards, you are free to mention that. I am in the middle of exam week at college and do not have time to set up trades. Also, I cannot sell cards at the moment, as my sale permission is awaiting an answer. I will most likely start setting up trades in about 2 weeks. Thank you! ^^

Main Collection - http://risha-moon.livejournal.com/35218.html#cutid1
A-M - http://risha-moon.livejournal.com/35576.html#cutid1
N-Z - http://risha-moon.livejournal.com/35787.html#cutid1

I feel like I should clarify the TCG links. The "Main Collection" are the Pokemon I actively collect. Those cards are not for trade unless I have doubles...which may be possible (but in most cases it is unlikely). A-M and N-Z are the rest of my cards which I don't care about collecting as much as the ones in my main collection. There are still Pokemon and particular cards in those posts that I would like to keep. The majority will be up for trade though. It's mostly a card-by-card basis.

Also, I'm interested in getting more pins similar to this one (as opposed to button badge pins) -
Is anyone trading or selling any?

Thanks for looking! ^^

~ Risha
Galvantula and Joltik

Reminder + another GA arrived + Leftover sales

Those people who have bought pan stickers from me yesterday, or paid for shipping, all of those were shipped out today!!

There are still a lot of people who did not pay me yet for the shipping of their pan stickers from the pan sticker GA:

Also, there are still A LOT of pan stickers that haven't been claimed, so take a look and get yourselves some if you would like :)

Here is the link to the journal:


Now, today, ANOTHER GA has arrived to my home!!!

There are A LOT of things that have not been claimed, so I putting the leftovers on sale for ANYBODY (not only GA participants) and just ANY offers. Those who participated, here are your totals for the shipping:
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ALSO, I have made another leftovers post some time ago, and a lot of things haven't been claimed there, so here is a link if you would like to take a look:


Thank you for looking! <333
Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

QUICK Jakks Sales!

I saw these at my TRU, and bought all they had! :D

Each plush will cost $9.99, plus shipping and handling. Please comment below with the ZIP/country to obtain one of these! Tepig, Sandile, Munna, and Pidove are available, mint with tags! :D

Thanks! :D
strawberry jolt

Collection update with photostory :)))))))))

 Hi everyone! 
I've been waiting for things to arrive, but now most of them are here so collection update time :)))))))
Warning image heavy :)))))))))
First a box from dezchu 

Yay zorua stamp XDXD

I was really surprised how huge it was XDXD
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All these kids are from mana_mihara :)))))))
poor little seel had a pink mark on him so i decided to repaint him :)))))))
Also i repainted raikou and sneasel too.
So before
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 And now the photostory :)))
Nayo: So who arrived?
Blacktail: I have no idea...
Blacktail: Oh i see something now! 
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hebilea had a sticker competition some time ago and i won :))))) 
They already arrived too :)))))) 
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Thanks for reading :)))))))))))))))
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i deem it squishy GA time

so you know the drill.

GA time = Marill item I'm claiming plus other cute goodies

today I bring you some adorable figures that look squishy! juumou has confirmed they are indeed squishy like stress balls! cuuuute!

check under the cut :D

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bidding is over! we won guys :D for 1800 yen~ so I'll let you know when I get the invoice!

OH ALSO does anyone have a wooden turtwig stamp? kinda like this one:

and are there any other kinds? (: please let me know if you have any!
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This is your final reminder that the ZUKAN AUCTION for Vulpix & Ninetales as well as Scyther and Scizor is ending in just over 24 HOURS!

Follow the fake cut to the Auction!
( Scyther used False Swipe! )

Right now, Scyther and Scizor are only at $30!
and Vulpix and Ninetales are currently only at $76!

Please make sure they go to a good home and BID BID BID! :)

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