April 24th, 2011


Disappointing // Wanted // Trade/Sale

Hi PKMNcollectors!

Today, I would like to share my disappointment in something I bought today with the community. ^^; (Think of it as a warning of sorts NOT to buy what I did. lol).

I was having a bad weekend (starting Friday morning, actually), so I thought I would buy some Pokemon stuff to cheer myself up. I rarely buy things at store price (I look around for deals or go to card shops that sell them cheaper), but I figured that I wanted the Shaymin card here -

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And...I still have my Victini box set to look forward to on Monday. :)

~ Risha

EDIT! lol.

So, immediately after posting this journal, I saw the post before mine was all Houndour. I LOVE Houndour and Houndoom (and Mew...top three favs). So, I missed out on getting one of my grails (Houndour Pokedoll...isn't it everyone's? XDD). Surprisingly, I actually feel better now. I think it's because I've been distracted replying to comments since I signed on the computer. So, thank you, community, for making me feel better.

And...I have a new want -

Also, if anyone has a Houndoom pin, I've love to buy one. Not a button pin, but one in the shape of Houndoom. I don't even know if it exists, but I just bought a Houndour one, so it might. XD!

Anyone have these two charms for trade or sale? I just discovered them on garefowl entry, but I was too busy with my one post that I missed out on them. ^^; Image belongs to Garefowl...if they want me to remove it, I will.

Easter sales!

hi you guys! i'm saving up for a holiday and thus will be having back-to-back sales these few weeks to raise funds! i will be dealing with flats in the next post, but for now, feast your eyes on the various FCS figures (features flareon, gyarados, ninetales, mew etc) on offer and direct sale, a mew magnet-base disc chou, an update on my kids stock (more gible, pikachu, breloom goodness) with special restocks of eeveelutions (umbreon MIB and mint kids of different poses now available again!), as well as relatively rare MIP shinx/carnivine chous among others. some kids are on discount, they are marked in red font. =D

(chip away to larvitar's cave now!)

thanks for reading guys, and have a happy Easter! =D
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just a charm update

Long time no see, pkmncollectors!

I know a lot of you have been wondering where your charms are, and I'm really sorry I haven't posted an update sooner @_@ I have all the orders finished and I'm trying to mail them out as soon as possible, while also trying to deal with the postal workers in my town who think it's too much work for them when I bring in more than 5 packages at a time... and there are a lot of orders that still need to be mailed. I'm sorry it's taking such a long time.

Here is a list of the members whose orders that have not been mailed:

And as a last resort shout out, someone with the Paypal address beginning with CHRJCR did not provide their LJ username, their address, OR what they ordered in the memo, so I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with that x'D I've tried mailing the address with no response, and I'm hoping I can find the mystery person and send them their charms!

Other than that, I should be back open for regular charm commissions in May!
I've also been accepted to the IES Summer Abroad in Tokyo program so I'll be going to Japan from June 2nd to July 17th, which I'm totally excited about :3 I look forward to living with a Japanese family for a whole week, and studying Japanese for the rest of the time... and of course checking out the Pokemon Center!

TCG tiny wants.

I know I posted a huge want list the other day, I'll delete it later after I send some messages confirming payments, but every time I saw a Poochyena card. It was sold. Drove me insane the whole time. So.. itty-bitty card want list.


I'll also wouldn't mind looking at anything from the eevee'lutions.
And I'm still looking for an umbreon kid.

I'm going to easter sunday on my mom's side, so I'll be gone for a about three or so hours.

Thanks in advance.

first sales post~

(edit: added a small lot of customs for sale and added more BW tour patches)
all items that were paid for on the 24th have been sent out :> please let me know when they arrive

yay first sales post~ :>

i was granted sales permission on 04/24/11 by denkimouse  

here's sample of what i have for sale:

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Porygon-Z by trainer_irene

My Pokemon Collection Set 1 Group Auction!

I promised myself I'd hold off on Axew plush for a while, but I just cannot resist the MPC Axew. <3 So, I decided to GA a set I saw!

Each plush would start at $17, and incriments of $1 please. I am claiming Axew at $20, and I am willing to go a little higher. PLEASE WAIT UNTIL ALL THREADS ARE MADE FOR BIDDING! Done. :D Auction ends at 6 PM Pacific Time tomorrow, so please, get those bids in! There will be two payments: one for the price, and one for shipping from me to you.
S Greninja Pokedoll

Lots and a few things for sale.

So, I just checked my bank account and I'm in dire need of money. :'D So I'm putting these two lots of stuff up for sale and adding a few items for direct sale. I don't wish to separate the items here just yet as I don't really have time to ship it all individually, however if nobody bites I might in future.

If anyone would like to GA I am totally happy with that. :) roxiexcore has already agreed to auction my stuff, so if anyone would like to co-host that would be brilliant.

EDIT: Only lot 1 is available now! Though if anyone GAs I will move the leftovers from lot 2 there, just speak to me about it. ^^

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That's all for now. Thank you! :)

Final shipping payment

This is for the ga with the Halloween umbreon. I'm posting from my phone, so no pretty pictures. The spreadsheet is below, along with the list of names who need to pay.


Please send your payments to shiroihebi.lea(@)gmail.com :)

Vaporleon ( we also need your location/zip code.)

The next reminders sent will be PM's. Please get your payments in. Thanks.

Sales: Lowered Prices

Helllo all! I have a few things remaining in my sales which I'd like to get rid of before college ends. Please take a look and feel free to haggle away. : >

Some items include Mime Jr. plushies, Eevee talking figure, Zapdos deluxe shooter figure, Charmander Gameboy advance case, 151 pins, and an adult Lucario shirt.


I am still behind on shipping, sorry for the horrendous delay. /sigh >__<

Here is an update of what I can pick up for the comm, but I won't be accepting any new requests until I've finished with the shipping backlog*.

However, do leave hold requests here so they can be reserved for the commm. ^__^

Super Get BW2 (complete set of 12 only)
3D Zukan BW2 (complete set of 4 + Pidove (a), or 4 + Pidove (b))

Takara Tomy Talking Plush KEYCHAIN
- Pikachu
- Snivy
- Tepig
- Oshawott

Takara Tomy 6" Plush
- Emolga
- Deerling (spring)
- Victini
- Pansear
- Panpour

Takara Tomy 18" Giant Victini Plush

Victini Tomy MC Figure

Banpresto April Plush Prizes
- 6" Plush
-- Deerling
-- Patrat
-- Purrlion
-- Minccino

- Super DX Plush
-- Serperior

Complete box of Pokemon Clipping Figure BW2

All of the really weird capsules released by Bandai and TTA in the past couple month.

That's all for now.  I will do a proper  pictorial offer post when the back log is clear! XD

* If I've not shipped items you have already paid for, I can take your request now for combined shipping discount.

b/w pan sticker payment #1

That was quick! I was invoiced for the three pan sticker GA auctions today, and everyone got at least a bit of a discount :D Note that there were three separate GAs with three separate prices, hence some of the totals looking weird even though people bid the same amount. If you have any questions about my math or anything, just ask! And please let me know if your total looks completely wrong XD

Click HERE for the spreadsheet! There are two totals on the far right - one for if you're in the US and one for if you're international. Send all payments to becky_1229[at]yahoo.com with your USERNAME in the subject and/or note, please! Thank you C:

Auction & Offers Extension

Hey everyone! I got caught up in some holiday happenings this weekend, so I'm going to extend my black & white plush auction and offers in my sales post to Tuesday April 26th at 9:00pm EST. Two plush don't even have bids yet, and the other two are still low [I hear these plush retail for over $20 and my auction starts at $10 each!] Click the image below to go to the auction!

My items up for offers include some Pokemon Center HG/SS metal charms [Snubble, Granbull, Nidorina, Nidoqueen, Cubone, Marowak, Seel, Spearow], Tomy plush [Lapras, Pikachu, Eevee], a *BIG* walky eevee plush, an Eevee kid figure and TFG, my 1/1 Pichu Brothers plush, sticker pages, and more! Many still don't have any offers yet, or are still pretty cheap! Go HERE to check them out!

Thanks all and have a happy Easter :3