April 25th, 2011

Interest in a Finnish GA/GB?

 Hi guys~ Almost everything from my last sales post has been shipped now and the rest will be shipped next week. Today I have lots of stuff I'd like to show you.

So, I realized I have way too much stuff in my room. I have a bad habit of gathering stuff, especially Pokemon stuff, that I don't really even need. I should concentrate on the things I really like and collect, so now might be a good time to get rid of a lot of stuff. Plushies, figures, bigger stuff that the Finnish post system hates. So instead of adding $8.50 shipping cost to every single item, it's easier to sell as much as possible at once.
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So, do you see anything you'd be interested in? Would you participate if this became a GA? I have more stuff in my wardrobe, I just have to dig out all the boxes I have hidden there... So I'll provide more pictures if this becomes a GA.
Also, a couple of questions regarding GAs... Is it possible to do my own GA? Like make the threads and spreadsheets myself and just ask someone to help with the shipping in the States? As far as I know GA owners always have someone else do the actual work... Why, is it somehow considered rude to GA their own stuff or something? I think it would be much easier to work with the stuff since the owner knows best about the items and their conditions and everything. I have been wondering about this for a long time. ^^' Also, does the owner of the GA also send the items that have no bids? Seems a little pointless to me if no one wants them and they'll just end up lying around with the person taking care of the shipping...
And one more question: has anyone ever made a Group Buy out of their stuff in the comm? I was thinking that might be handy too since I wouldn't have to think of an asking price for the whole lot but instead I could give individual prices to everything and then ship all the stuff that gets claimed during a certain time. Actually I'd rather make that than a GA... I'd need someone to help with the shipping anyway. Do you think it would be possible?

My Pokemon Collection

Just wanted to show off my pokemon collection, and my first post to my new group!^_^
I actually just some new plushies; Togekiss,Cherrim, and a hand-made Togepi plushie(he is just utterly adorable!)
I'm also buying real soon a suicune and raikou pokedoll!! My first ever pokedolls and I'm getting them for a nice deal!^^ Also getting a glaceon banpresto plushie for $15 with free shipping, happy! :D
Some of the figures in the first picture I'm selling but not here of course since I'm not registered yet. I also got some newer tomy figures from some sellers offsite; dewgong,meganium,stantler,mareep,jirachi,etc.
I am indeed on a hunt looking for pokemon tomy figures offsite.
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Hello my name is arapokemaster and I am new to this site.I don't have a picture camera so I will probably upload gets in video form.I just want to list some of my gets I have gotten over the few months

Pokemon Center New York Plush last month
Reshiram 11 inch
Zekrom 11 Inch
Mincinno she has the pink part of her paw on the back

Jakks Pacific Plush this week

Incoming from denkimouse
Cubchoo Pokecen plush
Victini Pokecen plush
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Johto Danglers for Sale [SLOTS OPEN]

Hey everyone! :D

For the next month I'm going to be in Europe, and I went downtown the other day and guess what I found...


So, I'm planning to go back and get all of them, but I was wondering if any of you guys would like me to pick up some for you! :D It'll be $5 before shipping costs!

Since I won't be able to know exactly which Pokemon I'll be getting (since it's a gashapon machine), I'm going to open up slots. Only the first few people will DEFINITELY get what they requested, but the farther down the list, it won't be 100% for sure you'll get the keychain you'd like. First come, first serve!

Here's a picture of one up close... I think they're really well made xD


Entei -
1. myntii

Suicune -
1. broken_chan
2. myntii

Raikou -
1. myvampirelust19
2. myntii

Eevee -
1. sugar0coated
2. alrinkitty

Pikachu -


Marill -
1. crimson_angel02

Piplup -

Let me know if you're interested!

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Eevee Dangle

Collection Update + Pokedoll Wants!

I haven't really posted much since my intro ;_; I meant to, but my internet connection is pretty sucky and only works for so long each month. I've been lurking a bit, but this place is kind of image heavy for my connection. Anyway, it's about time I posted a collection update, as I've been quite busy collecting up new and old, hidden away toys for my collection =)
I apologise in advance for the abysmal photography. I normally have far more pride in my photos than this, but it's reeeeally late here. So late it's early.

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I love these figures. I found them in the same shopping centre I found my Jakks. they are soo cute >o<!  I don't know what they are though, although I'm guessing from the lack of any visible stamps or markings indicating the company and the poor paint jobs of some of the figures being sold (splotches on these and some scratches), they are bootlegs of something. Any one have any idea of what? They are roughly the size between Tomy figures and Jakks figures, if that helps!
Finallyyyy some wants. I am looking to buy one or more of the following pokedolls! My funds are limited, but these are the ones I am keeping an eye out for providing I can afford them. =D
Shinx, Minun, Plusle, Blitzle, Audino or any eeveelution pokedolls I don't have, that are selling for less than $40 =3 
Chillarmy Doll

Small sale for a big want!~

Ok guys... So, I was thinking about it, and I REALLY want a giant Tsutarja plush! :D There's really only one thing to sell for me, since I aren't as fond of it as I would have hoped, and it's my *Shiny* Entei pokedoll. I'm selling him for a straght price of $225.00 plus shipping, OR I could a partial trade for one! (I think of it as having a $150 value..) He is in perfect condition, and there is only one small crease on his tag.

Sales Permission granted by Denkimouse 4/24/2011. :D

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Also! Is there anyone on here who could do a commission for Professor Juniper's lab coat? :3 I will be cosplaying as her in October for EXP Con in St. Ausgustine, Florida, and that's pretty much all I can't find on my own! :D (Obviously I won't need for a few months, but I'm going to ask now so I'm not rushing to get one later..) Thankies!~
Gatr face 8D

Pokemon Easter fun, collection update, and small sales!

Heeeyyyy. Long time no "real" post, huh? Well here it is!

Soo.. My family likes to color eggs on Easter, and I did this last year, but this year is a little different :D
Take a look!

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ALSO! nightmare_chan2  and soulsilver_iv , your items were shipped last thursday :] they should be to you soon!

Thanks for looking!

A Quick Want!


I would really adore a Whimsicott pokedoll for around $10 with shipping. So if anyone has a tagless, loved, or worn plush I would gladly buy it! I know they go for at least $20 new, but I would much rather get a loved one cheaper. So please no comments about the low price I'm offering ;_;

And hopefully I can give you guys an update on my expanded plush collection soon! I've lost the camera cord for my computer. But hopefully I'll find a way. 

An all new GA

start a new GA

GA#4 by couchpotatonet



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I'm SO SORRY!!!  I forgot the cut. ;_;

Okay, Threads up.  BID!!

We Won!!

Payment #1 PMs to be sent out soon (Update 5/1/11)
Boxed arrived today, Payment #2 notices to be sent out soon (Updated 5/17/11)

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A wild Myntii has appeared!

Hello community~ This is my first post here. I've actually been lurking about and buying things for a few weeks now, but I wanted to wait until I actually got some things in the mail to make a post. Anywho, I just started collecting when I joined this community, so my collection right now is extremely small and tiny, excluding some of the Pokemerch I have back at home (I'm at college right now). Actually, my collection so far consists of all the things I received today, haha! All of were purchased from community members, so thank you all for your help! 

My favourite Pokemon are the Eeveelutions, Entei, Reshiram, Lugia and Uxie! In general, I really like Legendary Pokemon. Latios and Latias, Ho-Oh, Suicune, Celebi, Jirachi... For collecting, I collect the Lake Legendaries (Uxie, Azelf and Mesprit), Entei, Lugia and Reshiram. I'm thinking about starting a Plusle and Minun collection, but I'm not sure yet... I also have gijinkas of a lot of other Pokemon, but if I collected all of those, I'd be ridiculously poor. Actually, my goal is to draw a gijinka for each of the Pokemon (HAHA, GOODBYE LIFE.), but I'm not sure if that's going to happen, haha!
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Eevee &amp; Vulpix

One small want

 I'm looking for this laying down Pikachu chopstick holder that belongs to the 2010 Pikachu Rainbow promotion.
Anyone having one? I'd like one in minty condition, packing included is always a big plus but isn't a must at the moment. 
How much are these actually going for in these days?

FOUND ONE IN A BLINK  8D   man,  this comm totally rocks!

Any kind of help is much appreciated!  <3


Tiny Sales and site update

Hey everyone, just a reminder that my auctions are ending in less than an hour! In case you missed the original post, the following items are up for auction:

Auctions have ended! The following items with no bids can now be bought at the start price:

Mightyena TFG ($20)
Clear Suicune Posable Gachapon Figure ($15)
Rayquaza Large AG Figure ($20)
Pokemon Center Skitty Pillow ($20)
Gym Heroes Booklet ($10)

You can find the auctions here!


Also, thanks to feraligroggles's post earlier today, I went to TRU and picked up a few new items! Two of them are the Jakks Zoroark figures, so I've updated my collection page with them here:


And two little items for sale from that TRU run:

Pokemon Pidove and Sandile Jakks Figures

Pidove is the regular figure and Sandile is the Pokemon Catcher figure. You can see just how tiny it is in comparison!

I'd like to sell these guys as well, so they'd be $5 for Pidove and $4 for Sandile, if anyone's interested! (I also have an attacking Pikachu from the set for $1, if anyone wants!)
Quick Draw!

GB and Sales

Hello Community.

As those of you who have been in talking with me in my sales post know that just recently my car's tire rod broke while I was driving, which in turn broke my engines oil tank holder and my transmission.
So I no longer have a car.

However, I have someone is willing to let me borrow their car to do post office runs. So I can still ship things, just it will be slower then I would personally like.
And also because of my post office scale I had here at home is also broken, I will now also have to make runs to the post office to give you an estimate. So it'll take longer for me to give you a quote.
I really hate it but it's what must be done.

I hope everyone understands and I do apologize any inconvenience it may cause!

onto the GB I recently did for these figures.

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If anyone wishes to see closer pictures of the figures, let me know. I have some at the ready that I can show you.

I also have a Jakks Zorua plush for sale.

Offers will start @ $9 please

And the rest of my sales here:

Remember, if you have a probably waiting for me to get you a quote, then please don't buy.

Also, if I had told you I couldn't sell anything under a certain amount, there isn't a problem now, since I was able to find that ride.
So come on back and I'll get you a quote! :D

Thanks for your time!
Jasmine &amp; Steelix

sales, GA info, question, and wants

Multipost, go!

First off, I am pleased to announce the unveiling of my sales - Wish tags! Follow the Vulpix to go to my sales journal~

Secondly, my first GA. :c

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Thirdly, a question for TCG sellers!
How do you usually ship cards so that they're fairly well protected?
I don't have hard plastic sleeves to put them in, so my only idea is to sandwich the card between a couple pieces of thin cardboard in a plain envelope to save a little on shipping costs.
Answered, you are all freaking awesome!!

And lastly, a major want!
I'm looking for the giant PC Ho-oh plush. Doesn't have to have hang tags, but I'd prefer it to be in near mint condition at the very least.

Thanks for reading, everyone! <3
Galvantula and Joltik

2 GAs arrived! + Reminder + Show me FANART!

Alright, this post is made first to tell you that these two GAs have arrived to my home today!! The Kechain GA and Jeansama's GA!! :D

Wow, another way to go then! XD
Please wait people until I have sort them out all and find out the shipping for you, and I will also tell more information about the keychains and the mystery items :D

REMINDER! There are still some people who did not pay for their shipping for this GA yet:

If you haven't sent payments yet, PLEASE DO SO!!! It is your responsibility of what you have claimed, so if you want me to ship them out, you have to pay first!!
Here is the spreadsheet:


And to not make this post boring, show me some Pokemon fanart that you have gotten from somebody that you cherish the most and WHY you cherish it the most!!! I am VERY CURIOUS about yours!!! :D

And I guess I should also add mine to it as well:

I believe it's this one. It's actually two bookmarks, served as one. This was a commission I asked for from a great and nice friend kandasama on DeviantArt. I have asked her to do bookmarks for me and my closest and best friend in life of our favorite trainers and partly favorite Pokemon with them (Gold/Hibiki for me and Shigeru/Green/Blue/NOT MF Gary Oak for my friend), making the bookmarks being somehow "connected," as if being in a bond. I really LOVE how they came out! <3333
I think this might explain my Green and Gold icon that I love to use the most! :D
Now why did I think of this? For me, fanarts are probably the most cherished items I own (I have over a hundred from friends who are anime artists or from commissions, we are all fanartists) and it feels to me like the artists are always putting a lot of effort and love into what they do. Fanarts are personal items that were made for me, just for me and nobody else. Am I making sense? XD So that's how me and my best friend see this. This was also made partly for her Bday that's coming up in May :)

domino--by chuchan

(no subject)

Ok so I've got ALMOST all the payments from the massive sticker auction but I'm missing a few people.

-kurai_tsuki7, you need to send me your location so I can calculate your total.
-noonowl, you need to send me your payment, as I gave you your total.

For everyone else, including those who recently bought from blackjacksales, I'm going to hopefully mail things out tomorrow.

And now I have a more general question. How do you all store the stuff you're selling? I just got some storage shelves today to keep everything. Hopefully once I get them set up, things won't be misplaced any more! Expect a photo story about this sometime soon.
Ryun - FNAF

Lumpyspaceking Missing? Ga Runner, Ran. ZigZagoon

(sorry if this is agents the rules posting)
I'm looking for user lumpyspaceking . I've PM'ed them several times. They seem to be MIA. I purchased an item from them a while ago via PM (since they posted their sales too quickly and had to delete it due to rule braking) And haven't heard from them sense.

Is anyone else looking for them? Am I the only one their ignoring. Or did I miss a post about them leaving or whatever??
I'll gladly remove this after I get an answer. I just wanna make sure it's not me.
At this point I can't file a dispute because it has been too long..

EDIT for Lumpy: Left neg feedback if they ever decide to return. Will be harassing their Paypal e-mail.

Also user xclairxaudenx who ran THIS Plush Ga magically deleted their account after I asked them if they mailed my stuff. (Yesterday)
Now I'll never know either. :C

(I feel this is on topic since it has to do with possible losses of my PKMN Collection)
I'll gladly delete this tho if it's a violation.

For now, here's a TINY Zigzagoon figure.

Edit for xclairxaudenx: I opened a dispute on Paypal, if you were in the GA I advise you do so too if you can.
Her paypal address is starsmydog@hotmail.com for advance searching.
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Pokemon - Growlithe/Arcanine Love
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One little want for right now

I realllllly want a large size talking Tepig plush... :D Looking to spend less than $100 before shipping. Mint in box isn't necessary, I'm just going to remove the box anyway. ;) I'll come back and check the comments on this post after work tomorrow. Thanks for any help or links you can throw at me. :D

This is a quick collection update

I received a package last Wednesday and my fingers were shivering when I opened it. OH GOD CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? To me it is a grail - not a impossible though. However, I bid hard on it through expensive deputy, and just won it at my maximum bid. But the final item is totally worth that price. It came out to be more newly-looking than I thought it would be, more cuddle and plump, especially. Just like what wiki of pokemon collector says, it must be the most round-made pokedoll except Jigglypuff. lol. Yay! Let's appreciate its close-up in multi-views. \o/

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[PKMN] wooper I wuv you &lt;3

Card sales post and a mole question!

Hey all, I've decided to cut back and sell off most of my pokemon cards here: http://twilight-mirage.livejournal.com/15284.html#cutid1. Even better, it's a 'Make Your Offer' post, where you can name a price on certain cards for a sale (since I don't know what to price them at).

Also, I kinda want to start a Drillbur/Excadrill collection. If anyone has pictures of stuff that exists of those pokemon, I'd love to see it! Especially of plushies and such.

Thank you~! :3

Want Post Mightyena Plush?

Happy Easter :) i just wanted to know if anyone knows were I can find a mightyena plush?I was looking for one about the size of jakks pacific or pokecen plushes.I can pay via paypal but just wanted to know in advance before I can make some money buy selling stuff on ebay to buy the plush. Thanks in advance :)
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