April 26th, 2011

Free sleeves #2


I'm going to re-sleeve another one of my decks and again will have 4 sleeves to give away. Just like last time, I'm just asking for a self-addressed, stamped envelope from the first 4 replies. Please follow the cut for more information!

If you have already received a free sleeve in the past I'm going to ask that you wait a day before replying to give others a chance :)

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emolga love her afro


I'm surprised there hasn't been a post about this yet since they were released yesterday! >:C Here is just a quick list of what I've seen before I go to work. I'm sure all TRUs and Targets will have more or less, this is just what mine had! Be on the lookout for this sweet stuff if you like tcg!

  • Pack of three (it coulda been two, pretty sure three though!) booster packs with either a Snivy, Tepig, or Oshawott promo card (I think they were different than the promos that came in the tins)
Yeah, that's all my Target had. It's possible they sold out of the single boosters that day, but who knows!

Toys R Us:
  • Booster Packs
  • Resh/Zeky tins (Does anyone know if the dragon cards that come in this are promo or the regular set cards?)
  • Pack of two boosters with a random promo card. It was either Pidove, Pansage, or Axew
  • Box of three boosters with an Axew promo card (that was the only one I saw at least), also came with a mini book binder thingy
  • Box with five boosters and the Victini figure and Zorak promo card
  • A large binder with Resh/Zeky
  • A small binder with the starters
Sorry I don't remember the prices of anything. The Victini set was 24.99 and the most expensive thing I saw if that helps. (I'll edit with Victini pictures when I get off work! It's so pretttttty)
Cheers and happy collecting!
blaaaaargh dento

scolipedes and emonga kids are in -- and 1/1 victinis

i got some scolipedes and a few more emonga kids :) have at them:

RE: MY POKEMON COLLECTION ("MPC"), lots of folks are after them! keep this search on Y!J handy to keep an eye out for your favourite on sale- CLICK HERE!

i will also pick up 1/1 victinis -- they are 110$ shipped each. comment in the thread below if interested :)

finally a bit of tomy release news for JULY, updated from before. i apologize for mixing of english and japanese names @_@

Zekrom "Pose Change" Plush

Reshiram "Pose Change" Plush

Kuroki Eiyuu Zekrom Movie MC Set: Zekrom, Victini, Golurk, Rankurusu, Braviary

Shiroki Eiyuu Reshiram Movie MC Set: Reshiram, Victini, Sazandora, Gothitelle, Tsunbear

Zekrom/Reshiram "Sound" Large Sofubi Figures (roaring?)

Tomy Plush: Gochimu, Zoroa, talking Victini

Movie Clipping Figures Set:
・Reshiram (overdrive)
・Zekrom (overdrive)
・Summer Deerling
Galvantula and Joltik

Payments needed for 2 GAs + leftover keychain sales

Alright, I went to hard work today and yesterday and bubblewrapped and weighted out everything for you :)
Though am I the only one who is getting disappointed at the US post offices?.....the prices are so much higher now :(

WARNING: I have shipped out everybody's packages, except byakuya, breethezebra  and deadfishie. I normally ship out things within the next day or after that, though this time you will have to wait a little bit more than 5 days probably (that is this weekend included), because I do not have enough money on my bank account and need to transfer money from my Paypal to my bank account. I don't like making people wait, but this time it has to be it, sorry people :(

Now to the payments. I need shipping payments from the Keychain GA:

Here is the spreadsheet:


And Payments #2 are from Jeansama's GA:

Here is the spreadsheet:


NOTICE! If you would like to purchase something from the leftovers of the Keychain GA, I CAN combine shipping for you :)

Please send all payments to shiroihebi.lea(@)gmail.com

And now to the Keychain Leftover sales! I am asking for offers again! :)
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Thank you for reading! <3

Pokemon Center Goods

 Hey all, we've priced all the Pokemon Center goods in our shop. Everything is updated and we have a lot of new stuff.

Here's a sample picture of just some of the stuff. Just click on it to be transported!

If you guys have any questions please feel free to ask. We'll be mailing out on Wednesday so get your orders in before noon tomorrow!

Wanted! Treecko Pokedoll

I have been thinking about it for awhile, so I really would like the 10th Anniversary Treecko Pokedoll. I specifically wanted this since it's minky.
All I require is that the plush is in good condition, has its tush tag and kept out of reach of pet hairs.

I would prefer doing a trade/partial trade for if possible!
Pokedolls I have for offer: Snivy, Eevee, Raikou, Axew, Minccino (all mint with tags but hang tag detached, except Raikou who is MWT)

I'd like to buy a Dwebble kid too, if anybody has extras and willing to sell here.

Thanks <3

Sent/sales/looking for... (Multi purpose post)

Just wanted to let everyone know that I sent out all the items on Monday morning to everyone who bought/traded with me over the weekend! You should be getting those soon! Thanks everyone! ;D (There was only one that will be sent out later this week due to paypal being stupid.)

Please please please make sure you leave feedback in the above link so I know you have received the item and so I can leave you feed back as well!

And for anyone that has not checked out my sales feel free to go check it out! I have not added anything new yet because I am waiting for a looooot of stuff in the mail, so there will be a sales update and card trade update soon. ;D

Common Cards:

Rares/Uncommon/Promo Cards:

Also, I am still on a card hunt to finish my eeveelution card collection, again I don't have cash at the moment but I would of course be more than happy to do a trade! So here is what I am looking for (used pictures, hope thats easier :3) -
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New Pokemon Center Kiosk stock!

Soooo first of all, HAY GUYS. I have been super busy lately because of moving and like... 100000 other things going on. xD But I come bearing news!

First of all, the Japan aid for the Tsunami relief kiosk runs I organized wound up accumulating a whopping $292.00 in total! I am adding in an additional $8, making our grand total to donate a whopping $300.00!

Nice job everyone, we raised $100.00 more than the original goal! :D I was waiting on a couple of money orders, and now that I have all the payments I will be donating the second amount


Nice job everyone, we were able to raise so much to help donate. ♥

Now then, on to the new stock~

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collection rearranging and sales!

I went through a ton of my random "I don't collect this Pokemon at all but the toy is pretty cool" collections and stuck a bunch of it in my sales post here! I took new pictures of nearly everything so you'll have an easier time seeing what is and isn't sold, and added new stock as well :D Check it out!

I'm still waiting on a few more payments from the B/W pan sticker GA - I've sent comments to people but just in case those didn't go through, you can see the totals spreadsheet here!

And finally, a smallish collection update/collection rearrangement C: Collapse )

Custom Shiny Litwick Plush Auction

Hey guys its time for another one of my custom plush auctions. Whoot Whoot! Lolz. I made this little guy last night while taking a break on a Chandelure plush I am working on for Puyro. (My fingers hurt from all of the face details >.<) Litwick is by far one of my favorite pokemon from Black and White and I had to make him shiny because blue is my favorite color XD. Anyway please be the one to give this little guy a good home. Litwick is 7 inches tall and 6 inches wide.

To go to the auction and see more pictures click here hottiehulio.livejournal.com/6102.html

Chillarmy Doll

GA #1!

Ok, so are you all tired of me yet? xD Well, I found this auction and I REALLY want to GA it! :D

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Do not bid until all threads are up!  Threads are up! Bid away~  Auction has ended!! No more bidding please.

Collection weeding sales and offers.

Hello, community.
Life has fallen on hard times, so time for some more collection weeding.

Rules and bigger pictures beneath the cut.
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All of these items can be combined with items from my sales post.

Packages owed are being shipped out tomorrow or Thursday - PM me if you have any questions regarding my past sales or anything else. C:

Thanks for reading. <3


I ship from Michigan in the US (shipping starts at $1.75 for US and $2.50 for International)
I am open to haggling(make offers), and trades(don't feel bad if I refuse)
Payment is by paypal only, hyuucow@yahoo.com
Granted sales permission on 03/02/11 by dakajojo

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Remember, I am open to haggling, if you don't like a price Talk to me about it :D


Lame ol' Wants Post

I have a quick wants list. I have searched sales pages until my eyes started to bleed and am afraid I may have missed some key items D:
If I stole anyone's image I am sorry. I googled all these images XD

1) Pikachu chopstick holder

2) Shinx Bobblehead

3) ANY of these


to make this more fun. Have fun with Monica!

Pokedoll Figure Group Auction!~ (and a new Photo Meme!)

Hey all!~ <3

Noppin has invoiced me, so it's time for the first round of payments for the Pokedoll Figure GA! This payment includes the item cost, Noppin Fees and Internal shipping. There will be 2 more payment safter this one (shipping from Japan from the UK, and Shipping from me to you/Any Customs fees) - thank you to everyone who took part!

Please send payments to kate_fanel AT hotmail.com with your LJ name and 'Pokedoll Figure GA Payment 1' in the message! <3

miss_fuu_chan  (Mudkip, Jirachi and Treecko) - $39.66
darkangellilith  (Plusle and Minun) - $28.99
nagaineko  (Torchic) - $19.29
omgitslph  (Regice) - $7.16
mizuhokusanagi  (Regirock) - $7.16 
forest_snivy  (Registeel) - $7.16

Also, to make this post a bit more interesting, a quick meme!~ <3 

We all have our collections neatly lined up in our rooms on shelves, beds or in hammocks.. but...What does your collection get up to when you're out of the house? Take a photo or two to show your pokemon's favourite hobbies!

For our pokedolls... it's gaming! :D
The fire piggies love fighting games - Tepig usually wins, much to Emboar's annoyance! 

Tufty is more of a handheld gamer - she can't wait for a 3D game starring Pichus to come out! <3

Meanwhile, DX Phanpy is more of an old school gamer (and maintains that his Virtual Boy is better than the 3DS!)
... WHat does your collection get up to?...
Happy collecting everyone!~


Auction & Offers reminder!

Hey everyone! My black & white plush auction [I recently found out that these called the Pokemon BW Plush Round Form set, see AAPF for a stock photo], and offers [HERE on my sales post] are ending about an hour from now. Click the image below to go to the auction!

My items up for offers include some Pokemon Center HG/SS metal charms [Snubble, Granbull, Nidorina, Nidoqueen, Cubone, Marowak, Seel, Spearow], Tomy plush [Lapras, Pikachu, Eevee], a *BIG* walky eevee plush, an Eevee kid figure and TFG, my 1/1 Pichu Brothers plush, sticker pages, and more! Many still don't have any offers yet, or are still pretty cheap!

EDIT - THE AUCTION AND OFFERS ARE NOW OVER. But I still have stuff for sale in my shop :3

And so this isn't a total waste of space...
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mystery item and wanted

 Hi everyone! i was wondering if anyone had a snubbull reversible pokeball plush for sale? i think i saw one in a recent GA here but i don't know of it's whereabouts now or if it's even still available...

i also come with a random fact...a while back,like 2 summers ago i went to this small shop by me that sold imported pokemon goods and in the shop there was this glass display case with items that were not for sale but apparently just on display...i clearly remember seeing a very fishy-looking item that really sparked my interest. it looked like the same type of figure as the dragonite with the lighthouse posted in 0mastar's sales post. it was a mew next to a truck which looked suspiciously like the scene rumored to be in the original pokemon games red and blue where you could apparently 'surf' to the 'mew behind the truck'....now this could have been some type of bootleg but i remember it looking pretty real and vintage-it was the same style as the dragonite with the light house mentioned earlier.

anyone ever here about/see this figure!? if it exists that would spark alot of interest with members in the community i'm sure
Kept getting confused on when to use Het

Looking for...

Hello everyone! I'm looking for this wrapper:
ジャノビーのいちごチョコロールIt is a wrapper for Pokemon Pan bread sold in Japan. I'm just looking for the wrapper so you can keep the pan sticker and eat the bread that comes in it. I'm looking for one preferably not all ripped up and washed of bread resedue, please. ^_^ But, I'm not sure if I will be able to find this, so I will try not to be too picky. I'm not sure how much I willing to pay, since it's a wrapper, but we can negotiate a price.

Thank you!